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DANGER! Can you save the guy from bees by drawing a line? Skills required!
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Breaker Fun, the innovative bricks ball crusher game!

Classic bricks and balls free puzzle games meet rescue adventure! Aim and crush all the bricks and obstacles to brick out the trap and save the man!

Breaker Fun offers you endless joy with thousands of FREE brick breaker levels and the most exciting adventure modes to solve rescue puzzles! Train your physics skills to aim and shoot, become a bricks ball crusher master, and rescue hero!

🆘Fun and Challenging Rescue Themes🆘
The man is trapped and drowning in the jungle, you need to crush and break all the bricks to help him escape. Use your shooting skills and strategy to break bricks as fast as possible to help the guy get out!

🏕Design and Decorate Your Campsites🏕
Beat bricks breaker levels to renovate and decorate campsites in the wild! Unlocking ever more themes and locations in the exciting adventure mode along the way! What are you waiting for? Build your camp and start the bonfire party now!

☄️Endless Levels, Endless Fun☄️
Over 3000 free levels to challenge your ball breaker skills and solve the rescue puzzles. Don’t worry, we have many special balls and boosters to help you overcome obstacles and get you through tough levels.

Game Features:
● Challenging Rescue Themes: Beat levels and solve puzzles!
● Fun Campsite Renovation: Unlock decoration chapters and start your camping party!
● Classic and Skillful Gameplay: Smooth and accurate aiming to shoot balls and break bricks
● Free To Play: thousands of free levels and many bonus gems and power-ups are ready for everyone to enjoy
● No Wi-Fi or cellular data required: break balls offline, solve puzzles anytime and anywhere you want.

How to Play:
● Tap and hold on the screen, move the balls and find the right angle to shoot
● Try to break bricks as many as possible with a single shot
● Use different kinds of boosters to wipe out bricks and obstacles

Contact us with any questions and feedback at [email protected]

Are you a skillful brick breaker? Do you enjoy puzzle games? This is the game for you!
Install the game and start to break and rescue NOW!


- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces


40 comentarios en "Breaker Fun – Rescue Adventure MODDED"

  1. Fun game. Like any game it’s addictive and gets too hard at some point, punishing you for playing. It has a great theme. It’s better than any other brick breaker game I’ve played. I really like this game. There are a lot of ads, but you get rewarded for about 90% of them. It has an ad removal option too. I haven’t seen a way to sign in through Google, so lost all my progress during a phone upgrade.

  2. After a long time playing, I’m finally fed up with this money grab off a game. You pay to remove ads, but the app is still completely drowned out by them. They sell season passes that only last so long before you’d have to buy another. In a Christmas themed event that gives you two items for free, but you have to buy the third in order to unlock the rest of the free items. Lastly, in the adventure mode levels, there are invisible redirects that force you to try to play a certain way.

  3. Have been playing this game for years and like it a lot until recently. Lately the ads no longer work you click on them and they fail to load up. So now any bonus you can get from ads is no longer available. At the higher levels you need the extra balls bonus but can’t get it making the game unplayable. I hope this is fixed soon because I love the game.

  4. Jim Heath dice:

    Used to be a fun game to play but now the ads are ridiculous. There is a way to beat them though. There is a slight pause in the game before an ad. Just quit the game and restart it. It’s much faster than watching the ad. Still won’t beat the obnoxious in game add on ads but it does help.

  5. Too many non related ads. The game is quite entertaining. But there are way too many ads. I realize the game devs need to make money through these ads but in all seriousness I have never seen so many ads for a game. A few glitches here and there but the storyline is fun and one of the best breaker games out there. Today I completed the game so now all I have to do is wait for new levels but again it is quite entertaining if you can put up with the ads.

  6. I really was enjoying the game. And the ads were not that many. But when you do get an ad, it steals your device ! The ap timer times out to zero but it never gives you the x option, then your screen times out. It is recoverable but i don’t like the sneaky tactics. Im uninstalling

  7. Used to love this, have been playing for years through multiple phone upgrades. But since the Oct 11 update, the ads automatically pop open my browser midgame. That’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t mind watching an occasional add or even click through ads, but this is too much. Very disappointed.

  8. Really like this type of game. This one lacks a lot sadly. The game itself isnt like the ad that brought me to it. Gameplay is fun but is buggy and riddled with non stop pop ups and ads that slow it down so much it kills the fun. Adv level 19 is broken. I black screen and am unable to select it. Wanted to like it, but mostly just seems like a buggy slow cash grab.

  9. Fun game when it’s working but they can’t seem to manage ads. When you need an ad to get a boost or advance the game the ads either aren’t “available” or they play but don’t grant the reward. But there’s ALWAYS an ad available to take up your time if you restart a level or when they insist on forcing one on yiu between levels.. I’m uninstalling the game at this point. It’s not worth the aggravation.

  10. Run of the mill ad simulator. It starts out fun you build a camp each item costing 1 – 3 stars to complete and 1 ad every 5 or 6 levels. Once you complete the first camp the first task in the new one is 9. AND ads are mandatory every single level. And this game isn’t good enough in ANY category to warrant this ad level. Graphics are mid 90s at best, animation is non existent, sfx are worse then trash, and gameplay is boring, repetitive and uninspired. Edit: oh and ads/pics are lies. Uninstalled

  11. This is a good game. The only real problem I am having is that the advertisements do not stay silent when you mute them after just one, like some games. Also, there is no countdown clock on most of the ads and the “X” used to close them when done are sometimes to small to hit. If that is the point, then maybe I should uninstall. I do not mind ads, but I do get annoyed by not being able to close them easily. I will re rate when this problem is solved or I get annoyed. Whichever comes first!!!!!

  12. Matt F dice:

    A decent free game. The concept is simple and fairly easy to get through. The user interface is fairly intuitive, but there are a few drawbacks as well. 1) Way too many ads – at least if you choose to do the Gem Spin and Extra Ball option on each level. That is 2 ads per level of gameplay. (Though, in playing so far – only through level 39 after downloading earlier this morning), the extra ball option hasn’t been needed. 2) Not sure what the purpose of the gems are. It looks like you can change the theme or ball you use, but it appears to be more a design thing than functional to the game. If different balls are needed at different levels, that hasn’t been made clear. 3) It does appear that the “adventure” part of the game is few and far between, but at least it happens. I’ve seen some games that advertise as “save the person”, yet it is just a match 3 game… 4) Adventure levels have been simple as well – shoot the balls into the opening, and they’ll follow the path to the brick that needs breaking. 5) Haven’t figured out how to connect to Google Play. It offers a Facebook connection, but I don’t see one for Google.

  13. Volta X dice:

    The game is fun, but the ads are beyond excessive. I bought the in-app item to remove ads, and have to recommend against doing that, as it only removes the least intrusive ads. The banner ads at the top and bottom of the screen are gone, but the interstitial video ads remain, along with the way too frequent self-advertising interruptions before and after each level, and every time you hit a “gift” box in a level (misnamed since they just provide you with the opportunity to buy the “gift”).

  14. Been playing the game for a while. Even through all the ads and there’s a lot of them. But a few mins ago I got an ad for news break and when I clicked the x to close it out the app automatically installed. I’m deleting the game because of that. Having ads that trick people into installing useless apps is terrible. Makes me wonder what else has been happening to my device since I started your game that I don’t know about.

  15. I have enjoyed playing the game until the last update. They first upped how many gems you need to remove rows in the game when you hit the bottom(was 100 for the first time, now it is 200), and removed the option to watch ad ad for a row to be removed (used to be able to do this multiple times in a hard to beat level, now the option is for only one time per level). I don’t understand the logic behind changing those things because it’s just making levels impossible to beat without paying them.

  16. I’m at level 347, been a good app so far although a bit repetitive at this level. Today tho, while playing a round, I discover that I’ve recently subscribed at $6.99 a week! Obviously I must have needed the boost because the first 347 levels were so hard. There’s no way I’m spending 30 bucks a month on a single mobile game. I want my money back, yesterday. EDIT: No surprise, they can take my money just fine but returning it is impossible. Canceled and uninstalled. Thieves.

  17. Want to make you aware of a glitch. When playing if you have to revive at the same time as you get the gift box, once revived the game freezes. Will not allow you to open the gift box and continue playing. I have enjoyed the recent update. Addition of seeing scores calculate and combos has made the game much more enjoyable and easier to understand points system. Need to make adjustments to levels that dont have enough bricks to get you 2 stars no matter what you do. Thanks you designers

  18. It may seem shallow but the only reason I downloaded this brick breaker game instead of one of the many others is because of the “undress the girl” feature, which according to several other reviews appears nowhere in the game and is blatant false advertising. I simply don’t care about the rescue aspect of this game. The levels were fun, if a bit easy (I quit around level 30), but as everyone else has been saying, way too many ads and pop-ups for in-app purchases.

  19. Some of the puzzles were fun but they get repetitive. The Adventure games (the ad on other games) are way too easy and boring. But the biggest issue is of course the ads. I understand and accept that is the way the makers earn income but after every game? Even when you earn a free gift you have to watch an ad. I had this game for a few months hoping it would get better but between the repetitive games and ads I had to move on.

  20. I began playing this through Mistplay for two reasons. 1. I like block breaker games. 2. It was a fast rewarding game. I like that you get to build scenes and there is an adventure mini game. What has killed it for me is the guy and that the game cheats. The guy is super creepy and looks like a 70’s porn start reject. The bricks that split and the new one becomes half has just doubled. If you clear the board there is no bonus, you just get 6-7 rows instantly stacked.

  21. Dan Morse dice:

    The guideline is inaccurate and does not properly direct the direction of the ball. You release based on the guideline and then it goes completely in some other direction. And the aim is way too sensitive. If a hair on your finger twitches the angle shifts dramatically. When you get down to the last row or two, that’s when they add the 4 or 5 rows with blocks that wach require 60 to 90 strikes to fully break. And then there’s the pop up ads you have to exit out of 3 times to clear.

  22. If you enjoy a tiny bit of game play with your excessive ad watching experience then this is your game. This is the only game that guarantees you will spend more time watching ads than playing. There’s an ad after every level. The levels take under 20 seconds to finish, then it’s off to watch all your most hated ads. I really can’t speak of the gameplay, because there is so little time spent playing. It’s a great way to see what other games look like through their identical ads though.

  23. Was fun initially, but after around level 30 or 40 there are no viable ways to beat the levels without watching numerous ads in order to revive and play on. The boosters are great, but takes forever to get more without paying for them. Not to mention, the aiming indicator is not accurate when aiming close to corners, it shows the path the ball will take after hitting a block, but instead it angles out the opposite way which has been an ongoing annoyance.

  24. It would be a whole lot better if it wasn’t for ad’s EVERY single load screen, after every single round, or for every single powerup as it becomes rigged AF after a certain point where you are NOT gonna beat that level without depleting any powerups you may have, or watching an ad to eliminate last line, cuz you don’t have enough “balls” to beat the lvl even AFTER watching an ad to get 10 additional balls. It’s riddled with ads. Which destroys overall experience. Recent update added MORE!

  25. The game itself is good, but the app is insanely glitchy. Ads frequently will not load, which can result in losing a round because you can’t advance. Sometimes the ad will play and then refuse to return to the game, again causing loss of a round. Game sometimes pauses itself mid-play, which while not harmful like the other issues, is super annoying. Unfortunately these issues are steadily getting worse and are making the game nearly unplayable. Close to giving up and just uninstalling.

  26. The game requires you to watch ads. However when you click on the button to watch. Nine times out of ten you get a message that no ads are available. This is not a player problem. I have contacted the developer and received a ridiculous response that the ads run on a different platform. Again not a player problem. Seams all the games from this company share the same problem.

  27. Robert B dice:

    Great gameplay is ruined by ads! Every single level you’re forced to sit through a 5 second shippable ad, there is a banner ad in the top of the screen that’s constantly rotating, and every time you turn around it’s asking you to pay to remove all the ads. Absolutely absurd. I made it 20 levels and uninstalled. Too bad because I liked it otherwise.

  28. After a recent complaint about this game, and not being able to complete SOME levels, they “fixed” the game, now, I don’t always score enough to get top score, but EVERY level now completes with perfect three stars. Really??? This is not the “fix” I was seeking. Can you guys just FIX YOUR GAME! I don’t mind not completing a level first time, but make it possible.

  29. I’d have kept it and played it longer had there been fewer ads. After every level, there was an ad. With most other games with ads, you can pay to remove them. This game offers that, but it’s a continuous pay out for a subscription. No thank you. I have played plenty of games that have a $0.99 ad pay off and it’s a one-time fee. I’ve also come across games that offer no ads after any purchase, no matter how much you spend. This game was ok, I’d have enjoyed it a whole lot more without the ads.

  30. It’s a fun game to play for about 20 minutes… until they overload you with an endless amount of ads and force you to watch a bunch of stuff to able to beat the later levels. Also, the adventure mode thing they use in the advertising for this game are the easiest levels in existence. There’s much better ball breaker games out there.

  31. Kel dice:

    Pretty fun so far. Only problem is the ads. I get that it’s a free game and the developers most likely get money from the ads, but what’s the point of asking me do I want to skip the ad if you’re just going to make me watch it anyways in order to continue? Either don’t give me the option or make it to where it’ll actually skip if I request to skip.

  32. Ed Bubb dice:

    So easy that’s it’s pointless & not fun. No challenge at all. I literally got 3* (highest available) on the first 35 levels on my 1st attempt without using power ups. Plus content shown in the ad either doesn’t exist in the game or at least didn’t appear in the first 35 levels. Deleting game but I wanted to rate it first so others could avoid this.

  33. Honestly, the gameplay is not bad. The shooter part is enough of a solid gameplay to stand on it’s own without the advertised Adventure mode. Which is honestly the least exciting part of the game. Where the game falls short is about level 56 I recived an add in mid gameplay. Not between levels, during a level. This happened without clicking on any adds to claim power ups. Fix this, and I’ll come back

  34. The push notifications are annoying at 5AM! Plus no way to turn them off that I can find. The constant ads between games and levels is ridiculous. Constant pop ups asking for money. I now remember why I dumped this game once before. Doing it again. Oh, and you’ll never see the maid, or nurse take their clothes off. Doesn’t exist in the game. FALSE ADVERTISING! GOODBYE!

  35. Ever since the last update the app thinks I’m not connected to the internet and will not play the ads needed to move forward. Which would be fantastic, except for the fact that I can’t collect anything and move forward. Sometimes if I toggle the Wi-Fi on/off it will then play the ad, but only sometimes. Same thing if I FC the app and start again. This is the only app that I have this issue with. It’s making the game nearly unusable.

  36. Jon Baker dice:

    Paying to remove ads doesn’t remove all ads. After paying to remove ads, there are still frequent pop up”offers” that give you the opportunity to buy things (with real money) as well as multiple “gifts” that you need to watch an ad to unlock, per level. It’s a pretty fun game, but infuriating to play due to all the interruptions even after paying to get rid of them.

  37. Dan T dice:

    Great physics and accurate. And finally, thank you for a game that doesn’t have a commercial every 10 sec level. Last 5 games in a row was something like 5 to 1 commercials to gameplay. You can still watch commercials for extra stuff, which is exactly how it should be. I immediately uninstall anything with a commercial every level when the level is, say, shoot one target. Terrible. Also, it’s the same as the demo shows. Lots of developers today are putting “trailers” on the play store. A-!

  38. Ita a fun game but there are an insane amount of adds that you have to “close” multiple times. I get adds are needed for free games but having to close an add THREE TIMES, and after almost every single completion of anything??? Too many buttons of begging for money to avoid (ad blocker, shop, upgrade, etc.). Only reason I keep plating is I’m home injured with literally nothing else to do. Get rid of half the ads and let the ones you do keep close after hitting the “x” one time!!

  39. Good game but costs too much to make it playable. I rated this 5 stars, initially, but the increasing number of ads and the absurd length of the ads makes it unplayable. Sure, you can pay to remove them, but you can’t buy it, you have to rent ad removal. I will buy a good game but I’m not going to allow recurring charges until the end of time. Removing this game now. Too many other good games that have much shorter ads to waste my time on this one.

  40. Too many ads, or “no ads available.” First, there are too many ad breaks in the game. Second, when an ad break happens 9 times out of 10, there is “no ads available” and then I have to restart the game to get back to the level, but I have to start the level over. It’s very frustrating. Fix the problem, and I’ll give more stars.

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