MEGA is Cloud Storage with secure always-on privacy.
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MEGA provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage that’s accessed with web browsers and dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by us.

Upload files from your smartphone or tablet, then search, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete them from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time.

MEGA’s strong and secure end-to-end encryption means we cannot access or reset your password. You MUST remember the password and make sure to back up your account Recovery Key. Losing your password and the account Recovery Key will result in lost access to your files.

Use the included MEGA Secure Chat for end-to-end-encrypted communications, including video and audio calls, with total privacy. Chat history synchronises automatically across multiple devices and you can also easily add files to, and from the MEGA Cloud Drive.

MEGA offers a generous 20 GB free storage for all registered users. You can get even more storage in 5 GB increments through our MEGA Achievements program.

Need more storage? Check out our affordable MEGA Pro subscription plans that offer plenty more space:
Pro Lite: €4.99 (US$4.99) per month or €49.99 (US$49.99) per year gives you 400 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro I: €9.99 (US$9.99) per month or €99.99 (US$99.99) per year gives you 2 TB storage space and 2 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro II: €19.99 (US$19.99) per month or €199.99 (US$199.99) per year gives you 8 TB storage space and 8 TB of transfer quota per month.
Pro III: €29.99 (US$29.99) per month or €299.99 (US$299.99) per year gives you 16 TB storage space and 16 TB of transfer quota per month.

All MEGA client-side application code is published on GitHub, for transparency. The code of our Android mobile app is located at:

Subscriptions renew automatically for successive periods of the same duration at the same price as the initial period chosen. To manage your subscriptions, simply tap on the Play Store icon on your device, sign in with your Google ID (if you haven’t already done so) and then tap on the MEGA app.

App Permissions:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE → Download your files from MEGA to your device and upload files from your device to MEGA
CAMERA → Take pictures and upload your photos to MEGA
READ_CONTACTS → Easily add contacts from your device to MEGA
RECORD_AUDIO & CAPTURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT (mic and camera) MEGA provides end-to-end encrypted audio/video calls

MEGA’s Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:


- It is now easier to find your contacts in Chat by searching for a name, email or an alias
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


4 comentarios en "MEGA MODDED 2022"

  1. Nate dice:

    I like my Mega cloud account, and it’s great having access to it through a native Android app. I can download files from the cloud to my phone as well as upload them. The one thing that needs work is the camera uploads feature; as soon as I turned this on, the app froze multiple times. I had to uninstall/reinstall the app, and leave camera uploads off.

  2. Steve U dice:

    Used to be great now it’s subpar, before and after the new update, there’s data caps. When you want to download any type of file, you will be bombarded with messages that say your downloads been “exceeded” and “wait for 2 seconds” then the same problem repeats itself. I didn’t have this issue until before and after the new update.

  3. Clever Guy dice:

    fantastic app! I’ve been using this for several years and always enjoyed the service. Only one issue I’ve seen and that is randomly something causes the app to freeze soon after opening the app. Still haven’t quite figured out the root issue whether its on the device or the app itself. But it occurs on different devices.

  4. quincy marbly dice:

    I do like the service. Just wish there were fewer bugs. Constantly freezes. I turned camera upload off for a few hours. When I turned it back on the app started uploading from folders I didn’t tell it to upload from. Please let the app remember my camera upload settings. I turned upload off then on a day later and it started uploading every picture on my phone. Frustrating

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