Notepad Notes MODDED 2022


Notepad for notes. Notepad with color notes, folders, password, export, backup
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• Create folders.
• Create notes in folders.
• Search for notes in notepad.
• Sort the list of notes.
• Highlighting notes in color.
• Setting a password for individual notes.
• Change the font size in the note window.
• Export notes to text file.
• Ability to share a note from a notepad.
• Highlighting URL links, email addresses and phone numbers with the ability to navigate through them.
• Dark theme.
• Autosave.
• Create a backup copy of your notepad.
• Restoring a notepad from a backup.


- Minor improvements


40 comentarios en "Notepad Notes MODDED 2022"

  1. Saves your notes automatically whether or not you close the app or your phone shuts off. Great all around note interface and features. Super reliable and lots of space to write. I am a hobbyist author of a few novels and short stories and I use my phone to keep tons of notes and drafts. This app is a lifesaver. Just don’t like the ads but I get around it by closing the app and reopening again lol.

  2. I had previously given this app a 5-star review. That was 18 months ago. Something changed although most features are still good. There’s a problem with using a password for an individual note. The system doesn’t remember the password! No, I didn’t forget it! I had to rebuild an entry under a new name and new password. I was very careful with choosing and entering the password. I no sooner closed the note, tried to re-enter the note, used the new password — “invalid password” popped up. Help!

  3. Jen Elms dice:

    Awesome elegant simple. I love this notes app! So many to choose from, I use 4 or 5 and glad this is one I use every day! Thank you!

  4. Excellent application .its very easy to use, you will love this application record system .great job.thanks.

  5. horrible app. this is the 1st phone I purchased that doesn’t come with a notepad so I had to DL one. AND it has ads! why? and they are long ads that you can’t skip. would give a zero rating if I could

  6. Good that it has local backup. Misses: – an option to disable the subtle startup animations (that delay is annoying) – option to have database encryption (the whole app to have a passcode, not just specific notes) – fullscreen ads are not a good idea, most people don’t buy full version, just uninstall it; but discrete “footer ads” would gain users.

  7. Talwick dice:

    The best note taking app for me, and I’ve tried many. Simple, elegant, efficient and versatile, with a tiny filesize, fast interactions, and full Unicode support for any language / symbol / character (as far as I can tell). I like the themes and layout, and the ability to group notes into folders is a nice touch – I’ve been writing thousands of words in notes over the year for a series of novels and had no issues so far.

  8. Really enjoying this app at the moment. If you just want to write simple, clear notes, this app is for you. It is simple and effective. Auto-save option, sharing option, colour selection, space for headings, search, sorting/ordering, favourites, doesn’t take too much space, no ads for now. Will review it again 2 months from now. Love it, it is #1 for me right now.

  9. This app is fantastic. You’ll just have to try it. First of all it’s simple to use. And it blows the competition right out of the water. For one you can create (I don’t know yet how many) separate folders. That in itself puts it in the top echelons of independent notes apps. Secondly, you can arrange the files inside the folders in relevant groups using the color codes and move them easily if needed This allows unheard of coherence in regards to your ability to keep related information together.

  10. Good. I hate the advert that slows me down

  11. Good! But cant add pictures. I hope it can add picture menu

  12. This app has a beautiful, UNCLUTTERED interface. It’s a great note app BECAUSE it DOESN’T try to do everything. I tried about 20 different note apps and this has the cleanest and simplest interface. I like how the note background stays white, instead of changing to the same color as you set for a tab. Maximizes contrast and legibility. I’m recommending this app to my parents and friends.

  13. Brilliant App = so simple to use and So RIGHT! Just two requests = allow manual sorting of Notebooks & a Widget please! SORRY-I SHOULD HAVE SAID FOLDERS, not Notebooks.

  14. the best notepad app so far. i use this instead of the built-in notepad in my phone because this is more convenient to use and it doesn’t lag or load too long. the only thing that i don’t like is the ads, which i understand is important for the developers of the app. i love this! i hope it doesn’t downgrade like the other apps that i have used.

  15. I love this app because of its simplicity. Just one more feature I request from the developers. We should be able to move an item within a folder from bottom to top or vice versa would be excellent. Which means a sort order with a manual drag and drop feature.

  16. Any body who wants a note pad may download this app with out any hasitation

  17. I like the app definitely… I can give a 5 star, but I just want some improvements like big capacity of text to be copied. And longer time to stay in a text, even if you leave the app, so I wouldn’t scroll again from where I left behind. But overall it’s good and helpful, keep improving!!!

  18. This is good application.Easy to use & works very well.

  19. The original version of this app was Ideal for my purposes because it allowed me to enter a number on the title line only, and it would then display a list of numbers with date and time entered for each one. Now it displays the title as blank unless I enter something in the main part of the note as well! Can I get a copy of the old version?

  20. this notepad does not have background colors while editing, only white and black, the description is false, it does not have color notes. UPDATE : *there is no point in making color background* ‐ is it justification or what? *why do you need it?* ‐ well, as you have wrote ‘color notes in the descriptions, it has to be color notes, not just the cards, why do anyone needs it? obviously there are better apps than this with greater customizations, *advertising*? i’m not even a developer btw.

  21. Does what it should. Not complicated, and is reliable. No option to change color of file like stickynote, but you can change the file itself to be listed as color. Simple default auto save feature also eases use. Some ads but only on exit.

  22. I used non-pro version and loved its basic simplicity. I upgraded to have a password protected experience. It seems to choose whether it will select my password or not, in what functions..its crazy..can’t get into some notes that somehow locked. Just no no no…go to reset, its confirmed the password is correct, opens the locked note…move to another note and see the original still locked. Try to open…no no no. Back to password page. Tells me everything fine and opens the note again. And, of

  23. The developer claims you can change colors of your notes, but you can’t. They are all white, with no option to change the color. On edit: This worked, but not very intuitive. Needs better instructions, thanks.

  24. beebee dice:

    It’s not bad, it has basic functions of a notepad. Suggestions would be: (1) have the option to view notes in a grid, (2) add online sync, (3) add more fonts, and (4) add checklists. I hope you’d consider my suggestions! 🙂

  25. good app. simple and to the point. love that i can arrange either by alphabetical order or by date entered. i can only think of two things this app needs for a 5 star rating: #1. should have a home page. everytime i open the app it goes to the last note i entered or looked at. it should have a default/home page to start from. #2 should have a passcode for security. otherwise, great app.

  26. Almost thought it was the perfect notepad. Most of the good ones I used had no ads. This was the best notepad, but ads are an absolute no go for something I need fast access to. There are many other notepad apps without ads.

  27. LiteDocs dice:

    Wow, absolutely… This has got to be the best notepad app there is. It’s got every good thing about a notepad. Autosave, recycle bin (swipe), varying notes sorting options, beautifully simple interface, lightweight, etc. Thanks.

  28. Wow! Great app. I’ve been using this app for sometime now and it’s very great compared to the rest. I also love the ability to export note documents, add password, color code for easy identification and more. Many thanks to the developers.

  29. Easy to use and reliable.

  30. Just downloaded this app which looks pretty good to my usage.

  31. I already paid to have the “adds” removed but I’m still getting adds. And the adds are annoying. Not fair

  32. The app is what I need but I would like to have the following. 1. Please add option for read mode only so the keypad won’t pop up when scrolling on the long list of notes. It is always on edit mode. 2. Highlight words 3. Add picture

  33. Really curious who developed the app, they did a really good job. Everything works fine, I wish there was like some correction thing yeah, like Google like you would add a little squiggly line if you spell the word wrong and give you suggestions on that word so. But besides that the app is just perfect, better than any app I’ve used before 🙂 Like seriously I’m curious about who made the app, who are they? How are they such a genius?

  34. ilike the date and time stamp for bill pay on phone confirmation #s

  35. Had a question and emailed the owner. I told him I loved the app but couldn’t change text size. Also I have yet been able to find another that measures up to this one. It’s 1:30 in the morning, I work 3rd shift. It took him only a few minutes to email me the solution to my problem. If I could give a 10+ or more I sure would do it. Thank you sir, I’m a happy camper 😁

  36. Love the fact that you can back up your notes to ur SD card. I recently had to factory reset my phone and was using a different notepad and ended up losing everything.

  37. grar qwm dice:

    it is Excellent app and saving my time

  38. Good app; use it a lot and write in it, but at one point I pressed the theme button at the top and the writing went big, even though I didn’t do anything. My writing is small in settings and on Google and such, but this app’s is way too big.

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