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Cook tasty & delicious dishes on your own plane and travel the world!
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Take Cooking Fever to the skies with Airplane Chefs! Cook delicious meals and desserts and serve them on your very own plane in this highly addictive time-management cooking game! ✈️

Let your dreams take a flight and experience a fast-paced cooking game like never before! 🤩 With a tap of your finger, step aboard a delicious journey around the globe on which you’ll learn about famous foods from the world’s greatest cities. 🗺️ From sunny Sydney to foggy London, from exotic Singapore to urban New York, master original cooking techniques from each location to serve up high-quality comfort foods to your passengers. 🍕 Elevate your cooking skills to the next level, discover fun and unique time management mechanics and immerse yourself in the life of a professional stewardess! 👩‍✈️

Help your guests feel at home with various upgrades to transform your galley into a luxurious one and get the finest quality ingredients for making the highest quality meals. Fly high, cook fast and enjoy the unforgettable experience! The sky’s the limit!

This fun cooking game features:

⏰ Addictive time-management gameplay
🤩 Hundreds of fun levels
🖼️ A vast variety of decorations and upgrades
✈️ Unique game setting: travel around the world and sharpen your cooking skills
🍔 Mouth-watering burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and other tasty meals to prepare
🚀 Amazing time management experience with upcoming exciting updates

Join in for an ultimate Cooking Fever experience with Airplane Chefs and serve delicious meals up in the sky now!

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40 comentarios en "Airplane Chefs – Cooking Game MODDED 2022"

  1. Cool! I haven’t been able to play since yesterday. I keep getting please check your internet connection and try again. 1. Mobile data is great 2. Wifi has great signal strength with no disconnects. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times, turned both mobile data and wifi off and on, heck I even unplugged my router and plugged it back in to no avail. If I delete the game I don’t want to lose my progress. What is going onxz??!!

  2. I haven’t been able to play since yesterday. I keep getting please check your internet connection and try again. 1. Mobile data is great 2. Wifi has great signal strength with no disconnects. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times, turned both mobile data and wifi off and on, heck I even unplugged my router and plugged it back in to no avail. If I delete the game I don’t want to lose my progress. What is going on??!!

  3. I absolutely love this game but with the last 2 updates they have wrecked the game. You can’t earn money now, each level gives you a small amount, and everything costs so much to upgrade. On top of that halfway through every level the servers kick out, so you lose progress and your purchased for purple gem items. It’s a shame that they thought the game needed to be changed like this.

  4. The game is fun but randomly freezes and says it can not connect to the server. It also gets so expensive to upgrade the equipment that you keep playing but it only gives you a certain amount of fuel and you have to wait until the next day to play. I really enjoy it but find myself downloading it and undownloading it because of these issues. It’s a really fun game otherwise.

  5. I love this game. Me and my 4 yr old plays it alot. It seems like they updated it to make the levels easier and I appreciate that! It was really hard to beat but recently I’ve been winning every time! But the challenge made it fun too. I think the developers really care about the player’s experience.

  6. Update: it was cleared up for a while but just happened again! I was gifted with coins, fuel and jewels, then played 2 rounds. It gave an error 1015 I think were the numbers and it’s all gone. 😡 My absolute favorite game! I’m so addicted. I’d give it 5 stars if it didn’t give an error and force close a few times a week, making me lose fuel.

  7. One of my favorite games until recently when I did the new update. Afterwards where I had completed everything in certain levels. It shows now not completed but also at the same time completed. So not really any fun anymore I’ve accumulated a lot of coins but can’t level up to spend them. Have contacted support several times. They fixed the bugs in it. Thank you. And all is well now. Its still one of my favorites!

  8. Really good game with a decent levels of difficulty, but all of that is completely overshadowed by the bugs. Everytime I play, while I’m in the middle of a level the game shuts down and gives a server error message. When the game starts back up, the fuel I used on the level plus all my progress are lost. Makes you not want to pay anymore.

  9. Skywalker dice:

    You need to fix this game. I tried playing a level, and then the game crashed. All my fuel was gone, as were my gems(luckily I didn’t have that many and that I also didn’t pay real money for them). I also restarted my device just before playing, so no need to tell me to do that. This game could be better, it just needs some major fixes(and bring back the free fuel option!). Edit–Thanks for bringing back free fuel. Still having server issues, though.

  10. This used to be my favorite game and have spent way more money on than any other mobile game I’ve had, but the recent update has changed that for me and might just be done playing. You used to get all the “money” you collected in a level to use on upgrades. Now you get barely 10% of it and have to watch an ad just to get that much, but all the upgrades have stayed the same cost. So what used to be a fun, engaging and challenging game has become a ridiculously monotonous slow grind. ☹️

  11. After playing this game for some time, I have to edit my review. The game was great, at first. Then, the app would crash in the middle of me playing causing the “fuel” I just spent actual money on to disappear. This is extremely annoying to me and a waste of money. Also, due to the item being so little on the screen and close together, I cannot grab certain items no matter how many times I try. Thus, making me fail missions. I really want to enjoy this game, but I cannot. Very disappointed.

  12. I love this game and playing it but when the tutorials pop up I personally wish they had an option to skip or tap through it, it’s a little annoying after reseting data because I already know what to do. It also says the server is unavailable in the middle of a game, it would be nice if that was fixed.

  13. I love the gameplay of this game it’s super fun and addicting. However the reason for one star is that it consistently disconnects and interrupts your game with an error that says server is not responding. Usually it will go back into the game but the fast-paced game is difficult to play when you are constantly interrupted. This game would be awesome if they fix the bugs

  14. Vals Gal dice:

    It’s a cool concept for a cooking game I think the food cooks too slowly while the customer’s demands are fast. What really bothers me is that I have the keep dragging their orders to the bubbles when the player should be able to just click on the complete order and should automatically be given to the customer. Having to repeatedly drag the other hurts my fingers and that’s not enjoyable nor fun. This could have easily gotten 4-5 stars if it wasn’t for this. I had to uninstall.

  15. Fun game! But the touch sensitivity is too low to be able to beat harder levels. You have to tap an item in the exact dead center of it to grab or serve it. That’s really hard to do when you’re moving fast. The devs should make it so that you can grab/release an item if you touch it anywhere. I’ll never get past level 20 if I have to tap every item 2 or more times to use it

  16. Trixie dice:

    This is just the game Ive been looking for! It’s perfect, almost no ads and you can get passed levels quite quickly, I like how you have to be fast and quick to serve the passengers and overall it’s a great game.. Except for one issue, there were 2 ingredients I could add to the trail mix and the burgers and there was an ad I could watch to get them for free but when I watched the ad it said error and kicked me out. I just found that really annoying and I hope you look into it. (Not my WiFi)

  17. Amy Dala dice:

    It’s so far been really good! However, I agree with another reviewer, dragging isn’t the issue but everything is really small on a phone screen. That makes it easy to make mistakes. I haven’t gotten too far in terms of the fuel issue. On the plus side, I LOVE the concept! (It’s better than most matching games) The instructions are also easy to understand. On one of the levels, there’s a bug where you aren’t notified about the passengers. I forgot which level. Good luck to the developers!

  18. Fun! I’ve been playing cooking fever for a few years now, and I enjoy it. This game seemed interesting so I gave it a shot. I like the idea of it, it’s fun and challenging but I think the game should make it easier to at least collect gems or earn them as a reward for harder levels. I do still purchase coins but it takes so many to upgrade. If I had to pay actual money instead of the money I get for surveys then I probs wouldn’t play so much. In the end I do like it, it’s fun.

  19. Fun game, but they only give updates a couple times a year, with only one new city destination at a time. These cities only take a few times to finish. And, they only give 50 credits towards playing each level, and each level starts out at only 2 credits, but in a few levels they go up to 10 per. So if ur trying to finish the city, it’ll take u forever. This then stops you from being able to get”on a roll”, meaning it’s difficult to remember what u were doing to complete a level so you’re wastin

  20. This game is fun and addicting but it crashes all the time. When it crashes during game play you lose the energy that you used because of it. Also it take FOREVER for the energy to reload. Most games it only take maybe an hour to get full capacity but this one takes at least 7 hours to fully charge (50). I like the game play and like I said, it is definitely fun but these issues need to be resolved or at least reimburse the lost energy when it crashes.

  21. Its a very fun and cool game, I recently gave this a review, but ive changed my rating. It freezes a lot and that has stopped me from passing a level twice. As the customers get impatient and then they don’t want their order anymore, or the stuff starts burning and I throw it away and loose coins, which sets me back from getting stars and passing to the next level. It’s a good game though and I really like it anyway

  22. The time for the passengers asking for anything is super quick, when it takes too long to even get everything on the cart before being able to head out. I gave it 4 stars because its pretty cool. Wouldve been nice to know there was a whole second cabin to feed and the second refill station should have more in the space as you add things to the front area. Kinda sucks needing to go all the way to the front of the plane to get certain things when it couldve been installed at the same.

  23. This has been by far my favorite game to play on my downtime. I love the challenge it gives me to focus. My only complaint is the glitches. A lot of times I can be in the middle of a level and the game just reboots. Now recently, I open the app and it closes me back out. I haven’t had access the past few days, and I just spent money to gain more jewels and fuel. I’ve cleared my cache as I’ve seen on another post and restarted my phone. Please fix as all my other apps are fine.

  24. Nancy dice:

    Overall, it is a great game. But the energy renewal needs to be fixed. Taking around 10 minutes just to get 1 energy back when it take 5-10 just to play one level is a bit much. The amount of gems you are able to gain throughout the game is small compared to what is needed for upgrades. Need to find a better balance here. I have completed all cities that were available and now I am just become bored with the game.

  25. Rose J dice:

    Updated review. Still a very fun game! In my initial review I was not very happy with the price of fuel as it is needed to play every level. I am still not happy I have to spend fuel every time I play a level (seriously once should be enough to open it, especially if I have to repeat the level) but there have been a few deals on fuel that make it less expensive than I initially thought. Still if you like to do a lot of levels in a day you will have to pay money.

  26. The game experience is awesome, there are multiple different levels, and they’re constantly developing games to put in to the main game. You can play for free if getting three stars on every level is not important to you, but you will have to pay for diamonds if you want to get past certain levels, as there virtually no way to earn any… And on a game that requires them so regularly, it would be nice.

  27. Would rate this game 5 🌟 if it weren’t sooo expensive. It’s a great game addictive, can easily lose track of time. However it is WAAAY to expensive!! Gems & Coins needed to upgrade “expensive”! There’s no way to earn gems. Can only earn fuel ⛽ or coins 🪙 by reviewing ads. The passengers (even after upgrading to highest level) wait time is short, prep time long, ultimately costing more MONEY!! I may have to delete the game because it cost too much $ which sucks because….I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  28. It’s a good game but in the kitchen area, there should be a warmer for the fries and chicken nuggets since it’s a demand for these food items. And it takes longer to build up gems to purchase the extras. I think these changes would add to the game. I like the speediness that you have to keep up with during the levels, it presents a challenge!!! 🥰

  29. Well, something funny just happened. I logged on May 16, but for some reason, every single daily reward for May was available. In total, I got at least 10 gems and 60 fuel. This is definitely a glitch. Anyway, the game is super fun and I change my mind on the difficulty of the levels. They are actually not that hard. The only slightly bothering thing is the fuel, making it difficult to play more than a few levels at a time.

  30. Fun game but the fuel is ridiculous! Also seems like the calibration is off or something. I have to slide the food to the same passenger several times before they actually “receive” it. I don’t mind making purchases for games i like to play, however, the amount of fuel needed for a level and the length of time it takes to replenish fuel is unacceptable.

  31. This game is very entertaining and fun to play however while playing this game it begins to lag and cut off meaning it has to open up and start up again and if I was already playing a level, I would have to start the level all over again – that makes it very annoying and removes all the feeling and fun to play the game so please fix this! And no it’s not the fault of my wifi connection or my device because both are working quite well without the game!!

  32. Love the game! The only thing is.. the lack of fuel for the ✈️. This keeps you from playing as long as you would like.. unless you are winning every level. It also takes a long time to refuel. You have to pay for fuel with 💎 if you’re not winning just to keep playing..this prohibits you from upgrading food as quickly which slows down the winning..kind of a lose/lose situation.

  33. Although I am enjoying the game so far, I would like to see you guys improve on some of the functions. At times when I am handing out things it doesn’t move swiftly, I think we should be able to press the item & it automatically goes on the tray as well as when handed out to passengers. Also it should be easier to earn gems/diamonds & refuel. Matter of fact please take away that refuel feature because it takes to long to re-up!

  34. Pretty cool game. Just a few frustrations….I feel like the money and gems earned at each airport should roll over to the next level of airports. It’s sucks to earn so much then start back over at the next airport. Also, there’s times I accidentally put something on the tray and can’t take it off so waste everything would be nice to be able to remove stuff off tray instead of wasting. Otherwise pretty fun and addicting game!

  35. Fun game but it takes over 8 hrs for your energy to fill, so you can only really play it once a day. Unlike other games where you can watch one ad to play an extra round, you only get 1 energy per ad, so you’d have to watch 10 ads to play another round. Almost makes me want to tell the folks that pay for ad space not to bother. The prices to refill are astronomical.

  36. I greatly enjoy this game. I think the concept is fun and it’s not too easy unlike the majority of cooking games that I get bored with quickly. My only complaint would be that it’s frustrating that unlike cooking fever there are times when you just can’t play the game anymore unless you spend money when you run out of fuIe . I believe every free game should be free to play without having to spend money.

  37. I would rate this higher if it wasn’t so hard to grab the food items and pass them out. You have to grab everything so hard. It should be a tap. Edited to add that the developer needs to make the colors between the lime juice and the orange juice more prominent. A color blind or visually impaired person would really struggle with the two choices..they look the same.

  38. Love this game! Honestly, having to wait for fuel to reload is a nice break otherwise I’d be playing all day and get nothing else done. Very addictive and enjoyable! Edit: After playing the game for about a month I’ve realized the fuel thing is not fun. It would be nice to just play unlimited old levels and earn coins so you can have enough coins for upgrades in order to pass new levels.

  39. Spring dice:

    This game is fun. A different spin on Cooking Fever. But it’s really frustrating that it cuts you off from playing after you run out of “fuel.” It takes a really long time for your fuel to build back up so you can play again. Also, to upgrade your items so that you can advance in the game, some items require gems and those are also very hard to come by. The only solution is to either not play the game very often or sirens real money to buy gems and fuel. Lame. Not such a great pastime after all.

  40. Dani J dice:

    Edit, the game keeps crashing & when it does, I lose fuel & I don’t get the rewards. I like the game, but the fuel idea is so flawed!! It takes so long for fuel to replenish, & when the game crashes, I lose 10 fuel with nothing to show for it. Really frustrating since it takes like 2 hours for 10 fuel to show back up. Very aggravating! If they continue to use fuel, I expect they’ll be losing a lot of players.

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