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Notes, tasks and super adorable notebooks!
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Qt Notes allows you to create notes and tasks in super adorable notebooks. Choose a notebook that you like from the library, give it a title (ex: “Grocery List” or “To-Do”) and it is ready for you to fill it with your notes and lists!

• Create new notes or tasks in your notebooks.
• Edit your cards quickly with one touch.
• Copy the content of your cards.


Design improvements.


40 comentarios en "Qt Notes 2022"

  1. Air dice:

    I loved how cute the books are, how it’s easy to avoid the ads as they aren’t annoying, and how the ‘•’ looks, super cute. It needs to have an easier organizer when making notes/tasks as you can’t slide them up or down. Also hoping that there will be a sign in & guest so that I can save my progress if I need to get a new device as no other app here is as cute as this.

  2. As it started I was in love with this app. It was so cute and I used it for organizing my thoughts at any time! I probably have over 200 notes in there as ideas for my story I needed to write down. The best part was that I could use it without having to have internet. Unfortunately, recently they have added ads. This has deterred me because now I cant even look at my notes while offline. I don’t understand it because with other apps/mobile games they can still operate offline by not giving ads.

  3. P Safford dice:

    It’s super cute but there’s no way to move the notebook around or even the notes on the lists! They’re stuck in whatever order you first put them in! Can’t be alphabitived or sorted at all unless you input it in the exact order you want it when making it. Need to add something later that needs to be at the top of the list? Can’t! Unless you rewrite the entire list. Stupid and unusable.

  4. Everything was great. It’s super cute, the format is well planned out. The update made it so the app doesn’t work with WiFi which is the exact opposite of what I would expect for a notes app. And if you accidentally leave whole writing a note you have to start all over again.

  5. I love the app, its super adorable and cute! Looking for a mythical theme, kawaii, etc? This app has it! It’s great for notes and it’s so easy to use! Plus, it has not really that much ads, you can also skip the ads, so easy! This game is very pleasing and cute, I think you can have many as note books (notes) you want!

  6. This app is cute. It has a great concept. The only problem is it’s not fully functional. Number one: if you exit the app, or if your screen goes off and you haven’t saved yet, everything is gone. Number two: if you decide to change you ‘notebook’ title, all the information is deleted. That’s where the two stars went. I spent an hour typing notes on my phone, for it to be deleted, more than once. Please fix it.

  7. Cute but not the most comprehensive. You cannot rearrange your notes, and there’s no option for bulleted items on notes or tasks. You also can’t edit tasks once you’ve written them, you can only check them off or delete them. I love how adorable it is but if you’re looking for a more organized option then this probably isn’t the one for you.

  8. Very cute and fantastic for organization, however it’s not super useful as an app for taking quick notes because it can take anywhere from 2 to 7 seconds to load when opening depending on device. That doesn’t seem like super long, but having to wait like 7:00 or so seconds every single time you need to take a quick note gets kind of awkward and inconvenient.

  9. I really like this app. It’s adorable and the different notebook styles make it easy to keep things organized; there are also plenty of pretty designs to choose from. I think an option to rearrange notebook order and the notes within them would improve the app’s functionality considerably. A widget function could be very useful too.

  10. I have never had a note app that instead of a simple note is like a notebook for all your little notes. I thought it was a very cute idea especially since I write poetry and do a little bit of storytelling. I could keep them in their own separate notebooks. However, after just a few days with it I thought that maybe this could have more potential. For example, for each new note you make into one of the notebooks you could still have the option of writing a title for that specified note.

  11. Veegzee dice:

    Super cute. Easy to use. Would like it even better if: • There were options to italicize, bold, underline, etc. • Notes and tasks could be moved up or down in each book. • There was a way to back up the notes or save it to a profile, so that if I ever lose this phone, I won’t have to worry that things got lost. • I could import notes

  12. Being able to keep multiple to do lists in one place is super convenient and helpful. It’s also cute, which makes it more fun to use! The one thing I do wish it had is the ability to sort your lists. Like if I’m making a list of books I want to read, I don’t need to access that as often as I access my grocery list and would like it to be further down.

  13. It’s cute don’t get me wrong. But they give you a select number of books to choose from to write your notes and after you put stuff into a book you can’t take it out. You can delete the book, but if you try to open it again for new notes the same ones will pop back up. So after you use all the books the app is pretty much useless.

  14. this app is amazing! i love all the cute options for notebook covers as the well as the adorable formatting of the app itself. my only critique is that you can’t organize your notebooks by alphabetical order, and in order to see a certain note in one notebook you have to scroll until you find it. it’s a little frustrating when I have multiple notes in one book. overall, i did really enjoy this app, and i look forward to future updates.

  15. I got this app to make a schedule for myself and so far it’s great. My adhd likes that its cute so I’m more inclined to use it. My only criticism is itd be better if you could reorganize the order your stuff is like the little book files I’d like certain ones to be at the top and for the lists themselves I’d like to be able to push the things I’m prioritiezing to the top

  16. Simple app for note taking, without any bloat. I like the designs and the simple UI. No fuss, like most other note apps. A few small points of criticism: 1. I dislike the ads and would be happy to pay to get rid of them, but there is no such option. 2. I would love to be able to create sub-groups of notes within one book. 3. When you delete items, there’s an annoying vibration triggered on your phone which you apparently can’t turn off. Other than that, great little app!

  17. don’t get me wrong, i used to love this app. it’s adorable, easy to use, and just what i need. however, they recently added ads which i would be fine with if it was only while online. but now i can’t even read my notes while off wifi. rly inconvenient for shopping lists and quick notes, bc now i have to redownload the default notes app which makes this one effectively useless. could still be great, just add back offline access and keep the ads online

  18. Cute designs, nice text fonts and basically not that much features. Only problem is that my notes disapear while I’m writing them and I cant get them back. It’s very annoying especially when I’m writing something very long. Totally recommened if you want a cute notes app to use. You can make your own categories with different designs and name them what ever you want. 5 stars⭐ for me.

  19. This app was amazing when I first got it…. Before I started getting bombarded by ads. Also the fact that you need to have wifi to access your notes is super unhelpful. I guess greed got to the developers of the app as it looks. I hope they remove them or else I might be tempted to delete it permanently.

  20. I totally love this app! It is sooooo cute,I love the designs of the notebooks, they are just too adorable! I am really not the organized type of person but this app changed that! With the cute notebooks. I also really like the font it just adds the perfect touch! I also really like The “Note” And “Task tool” You see many journal type of apps only have note tools not like checklist tools, So this is perfect for like To-Do things.So I really recommend this app.

  21. hope dice:

    I found this app very cute & helpful, i love it 💗 Tho i’ll rate it 3 stars for now because it clearly needs more features such as: syncing it to gmail (so it’ll be convenient for us to open the app anywhere, without it deleting the contents), view notebook pages in smaller size, add pictures to notes & add checklists 💕 Thank you so much. I hope you’ll consider these suggestions 🙂

  22. It’s super cute app I guess..but I am giving it only 3 star because it used to work without internet connection but now it doesn’t work without internet connection and also didn’t like the ads sthg. And also there are no backup option hmm.. Otherwise,it’s simply perfect.

  23. Amazing app. Its very cute which really helps me feel motivated. I feel organized with everything is in checkboxes or notes. You can have both notes and check boxes in one notebook which I find useful.

  24. It is a very cute app and I don’t mind seeing the occassional add, but it’s just dumb to make an internet connection necessary to use an app for taking notes!! Did it ever occure to you that people might need to take notes or be abled to read them when there’s no internet connection available too???

  25. really cute notes app and it lets me stay organized. Although, I did expect it to be like typing in an actual lined book. instead it gives you little note boxes but I’m not even mad about it. overall good app

  26. rocc face dice:

    It’s cute and simple- but waaaaay too simple. I suppose some customization options would make the app better. Suggestions: •We can arrange the books/notes •Can customize the color of the books •Add images •Add some cute fonts that we can choose •Add categories

  27. This app is super cute! The best thing about it is the “close ad” option. You don’t have to forcefully watch ads with this app. Also the font style is so aesthetically pleasing and adorable. I suggest getting this app 🙂

  28. Once loved this adorable little app but now ads? Seems every time I add a checkbox an irritating add floods my screen. Upon writing a review is how i discovered needing a WiFi connection. Uninstalled as quick as I installed. Disappointed as simple note apps are hard to come by

  29. This app is really cute and just what I’m looking for but the down side is needed internet 🙁 when I’m out and about, I wouldn’t be able to check my lists because ofc I’m not going to have WiFi which sucks 🙁 Nevertheless, the design amazing >.<

  30. I don’t like the recent update since it needed wifi for me to use it which pretty annoying. I hope you can fix this issue. Before the update the app itself is very convenient and cute at the same time.

  31. Really cute but they added overbearing ads in. Every time you go out of a list to the main page it pops up an ad you have to clear to continue. Will be deleting and finding a new app for the same task.

  32. Emilia dice:

    The update sucks. Ads is fine but I’ve never seen a note-taking app that needs data in order to work. If you’re offline the app is useless. Please fix this.

  33. Its super cute and i like it but the only thing i dont like is that it needs wifi to work. It would be so nice if I can still use it without internet connection because I don’t have wifi when I go out or when I go to school so pls make it an offline thing.

  34. Alliplayz dice:

    This is perfect for me making a short story. Because it’s easy to use and I’ve learned how to use everything. It’s all beautiful, so I recommend it to other story makers and to buying food in the store.

  35. Can’t used it offline now after the newest update. 😭 I’m in a place where internet connection is not stable. The App can’t be access without internet, it’s useless now. I’m so disappointed!

  36. This is the most amazing app ever . I can sort my notes into categories and it has really cute books . Definitely recommend it and looking forward to updates!

  37. I love it its defineatly worth it! Its cute and, not boring like the normal notes app! I use it daily and use it to write down things i usually forget or the things im to lazy to write down in my actual notebook defineatly get it its worth it and you wont regret it if you love cute things! Also i have a idea maybe a book with a cover as a cat or little bear or a puppy it will defineatly be cute and i will be really happy!tho i do understand if not sicne igs much work! Have a nice day!

  38. via vivi dice:

    I wish there’s changing font style and colour feature and also searching note feature. So, we could find our note faster.

  39. I love this so much but there is a downfall to it and it’s that it doesn’t save your notes when you get a new device with the same email.. I had so many note and now their all gone 😔

  40. Culestyy dice:

    This used to be my favorite note-taking app, its so aesthetic! But i had to uninstall because now u need the internet just to take notes!? It used to be offline and i can use it anytime, but now?? Please.. why you need ads?

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