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Safeguard your precious content, even if your device is lost, stolen or damaged
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Verizon Cloud gives you space for your digital world, so you can easily backup and access your photos, videos and documents securely and privately. Keep your content handy on your mobile devices, access it when you need it from your smartphone/tablet and computer and easily transfer content when changing devices.*

The Verizon Cloud app lets you:

​​Enjoy unlimited storage across unlimited compatible devices (with our Unlimited plan).*
Share your content easily with family and friends using your favorite apps.
Share personal storage with up to 5 users on compatible devices (with our unlimited or 2TB plan).
Organize and find your photos by labeling friends and family using Tag and Search.
View and interact with photos/videos on a geographical map with Locations.
Order prints and gifts displaying your favorite photos.
Share your content freely across compatible devices, regardless of which operating system they use.
Safeguard sensitive content with a PIN-protected private folder.
Cast to your TV, so you can share your pictures, videos and music on the big screen.
Create movies and customize photos with filters and fun stickers to share.
Relive your memories with weekly photo and video Flashbacks and Stories.
Back up the original sizes of your photos, videos (with no degradation in quality), music, documents and sync your contacts, SMS messages and call logs.

Download Verizon Cloud today and make the most of your digital memories.
What’s New in Version 22.6
Improved performance and bug fixes
Available Plan options: 600GB (single user), 2TB and Unlimited (up to 5 users)
Sign up today and your first 30 days are on us.**

*Verizon Cloud does not back up operating systems, settings, apps, emails, external drives and uncommon file types. Backup varies by operating platform. See for service limitations. To view complete Terms and Conditions go to

** First 30 days free for new Cloud customers. Thereafter, you will be charged $19.99/mo. for Verizon Cloud Unlimited, $14.99/mo. for 2TB or $5.99/mo. for 600 GB (plus taxes and Verizon surcharges), respectively, unless you cancel before the promo period ends. Cancel anytime through the Verizon Cloud app or My Verizon.


What's New in Version 22.6
-Improved performance and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Verizon Cloud MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ll give it this, it’s a good cloud app. It does it’s job, but the way it lets me view the pictures and videos is awful. I have so many pictures in my phone I need to sort by album, making things more simple. This app does have an album system, but I have to manually put pictures in the albums. For example, my phone’s built in photo veiwer has an album system that automatically puts my camera pictures into folder “camera”, and downloads into folder “downloads”. I want that for this app, then5☆

  2. Works OK. Needs a bunch of work though. Deleting pictures requires selecting, then clicking 3dot menu and selecting delete. Really? How about a manage screen with icons to move delete, download, etc. After deleting a picture, it returns you to the top of the list, so you have to scroll down through hundreds of pics to pick up where you left off. – not very user friendly.

  3. No Name dice:

    App won’t let me change to the only phone that I own. It is set for a phone I had two years ago. The phone I’m using is one I bought from Verizon too. Terrible app. Dont waste your time. Absolute ly no support for problems. If Verizon is going into the app business, they need to make it where it will work with their phones. And a little customer support would be nice too..

  4. My God. Just after reading the reviews on the Cloud app and the newly update Messages + app, I suddenly don’t know if I want Verizon services or products at all anymore. I’ve been a customer for 15+ years. No problems. It sounds like everything has gone to hell with this company. I’m thinking now of switching. Verizon, get it together. Lots of people talking about this.

  5. One minute all I could do was scroll but when I clicked share on a picture the app froze on the loading screen and was stuck like that for a while so I closed it but when I opened it again it loads the opening screen and freezes. Doesnt work at all now. Even when it was working i couldn’t click on a picture, it would freeze on the loading screen as well. This app used to work fine in 2018 but now it doesn’t at all.

  6. After upgrading to the Samsung S22ultra and upgrading my plan to the most expensive plan Verizon has, which they required. I can no longer use this app. Keeps telling it cannot connect to the server. Verizon has been no help. All my photos are gone. Can’t even get the cloud to open on my computer. Pissed is not really covering my feelings on this. Avoid thus app at all costs.

  7. Since I upgraded to my new S22 Ultra, the app won’t back up my data bc is says it needs permissions. The ONE button not turned on is grayed out and I have tried everything in my power to fix it to no avail — even though it indicates all permissions allowed. When I spend this much $$$ on a phone, I expect EVERYTHING to work properly. Do better, Verizon!

  8. Matt dice:

    It backs up EVERYTHING within certain categories. Example: I want it to only back up 5 videos; NOPE! it will back up ALL of my videos. I had turned off photos and other things– it still backed them up so I sat there deleting them as new ones came up. That was frustrating. So, do not make it automatically back things up. Let the user decide what and exactly when to back up.

  9. Drew Kay dice:

    The app is wonky, but the worst part is verizon isnt reliable. I had 10k photos and videos in the cloud and when THEY couldnt bill me (there was money in account), i lost everything. When asking customer service why they couldnt retrieve payment they have refused to respond to my question. I had a baby, so missed the emails saying they couldnt bill me. But regardless, the billing failure on their end resulted in me losing photos, and them losing a customer. Go with Google Photos instead

  10. Just got a new phone, and having over 400 contacts, 1000+ pictures and around 100 texts, it made it very easy to transfer everything to the new phone. I would have thought that it would have put all of my pictures back in the folders they were assigned to, but it put it all in one folder named downloads. That really sucked having to create folders and put everything back where it was.

  11. Wow, I am always impressed at how poorly Verizon understands their own products. This app requires you to buy a membership, and has terrible functionality. When you back up a phone, and download your data to a new device, it dumps every single file into a single folder, no matter what form of organization you had before. In addition, it doesn’t back up certain file types, (.mpegs and .wmas, for example), which means you have the potential to lose gigabytes of data I’d you trust this faulty app. Uploading and downloading takes forever, no matter the file size, or internet connection. The app is ugly and difficult to navigate. Don’t buy a membership for this app. Hell, don’t even trust the free trial! It’s utter garbage that will make the process of switching phones much harder than it has to be. You’d be better off just using a generic, third party back up service.

  12. I downloaded the app and added it to our plan but the app won’t open. I get the opening screen nonstop but it doesn’t take me to any menu where I can back up my files. please fix this edit: after reinstalling the app and restarting the phone, the app worked! I’m still getting a few of the features worked out but it is definitely a good resource. I recommend.

  13. It’s OK. It does what it needs to do, but when upgrading to a new phone, it wasn’t easy to get clear instructions in the app like “Do I need to swap Sim cards?” And cloud backup didn’t work well. No contacts showed in cloud on new phone despite being backed up on old. Had to use transfer but even that only gave me like 30%. Ended up having to manually enter. And, there were warranty options shown that disappeared when picking. Ugh. Aside from that it’s great.

  14. I loved this app before the layout changed. Before photos were neatly separated in thumbnails by month and year. Now there are no thumbnails. I have to scroll, scroll and keep scrolling to find what I’m looking for. In addition, every other photo that I click gives me an “oops, something went wrong” error. This is so annoying! I’ve called customer service a few times. After several uninstalls and resets nothing has helped.

  15. The worst cloud program. Doesn’t play well with others. Very difficult to move multiple pictures at once from the cloud to a new download location. (Sharing a link is not the same as downloading.) It’s almost as if they don’t want you to leave and they want to force you to upgrade to paying more. Also, I typed in the wrong password ONE TIME and was interrogated and given hard labor. What happened to three tries? Google drive is much faster and friendlier. I will never use Verizon cloud again.

  16. Doesn’t work with my BYOP device. I just wanted to sync my old phone contacts (only free feature remaining) and it doesn’t work. It was a decent service before they made pretty much all features premium. It’s a pretty useless app now. All you can do for free is syncing/backup your Contacts. Also how they continue to spam ads about buying prints even though I have no pictures saved there (paid feature). You can do most everything with Google services at no cost. Why bother?

  17. Update: works good now! Thank you! I like that everything can back up to the cloud. I choose to have everything backed up except pictures and videos. But here for a while when I do the backup, it shows green that everything was successfully backed up then about seven or eight seconds later it turns orange with the arrow up stating that there is content waiting to be backed up. But yet there isn’t. Why does it keep doing this? I hope this issue can be rectified soon.

  18. App caused a flood of duplicate contacts in my phone. I’ve found no way to edit or even see contacts that are saved in Verizon’s Cloud either. Far as I can tell, my messages and calls aren’t being backed up despite correct settings. The notes say backup was completed but there is still no data available in those categories. The most absurd part is that this PAID service has its own “messages” section for the sole purpose of delivering annoying ads. Boo. 2 stars for potential only.

  19. Transfer to a new phone was disastrous. None of the phone numbers were saved and I couldn’t even delete what I no longer needed. I was told that it was a problem on their end, but there was no ETA and no interim solution. Literally two phones later, I STILL have the same problem (doesn’t work as designed). The app, along with their cloud service, was a complete cluster.

  20. I was automatically subscribed to this completely out of the blue when I got a new phone, and it would have cost $5/month had I not cancelled it (the only warning this had happened at all was a single text message). Since this is a paid service, it should be a lot clearer that it’s being bundled in. –Edit: Thanks for the reply. I do think this should be opt-IN rather than opt-OUT (or at least more clearly highlighted when getting a plan), but the response is appreciated.–

  21. wifetess dice:

    Two hours on chat with Verizon. Cloud spins and spins. I have 1,843 photos dating back to 2010 and I see only 10 photos. I pay extra for cloud storage. Chat offered no help. I already tried every single option that they were suggesting with absolutely no results. Complete waste of two hours. I just want my photos back. Not asking for much. It’s a simple photo app using the cloud. It should work.

  22. Verizon cloud works really well for storing all your photos, videos, contacts, files and a few other. It does a great job of keeping everything updated and saved. No complaints there at all. My reason for the 3 stars is simply due to the fact that Verizon used to offer 5gb of storage for FREE!!! Now they want you to pay for what used to be provided for free to their customers. When I first started using cloud it was like around 25gb of free storage then they dropped it to 5gb and now none.

  23. Mark dice:

    It crashes every time I try to transfer sms messages after taking 40 minutes to “calculate” the messages on the old phone. I’ve tried to transfer them like 7 times, waiting at least 40 minutes each time. Also, I get an error every time the old phone scans the QR code, and have to go through the entire process of connecting through wifi. This is totally broken and worthless.

  24. I have used the Verizon cloud app for about 10 years. Mostly to build a very large musical library. I only used the album category to find my music. I had about 1375 albums in the cloud. About 5 months ago something wiped out my ability to scroll down past about half way through the “A”s! In the song category all 9600+ songs are there so I know my music is there. I have called Verizon support 5 times for a duration of about 20 hours total. No one can seem to fix it. I desperately need this!!!

  25. Absolutely no issues to report. MotoZ4, running Android 10. It’s a basic app but, that’s exactly what you want in cloud storage. Simple and to the point. Transitions are a little slow but, I’m fine with it; this app is doing what it’s supposed to 👍. Total app size: 114 MB. No issues with this. Hey people: a 128 GB Samsung EVO memory card is $20 on Amazon. If your phone is “full,” clean it out and expand the storage if you can.

  26. I cannot see pictures older than December 2020! This problem has existed for about a week. I can see the blocks where the pictures are supposed to be but they do not fill. The circle just spins and never loads. They do show up in the story flashbacks I receive so I know they’re still on the cloud. Same for music and documents. Last update messed something up bad.PLEASE HELP!! 3 days and still no help. Phone is NOT backing up pictures to Verizon Cloud since March 3rd and I still can’t view pics.

  27. I keep getting the message “error initializing app.” The app is terribly buggy and, even when it is working, it’s really slow. Right now, I haven’t been able to open it for a week. I’ve uninstalled it , cleared the cache, etc. Do yourself a favor and get another back up option. As soon as I can get access I’m moving everything to a better app. This one is worthless.

  28. Nick Tyo dice:

    I had been using this app for as long as I can remember for all of my photos and videos over multiple different phones throughout the years. One day randomly, I get a text saying they have deleted my cloud account and i have 30 days to reactivate it, which I did. However once I reactivated it, to my horror, ALL of my media and memories from YEARS of my life were gone just like that for NO reason. I never wanted to deactivate it in the first place!

  29. Excellent app!! Clean, purposeful user interface. Quick and smooth in it’s actions. Has a few unexpectedly helpful and proactive features to boot. It took me less than a day to use enough of it to motivate me to write a 5-star review. IMPRESSIVE. And I don’t impress easily when it comes to modern electronics, gadgets and computing. A definite win for Verizon here.

  30. Not happy with cloud at all at this point!!! It will not allow me to download any of my pictures what so ever!!! App keeps crashing and stops working all together! I count on cloud and it is letting me down. I delete pictures off my phone to free up memory and storage because I know cloud has backed them up but now I can’t get them back 😡 not a happy paying customer at all!!! Something seriously needs to be done to fix this issue.

  31. Have never even used this app yet since the latest update my phone has completely run out of space. I have deleted hundreds of pictures and videos (DAILY), deleted apps, and am still unable to use literally anything in my phone. Can’t so much as make a call or even try to open any app, including cloud, because they close instantly as it still says it’s 100% full. Last night I just happened to notice that this app, that has never been used, is now taking up 10gb! That is completely unacceptable.

  32. I get an error and it won’t load. I’ve had issues for months with the Verizon app as well. It tells me to login with my password, which I always do and sends an error. I then go through a continuous loop of requests to reset the password, end up on the website, am told to go to the app, and the error comes up again.. I’ve spoken with many people at Verizon, tech has never contacted or helped .e after promises that they will. Sadly, I’m looking for another provider.

  33. I have piece of mind that my photos are backed up. The Verizon Cloud app performs remarkably well in capturing photos from my Android, but good luck getting 45,000 photos out again. After numerous calls to Verizon’s technical support line, I understand that there is a problem with the app when accessing through the Web. I can’t cancel my Verizon phone plan because I’ll lose my photos, and I cannot access my tens of thousands of photos except by phone. Beware of offers for more storage.

  34. As long as you keep the app updated with your account and services. it works fantastic when you need to back everything up to the cloud. Make sure your app is updated before you consider backing up your phone to the cloud. Otherwise your backups may not be a successful backup. I try to do a complete backup at least once a week. Simple because you never know when your device will break, get lost, or even taken.

  35. It doesn’t work. It says its loading stuff to the cloud, and then after forty minutes it says there is nothing on my phone to put in the cloud. My phone has thousands of photos and videos. When I go to the opt out page, there is a black page with a Verizon logo, but that is all, no menu option, no tabs or buttons, no directions. And now Verizon is going to start charging me!? This better end quick!

  36. Who needs it…? Too large to upload.. Verizon is the only cell phone service in my area. Lately the signal strength and the bandwidth have been reduced to the point that we miss calls. Not to mention speed limitations.. the last thing I need is an app that wants to use more bandwidth to move data to the cloud. No thank you!

  37. Upload speeds to cloud server are extremely poor (1-5Mbps), files in the Verizon Sync folder fail to upload and will just repeatedly try over and over (which I suspect is the cause of reviews saying this app used up all their data), desktop app is clunky and outdated, can not log into my account via app from a second phone (my work phone), connections to the cloud service often time out. Competing services have never given me any of these issues and are far more price competitive. This service was included in my cell plan but I would rather pay to use a different service than fight to make this one work for free.

  38. UPDATE NOV 19, 2018: Verizon fixed the Cloud crashing problem and the software works great again. In case you didn’t know, Google Pictures cannot work unless Cloud was running. have 500GB of paid storage with Verizon. I need it. It is not a question of the $5 a month I pay. The latest system update for the LG V20 corrupted the Cloud app and it keeps crashing a few times per minute! No backups were performed in the last seven days. Luckily I backup the data manually daily. Was on the phone with Verizon with people who want to help but can’t. In one attempt they reset all my phone and apps settings. Deleted and reinstalled the app and what not. Nothing works. Two months ago I’d give this app 5 stars because it did exactly what I was paying for. Now, I give it one star.

  39. I’m happy with Verizon service but I was very distraught over the fact that the cloud is changed over to a paid service and I lost all my music and memorable pictures that I can no longer get back because they dumped the server. meaning they erased everything with the exception of my contact list. so because of that this will only get one star I really didn’t even want to put that. Those pictures were one of a kind( meaning the pictures on the server where the only copies).

  40. I think it’s too expensive.. I’ll cancel once I xfr my data to my pc. It doesn’t back up on a regular basis. Often times I have to manually do a back up. Possible to lose pics if I don’t check for backups on a regular basis. Like most Carriers tech support is hit or miss. I’m looking for a better app that is more reliable.

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