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Collect is the best way to save everything that inspires you and fuels your ideas. Upload images and videos, save links and anything from across your apps, then organize it all into visual boards. You can share boards (if you want), and work together right in a board!

• Add images, songs, videos, documents and anything else you got

• Save links and cool stuff you find from across your apps

• Organize all your items into beautiful boards to visualize your ideas

• Share boards with anyone, no sign-up required

• Invite others to collaborate on boards so everyone’s on the same page

• Use the Chrome extension to save things for later and stay in your flow

Whether it’s inspiration, ideas you’re working on, references for later, or stuff you love—you can save, organize, and share it for free with Collect. To backup and sync all your boards and items across your devices, upgrade to Collect Pro.

About Us
WeTransfer makes beautifully obvious tools that bring ideas to life. Founded in 2009 as a simple, well-designed file sharing service for the creative community, WeTransfer has grown into a set of products for different parts of the creative process. These include storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, inspiration-capturing tool Collect, and the platform, where 42 million people send one billion files every month.


The latest version of Collect is better than ever with improved performance (and fewer bugs).


40 comentarios en "Collect by WeTransfer FULL"

  1. I really like the structure of the application. But the performance is really bad for me. I purchased the Pro version but it still loads extremely slowly to the point I give up. The web version works faster but it asks me to “expand my page” to view photos after a few seconds of use. This app has the potential to be really good if the developers would improve performance for viewing boards and all items. Or make the web version work better so I can delete the app.

  2. Oversimplification creates frustration, where are these files being downloaded when you click the file, and again when you save. Do they save to the cloud or save to my internal phone storage and if so, what folder. I hope the huge raw pics i am viewing are in the cloud and i am only seeing thumbnails, because i dont want to fill up my phone with thousands of these pro photography 50 megapixal jpegs. Thanks sorry for the rant, but would love to see the filesize displayed by default as well.

  3. I’ve been using this app a lot recently, to move items between my phone and laptop, but also to more easily group and store photos & videos. It’s been really great, but the one function I wish was available is creating items that are just text. There is an option to paste things from your clipboard to create a new item, but you can’t directly write & edit on the app which is unfortunate. I have mood boards and uni project boards, so I’d love to be able to add written text to them.

  4. The worst! After this review I’m uninstalling it. It only gives me the option to share photos. As a working songwriter I need the option to pass songs back and forth with other collaborators. The app doesn’t give me that option. How lame. And everytime I’ve tried to send files from my computer they bounce back. They never go through. Goodbye!

  5. This app is terrible, clunky, and never works. It’s like it’s made from a different company than We Transfer, which I love. I shouldn’t have to create a board to send something. But at least make that function work! Never works for me. Literally I just tried 10 times to attach two files and send it an email, and every single time I select the files, there is no accept or confirm button, and the app loses the progress of the action. Maddening. Uninstalling.

  6. To say the app is a disappointment compared to the simplicity of the web version would be an understatement. Boards take FOREVER to upload even on WiFi and there doesn’t seem to be a way to cancel out of an upload once it has started. It is a heavy drain on phone resources. I will continue to use the web version but I absolutely will not be using the app in the future.

  7. This thing worked so great before they changed it. Now I have to go to the actual website to send in my auditions because the app is too complicated now (& now it’s moving even slower than the original.. the original was much faster to transfer files.. much smoother)! smh.. Thanks for the App tho, WeTransfer.. we would like to see it go back to being simple to use (don’t mind the new functions.. just give us back the simple “Upload & Transfer” functions of the old App. Thanks).

  8. I had a great architectural portfolio on here with captions and high resolution photos. Now they have upgraded to 6.1 Collect and I have re-saved the photos. HOWEVER – the App does not seem to SYNC very well , it seems hit or miss. This does NOT inspire confidence to upgrade to PRO . I need it to work properly when I send a Portfolio.

  9. App didn’t work at all. Several attempts were made to share videos and not a single one worked. Only one video successfully uploaded after many attempts. My suggestion is to use bluetooth to pair your devices together and click the share button on photos and videos. Super fast 1gb video takes about a minute. This app takes nearly half an hour and you still get failed downloads. If you’re not nearby than goodluck. I’d suggest Google Docs or Bluetooth over this app anyday.

  10. The old WeTransfer was significantly better and streamlined. They added a bunch of problematic features in the name of creative sharing which makes it cluttered and less useful than before. I loved the older version, and despise this one. I recommend finding a different app to transfer files. The developers broke this version.

  11. Old version was perfect. Used it all the time. I uninstalled the new version after wasting time trying to figure it out. Just want to move multiple photos from phone to email. Why can’t you keep both apps since they are completely different. Please bring back old app!

  12. from personal experience and from most of the actual users on here it looks like a miss with the changes of the app. -you changed the name completely so i have to remember than. -simplicity and ease of use is why most use wetransfer. a minimalistic process for transferring files professionally. -youve created too many steps now. once i have selected images and send to app, i know have to select again to transer. -mood board not needed.

  13. It has always been a great experience to share pictures through this app to many groups. Just one time I faced an issue and it remained unresolbed. When the app asks something went wrong and retry, there should also be a feature to report because even after multiple retries it didn’t work for that one folder.

  14. I downloaded the app because my mother prefers this platform for sharing files. it’s made sharing photos privately amongst family very easy. the only complaint I have is that I wish I could batch photos when starting an album, rather than having to select them individually. other than that, it works exactly as expected.

  15. The app’s pricing does not makes any sense. When you can pay $100 a year for 2TB of storage on Google Drive, $65 for 200GB is just a bad deal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good app, but it’s useless without buying the pro version and it just isn’t worth it. I would gladly pay $30-35 every year for it but that’s it. (This is still overpriced compared to $20 for 200GB in Google, but it’s worth it.) The chrome extension is unusable, and there is no desktop app for Windows.

  16. Absolutely disastrous! On iOS the app is kind of decent but on Android it’s absolutely disgusting!!! It takes several minutes to load, full of glitches, I can’t even save pictures in my phone, the quality is low. I need to take unclear screenshots of my pics!!! I hate it, it’s a disaster!!! Update: we don’t need new identities for the app, we need FUNCTIONALITY because it’s literally trash!!!

  17. At first when i discovered the app, it was like i had found a gold mine! It did everything i had ever wanted and mire! Now with the new update; all of a sudden the app doesn’t work anymore on my phone. I can kinda get away around the glitches if i send something on my computer; but the phone version is completely useless. I really hope they work out whatever is wrong because i need this app in my life. Ugggh

  18. Honestly, this app sucks. Someone sent me a bunch of files and this app was supposed to download them. It said everything was downloaded so I went back to the main home screen, assuming I could go back to those files or find them on my device when I wanted to view them, but the files disappeared the minute I left that download screen. They’re nowhere in the app and nowhere on my phone. There are no instructions in the app either. Total pain.

  19. We transfer was a brilliant app, I was able to send a big file through within a second. I’ve been struggling with this app for last two hours and can’t figure it out. I don’t even know what this app is for!?! Board…? What the hell is that?? My files still not sent. I think I have to find new app. Bring back excellent app!

  20. “fewer bugs”? Unfortunately for me the bugs got even worse. Can’t use the app at all at the moment. However, 4 stars cause the apps is just great. Don’t understand the users complaining about the layout. The only thing I could complain about is that after you’ve listened to something, the entire board just gets shuffled a bit randomly and when I exit listening mode I get automatically scrolled up or down so I have to scroll back to wherever I was before listening. Otherwise, 5/5.

  21. Can’t find any of the pictures I uploaded and none of the support functions work. Not sure what the point of it is if I can’t find what I uploaded. I really wanted to send the photos using WeTransfer but that just took me to the WeTransfer website and had a three stage process for each individual photo. Hopeless

  22. So quick and user friendly. I accessed the pull up banner designed for me to send for printing. It was my 1st experience with this app and the fact that I happen to be a BBT, made me to anticipate a struggle. 🙆🏾 None whatsoever. It was like I have always known how to use it. Today it’s photos from an event💃💃💃

  23. This app is crashing every time i try to see my board. Then I have to open collect website in browser. This app is useless now. Uninstalling this. 11May22: after the update, direct sharing from gallery is totally gone. Everytime i need to enter in the app & choose manually! Sharing time & technical difficulty increased by 200% 🥲

  24. one of the best things of our recent world! the creator of this app deserves an award… the fact that you can have a link to send huge files is awesome but may I suggest that you allow us send multiple files at once rather sending them one by one. thanks

  25. My photo lab uses this app to transfer photos. Most recent update makes the app crash when trying to transfer photos. I cleared my cache and it still happens. Please fix soon!

  26. I had the app before and it didn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled it for work but it still isn’t working. It won’t load the documents that I just got emailed. Pointless

  27. Weak, I don’t know why you would have an app that let’s you make a profile, uplaods material for you to have and use for later and then means nothing when you log into another phone and realize that nothing is uploaded or saved. My mail is useless on this app, all my business boards are gone.

  28. Good BUT alot of bugs, not being fixed quickly, have it since 1 week, can’t open files nor my boards are is getting showed. Otherwhise great tool for beginners.

  29. The new upgrade has caused my app not to work. I can’t save files and the files I had saved have been deleted. Please sort this out!

  30. Since your update it keeps crashing. It even tells me there is a bug. Good bug squashing. 🙄 Uninstalled and reinstalled and the app wiped my boards. 👏 so glad you did you update.

  31. What is this piece of garbage? I simply want to transfer files to clients on my Android devices with exactly the same implementation as on a computer. I’m not sure what this FPOS does but it’s nothing useful.

  32. No longer works. Does not upload files any more. Needs fixing.update. IT support were excellent. Fixed issue.

  33. Great for recording band rehearsals and sharing ! Had an issue early on , but techs quickly resolved it !

  34. Before everything was running ok Now when i want to share anything to collect it does not show the option to share it to collect I manually have to copy the link and paste it in collect everytime… So annoyingggggggg… Please fix this ASAP…

  35. As of today, 12th of May 2022, app not importing files from smartphone. So basically I’m 100% unable to use it to send photos from the phone. Fix it, please.

  36. Worst ever!!! You collect files, after downloading you can only view it once cause it doesn’t save it on the app.

  37. 92arndis dice:

    The app loged me out and now when I log in all the photos that were saved are gone 😡 I saved maternity photos in this app and now most are gone 😟 so would not recommend

  38. Wow, someone just sent me gifted mp3s and I had to download the App and this is so nice! I need my dad to listen to these mp3s. Thank you Developers.

  39. Nice design, looks good, link behaviour ruins anything it would have going for it for me. With there being no settings menu, there is no option to set the app to open links in an external browser by default. This would be slightly less bad if the built in browser wasn’t god awful: scrolling barely works because it will keep trying to scroll sideways while scrolling down, and the zoom controls that come up are from an ancient Android version.

  40. Like the app, but some of my files disappear and take forever to load, or don’t load.

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