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DigiLocker - a simple and secure document wallet
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DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India’s flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. The DigiLocker website can be accessed at https://digitallocker.gov.in/.

You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.


1. New feature added and performance improvement


40 comentarios en "DigiLocker MODDED 2022"

  1. A suggestion! Great service by digi locker! By creating this application itself, it helped a lot of people. There are still few documents which can’t be downloaded, but that can be software bug. My suggestion is, can you please include biometric login (fingerprint, face unlock)? It would make things much easier, wouldn’t have to enter pin everytime, and it would be great! 🙂

  2. Highly useful app. You have all important documents safely stored in one place. Recognised by the government. All documents are considered at par with the original legally, so carrying them with you with your phone has never been so handy. The app is practically conceptualized and is need of the day. They are continually making it better and better by fixing bugs and shortcomings whenever found. A virtual boon in prevailing scenario.

  3. It’s a good app to get data from authorities but in “UPLOADED DOCUMENTS ” section, I have report. I have tolerated some image documents a few days before but now it’s missing over there, that’s why 2 start due to data loss of DIGILOCKER…. Disappointed me a lot. Also from last 2 updates class 10th and 12th marksheets are not being shown in view section but as i click on share the marksheet shows up … kindly fix this bug….

  4. It’s a very useful and helpful application for every citizen … Paperless work comes easy… No burden to carry important documents… But numbers of major issues are happening after last update. After pressing on particular document the app automatically get exit and log out. After entering the login credentials OTP is not being received. I am requesting to developer to note that and resolve it as soon as possible.

  5. Not able to raise any query using the App. When I tried to raise a query it directs to a website. But it’s not loading anything. It’s not getting E Pass Book. It says has issue with the issuer. Has some issues. Please bring an option to change the Profile Photo. App needs a lot of changes. It’s confusing. Please add an option to report any issue in the App directly from the App. Please fix these issues immediately.

  6. Although government apps are often looked down upon due to their bad design and horrible experience, this one is special as it’s designed with functionality in mind. It is an excellent initiative by the govt and is very helpful for the people. You no longer have to carry all document with you as the documents on digilocker are officially accepted almost everywhere. The 1 gb free drive for your personal documents is also very helpful. Overall, it deserves 5 stars.

  7. The app is very useful. Just one thing I do not understand how the developer overlooked when I try to enter the nominee details for data of birth I cannot navigate on years. I gave up as I would have to do 480 clicks to enter date of birth. This is just weird

  8. HARSH dice:

    The latest update that I have installed on May 21 is very buggy. The app crashed soon after opening. Even after closing the application, it automatically opens whenever I click on any other application like Call, Calculator, etc. Respected team/officials, kindly look into the matter.

  9. After the latest update at the end of May 2022, the app is closing after language selection. When I am opening the app. It shows ‘continue with English’. On tapping that it shows a ‘force_close_message’ and on tapping agree the app closes.

  10. This is not working properly I have tried since last three or four days when I am getting started this app.it asked about language preference and just after I shows “force close message ” and only single option is given to its down which is “I agree”. When I press this click app is going to close and shows home screen . I am very upset because I have to submit a form and I have to need ctet marksheet .Last date is very near. Please help.thanks.

  11. After the latest update, the app is no longer functional and minimises automatically and it doesn’t launch at all. Hope the developers will look into this issue immediately as I regularly use this app to store my AADHAR CARD, DRIVING LICENSE, MARKSHEETS, etc. I think I am not the only one facing this. Thank You.

  12. The app is overall good but I’m facing a bug, when i put the app in the background and open it after sometime, certain things in the app don’t respond. I have to restart the app in order to make it work. If this issue is fixed then this app can be perfect.

  13. Hi, after recent update, app continually crashes on opening after around 4 to 8 seconds. Though all permissions r enabled. Have this app since it’s inception, did not face this issue before. Update: After ninstall & re install, the app is now opening.

  14. Good app for paperless documents safekeeping. Gave 2 stars because no option for PUC document as that too is important, and if we are keeping 90% documents in digital format why to carry the PUC in paper format, hope they implement the PUC document option state wise. Also some documents like vehicle fitness certificate and vehicle tax receipt are throwing error on fetching it.

  15. New updates as on 21/06/2022 has some technical glitches. Updates are wrost day by day, makes this app more difficulte to operate, this app contents is increasing day by day makes its bulki. Its restart most of the time & regenarate otp again. Previous app version are more stable & clean to use as well as smooth experience. Uploaded documents option is hard to finding Developer make this app like previous one (at the beginning stage), clean & easy to use. Makes it user friendly.

  16. Good application for saving digital documents. But, only one thing that irritating me a lot i.e. ‘my uploaded certificates’ that are not showing in my uploaded documnets tab. But when i open digilocker online then it shows me ‘my uploaded documents’ there but not in application

  17. Shekhar dice:

    Very good initiative by government, compliments to team who developed it. One 🌟 less, as it has bug’s that needs fixing immediately. Latest bug is App not starting after updating . Further PUC, BSNL bills, electricity can be added. Have a dedicated and professional team manning the app and quick response to user. Must have in your mobile. Jai Hind.

  18. This app does not work. The app does not allow to login into account with the error ( Something went wrong). If it gets login, the document does not get added and the status remains pending. What a waste it is.

  19. S Kumar dice:

    Nice initiative by Govt. But I m very un happy with one functional deficiency. In its drive option, there is no option to edit/delete folders which makes it worst to manage/organise files n folder.

  20. After complaining so manny times the issue has not been resolved. Still while opening a app selecting for language it closes the app and move to home page of phone. Already done uninstall and reinstall with latest version. Cleared the cache. Phone is also with the latest version. Please help me to get this issue resolved so that I can start using the app properly. Please take actions ASAP.

  21. Updated version is not good. Takes too much time for loading. The issued document is not displaying properly takes much time for loading and many more about the slow working of the application. It’s a good application but not working properly the way it has to work…

  22. Hav used this app for over a year without any problems… Until your last update. Now it just crashes every time I open it, asks for permissions for which the button doesn’t work..have uninstalled, reinstalled and finally decided not to use it any longer, since I don’t trust it to hold my personal data.

  23. Sharath K dice:

    The app was working absolutely fine for the last one year. I will be keep updating the app every week or month. Yesterday when I try to open the app. It was just showing loading page for more than 10mins. I restarted my phone and tried opening the app.even then the result was same. Today I got new update from play store. Post update it is working fine for me. Thanks for the fix. My sincere request is Please retest everything in the app before releasing any of the updates. I love this app 💞

  24. After recent update it starts crashing on launch. If its not reliable then app has lost its purpose. Had to reinstall to fix it.. Next time when you push updates, please take care of these, and test accordingly.

  25. It’s awesome. But please add board of secondary education Odisha, council of higher education Odisha etc for us . Because there are not only cbse students but also odia students use this app. After this it became more usefull for us . Some time if I add any documents it taking much long time to get that documents and eelven some time it doesn’t fetch any documents. Please shutout these problems as soon as possible for a better experience for us. Please add an option for voter ID card also.

  26. bavush dice:

    Issued documents keep disappearing! Every time it will first show as pending and slowly few becomes active. Due to this, if one has to show the documents to authorities, it may not be possible to show.

  27. Ashu P dice:

    The app is great. UI is fine. I can’t believe the backend of this app. A great example of big data handling! I’m assuming the engineers must be using Hadoop/Hive for this mammoth database. Also, pulling of info is almost seamless. Sometimes it buffers to load data from third party servers, but it’s still commendable. Kudos to the developers!!

  28. TAYYAB M dice:

    Greetings for the one the greatest platforms for the citizens service app and it’s applications, to access, upload and save the most important documents of their daily use which are issued and used by the government agencies, educational institutions certificate and others. But some of the options and slots not working properly like ration card details slot or button passport service, access to passport etc ! Could you make it one of the most users (citizens) friendly app ..? Thanks you

  29. Milind 01 dice:

    Add more options in security coloum such as fingerprint / face id. Bring an option to change profile photo. If Digilocker’s scanned documents are par with original’s then avail us option to edit / change info of certain documents such as aadhar card. Hope it’s safe to use.

  30. It’s amazing Now we have more options for storing all the government issued certificate. To improve 1. As it has important documents, it would be better if they make the app more secure. If the phone is lost then there would be a problem 2. A manual or demo videos on how to get certificates

  31. Ajay Bhut dice:

    Digitalization is a good idea, but making a crashing app and wasting time of people is not a good idea, App again and again downloads documents (however it can’t download it and it remains pending), and so when the time comes to show documents to officers, it remains pending and I am not able to show my documents. So please solve this issue.

  32. Over a period of time Digilocker has made so many improvements. There is no better way to keep so many important documents safely. Very smooth operation. Very happy with the outstanding performance of the App. Kudos to the Digilocker team.

  33. I am using this app for few years. Now after the latest update documents downloaded to issued documents folder but not able to view. Even I tried uninstalling the app & reinstalled . But other than Vehile registration certificates, all others can be viewed. Even vehile insurance certificate , Pan and Adhar can be viewed. But Vehicle registration certificate is the problem!

  34. I tried to install the app today . After installing when I am trying to open it , i am getting a prompt to choose preferred language . But there are no language options coming . At the bottom there is a ‘Continue with English ‘ button . On clicking it the digi locker is closing . On repeating the same process again I am getting same issue. Kindly resolve the issue

  35. Wilson dice:

    I was been able to view my 10th and 12th marksheets completely fine with the previous update. However, the makeover of the new app restricts me from accessing my certificates now. The persistent flashes of PENDING below the certificate never leave, and eventually I end up not receiving the certificates whatsoever; Same issue with vehicle insurance papers. Looks like the app founders spend a lot of money improving the aesthetics of the app rather than the productive side of it. #Dissapointed.

  36. It’s a very good app but some features doesn’t work perfectly. I’m unable to add 10th & 12th marksheet of Gujarat board. Ration card attached error. Firstly it shows pending, after sometime it is disappears. Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Domicile certificate, Non- Creamy Layer Certificate etc. This also doesn’t work on it. First it show pending & and after sometime it’s automatically gone. This app is good but it needs to fix these type of problems .

  37. App is very useful for storing the documents but there is a major problem, it crashes repeatedly. As I put the details of my PAN card it showed pending and started crashing repeatedly. And after sometime it showed error in getting the pan card info in issued section. Please fix it.

  38. Fitness certificate is not getting loaded. This issue came up since last two updates. Even in query section relevant option is not there even to report this kind of issue. I have raised in other category. Totally disappointed with this app!! Developer need to understand the basics of development and support model.

  39. It is useful app for carrying documents digitally. Currently, I am facing one problem while fetching my caste validity certificate. I am putting correct VC certificate no. then also it is not able to fetch my document. I am waiting for fixing this issue earlier.

  40. Unable to view my issued documents or the added one… Very poor poor upgradation happening. Have all proper documentation. It is unable access those. In such case when traffic police will be asking be documents and this digilocker won’t be showing our documents. Useless in time when needed.

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