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Whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team, PDF Viewer maximizes productivity, allowing you to view, search, and annotate PDF documents with ease on your Android phone, tablet, or Chromebook.

• Easily open a PDF from your favorite cloud service provider, email, or directly off a website you’re browsing.
• Search for the exact text you are looking for within the document.
• Double tap on the screen to Smart Zoom directly to the text you want to read.
• Make PDF Viewer your own by choosing from 12 beautifully crafted themes (*PRO).
• Configure every inch of the app with our advanced PDF Viewer settings (*PRO).

• While reviewing a document, use your finger or stylus to highlight and markup text.
• Leave comments by adding a note, text, or drawing directly on the PDF.
• Quickly undo changes for hassle-free editing.
• Rotate stamps and text annotations to create sophisticated reviews (*PRO).
• Annotate JPEGs and PNGs and share the editable images with your collaborators (*PRO).

• Create new documents from existing documents by moving, rotating, deleting, or adding new pages to your existing document.
• Mark important pages by adding bookmarks to your document.
• Merge multiple documents into a single PDF (*PRO).

• Open documents from your device, your browser, or any other app.
• Share documents by printing, emailing or saving your edits back to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or any other cloud service.
• Quickly review important document information or edit document metadata (*PRO).

• PDF Viewer is built on top of and powered by PSPDFKit, the industry leading PDF engine trusted by thousands of companies and developers throughout the world.

(*PRO): The basic functionality of PDF Viewer is free of any charges. You can unlock the full feature set by purchasing PDF Viewer Pro with a yearly or three-monthly subscription.

Be part of the PDF Viewer community:
Web: http://PDFViewer.io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PDFViewer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pdfviewerapp


• Updated to the latest version of PSPDFKit for Android.
• Due to restrictions from the play store we had to remove direct local file access. Local files can still be accessed using a Storage Access Framework connection.
• Fixed Google Drive integration

Feel free to share your thoughts on this release. You can always contact us via the feedback chat.


40 comentarios en "PDF Viewer Pro MODDED"

  1. A good pdf annotating app is surprisingly hard to find. This one seems very good so far. It has the mark-up features I want & works smoothly on my device (Samsung Galaxy Tab S7). It would be nice if there was a setting for use with the S-pen (or other stylus) so I could use my finger to scroll without having to turn off the annotation option first. But that’s not a deal breaker.

  2. Primarily used as a reader, I have no qualms about the program. The recently viewed and general menu is easy to navigate, though sometimes for longer files it flashes in and out and takes a moment for the pdf to display. The nightmode sells it for me as well as the general ease of use. I haven’t used the program to fill out documents and again, am primarily using it as a reader. That is all.

  3. Just lost a bunch of highlights and notes. I am studying hard and desperately need my annotations for review. So, when I open my tablet and find all the previous day’s notes have vanished, it is infuriating. The features are pretty good, but as far as I’m concerned, the app is worthless if it can’t be trusted.

  4. So close and yet so far. Experienced rendering glitches whenever I’d reopen the app, and it hides certain offline-useful features (like volume button navigation) behind their subscription service – no, sorry, I’m not paying a subscription fee to be able to use the buttons on my device, I reserve that approach for ongoing services.

  5. Works very well with focused set of features. Primarily need it for reading and annotating pdfs. Search supports global find in the document and notes (excludes bookmark names). Like this very much. Checked few other readers and it had to be done separately. Would be great to also have the ability to tag selections within a document.

  6. The app is doing fine overall. Also using on my iPad! But on Android 12, if the battery saver is on, it’ll keep crashing nonstop.

  7. No problems so far (have been using for about a month). The application startup is pretty fast, certainly better than most apps. I haven’t really used any features except basic pdf files viewing and searching through them, as I don’t really need them. But for that basic functionality I have no complaints at all. EDIT: After a year of pretty extensive use (mostly reading pdf books) not much has changed; great app, no problems. Could be just a little faster on very large pdfs, but it’s still OK

  8. Ant Last dice:

    Featured, but fiddy, tedious and ridiculously expensive “Subscription” for the pro version. Doesn’t just mediascan and show PDF’s, you have to locate them in folders and then it shows images as well (useless). Subscription models for stuff that isn’t media (like they run a server that costs real money) is just greedy and this one is horrificly expensive. Should be $5-$10 one time purchase. The annotate / drawing is decent but the rest of the app seems a bit half-done too.

  9. M Z dice:

    Sufficient for annotating, although relatively basic. There is no cropping, which is very important. The thumbnails can’t be disabled, and take lots of space. It’s not possible to annotate without visible toolbars. There’s no direct selection of the pen type.

  10. One feature is lacking. You have two views. White on black or black on white. I have an epub reader called Cool Reader, it has a black on sepia which is far easier to view. Also,is there a “go to page #” option, or just the thumbnails across the bottom?

  11. I absolutely love this app. I used Adobe for a long time but no longer. I need to refer to drawings a lot and mark them up as I go along. Even without the premium, you can do a lot of things. My only gripe is that when I’m filling in pdf forms, the text is very small and I can’t seem to change it.

  12. Best app to annotate, edit PDFs . Very easy user interface with the best of annotation features. Can draw, write text, highlight, sketch , anything you wish! Can delete pages and save as copy or change the original PDF! Can add bookmarks, saves all the annotations made with page numbers! Can rotate view, view single/continuous pages, can choose between horizontal/vertical scroll, plus it has night mode. Couldnt use anything better to collect my “screenshoted” online lectures’ notes.

  13. App is not tested properly. Big UI FLOW If any of the coders had tested the app, he or she would have seen that the toolbar to highlight covers the text. The whole point of the app is to highlight and read. you cannot hode the bar. It takes 10 per cent of the width ! It significantly reduces the size of the font making harder the reading and useless the app.. a beautiful polished useless app done by geek that do not use the app that they are doing

  14. Biggest drawback is in landscape mode when there is no option for floating interaction bar. Very tiny space left for the pdf to view when interaction bar is enabled. Provide option to float it to the side of the pdf, vertically. Same thing applied for scrollbar.

  15. Been using it for almost a year and I can say its way better then any other PDF viewer which comes buildin in your mobile, This one let’s you edit the name, or do annotations, or change the lighting to comfort eyes and it’s easy to use aswell, I personally love the feature where you can turn the document background black cause it’s so much easier to read that way. Thank you developers of this application.

  16. My biggest complaint is if you open a PDF directly (i.e. tapping on the file and selecting this viewer to open it) the PDF it will just display a large “X”. Instead you will have to open the app and then manually navigate to any new PDF. (After you can open it in “recent files.”) I’m not sure if this intentional, but it’s a pretty ridiculous design decision if so.

  17. Cloud implementation lacking, good ui. The cloud service could learn from foxit, it currently relies on closing the document and hoping the app uploads the document. But for example if the app crashes during a save or you close the app-poof. Instead of this you could offer more control by means of save and save as options. If I have been annotating for 2 hours I want no risks of losing those edit.Additionally a task queue like foxit would be good. Scrolling pages while in highlight mode ?

  18. This is the best FREE PDF App I could find… Some suggestions to improve it even further: 1. Ability to select multiple images from gallery to create a PDF 2. Option to have a standard scroll bar to navigate the PDF instead of the “Scrollbar with Thumbnails” as it occupies too much space on the screen.

  19. Aqua Voda dice:

    I am very satisfied with this App, sure it has a paid version which has file editing settings, but the free version which serves as a pdf organizer and viewer is sufficient for just that. I’m planning on buying the paid version when my financial situation will be better, I hope the app will continue to exist until then.

  20. Was my go-to app for making annotations on PDFs. Until recently, making annotations with the “Text” tool was working well. However, expanding the “Text” box now seems to enlarge the font as well for some reason. Makes the “Text” tool virtually unusable.

  21. Has more reading options than Adobe PDF Viewer – better dark mode and 2-page mode. The fact that I can determine whether to scroll down or side-to-side is an important choice for me, because that depends on the pdf I’m reading. First discovered it on iPad (yes, this app also beats iBooks), then specifically looked for the Android version. Thanks!

  22. By far the best PDF reader app I’ve used for annotation. It works really well to write onto write onto practise papers etc. that I use for school – would highly reccomend. I have had some issues with saving to external storage however I’ve found if I open a file in my CxFile Explorer, make the changes and then switch back to CxFile Explorer in order to re-upload the file everything works perfectly.

  23. I tried all PDF readers in the appstore. This is the best so far. One of the main reasons why I selected it as my default tool is the absence of “go premium” advertisements in the user interface. I absolutely hate the way most apps try to promote their paid versions.

  24. Peng Ding dice:

    By far the most useful free PDF file viewer. I tested several including the top rated ones, such as XODO and adobe. This one has external file viewer and most importantly it doesn’t need to download the file to local storage, as long as your tablet has those cloud storage already hooked up. 5/5 rated!

  25. This is the best pdf viewer on all phones. Supports double tap and drag to zoom just like in maps, actually dnaps to the width of a paragraph, and most importantly, it grants you a wide range of drawing options even without paying for pro!

  26. In order to open a PDF need to copy it from your SD card to Internal Storage.. WHY? I use to bring with me various scans in PDF of my physical books, lot of weight saved on my back. The books are PDF files from 500 MB to about 2-5 GB in size, nowadays you use microSD of 128 and 256 GB size, they cost few bucks and they are pretty fast (90MB/s). The application has all storage privileges, why it can’t read directly from microSD ? If you try to open a 2 GB file it says DOWNLOADING lol, from sd card to internal storage, it takes minutes and all my internal storage that are just 16 GB excluding system and apps. I can’t practically use it, If i try to read 2 books the internal storage of my phone is fulled. — Please add a black background in reader instead of grey or give an option. — I want to buy the application ONCE add a paid version, i don’t want to have a subscription model for everything. I want to buy something that stays bought in my phone.

  27. 4 Stars cuz still has a way long to go. I think if these features(following) are added, no one can beat this app in terms of viewing and editing. One thing I liked was being able to create ur own PDF documents. 1. Pl work on glitches which occur when we directly share( while we are in the doc ) 2. Please 😖 add a save option or autosave but pl do something. My entire work gets lost as soon as I close the doc. (self created one) 3. Add an eraser, undo option and redo option, shapes option too🙂

  28. This pdf viewer pro free app is the first app of this kind that is easier than many apps that allow you to open and read files that other apps don’t support. I’ve tried many apps to get the same results as I get from this. So far this one app has been the one that I used that has become Mandatory to use when I have a app that I need to get viewed as I don’t know what I had deleted because I couldn’t find anything that would open every type of file that I use. This is a keeper

  29. Best pdf reader. It is really pro and almost all features are free. It has many features like highlight, underline, bold, read aloud, draw, sticky note and many more. I was searching of of a best pdf veawer with no ads and free and it is this.

  30. It is an awesome app for annotation on pdfs. Really enjoying using it. What I think can make the experience even better is the ability to dock favorite pens on the top tab as switching btw pens is a bit tidious. Amazing app 😍👍🏻

  31. The worst app ever operated …….it is literally very much brain eating. It is not able to open one file after the other. Instead we have to remove it from use history and then open it again and open the file which is wanted. It is really very time consuming. Needs to fix up these bugs😠😠👎👎😤😤😠😬😠😬😠

  32. The greatest pdf app. The only problem I’m facing is with the Google drive integration: being unable to see the uploading progress and no option to manually sync local version to the Drive account make annotating large pdf files a nightmare.

  33. Gastón dice:

    My go-to pdf viewer. I don’t work that often with editing files, but the times I needed it to, it worked flawlessly. Everything about the UI is great. Grats and thank you!

  34. The pages only appear in portrait mode in the newspapers I read. That means the print is too small. Landscape mode would be a whole lot better. Tried it & uninstalled it.

  35. I have been using PDF Viewer Pro for some 6 months now and I find it very user friendly, easy to use and I have fun with the annotations and it’s free. No ads popping up here and there. Definitely recommend it.

  36. ARA dice:

    It’s not that I don’t like the app but it’s too bad they don’t have a non-subscription based payment option. Subscriptions are a racket, but I would pay a one time fair fee for this app as I like it enough to pay for it.

  37. Unlike many other pdf-viewers, it works accurately with my sdcard. But, alas, it is almost useless without text reflow mode! Definitely not for mobile phone.

  38. As a Night Mode reader, this App is very convenient for me. But apart from that; it can highlight and edit. And we can access more than a PDF at a time, like a browser. I am very satisfied.

  39. very slow abd laggy!! I have been using the ios version of this app on my ipad for more than a year and it’s awesome. Here it’s very slow and laggy even Adobe reader is faster and smoother than it.

  40. Sil Loke dice:

    All my writings gone if I open a new file!!! So frustrating. There are many bugs in accessing the google drive file, my file crashed and need to type in all the details again…….

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