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The HomePass app allows you to easily set up and manage your Wi-Fi network. Plume Adaptive WiFi™ is the world’s first and only self-optimizing home Wi-Fi technology delivering powerful, reliable connectivity in every room, on every device. Unlike other mesh network systems, Plume pods are in constant contact with the cloud providing you with better, smoother connection every time you connect. And it gets better each day!

– Magically simple to set up
Plug in your pods and let the system go to work. HomePassrecognizes all of your devices, identifies the flow of traffic, and starts to optimize your home network. The smartphone app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.

– Guest access & parental controls
Personalize guest access with custom passwords. Set age-appropriate content filters, manage website access, and even pause the Internet.

– AI Security™
Protect your home network and connected devices from hackers and cybercriminals. Using advanced security features powered by AI, HomePass helps keep your connected home safe.

– Adblocking
Plume blocks the ad content coming from known ad servers, significantly improving your browsing experience.

– Manage your network like a pro
As people and devices come and go in your house, HomePass lets you see which devices are accessing the Internet and how much they’re uploading or downloading. You can block and unblock specific devices from accessing the Internet.

– Efficient automatic updates
We auto-update the firmware when network activity is low, usually at night. You can also schedule it for another time that works best for you.

– New features
Get the latest security features and performance improvements to stay ahead of cyber threats and enhance your in-home internet experience.

– Grows with your needs
Easily expand the coverage by adding additional pods right from the home screen. Continue to enjoy seamless Wi-Fi in every room, on every device.

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Bugfixes to improve performance and stability


4 comentarios en "HomePass by Plume® MODDED 2022"

  1. Justin Behymer dice:

    Great app and great service. I do wish there were more options available to the user. Options like disabling WiFi bands or even channels, Mac Address Filtering and the option to separate WiFi bands with different AP names. UpNp should be off and DoS protection on by default. They aren’t. Some features offered by Technician Portal only, and some features can be seen but with no description or list available in Tech portal. Overall best features and service. With continuous growth and support!

  2. Jason Cioffi dice:

    Time limit & filtering features need a major overhaul. Setting a ‘Bedtime’ limit is global and limited to one time period. You can’t set a specific bedtime per person or device, despite giving you the option to do so at the person and device level. Approve/Block security events are person specific, despite being able to modify them at the device level. These limitations are not documented or explained well and took me a while to figure out. Fix the back end, fix the front end, or fix both.

  3. Lou Hendricks dice:

    Set up is so simple, Plug & Play. Performance is excellent. Control it all from the palm of your hand. I Highly recommend this product, especially for those homes that have dead zones, due to the natural barrier’s that weaken your wireless signal. Walls, mirror, etc. The previous mesh network I had set up in my home worked, but in testing out this system, I’m definitely getting a lot more bank for my buck! 😀

  4. Midday Snack dice:

    Great Features! The app allows you to easily view devices and control access, grant and revoke permissions, test bandwidth, rename devices, and more. Visually, the app has some appealing options to view your network activity. I only wish the menus were a bit more concise and intuitive. 3 weeks on, and I still jump back and forth between menus, because not everything is quite where you’d think it would be instinctively.

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