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LifeUp is a gamification To-Do list app with many interesting gamified features.
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LifeUp, whose name means UPGRADE YOUR LIFE, is a gamification To-Do List (Tasks List) application with many interesting gamified features.

It’s designed by us, two newly graduated developers, who intend to develop A customizable and fun gamified To-Do list and Habit-forming RPG application.

LifeUp has a unique item reward and custom achievement mechanism, but it doesn’t lose the utility of tools.
It allows you to record things like playing a productivity game.
And its simple and easy-to-start attribute mechanism can make light users experience the fun of life RPG.


– No Ads, No In-App Purchase related to the features, You can enjoy all the functional modules at once.

– Beautiful Material Design UI

– Full basic To-Do Functions
Remark, Reminder, Start Time, Deadline, Repeat, Target Times, History, and List.

✨ Gamification Functions
6 Attributes (Including Strength, Intelligence, Charm, Endurance, Vitality and Creative), EXP, Level, Coin, Random Coin.

What’s more, You can customize the Attributes Icon and Text as you like.

🎨 Easy-to-Use
EXP and Coin reward can be auto calculated by Urgency and Difficulty Degree that you set up.

🏆 Achievements
Up to 57 built-in Achievements waiting for you to unlock.
What’s more, you can create your achievements which can be set up to auto calculate the progress.

🎁 Shop
Put items you want with the price you decide on shelves. Earn the coin by finishing tasks. Purchase the items and then USE them in your Inventory.
Items can be customized with various effects, such as increasing or decreasing experience points, synthesizing other items, and starting a countdown.

⏰ Pomodoro
As a Pomodoro timer is completed, you can receive a virtual tomato reward.
Decide whether to eat or sell tomatoes?

🎲 Custom item effects: loot boxes
You can customize the effect of the shop item.
For example, you can create your Loot boxes to get rewards randomly.

⚗️ Custom item effects: synthesis
Create your synthetic formula and synthesize some items into others.
So you can realize the multi-currency function. More ways to play with loot boxes.

⚽ Various Ways to Gain EXP
You can even gain STRENGTH EXP by your daily steps,
or maybe get ENDURANCE EXP by eating your tomatoes gained from the Pomodoro timer.

🤝 Community
Join the team you like, complete team tasks, submit your activity, and so on.

– Feelings
Record your feelings of completion by text and pictures.

– Widget
App Widget is available, tasks can be managed from the Home Screen.

– Theme Color
23 built-in color themes

– Dark Theme

– Lots of Settings
Such as the EXP punishment factor/coin punishment factor.
Hiding any module that you don’t need.

– Local, WebDAV and Dropbox Backup/Restore
Most of the data is stored offline, you have complete control over your data.

– Network is Unneeded
Most features of LifeUp can be used without network connections.

– Keep Updating New Functions


– Language: Please note that currently only English, Turkish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese available.
As an Indie application, we can not afford the translation fee for more languages.
Some languages contain only partial translations. However, everyone can contribute their translation.

– Price: As the application continues to be updated and improved, and new features are added, the price may be adjusted accordingly.

– Issues: If you have any application issues or intent to refund, you’re welcome to contact us via email below.

– App Privacy Terms & Policy:

– Contact Email: [email protected]


0. Fixed some issues and update translation resource
1. Share or receive random tasks in the World module
2. Count task add option of affect shop item reward amount
3. Customize credit daily interest rate
4. Filter unused pictures in picture manage page
5. Now you can setup the cropped picture size
6. Improve the list sorting
7. More improvements and bug fixes


4 comentarios en "LifeUp: Gamification To-Do & Tasks List | HabitRPG 2022"

  1. Eligh Alvarez dice:

    I think this app is great! It is very clean and fun! I do have a couple recommendations: 1. Show item rewards on the task cards 2. Make synthesis more prominent, it’s a great feature! For example, if an item has a synthesis recipe, show a “synthesize” button next to “buy” in the shop 3. A toggle or filter option for purchaseable items

  2. Chris dice:

    Seems really great to me. It’s a simplistic approach and additional various options are a nice touch. It would be nice to have attribute goals, that would reward coins or a prize. Like Reach level 10 on a skill and it would grant you a specified prize,automatically upon reaching the level.

  3. Embry R. dice:

    Amazing app, really helps me keep on track. I use the coin rewards in the app as a way to curb my impulse spending and it’s doing wonders. Plus the features and level of customization are great, more than I could ask for. I only paid a few bucks for this thing and it’s worth at least 5x more for what I’ve gotten out of it. Plus, no ads and no extra incentives to pay more money in the app (which honestly just makes me want to support them more)

  4. Andrew Casto dice:

    The only task gamification app that’s actually helped me get organized and motivated. I’ve tried other ones, but they never stuck. This app is perfect: it is super customizable, so you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. You can also tailor the rewards and the “gameplay loops” to match the sorts of things that actually interest you.

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