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Manage your time, team, and job from anywhere with any device
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ClockShark is a cloud-based timekeeping and scheduling app used by construction and other field service companies to track time, schedule shifts, see who’s working, and help manage jobs from start to finish.

Companies with mobile teams can manage their time, teams, and jobs from anywhere with any device.

Hear what customers have to say:

“We save so much time and it makes our job much easier.” Stephen M. CEO/Owner, Construction Company (saved 10+ hours/month)

“The system integrated perfectly to QuickBooks and it made payroll a breeze.” Adrian P., Owner (saved $1200/month and 10 hours/month)

“The crew loves that they can take pictures and insert it into the app to show that their work has been completed.” – Abel C., President, Janitorial Company (saved 25+ hours/month)


Easy Time Tracking
● Track your team’s time in one place—no more messy paper timesheets
● Easily switch between jobs and tasks, take a break, or clock in or out
● Clock in and out of a new shift right from the scheduler
● Track time against each job or task for better job costing, payroll, and billing
● Review and approve your team’s time
● Allow a crew leader to track time for everyone on their crew with CrewClock™
● Turn a tablet or phone into a kiosk so multiple people can track their time using a single device

Accurate Timesheets
● Confirm your team’s exact clock in and clock out locations for more accurate timesheets
● Get GPS coordinates every time your team uses the mobile app to clock in, start a new job or task, and clock out
● Remind your crew to clock in and out when they’re near the jobsite with geofencing technology
● Receive notifications when employees clock in or out early, late, miss a shift, go into overtime, or clock in or out outside the geofence

See Who’s Working
● See your entire team on the map with Who’s Working Now
● Know when your crew is on the jobsite and how long they were there
● Use the GPSTrak™ feature to confirm your team’s location with a breadcrumb trail you can play back anytime
● When enabled, the GPSTrak feature updates your team’s location every 15 – 20 minutes
● Only see your team’s location when they’re clocked in—not when they’re clocked out or on a break

Get the Job Done Fast
● Easily schedule your team for shifts
● Teams can see their schedule at a glance and know exactly what to do each day
● Navigate directly to the jobsite by clicking the job address in the app
● Leave comments, attach photos and other documents, and chat in real time about each job in the app

Handle Complex Time Policies
● Set up paid or unpaid time off policies
● Receive and approve time off requests
● Set up overtime rules and apply them to multiple groups or a single person
● Receive overtime alerts

Save Time and Money
● Create detailed reports to estimate labor costs more accurately
● Integrate with QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Sage, xero, Paychex, MYOB, or any other app you use regularly through our integration with Zapier

Respect Your Team’s Privacy
● GPS location tracking doesn’t work when your team is off the clock or on a break
● You’ll only receive GPS location updates when your team is clocked in
● Configure the app to track only the information you want to track

Build Trust
● Your customers can see exactly how long the job took
● Your team can easily check their hours against their paycheck
● You can rest easy knowing your team is where they say they are, doing the job they say they’re doing
● Everyone can use the data in ClockShark as a record if there’s ever a question about payroll, invoicing, time, or location

Excellent Customer Support
● Call or chat with real people who care about you and your business
● Our customer support team loves helping customers get the most out of their ClockShark subscription
● Contact [email protected] with any questions or call (800) 828-0689

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40 comentarios en "ClockShark – Mobile Time Clock MODDED 2022"

  1. New update failed successfully. Why would you change how work hours are counted? It made sense when they added by hours. Now, it’s accumulated by days and it doesn’t make any sense. Yeah, I can count days, but it was fine when you stated hours only. I also agree with others. It shouldn’t be constantly trying to aquire my location. Maybe ping once an hour? But searching for a signal underground is pretty pointless. All it does is kill my phone and then I can’t clock out

  2. The ability to add jobs when you edit your times is a necessity that it does not allow for. Also it would be great if you could merge jobs from the app. Were always on the go and if we dont remember to hit refresh we usually have 3 different versions of the same job going. Please give us more control in app. It would also be able to add location data in app as well. I appreciate the reply and would definitely give 5 stars with more features and control.

  3. Doesnt work on my updated current Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. But works on my old phone fine. Pretty annoying since the old phone is way older then this one.

  4. The thing constantly can’t connect, The punch clock doesn’t work, I can’t see my schedule or login because I’m I have no connection, and given the option to be sent a link to follow, the link goes nowhere.

  5. I don’t like the way it displays the time I worked under “timesheets” tab. I l’m hourly and would like to be shown the exact amount of hours I work so I don’t have to do the mental math. EX. Say I worked 72 hours in a week it should say 72 hours not 3 days. The traditional system wasn’t broken so why try to fix it?

  6. JM B dice:

    I have no issues with it other than not having any widgets… Would help us remember to clock in and out by being more visible

  7. M Nolasco dice:

    Takes double lunches at the same time and I had to buy a portable battery charger to keep my phone charged. March 5 edit. I replaced my phone for battery issues and i blame clock shark for trying all day to get my location when im in a building that has low signal. I noticed the app is checking my location when I’m not at work why? That is not ok I clocked out a 3:30 there is not reason for clock shark to check on my location at 7:21 and I do have a screen shoot I will be monitoring this app.

  8. Update: version 3.25 still doesn’t revert this moronic change. Fire the nimrod project manager that thought it was a good idea to start showing your time in days and hours instead of straight hours. I mean how stupid do you have to be to think that was a good idea?

  9. App always crashes, it only works when it wants too , developers plz fix this

  10. Its always no network connection. I just installed the app on the 12th of April & only worked the 1st day. This has to be the most trash app created. I would not recommend anyone using this app

  11. The worst possible app ever developed . In has a never ending cycle of no network connection. Terrible APP . TERRIBLE

  12. P J dice:

    Great app and customer support! My husband and I have around 25 employees and different job sites. We needed a time clock with the ability to track time and an accurate geo fence. I tried others including Tsheets and was not happy. We have been using ClockShark for a few weeks now and I am so impressed with the excellent support and the app is running great. I am definitely a fan and would highly recommend. We are saving money each week by being able to track the employees time. Very satisfied!

  13. Your TRASH app keeps freezing not only the app but my phone. You really need to fix the bugs in it otherwise I am going to charge your company for a brand new phone due to your app constantly crashing my phone. It also randomly restarts my phone withOUT my permission.

  14. i have seen reviews stating that you location is on and has to be on when clocking in, put yr GPS to a high accuracy, then see if that works,. and also i have seen some reviews mentioning that it freezes or the data doesnt collect in the system..have you tried the sync tab? if u sync your time it will take you time entries and basically send them to the office computer. there maybe little minor things, but its nothing to call clockshark team and patiently walk through every detail on how to tro

  15. This app worked well but starting yesterday, it keeps crashing every time I open the app. I went to clock in for work last night and every time I opened it, it would say “ClockShark has stopped working”. Please tell me there’s a way to fix this. I had to text my boss my hours last night.

  16. We have been using this app for the past couple of months. It is excellent. The product gives us all of the information we need. We are not even paying for the premium package. Very reasonably priced. There was a learning curve at the beginning but really not too big. We integrate it with Quickbooks and it works great for that. The best part for me though is the customer service. I have reached out a few times to them to learn how to do things. They have ALWAYS been helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.

  17. The app is a privacy invasion. It gives access to all of your private information. SD, CAMERA, GPS & WI-FI. It is understanding to access GPS location due to the nature of its functionality, but, it should only if the app is in use. It traces you to give info probably to the company you work for at all time. I’m am looking and notating it’s all bahavior. If keeps using any data or GPS, without app is in use I’ll be reporting.

  18. This app is a pain. Slows my phone way down. Turned location off and it’s better, but still really slow. Can barely use the app as it’ll take take me 15 min to try and switch jobs. Was way better before I did the last update. But did the update because it would leave me clocked I’d in on an job and clock me In on another one. Therfore putting in double time.

  19. Worst app ever for number of reasons. 1) Eat up your battery like anything. 2) Fear of tracking you even after you clock out job. If you forget to clock out at your job site tracks you everywhere. It happened to me just couple days ago and it tracked me almost everywhere I went. So this app is definitely affecting your privacy. 3) keep tracking you even if you are not clocked in. It kept asking me to clock in whichever area I go. E.g. if I live in xyz area and I am going to ABC area on Saturday, it send me notification saying ” dont forget to clockin in ABC area. That means people are tracking you even if you’re off the clock. 3) doesnt let you turn off the locati oil n because of that it kills your phone battery. 4) you have to keep your phone with you all the time as management wants to tracks you but you cant keep it in your car to charge your phone.

  20. The app keeps disfunctioning say I need to be connected to a network. My phone works perfectly fine. I can’t even sign in or anything. I tried reinstalling the app multiple times. It still gives me the same old message.

  21. I hate this app. It pings my phone way too often, is unreliable, closes all the time, resulting in me not getting paid correctly. It also makes my screen mess up, drains the battery, and slows down the whole phone. Galaxy S7

  22. Great app and great customer service. It solves the problem of employees that aren’t displined enough to record the time or the job they are working on. The GPS is the feature that helps with the forgetful type or may I say, the dishonest employee. Onced mapped properly, it loads into QuickBooks and make double entry not needed. Our office staff loves it, as they cut time and have a record of the employee’s hours… and didn’t have to chase the employee down for his time sheet. Great tool!

  23. A Man dice:

    As an employee that has to use this app, I’m not too big of a fan. It destroys your battery, and constantly has GPS running. Expect by lunch time for your phone to be close to dead, especially if you like to listen to music while you work. I’m sure it’s great for employers, but it’s trash for the employed. Paylocity is much more employee friendly and helpful. they legit will even set up your W²’s with H&R block and let you view stubs and past pay periods with ease., With no battery drain almost

  24. It’s big brother for big brother. I should not have to give this app permission for my location at all times. I originally had location set to on ONLY while using app i.e clocked in. Now it won’t let me clock in unless I change the app settings to always on.

  25. it is a great app. it would be very helpful if they added a widget option or a button on the notification to quickly “switch” into a pre-determined task such as “Lunch”

  26. After updating the app whenever I open it now I get an error message

  27. Good idea in theory, absolutely terrible on practice. It will freeze about half the time, preventing the user from it’s one and only function – clock in on time. TERRIBLE app!

  28. Horrible. I can not add notes, pics, refresh jobs, open schedule, open timesheets, or anything else for that matter. Had my ohone looked at by carrier, master reset phone, its the app, not my phone.

  29. Heavy battery usage even when running in the background. Frequently fails to load schedule and timesheets, has to be stopped and restarted.

  30. With the last update, switching between rooftops or jobs it takes me through the same prompts multiple times before finalizing the change. Crashes when uploading images.

  31. It works well enough, and pretty accurate when it comes to GPS locations. As my construction company’s supervisor, the only issue I have is that it tends to tack on an EXTRA 30min lunch break if im not within the job site boundaries, when I clock back in

  32. I try to log in and I have to switch between apps for Gmail because the company created this email and every time I put the email and go back to the Gmail and try to copy the password and come back it erases everything and that’s just the beginning I haven’t even logged in yet horrible app

  33. They cannot keep their app up to speed. Constant latency issues and website is always having issues. It used to be better.

  34. If a search option in the timesheets page was added, it would improve this app a lot. It would be a faster way to find previous jobs by name, addresses and numbers

  35. The GPS doesn’t work at all, it’s not accurate when I clock in and out. This app is awful and is costing me money.

  36. No good for startups, unless you qualify for a business credit card right off the bat. Clock Shark only allows payment by credit card.

  37. kkbb55555 dice:

    Useless help line number. Does not work just blasts in your ear with deafening noise. Told them and it still hasn’t been resolved. It’s not rocket science

  38. clockshark has the opportunity to be a great way for owners managers supervisors to keep track of their staffs time although there are some limitations about being able to have notes leave notes or various other things like signing back in that really don’t have the flexibility given the area where we can program anything we want into a software program I think clockshark has a few things they can improve upon I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this nor will be the last

  39. would of given 5 stars if I as the user could print my timesheets, have to be the boss/ administrator, also it could be my phone but Clockshark needs location turned on and it keeps turning off on my phone and clocking me out

  40. This is great… way less paperwork. Also if the it had support for Fit bit smart watches, that would be great.

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