Clackers Master: Latto Latto MODDED


Swipe and Clack! Play the viral retro toy Clackers and reach the highest combo!
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Simply slide your finger and clack the clackers!
Can you reach the highest clack-combo among your friends?

Collect coins while clacking and unlock lots of skins!
From basketball to eyeball, you can collect them all!

Main Features:
– Swipe and Clack, simple but satisfying, reminds you of the good old days!
– Simply Clacking is not enough? Create Combo and put them on Fire!
– Let them fly and see how far they’ll go!
– Shake and Clack, play the clackers just like you used to!

Clackers Master: Latto-latto is a fun game based on retro toys.
Clackers also known as Clankers, Klackers, Ker-Bangers were very popular toys in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Do you have someone whom you think will feel nostalgic with this Retro Toys? Share this game with them!

Bonus fun fact: Clackers also known as Bolas / Boleadoras in Argentina and known as Latto-latto / Lato-lato in Indonesia!


Will the Dancing Lion's drum sound fit with the Clacking sound from the Clackers?
Find it out in this special Update to Celebrate Chinese New Year!


40 comentarios en "Clackers Master: Latto Latto MODDED"

  1. Good game i like it but my brother likes latto latto and i dont he is playing this game in my phone. And i dont like playing latto latto . In real life its so noisy

  2. Im not clacker master, but this game is really making me oddly satisfying

  3. Wow this lotto lotto game is a best btw what this toy from?

  4. bang, masa extra throw dengan x2 coin boleh tambah skip x?

  5. Hana Ha dice:

    Suka banget sama game nya^ _^

  6. Clackers Master is the best game😆😆

  7. This is game is so cool guys trying to no buy a lato lato play a lato lato in app store

  8. Give me the best basic club basic video. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  9. Azam Guk dice:

    Mantap game latto latto bang

  10. Bes jugak main lato lato ni

  11. Bisa main latto-latto 😁

  12. Jfdohdni Anime game colour mylotto mother gunnedah shark

  13. game konyol, kayak epep, tapi versi hd

  14. This game is very fun instead of you need to buy lato lato you can just play in app store i like lato lato

  15. BEST nya game ini boleh terbang ada music yang enak bagus

  16. Mantap coyy ada game lato2

  17. nur alya dice:

    sakit tangan gw main nya😄

  18. Terima kasih kak Bisa juga main Lato lato

  19. game lato lato seru banget kak

  20. Seru nih bisa dengar toing toing

  21. Mr noob dice:

    Hmm kamu mau jadi pa pa pac pacar watashi Gk >//<...

  22. bagus lah gamenya jadi bisa main lato lato

  23. Gamenya bagus ya walaupun agak susah ya


  25. tuan muiz dice:

    Gamenya udah bagus cuma dibuangin iklan kek gak enak

  26. Amzah Am dice:

    Gk tau mau bilang apa tapi game bagus😁🗿

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