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Brainstorm. Capture. Share. The Post-it® App helps you keep the momentum going.
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Use Post-it® Notes anywhere and anytime. Post-it® App brings the simplicity of Post-it® Notes to your smartphone, tablet and Chromebook. Whether you use Post-it® Notes for teamwork and collaboration, or for reminders and personal note taking, Post-it® App helps you keep the momentum going.

If you work from home or as a student in remote learning, use the Post-it® App to share your ideas with co-workers, structure your assignments and share them with your teacher, or create colorful calendars and share them with your friends.

Simply capture analog notes with your camera or create digital notes right on your device. Arrange, refine and organize ideas anyway you see fit. Collaborate and share notes with co-workers, teachers and friends, or export to your favorite apps and cloud services—including Miro, Trello, Dropbox, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more.

Post-it® App features:
• Connect and share ideas from anywhere with co-workers and friends, whether it be a workshop, a brainstorm or you simply want to share notes with each other.
• Capture more than 200 Post-it® Notes at a time with your camera. All our popular note sizes are supported.
• Transcribe your notes automatically using Handwriting Recognition. Great for search and exports.
• Draw, erase, type and change the color of your notes using powerful editing tools.
• Organize your way—group your ideas by thought or simply organize on a grid.
• Share to your favorite formats and cloud services to continue working on your ideas digitally—supports Miro, Trello, Dropbox, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more.
• Use our Widget to put your most important notes directly on your home screen.

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Minor improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Post-it® MODDED 2022"

  1. I didn’t expect much from this app, other than a place to store short notes and reminders. However this is an amazing organizational tool! I love the UI and grouping system, it really works for my brain. It has become my go to for note taking and brainstorming. I love this app and will use it for along time to come, I even prefer it over Evernote, or other note taking apps.

  2. It general, it’s a nice app to mess with — but the more I use it, the more I find it too clumsy to tackle my needs. For example, if you back out of a note, you should get a warning that your scribble is going to be lost…(uggh). I got lucky and somehow was able to pinch and zoom in — but I have not been able to replicate something so simple. Clearly it’s there — somewhere, but not where would expect it to be consistently (e.g., everywhere would be nice for larger screen users like me). While you can re-size the note background, and scale the content to size — you cannot move the block of content to make resizing the note more functional. Nor change the pen inking width (that I could find). Moving notes about — it is very crude feeling for more serious matters. I have yet to find any ‘gestures’ to rotate notes, but I did find the 90-degree flip… (not like in the demo with slight rotations). I like the idea of the widget on my Fold3, but I find the integration to the main app to be just to awkward to use. It has plenty of potential — any maybe buried or hidden functionality waiting for a spelunker. I am also sure it’s great in select scenarios/use-cases. Overall, it is cute, but awkward. It stumbles as I tried to use it more… Also, some type of sync across devices would be helpful. The plumbing is already in, so provide an option to move the data to a cloud store (many to choose from) to support multiple devices. All in all, some cool stuff, light feel; but misses in a lot of places. I look forward to seeing where it goes a few iterations down the road.

  3. Dawn Igoe dice:

    Overall, I do like this app. I wish it could have the addition of 4×6 sized Post-Its when adding a new one. When taking the photo, it says no Post-It was found. I like the 4×6 size for lists and not being able to add it to a board is frustrating. Resizing smaller ones to 4×6 or whatever size once they’ve been captured is great but, I haven’t been able to figure out how to increase the size of the bounding box for the text to flow once the handwriting has been converted.

  4. I really love this app! Being able to scan real-life post its in is a lifesaver, and the handwriting recognition is about 98% accurate even with my sloppy writing. I use it constantly, and so far it’s the only app I’ve found that’s really good for plotting and outlining writing projects. I do wish there was a way for me to drag around and reorganize entire boards within the main screen, but thays a minor annoyance on an otherwise stellar app.

  5. I really like where this app is going. I like to keep notes, tasks and checklists both physically and digitally. This app really helps that. I like that I can add my own physical post-its, change the color, resize, and edit them to erase what I have written. I think one thing to consider for your next app update is to allow the ability to resize the real text. Adding the ability to resize the post-it in combination with resizing the original text will allow for even more editing space.

  6. I was excited to use this to make a daily schedule for myself as my memory is rapidly leaving. Unfortunately, I could not get organized. I tried everything the app suggested including going to the website. Nothing moved. The notes were in the same order and position that they were originally posted. Even a college degree in software design or working for Microsoft before retirement could help me. My patience only goes so far. On a positive note, it has enormous potential. Good Luck.

  7. This app has huge potential, but throws it away. The scanning part works flawlessly, but you can’t do much with the scans except save them to your device or Post-it’s website. Imagine being able to clip your post-its to your onenote notes. Imagine being able to send your post-it groups to an email address (you have to do it individually). I hope this picks up. Would be great considering how many post-its I use per day.

  8. Too confusing to use properly, and too simple to be of any use. I needed a simple notepad, but this app offers instructions for several other things that are not simple notes or reminders. When you actually get to the notepad screen there are so many options (colors, text style, handwriting etc) for your one little notepad. Why is all of this necessary? Just gimmicky nonsense. I got another notepad app, and I’m much happier with that.

  9. Definitely on the right track with this. Having a note posted to the phone screen is the real advantage here I think. It would be a great if you could just tap the widget and add a note from there. Quicker than having to go to the ap first, add a note, marking it as a favorite, then have it finally show on the widget on the phone screen.

  10. Worthwhile, but limited by difficulty in managing notes. Easy to create notes and have on home screen. Awkward, limited management of notes; for instance can’t arrange order of notes (except in very time wasting, unreliable way). Nice ability to select note colors, write in color on note, and enter/edit text. Easy to select which notes appear on screen, though frustrating because of awkward, limited management of note grouping and ordering.

  11. I love this app. However, these are some things I wish where available. I would like the ability to add due dates to post it notes. Also, different shaped notes would be great as well. I use this for school and I assign colors and shapes to classes and assignments. Having different shapes would reduce the amount of information that I needed to write. Another thing is when you write on a note, it starts in the middle. It would be great to have the option on where you wanted the text to begin.

  12. This app is fairly good but not yet great. Big pro, you can easily move notes around with your finger and do customized layouts like a kanban board, this is a big advantage over Google Keep. Major con is zero flexibility with formatting text. All text is center justified, there’s no option for bullet points. Makes it hard to do for example a grocery list or a task with several steps. There are several fairly crappy Android sticky note apps which have that capability.

  13. Love the board concept, but I find myself off to the side with nothing to look at or dragging boards around. If I could lock the boards down and limit the view to the area that has boards, I think I would love it more. Even with that I really want to add a time and date to the post it, and an alarm or notification to remind me when a task needs started or to check the status of the task Maybe some way to indicate the priority of each task and filters to show tasks with various priority levels

  14. Easy to create notes, but the app use is counter intuitive. I have the widget on my phone, but can’t find a way to have the notes show up inside the widget to be viewable. Widget says to create viewable notes thru the app (which is the only way to create a note). Created notes never appear unless you open the app. No tutorial or help file.

  15. Classy app from the legendary company that started it all. Nice features, simple and options that are practical – type or write, colored pens, rotating the notes, etc. So, I’m baffled as to the concept of a favorite note. Who has favorite notes? Not being able to draft a note from the widget is a rough one to miss. 🙂

  16. Pretty cool app, but finding how to do things like add a board or add a group is not easy. The “tutorial” sucks! Every time I try to rename a board or a group (another option that is hard to find) the app crashes! I’d love to use it, but I just can’t in it’s current form!

  17. I love this app, it has been working correctly for a while but now the widget that I put on my home screen is not working. It keeps going blank. Being able to have the widget sets this app apart from any other. I need to be able to see my note. I’m rating this a one star for now but I will change it when the bug gets fixed. BTW I have a note 10+. It is now 30 days and the widget is still not working.

  18. Decent concept, but the camera function isn’t as good as I wanted it to be. For one, it can’t capture pencil too well. So you’ll be using pens or perma markers to get it to capture. For another, this has digital sticky notes, which at that point: why not use other ones if the handwriting feature of physical ones is so bad to capture in addition?

  19. Less than 6 months ago I was looking for an app that functioned like a legal pad for quick on the job notes, gave me reminders like a sticky note, and left the organization side of the notes fluid and easy enough to change and grow with a person not shove everyone into one rigid framework. I truly don’t think I’ve ever been as genuinely happy to see something pop up in my PlayStore as I was when this FINALLY came up in the exact moment I needed it. Well done 3M.

  20. EXO L dice:

    When you make a note and you do not save the note before leaving the app your note disappeared. I have twice now lost important information because I was on a phone call and didn’t save the notes. The fact that there is no feature to save your notes automatically annoys me. There are many other note apps that work better than this one. This app is more of a gimmick to try and get you to buy post-it notes then it is an actual note-taking app for busy, everyday people. Get Google keep instead.

  21. mike z. dice:

    I had high hopes for these with the high-end brand. I thought there would be a widget feature where you can stick these in the home screen of the device so I can see the notes head on. Without that feature these are no more significant then the other “list” apps in my menu.

  22. It’s an ok app. Mostly was looking to post notes on my home screen, but the widget resets often, leaving the area without the notes I’ve selected as my favorites. I have to open the app, deselect and select again the notes I want to show in the widget. Hopefully they fix this soon.

  23. This app is great but for two things I’ve noticed so far. 1) It’s really unintuitive to make a new board and with no apparent way to rename a board. 2) When I add a new note it always creates a new group when I typically want to add it to an existing group. This is obnoxious when using the widget.

  24. Good App. I love the Note Colors. They are great! Here are a few suggestions: Add a Highlighter Pen with different colors if possible. Add ability to move Notes between Boards. Add ability to sort Boards. Add ability to choose different colors for the Widget Background. Keep up the great work! Here: Note 8 One UI

  25. Great but Lacks What I Needed Most. All I want is to be able to put multiple notes on a page of my screen so I can read them on the go. I just downloaded the app, so I don’t have much of an opinion about its functionality other than the options that I saw and tried out are amazing and fun. And when I get a new job on a team, I will be able to use the collaboration aspects of it as well. 😊

  26. Fun little app, although there seems to be a few issues w txt, or at least areas for improvement-cannot have multiple txt in different areas on the note (all txt attached together), moving the txt also seems more difficult than it needs to be (instructions on faqs don’t specify need to leave txt screen, & go back to edit screen). Otherwise, features are decent, choice of colours & sizes, & ability to organise. No ads, which is great.

  27. It works well and is surprisingly useful. Thought it was redundant, them realized I have a few old post its cluttering my desk. Anyway, the dark theme has a gray background instead of black so it looks washed out. While using the dark theme and trying to rename a group, the text is white and the field background is white so you can’t see the text. The widget’s background is white, even when dark mode is on (should be transparent IMO). It’s a very good start though. Hope to see more improvements.

  28. Bill W. dice:

    Really cool app. little difficult to use on a mobile phone, but I’m hoping it’s compatible with desktops, and I’m eager to try it out in other environments, like Samsung Dex. ads are not an issue (it is a portal to order more Post-its products, but I don’t recall anything pushed or intrusive–it’s just an option in one of the menus. If you need a way to get some scrambled thoughts out of your head, and onto a board you can change around easily, this is definitely the app for that!

  29. David T dice:

    Handy… once you place a post it on screen the backdrop cannot be changed from solid white to transparent. . . One time deal.. Will eliminate app. Reinstall and see if it will work allow me to correct the “background” selection. That was the only solution that worked. Still 4 stars. Note freehand colour options are good, however the text only writes in black??? Used this once… waiting to see if ads are reasonable or not.

  30. This is a great app! Love how easy it is to input text into multiple stickies at once and then arrange them afterwards. I primarily use this on a Galaxy Tab, where I handwrite the post-its while brainstorming. Two features I would LOVE to see: 1. Ability to hand-write on the board outside the post-its : arrows, titles, shapes etc. 2. To tone down the zoom-and-settle animation while moving the stickies. It is distracting, and makes it difficult to place the note exactly where I want.

  31. I can’t understand how the inventor of sticky notes can make such a poor app. It should be child’s play. I’ve lost my notes. It appears it updated itself and reset itself at the same time. If I lose my notes it makes the app worse than useless. Don’t have any problems with Stickies in Windows. I’m loathed to say it but Post-it can learn a lesson from Microsoft on this

  32. Angelo dice:

    Almost a 5-star experience IF ONLY the widget they had was functional enough. If they got to have a widget like from Another Note Widget, then I’d gladly pay for a premium version. Their current widget for notes looks very small and not readable at the home screen. I like the UI for writing notes, but I want those notes to be viewable from the home screen at a size that could be adjusted. Other than that, it’s a great app for productivity.

  33. Very limited. Even if you reduce letter size and have plenty of space, the text keeps spliting into diferent rows. I tried to create a simple menu for the day, but if was so fragmented that the post-it wasn’t useful. It’s not easy to understand and use (at least for me).

  34. This app is full of aesthetics and usability! I love this app so much especially that I can do my own version of mind maps here, a feature that a person of “Big Picture” would really appreciate, because I could freely categorize details. “Freely” is the term because you could start your work in an infinite black blank space (if it’s in dark mode). The company has also been excellent in translating their paper products into this one. Overall, this app has a very satisfying impact to me.

  35. By itself it’s a nice app, basically a notes app. I wish there was an option or a thing that implement a sticky note to be added to a photo. Like if I want to take a note on something I’m reading to remember for later I could screenshot the text and then add a sticky note on it so that it(my handwriting) doesn’t interfere with the words. Idk. If anyone knows of an app rhat can do that let me know

  36. Lovely colours and font options. I like the overall design as well, and the possibility of having a black background. Unfortunately, it is not very intuitive, I’ve been trying to learn how to use it for a few days, but to no avail. I’ll stick with Google calendar which is easier to use and I can get reminders as well. Uninstalling.

  37. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, and it’s very useful for me. I like that the note widgets can be larger now. However, as a person with mostly Android devices and a Mac computer, it would be wayyyy more useful if I could sync across all devices and not just iCloud. I would give the app a fifth star if I could sync using my Google account or something.

  38. It’s a Post-it app, it pretty much does what you expect. I only wish that when you enter text, it let you choose different colors instead of the default black and also different fonts. Also, I wish 3M got back into the board game business like they were in the late 60s, early 70s.

  39. If you like the vibrancy of the notepad great job! Unfortunately they cannot be floating notes independent of running from the opp. There’s no ability to erase previous notes and just reuse the same Notepad…. Renaming the board took awhile to figure out It’s just a frustrating app to maneuver. Writing notes shouldn’t have to take so much effort.

  40. cev dice:

    love the app, but somethings are missing, like quality of life things, like zoom in feature, the brush functionality is realy good with doodles but with small phones it’s hard to get the tiny details, and more character limit and colors should be added as well, and the abiliy to attach images too

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