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Write now, format later. Supports Markdown & Fountain script.
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The new age of writing is here. Reinvent your writing process now with JotterPad. From reed and papyrus, to pen to keyboard, to now our smartphones, our way of writing has evolved. With JotterPad, you can make your writing process streamlined, fluid, flexible and highly personalised to writers of all kinds.

Are you a novelist? A screenplay writer? A blogger? Or a journalist or academic, perhaps? Writing aficionados of all kinds will find our Markdown and Fountain editor indispensable to all your writing needs.

Your Writing Process, Streamlined
JotterPad is a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Markdown and Fountain script editor. It can be used for novel writing, book writing, screenwriting and many more!

Writing in syntax is convenient as it allows you to format your work, while sparing you from the tedium of constantly clicking and highlighting. However, it can be unintuitive. Moreover, syntax doesn’t let you see what the final outcome of your work looks like.

With JotterPad, you can get the best of both worlds. Write in syntax if you’d like. You can see the final version of your work instantly while editing. Alternatively, write as you would and click to format your work as needed. You can instantly convert your work into rich text or other professional, industry-accepted open formats.

Let your ideas & writing flow unhindered. Ready your articles, essay drafts, screenplays, and novels for publishing.

Write Anywhere, Anytime.
JotterPad offers automatic sync and offline capability. Sync all your files on Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive across all devices, such as iOS, Mac, Android and Web.

Continue writing anywhere, even if you’re offline and using our web app. JotterPad syncs your work to an unlimited cloud service when you are back online.

Give Your Editorial Content the Visual Polish it Needs
Find the exact image you need to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Access millions of high-resolution, editorial images on Unsplash and incorporate them with ease into your work with JotterPad.

Give your writing that extra oomph, simply because you can.

Get Your Work Out There
With JotterPad, there is no unnecessary drama. Export your written work into PDF, HTML, rich text, Final Draft, Fountain and Markdown without messing up… the only drama you need is the drama you’ve written about in your stories.

Do you post frequently on online platforms? You can now instantly publish whatever you’ve written on JotterPad to Tumblr, WordPress and Ghost in the exact format you’ve written it in, without having to worry.

Version Control
You’ll never have to panic again. JotterPad’s Version Control automatically backs up your work as you write. Put your mind at ease and write with assurance. Freely explore every “WHAT IF”s you might have in your writing without worrying about losing previous versions of your drafts again.

The Only Writing Assistant You’ll Need
The burden of a writer can be a heavy one. Let us help you lighten your load. JotterPad offers many useful features such as:

– Dictionary
– Thesaurus
– Search & Replace
– Rhyming Dictionary
– Light/dark theme
– Night light
– In-app file manager

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Access text files.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Create and save text files.


Welcome to JotterPad 14.

Before you upgrade: To protect user privacy, on devices that run Android 11+, the system restricts app access to other directories. Please follow the instructions to migrate documents in "JotterPad" folder to app private directory. If you need help, please do not hesitate to talk to us. If you like this update, please leave us positive feedback!

You can read more about the updates here:

Happy writing!


40 comentarios en "JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay MODDED 2022"

  1. I come back after a hiatus of smart phones and they have a new subscription charge to sync to my drop box!? I paid once for that feature. and that was the understanding. I am not forking over $5/ month to write text files! otherwise, app seems to have added a few cool new features for power users. ads talking about “my next hit screenplay” smack of artifice. preying on wannabe dreamers. Now I need another app that backs up to a cloud without slurping on my bank account every month. bummer

  2. V Smith dice:

    I understand that this is a free app with a paid option, i could deal with the constant popups every single time i opened the app. However, what made me stop using this was when i switched phones. Not sure how, because it looked like everything changed over fine at first, but i opened the app a second time to find no notes. The only option i had was to import each note, one by one, as an ugly txt file. Absolutely frustrating and the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  3. Why do developers do this!!! As soon as the app opens, a popup asks if you want to subscribe for a one time only discount. If you hit the X then you are rejecting the offer. I will NEVER accept an offer like that without knowing if I will use the app. It’s such a turn off from the very time the app is opened. I will use the free version until I deem it necessary to purchase the upgrade, but it makes me want to uninstall it right away.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else’s experience, but I am having some slight issues. It constantly jitters around due to the side bar and some other mechanisms that I still haven’t identified, and it sometimes deletes entire sentences while I’m just typing away and in the flow. It’s a beautiful app otherwise and after trying others out, it beats out the competition MANY times over in my opinion.

  5. Import? Apparently after the change to Android 11 I can only import one file at a the using the + tab within the app? I’ve a hundred and fifty files! I’m happy I didn’t have more! Are you serious? One file at time? And oh! It just copies them. If you’re not careful you’ll end up with duplicates! Trying to keep track down a file list that keeps scrolling back to the top every time a file is imported. Seriously?

  6. sa dice:

    I’ve been using this app for about four or five years now, and recently I switched phones and had to upload all my existing documents to the cloud. The problem for me started when I signed in online a few weeks ago and suddenly over half of my documents just disappeared. Extremely disappointed and frustrated with this app.

  7. Ver 11.5.2 I’ve been using it for years. I does what I want it to, and has the features I want such as dropbox support, night mode extra fonts and typesets. But.. I think I’ve had such a great experience because I disabled automatic updates in the playstore options. I’ve heard numerous horror stories of near perfect apps, suddenly dropping off a cliff in terms of quality and ease of use. The best way to avoid offline apps turning out for the worst, is to never update. If it ain’t broke…

  8. This is a good app to use for the most part. I understand having the paid version. It’s just… I had my work saved, and it disappeared. Had to reinstall and do things a bit different to transfer it some place else. I believe I am not the only one who’s had to deal with trying to copy the documents and the option disappeared after selecting the select all option first.

  9. Disappointing. I understand why people are calling this app greedy. You can’t even do the basics without them pushing a membership in your face. Very very disappointing. Edit: To answer you question, asking for 1 simple payment (3 tier level) would have been great for this app. The subscription plan is not. Giving people something to work with by default and then allowing them to upgrade it (removing ads and adding new features) as they please. A little something for everyone.

  10. eliz tran dice:

    Structure breaks down when doing bullet points in markdown. When you exit the file, it distorts it, removes the bullet points, and adds so much space between one bullet point to the next that you literally have scroll and trying to fix it and make it go back to basic bullet list is hard. Now even .txt file inserts uncessary line space between one line and the next, and you can’t remove extra space; it only increases more between lines of text. Format is a nightmare. Find a better writing app.

  11. I got this app about a year ago and its really good for writing thoughts, dreams, and short stories! The formatting (for what you’ve written) is a little hard to figure out at least for me, but otherwise it’s a great app. I’ve never had any crashes or files lost. edit: I saw someone say their files were lost, and I’d just like to make sure to tell you: if you don’t save your files to your cloud (you can add one cloud account for free), they will not save if you reset your device!!!! ok Im done

  12. Yikes. This latest update absolutely ruined this app. I’ve been using this app for years. It was perfect as it was. It was so smooth and had great features like an extended keyboard. All the useful featues are gone now. Text is now lagging behind by a good 5-10 seconds, making it impossible to type and correct quickly. I’m going to either have to find a way to uninstall the most recent update or find another app. Unfortunately the app developers messed with perfection, and it shows.

  13. I only give it 4 instead of 5 stars because I have just started using it. For my purposes it is perfect. To jot down notes or things I want to remember and reference quickly, and also to write down my thoughts. I wanted something simple with no extra distractions so it is working out great. I was hoping the free version would have dark screen, but since my phone has that option for a setting, it is no big deal that the app does not offer it.

  14. I love this app for story writing! It allows me to work offline and save my files to the cloud so I can access them on all my devices. The only thing left to be desired is more user friendly formatting options. For example it took me months to figure out how to italicize text for emphasis. It would be so much easier to just have formatting buttons like other documents apps. That’s really it. Everything else about this app is user friendly and makes for a great and productive writing experience!

  15. Although I do have a suggestion, I rate this app 5 stars. Clean, runs smoothly, no aggravating notifications, and very easy to use. No advertising you have to wait through before you can continue. They seem to understand that when something is on your mind to write, you need to do it at that moment. My suggestion is maybe more options for editing. I would love to edit on this app, like entering in links/pics for example. Then copy and paste where I need to without having to edit somewhere else.

  16. Okay, I’m honestly shocked. I’ve been using JotterPad for a few weeks now, and it’s pure GOLD. JotterPad has zero ads (if you’re not counting the premium ones) and it’s a nice stress reliver for me. Though some of the buttons are a bit confusing to me, I currently have no problems with this app! I love to make stories with this, and it has options for setting it up the way you want! (Ex: Novel, Screenplay, etc.) I’m going to keep it-!

  17. I do really love jotterpad, one of the best writing apps. Slick, easy to use. Lots of formats to choose from. Works with Dropbox. However, I was lucky enough to buy the Creative add on when it was a one time payment, before it went to monthly payments. But I missed the Pro Cloud which I was going to get eventually. But now that it’s monthly, I’ll have to skip this.

  18. Been using JotterPad since I bought my current phone four years ago. Never had an issue with cloud saving as I use a different service than the ones offered (if you subscribed). HOWEVER. The most recent update 1) reformatted/broke all my documents; 2) now has a “feature” where the writing stays in the top third of the screen and goes no lower; 3) has a cluttered, distracting UI. I had to roll back to a previous version just to make the app usable again. EDIT: just switch to Writer Plus.

  19. I have used charter pad for over 3 years now, and I am thoroughly pleased. The only ads are for Jotter Pad itself, and sales on special features. You might get a few ads occasionally, but they’re easy to deal with and non-intrusive. Minimalistic design (unless of course you buy features that spruce things up) and basic interface. I have been promoting this app IRL, and I will continue to promote this app. I like it better than Word Document. (Maybe that’s because I actually know how to edit).

  20. Yes, this app was smooth, fully-functioning, and unwaveringly effective, but all the same: don’t expect anything original, stand-alone, or fancy…. It’s the bare minimum for taking notes or simple, undemanding things like that, etc. I’d suggest Pages for creative fonts and add-ons, or appealing themes, but for doing exactly what the name Jotterpad describes: hastily jotting things down, I could very well recommend this one for those mundane tasks like the grocery list! 👍

  21. Easy to use. Sometimes I have words in my head that need to come out but I don’t always have access to paper… this app is great for that. You can share what you write, save it as a pdf, email it to yourself, ect. There’s different fonts as well if I’m correct. Best of all just as it says the free version is free, though to access premium features you must upgrade (naturally). Only downside I can think of IS the prompt to upgrade it gives you when you first open the app.

  22. It’s super simple, something that i greatly enjoy because something about just being able to write without any formatting tools or spellcheck or whatever else is very freeing. Jotter is great for, well, jotting things down at a moments notice, internet not required. The only problem is that it can be a little too simple, specifically a lack of italics and bold. Other than that, great!

  23. Love it! Cloud integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive is invaluable – I never have to worry about losing my documents, and they are easy to acess as .txt files on any of my other devices, with or without the app. A must-have app for Chromebook users looking for a simple, clean alternative to Word or other PC-based word processors. No distractions, no fluff, just a really great, easy-to-use writing tool.

  24. I REALLY love this app! I use it for research, book writing, note taking. It’s simple and sweet without all the lace so to speak. Easy to use and great organization. If you want something fancy with all sorts of bells and whistles this isn’t it. BUT if you want something with multi utility, that can hold a lot of text, and use Gboard with voice to typing or just a place to write your blog or a chapter of a book your writing, this is great! I don’t have the payed version.

  25. Like so many others, totally disappointed with the new changes. Not everyone wants, or needs, another bloated writing app. Even the name implies what is was, and should have remained- a place to jot down notes, ideas, character sketches, etc. The old version was near perfection, as clearly seen by all the recent negative reviews. Instead of leveraging your previous success and developing a second app with all the extras, you instead took away choice and burned your loyal supporters.

  26. Jotterpad used to be pretty good, but the cloud services started deleting works after trying to move them between folders, so that’s real cool. Turns out, cloud connections are now a “pro” feature (which was something I thought I had paid for a long time ago) or some bs, so I can’t reconnect mine. Very interesting. Edit: If, like me, you’re struggling to find a different app, I recommend Core Writer.

  27. I love this app; I’ve used it to draft many messages, emails, papers and stories–hundreds of thousands of words–all from my phone! I enjoy the markdown support and ‘snapshots’, but simple features like the easy save, automatic word count, and the easy to find ‘undo’ button are really what make this app convenient and practical. This is a must have for any and every phone I own.

  28. Justeene dice:

    For the 3 years that I had been using this app it was going very well. I was able to access my work that I wanted to keep separate from my Google Drive items and update them on all of my devices. However, with the change in the setup for Jotterpad from being a flat fee to being a subscription fee, I lost the ability to synchronize my docs on all devices and it also became incredibly difficult to find my stories that I was working on different devices. Not happy with the changes at all.

  29. I like using this app because it’s a no-fuss app with minimalistic features. I like that it’s fairly simple to use and isn’t cluttered with a motley of features, but what I feel is missing is its ability to easily attach images. Sometimes I like to have a few images just to use as reference for descriptive writing. The image attaching feature it does have now doesn’t always work, and the images that are available to attach lack in variety.

  30. It’s pretty good, and I love the design. However, there should be the option to have text formatting (italics, bold, etc.). If you’re worried about losing the minimalistic design, simply make the extra stuff optional in settings. Without italics, it’s incredibly frustrating trying to write a novel.

  31. just got New phone. couldn’t add Google drive after transferring files over, including Jotterpad. all files transferred, which was nice. somehow I couldn’t add Google Drive. and I couldn’t find any help anywhere to solve problem. then decided to check to see if drive update installed. no! after Google drive update I could add that service and everything works. very relieved since this is my favorite note taking app.

  32. This used to be a helpful and fairly minimal app. It had gradually gotten “fancier” but I was able to keep up with settings back to the basics. Now all of a sudden it updates to an extremely cluttered, dark mode theme, with like five extra taps just to edit some notes. What’s even worse: it completely reformatted one of my documents! I had years of notes that I’d entered which now get shown as weird and whacky rich text in the app making it hard to edit. It even changed the whole file itself!!

  33. This app, even if extras require money, is an awesome app for someone who likes to write stories (or novels, be as it may be) and I plan on using the free version for as long a I can before needing to buy the extras. I did wish that there was a light and dark theme on the free version though, or if there is, then I just haven’t found it yet. Otherwise, this app is great for people who just want to type out their thoughts and ideas without complication.

  34. I’m only rating 3 stars because paying that much money for the smallest, irrelevant features just isn’t worth it. Especially when you guys are already making bank for your banner ads. The free version should include ads, and the paid version removes ads. Pros would be the ability to store work to the cloud, and the ability to change the font (only one note at a time, though) Oh, you guys also don’t have an option to “bold” or “underline” my work. 3 Stars, and will more than probably uninstall.

  35. Several features I downloaded this app for because of the blurb are paid upgrade features. Plus, I could not get the app to upload to my google drive — it showed the account being active in the app but no files saved on my phone uploaded properly. After looking further, I think cloud backup is a paid feature. I’m frustrated by so many of the advertised features being actual paid features. Don’t advertise it as free if you have to buy the upgrade for most of the features.

  36. It used to be really really good, but it just updated… It’s so bad I had to transfer my files to a new app and uninstall. Horrible lag, confusing and overcomplicated interface, yet loss of certain features (or at least hiding them so I couldn’t figure out where they went, such as the “Find…” option). It’s hard to even select things now! I always thought that was handled by the OS but apparently not since I don’t have these issues in other apps. This is really sad because I used it for ages

  37. Mads x dice:

    This app works really well, there are a few things it’s missing that other apps like this already have, like the ability to create folders and sort posts into them. The folders available are things like your phone’s settings, things you’ve sent in messenger, screenshots, etc. Night mode/dark theme is only available if you pay to upgrade. As the app is now, it’s helpful, but I’ll probably be switching to something more “planner” vs “pantser” writer friendly

  38. I’m incredibly disappointed. I paid for the Creative version a few years ago, and used this app religiously for my writing, keeping it in sync via Dropbox. Now they removed Cloud sync from the version I paid for–which was the only reason I paid in the first place–and made it part of a yearly subscription instead. I can’t even edit the files I created previously. Completely dishonest and unacceptable.

  39. Really good, polished app, but lacks a few features I’d like. Collapsible sections would put this ahead of the competition. I don’t think anyone’s doing it in a phone app Markdown editor now, but I’m always looking for it. Being able to collapse sections makes larger works with multiple scenes/sections a lot more manageable for writers. Colored syntax highlighting for Markdown would be nice, as well. I don’t need the screenplay features, which seem to come bundled with some level of colored syntax support(?). Colored headings and list numbers/bullets, as well as subtly grey italics/bold, would look nice and make editing easier.

  40. This app is great for taking notes or other basic documents. I like that it is not cloud-based. It also has good options for sending or backing up documents. It also works well with my WiFi printer. You can also choose where to save your documents on your device. The only problem is it has trouble saving to an SD card (if you have one in your device).

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