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Time tracking done easy. Simultaneous activities, pauses, goals and reports
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Application for tracking your personal or working activities.

Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and graphs. Using this data you’ll be able to control and manage your time.

aTimeLogger is the right solution for everyone:
– business people with an intensive daily routine;
– sportsmen who value every minute of their day;
– parents in order to control their children’s daily activities;
– everyone who is interested in what activities they spend their day on and those who want to control and optimize their time.

Application features:
– easy and intuitive interface
– goals to reach
– pause/resume
– automatic time tracking with Tasker or Locale;
– groups
– simultaneous activities
– many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts
– reports in different formats (CSV and HTML)
– a huge number of icons for activity types
– Android Wear support


- added old pie chart (check settings);
- fixed notification text color for dark theme;


40 comentarios en "aTimeLogger – Time Tracker MOD 2022"

  1. Mariah D. dice:

    Edit: I have to update my review and take some stars off. There is a very frustrating bug where if the app is installed on 2 devices, and you edit the time on an activity, it will often not sync to the second device. My account says fully synced, yet I have different times on both apps because the second device didn’t sync my edit to an activity. Please fix this 🙁 Exactly what I was looking for in terms of time tracking.

  2. Exactly way I needed. A simple time tracker that only takes a click to stop and start. I have an icon on my homescreen to stop and start. You can also pause and easily edit timestamps and add new intervals. Has defaults setup for many other activities too and adds up how long you’ve done an activity within a range. I use it to track my 40 hour work week progress. Other timer apps do to much/too complex for what I need. This is so simple and quick. I love it!

  3. Nate dice:

    Awesome app. First, purchase is based upon a volunteer basis – if you like the app, donate what you think it’s worth, and you get extra features – there are no ads, period. Ability to add types and groups. Ability to record multiple types simultaneously. Ability to sync via Dev’s own resource. Ability to add goals and track them. Really useful and intuitive.

  4. I have the premium version of the app, and there’s a lot of potential, but it still feels very underdeveloped. The UI is not intuitive and is often illogical. It’s also missing basic features like the ability to start your day in the morning rather than at midnight (currently work done past midnight tracks to the next day). Quite a few other things like this that are easy fixes but still missing. Would not spend money on this again, I’ll be looking for something more polished.

  5. Alice P dice:

    This app has helped me log hours for independent work and micromanage my time. It’s very helpful however the interface has confused me a couple of times when trying to nest types of timed activities. Also if I did make a mistake the times do not transfer over. Or at least I have not been able to change that. I do appreciate that there are no ads and separating the timed activities is great. Also being able to add comments to each activity is very helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Karen Cox dice:

    Love this! Have tried several time keepers. This is the best. No Ads! Added my own topics, can change colors easily (check developers notes for anything that isn’t obvious). Easy to adjust, add, and remove times. Shows cumulative for days, weeks, and years. Donate for stats. Even if you don’t need them, alway support developers that don’t shove ads down your throat!!

  7. This app is very simple to use, just hit a button when I transfer from one thing to another, and then it would time the activity itself. I can see the generated report after a day is over. If there is any improvement I would recommend, it would be the function of making corrections about the time anytime, because I am still new at this so I sometimes forget and make mistakes, but I can only make corrections later. By then I might have forgotten what time I made the mistake.

  8. Super cool app that lets you time, track, and monitor your sleep habits super easily you can set a timer when you go to bed and just stop it when you wake up not super complex like other ones! It’s awesome I love it! You can time and track how you spend all your time it’s awesome!! In different categories too!!!

  9. I like that tracking app. Hope to conduct some analysis on it, when I collect enough data. However, with last couple of updates, you added really annoying feature: when an activity changes status (start/stop/pause/adjust time/etc), a bar with timer and play-pause buttons on of the screen for a few seconds. It covers crucial menu buttons, so that I have to wait a few seconds until it disappears just to press “confirm” button at the top right corner. That’s terrible UX, and that really sucks. How do I get rid of it? UPD: thank you, that helped.

  10. This was exactly the app I was looking for, to track my personal (not work) time. Starting and stopping the activities is a simple touch from the main tab, with the option to edit the start/stop times or add activities retroactively, if you’re not on top of things in the moment.The interface for editing start/stop times is really great: versatile, intuitive, and ergonomic. There is a large number of built-in icons for different activities, though the range of categories could be expanded. Great.

  11. James P dice:

    Good – but I don’t need to track performing multiple events simultaneously. Is there a way to set it up like this example: I’m in the middle of tracking my “reading”, and as soon as I tap “study”, it instantly stops tracking reading and starts tracking studying. It would reduce the # of taps myself (and others) have to perform. UPDATE: Very well done!!!

  12. I have tried many self improvement apps before and this is by far the best one. It’s simple and concise; doesnt have any useless extra stuff. Just pure time logging with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly statistics, including % and pie chart view. Super useful, eye opening and motivating! And you can customize the tasks with lots of icon options and unlimited colors. The only thing I would suggest is adding more types of statistics to be available, such as bar charts, etc. I would pay for that.

  13. Update: There is a bug in the goals tab. Whenever I make I change in my goals and save it, it’s doesn’t save it. Specially if I reorder the goals, it goes back to the previous values. Great app, well designed, easy to use and highly customizable. One thing I’d add is the possibility to separate weekdays from weekends when setting goals. There are many stuff that I only want to reach during the weekdays. Then show the corresponding goals depending on the day of the week.

  14. Excellent time management tool. I’ve tried lots of time trackers but this one is the best, & it’s actually helped. It’s intuitive to use, easy to customize and has features that I find very usrfull, like goal tracking and multiple options for visualization (statistics, pie charts etc.) The aesthetics are enough to keep it from being boring but not so that they’re distracting. I paid $1.50 for some extra functionality and it was well worth it, although the free version is excellent too.

  15. Useful for keeping track of multiple things at once. You can add and remove activities as they suit your lifestyle/needs. The app can give you a detailed list of how long you spent doing a particular thing during a particular time period (days, weeks, months, etc). I love that you can pause it from the locked screen. Would be really nice if you could resume a pause from that screen as well. Either way, great app.

  16. Fantastic at what it does- track time. maybe it’s too much to track everything, so instead, I’ve only kept tracking the 2 or 3 most important things, leaving gaps of untracked time between them. The pie view is a good way to see how you’re doing. I would add the ability to see a graph of time spent each day, to see if I am spending more time on something as my stamina and habits improve.

  17. Really like the app. It would be good to be able to reorder the list of activities. Also, I find myself using the category with sub cats the most, but need to get into the list each time for the selection. It would be good to have the option to expand the sub categories in the main list page. Finally, for editing the wrong entries, an option to automatic update the conjuncted ones would be helpful. The editing itself is a bit combersome too, sometimes need to comfirm twice. Overall a great app!

  18. Pros: This app is great for personal monitoring/time tracking. I’m very glad that it doesn’t have the wage rate option. It is easily customizable and offers extensive options. I’d recommend this app for those who wants to improve their productivity in terms of time usage and prioritization. Cons: Some designs can be better. Swiping gestures can be reserved for switching between different dates. Graphs can have bigger font. But overall, excellent and pleasant to use.

  19. M S dice:

    The app is easy to use. Many good features. The running activities show up on the screen even if the phone is locked – so it is quick and easy way to pause or stop them. I like the pause option, it saves time when i have to interupt my activity for a while. I like a good choice of icons. Its great that i can change the color of the icon to any variety. Also, it helps that i can group the activities. I like it very much so far.

  20. Love this app. It’s pretty intuitive and tracks things easily. You also don’t have to buy anything to get near-full functionality. I contributed anyway, partially due to this and that there are no annoying ads which made me want to throw them a few bucks. Only feature I can think of that it didn’t have is the option to choose when your day starts (automatically is a 24-hour day starting at midnight) but honestly, isn’t a big deal at all. Really fantastic app. Thank you!

  21. Amazing app! If you’re looking for a personal time tracker, stop looking – trust me, I’VE TRIED THEM ALL, and this is the best by far! Its intuitive, its slick, and its fast. Makes sure you don’t waste your time while trying to time-trackl. My one request is the ability to change the time when the day starts…I sometimes work late into the night, and I hate it when my goals reset at 12 AM.

  22. I use this app for personal time tracking to better understand where I invest my time and motivate me to make better choices about what to do. The interface is very efficient for adding or editing intervals that I forgot to start or stop the timer for. The grouping system uses a hierarchy to organize different types that takes a bit of getting used to. My recommendation is to remove most of the default types and then add your own as you need to record something new.

  23. After trying a few of the more popular time trackers (which I find to be either buggy or not terribly useful) I landed on this app. I’ve decided to stick with it for the long term for a few key reasons: 1) the notifications that let you run multiple timers and start/stop from the lock screen are awesome. 2) Goals are excellent. I use this for a habit goal so to track how far along I am in the year is perfect. 3) took a star off because the creator stopped responding

  24. So far, the app has done exactly what I have needed it to do. I mainly use it to track actions related to habit changes of mine, such as limiting video game usage, and it works great. My only issues are with the widgets. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but the “stop running and start” widget for any timer doesn’t stop its own timer. That means I have to scroll to the running timer and turn it off manually. I’d prefer an on/off widget, but it’s a small complaint.

  25. I’ve tried many time trackers, this is the only one I found without serious flaws or omissions. Simply great. One thing would make it perfect: More stats. I like the “last 10 days” bar graph, however I wish there were also “last 30 days” and “last 52 weeks” bar graphs, like in the Forest app. There, it is also possible to swipe through graphs for previous months/years. This is a great way of understanding past time usage at a glance.

  26. Many timer apps have rigid categories, and most music practice apps track only one instrument. As a musician and timer junkie, I was sold on this app when I discovered that it has icons for over 30 instruments. It’s such a small detail, but it shows that they “get” me. Intuitive yet customizable, you can create as many subcategories as you need, just like an outline. Icons are laid out like apps on a home screen, and it’s calming to view your tasks in that format. One of the best timer apps!

  27. I LOVE this app. There’s no bothersome ads for the free version, and the paid version doesn’t hold any must-have-to-function features, but I wanted to support the app so I purchased it. I was looking for a productivity app that wouldn’t require me to be on a set schedule to use, personalization options, and ease of use. I have to say this app really has hit the mark for me. I think it’d be useful to maybe have an option to choose a quantity. For example: set a goal to drink 8 glasses of water.

  28. This is an amazing app. It’s excellent for helping you manage your day with more awareness. All the subjects are fully customizable, there are no ads and you can use most of the features for free. It is awesome and I’ve never seen another app that worked this well for me. The pie chart view of my time allocations is my favorite feature. Simple, works well, clean, easy to use, easy to customize – very nice!!

  29. Love this app. I spent a long time setting up all my categories and love the flexibility of editing entries–both in progress and already ended. I also am a fan of the different views for all your data in the (reasonably priced) premium version, including a pie chart and calendar. This really has helped me with time management and finding the places where I’m burning out.

  30. Tom Morse dice:

    Nice time tracker! Intuitive interface allows you to easily add your own time categories. If you forget to turn on the timer you can just turn the timer on and turn it off and then edit the times for the times that you missed. Using the group’s feature you can add subcategories of particular things that you’re doing in a larger category. I really like this app.

  31. I tried for ages to find an app with exactly this functionality: the ability to set goals for how much time I wanted to spend on something each day or week, then easily record and track that time. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find, but none of the popular habit or time-tracking apps had this (pretty basic) functionality. So, I’m quite happy to have found this one.

  32. The elusive preemptive time audit. This is exactly what I needed after many attempts at trying to track my time spent on various projects. I’m forgetful with hit or miss follow through on it, but this app made it really easy with reminders you can set to your preference, ability to go back and fix your times, useful subcategory options and simple export options. I haven’t tried any of the paid features either. Excellent freemium option.

  33. At the report page, there is a button that deletes entire history of tracked activity. What’s the point of that? Wasted my 2 months time of data using this app. Uninstall and big regret for using it! ** 2nd Edit. Thanks for the reply, I actually accidentally synced data after this happened. I don’t think it’s worth the time to find a work around on this so far. The only reason I am here again is that not another similar app on the market can offer the same set of the features the app offers.

  34. I love how simple and yet customisable this app is. The icons are in good taste compared to many other apps, and you can pick the type and colour you like, and change activity names, so it’s a pleasure to look at. The problem is the summaries, they are unclear, the visualisations are not intuitive and not easy to reach.

  35. Fantastic app. I would change a couple things. Adding a category to a group could be easier. Beginning a new task should automatically begin at the end of the last task (sometimes this works, sometimes not). A warning for multiple activities running simultaneously would be nice. Zero second intervals are annoying and I somehow create them regularly.

  36. I really love this app. It is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a way I could be more productive without being on a precise schedule. You can add your own tasks and make them any color you desire. There are so many icons to choose from As well, for a truly unique experience. The widget you can place on your homescreen is amazing. Things I would like to see improved or added upon Goal screen: I wish it would showcase the icon or color that I selected for the task and Show subtasks.

  37. Very much like the app. Have been using it a long time. However, I found what I believe is a bug relating to when a timer starts. When starting a timer at a time later then the current time, the minute flips over at the end of the minute (59 seconds) rather than at the beginning (0 seconds). Can you please investigate and, if needed, correct this? Much appreciated!

  38. So good I donated $5 even though there’s no ads and I could have chosen a cheaper option to unlock premium. Simple to use, clean UI, has a nice widget too. There’s a couple user flow things that are a little confusing, but this app has been amazing at tracking work hours, setting alerts for gaming or internet use, and then looking over my progress every week. I hope they continue to work on this.

  39. I just realized I love this app. It’s stable and highly customizable. I love that I can time multiple things at once and that there’s no character limit for titles and the emojis and colors are great too. I love the nesting too and the export feature is super helpful, as well as being able to change start time as it’s running. Thanks so much for making such an intuitive and easy to use and flexible time logger. The paid version isn’t expensive and it’s beyond worth it.

  40. H T dice:

    I’ve been using this app for about 3to4 years now. It is so complete that I can’t accept its download rate, it really deserves 1M, but, I think, the one big draw back that could be a major cause of its download count is its UI and icon design. It’s not eye catching, not professional, and it’s not something that a user stops on it while wandering around the forest of apps. 3 stars is just a wake up call to the developer so that maybe the do sth about it. Aside that, it’s wonderful

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