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Nightly is built for testers. Help us make Firefox the best browser it can be.
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Warning: Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform. By default, Firefox Nightly automatically sends data to Mozilla — and sometimes our partners — to help us handle problems and try ideas. Learn what is shared:

Firefox Nightly gets updated every day and is designed to showcase the more experimental builds of Firefox. The Nightly channel allows users to experience the newest Firefox innovations in an unstable environment and provide feedback on features and performance to help determine what makes the final release.

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40 comentarios en "Firefox Nightly for Developers MODDED 2022"

  1. Works great, but one problem on my device; YouTube keeps sometimes showing the nav buttons when I try to touch the video in any way. This does not happen on my Samsung tablet. Using moto g power (2021), and this happens with normal Firefox too (I just mainly use the nightly). Would be nice to know if it’s a bug with Firefox or YouTube or my phone, and I don’t have another phone to test. Thanks!

  2. As I use Firefox Nightly and update the adblockers, Easylists, and adjust the myriad of filtering capabilities, the browser is one of the best social media and game platforms, i have ever used. It protects you from outside interference and provides privacy, without affecting any of the browser’s performance capabilities.

  3. Liked this app, having used it for some time. Within the last couple days, it just fails to launch. Tried device reboots, uninstalls/reinstalls. At best, it just opens to a white screen, which then disappears into nothingness. Three stars for history of good function. Hoping for it’s return to operability.

  4. Actually allows extensions on mobile/tablet, which is more than I can say about Google Chrome. This is grand. Thanks for making it. It is impossible for my neurodivergent brain to navigate web sites that have any amount of animated ads or videos playing in a static position, relative to one’s screen. This has been a huge help.

  5. Nick G dice:

    Used to be the only usable mobile browser—offering desktop extensions and other desktop-grade features. But it’s not even usable anymore. Most of the time, it just doesn’t start. If it does start, it will often crash. If it doesn’t crash, you might be stuck on a page with the inability to scroll or pull up the navigation bar. I had found some workarounds (like opening/closing multitasking), but even that fails to rectify the bugs now. It’s gotten so unstable, it isn’t usable anymore

  6. Took a little getting used to, as any change does, but I have really come to like it. It is quite noticeably faster which is really nice. I like the clean uncluttered look. I have started using dark mode on many apps so FPs dark mode is a great implementation. So far, there are only two things I have issue with. 1) I am confused over folders and Collections. I don’t understand the distinction. 2) I wish there was a Quit button on the main page so I didn’t have to open menu to quit.

  7. It is highly recommended that the address bar be swipable to switch tabs, like chrome and kiwi browser. This is very convenient, and very user-friendly. It relies on clicking the tab button and then moving the finger to select the tab, which is too much trouble. Users only need to slide the address bar left and right to switch tabs, which is better in one step.

  8. So far, Firefox Preview has been very fast and responsive. The collection system has saved me a lot of time typing or scrolling through my bookmarks to find what I am looking for. It doesn’t feel sluggish like the current Firefox browser. Pages load without hesitancy. At first, I hated the address bar being at the bottom, but since my recent upgrade to a Galaxy S10, the bottom address bar makes it easier to access on a larger screen. So far, I have no complaints.

  9. It’s awesome redesign with the issues of a brand new layout. It works great, looks clean, and many things are better than before. However, when you want to share a link to another device (and you’re on another app) the share through Firefox button just opens the link in the app. This makes the process of sending a tab to another device so much longer (6 taps and loading of the website instead of 3). It would be amazing if we could go back to the previous sharing off links through 3rd party apps.

  10. I like this browser a lot. There’s only two features that I can think of at the moment that are missing though. The first one is that the bookmarks menu doesn’t remember your last location and always resets to the top level. The other one is that the browser doesn’t remember your location on a page when it needs to reload it (eg. After an update, phone reboot, etc). Other than that it’s great!

  11. Even though this is considered a “Preview” app, it’s definitely my main browser. Unless I’m having a bad day with the browser, which has happened, I switch to Chrome. Pros: Pages and the browser itself load and perform much better than any other browser I’ve used. Being on the cutting edge of features. Privacy is definitely a huge one for me. Cons: The most annoying problem I have is the crashes. I’ve encountered quite a few bugs so far.

  12. I really, really like this app, and would definitely recommend it to anyone going for a simple, minimalistic, or aesthetic look, but the only problem I have is for switching between Desktop and Mobile view. I have to close the tab and reopen it to switch back to mobile. It’s only irritating because I write online and I have to copy & paste my work in case I won’t save.

  13. This review is for an early build of preview, which is missing some planned features. From a purely technical standpoint, this is a very good browser! It’s the fastest one I’ve used on my phone, and tends not to break anything in the page. It took a bit to get used to it, but I really do like the address bar being on the bottom now. Lots of little complaints, mainly related to tabs. The button to close tabs is too small. Pressing back takes me to the tab list, instead of going back a page. etc

  14. It’s a preview state, so things aren’t quite up to daily driver status yet. Can’t add search engines, no add-ons. That being said, it really is much faster than most browsers. The interface takes getting used to, and does add layers to get to common things like bookmarks. But once you’re used to it, it is more fluid overall. Eager to see where it ends up

  15. Finally!! Some true positive innovation in a web browser… It’s been a long long time since I’ve seen a major UI change that actually was, without a doubt, for the better. Thank you Mozilla. The collections are definitely better than bookmarks. I’d like to see categories as well, but maybe that’s too nested… I am still getting used to the layout, but with taller decides it just makes sense to move everything to the bottom and I’m happy to change the muscle memory…

  16. This is by far the most well-designed browser I’ve used on android. I love that the address bar is on the bottom: it makes use on larger phones much more comfortable. It is extremely easy to swap between private and regular browsing, and the distinction is very obvious. It also natively detects your system theme. The overall layout is thoughtful. The animations are smooth and appealing. Sites load quickly and correctly. I’m really impressed.

  17. The most beautiful, sleek and fast upcoming browser! I immediately made preview my default browser when I opened it. The only reason I gave this 4 Stars is because of the annoying “closed tab” bug everyone seems to have. If you close a tab, the banner that says tab closed and let’s you undo it will stay on the screen the entire time if you press anything else within 10 seconds of closing the tab. If you don’t press anything, it goes away. It should be a pretty easy fix.

  18. To developers: Almost there. Still needs work on making scrolling smoother. I tried turning off “accessibility” options, but that didn’t help. FYI – I’m using a screen with 90hz refresh rate, and scrolling is just not as smooth as it should be, which is the main issue keeping me from using this as my go to browser. Keep up the great work…

  19. I used Fenix daily for almost the entirety of its lifetime and it was great. There were a few issues and some crashes as expected, but I’m glad to report that the experience was mostly awesome. I’m having an odd issue with this build though. The app crashed after I navigated to some URL (can’t remember what it was, I’ll try to find it). After this initial crash, the app crashes on load every time. I can provide more info upon request.

  20. (Editing on 7-2-2019) This preview browser is great and I really like the new collections and bookmark/tab management feature but I have a couple of issues. This app really drains my battery from my Amazon Fire tablet and my Samsung Galaxy s8. Also, I don’t like the URL bar being at the bottom instead of the top. I get that it may be easier to hit with the thumbs being down there but it’s also easy to accidentally hit while scrolling a page too. An option to move it would be nice. Another weakness is still in the URL/search bar – in the normal Firefox app, when I go to search for something, I have the option above my keyboard to pick which search engine I want to use, in the preview that feature seems to be missing, which really sucks for me because I bounce between search engines constantly. I hope these things will be improved on by release. (Editing again on 7-3-2019) Also don’t seem to have an option to do anything with highlighted text on sites in this version of the browser.

  21. Overall a very nice browser. It’s fast and has a good looking UI + privacy out of the box. I gave it a 4 because it’s missing a few things that are important: add on support, about:config, and more browser settings like cookie options or changing URL bar location. Otherwise, it’s an excellent browser and I look forward to the day when I can use it as a daily driver without compromises.

  22. Way better than the old one. It needs to use the newer version of the google website especially when it comes to google images. The bottom bar is nice but the fact that the url bar takes up all the space is annoying. it would be more effective to move the url bar to the top and put the back, forward, refresh, etc buttons at the bottom such as samsung internet does.

  23. Been using this for a couple days, and I’m a fan. Stable, especially for a beta app (but that’s to be expected from Mozilla, of course), clean and intuitive UI, responsive and user friendly. I look forward to the updates! One thing it doesn’t have that it kinda needs it’s addon support – it doesn’t really feel like Firefox without that. Otherwise, fantastic!

  24. Much faster in comparison to the old Firefox app, and the address bar on the bottom is a nice design for one-handed use. The built-in privacy features like the adblocking is a very welcome feature as well. The only issue is that the address bar does not disappear when scrolling, and it’d be nice to see addons implemented in the near future. Still, a great browser in comparison to Chrome and many others, and it’s only in beta!

  25. This is much faster than the current Android app which is wonderful because I currently avoid mobile browsing because of it. And putting the URL bar at the bottom is nice for one handed usability. BUT… The URL bar being locked onto the bottom of the screen is annoying. It’s why I’m only giving 3 stars. There’s so little available real estate on a mobile screen, giving up any of it for static information is asking a lot. Hoping a dynamically visible URL bar (which is basically standard on all other mobile browsers) gets worked into the final product.

  26. This is the first time that Firefox has ever gotten in my way. A bunch of features are missing. Features like View Page Source, which has been a life saver. The new homepage feels like a misstep, compared to the old homepage layout. Since I now have to take an extra step just to view my bookmarks and history and searching in between search engines. I keep accidentally closing the tabs tray every time I swipe down a little bit too hard with annoys me since it forces me to slow down.

  27. Overall experience is great! I only have two complaints. The first is a lack of extension support. I understand that extensions fly in the face of simplicity, but I specifically love the extension to unblock Facebook messenger, so I don’t need another app installed. My second complaint is that bookmarks feel a little buried. It would be nice to be able to show my mobile bookmarks folder on the new tab page for quicker access.

  28. Can’t find my synced tabs, but that’s pretty minor for a “preview” app. And I’m not sure I like the bottom drawer for actions… but we’ll see. It’s a lot easier to understand than the tiny navbar icons. And please please please tell me that this will eventual get add-ons, Firefox is the only option there and it’s super super useful. Otherwise it’s fast and smooth, noticeably more so than the main app, I’ll probably switch to it as my daily driver 🙂

  29. The browser will sometimes automatically close some tabs and replace it with a url that reads “about:blank”. It can be a hassle to have to look in the browser history in order to open the same tab again. Besides this though, the browser works with the quality that I’ve come to expect from Mozilla, with fresh and innovative ideas. I can’t wait to see how much more refined this browser will inevitably become.

  30. The most recent update has many nice usability tweaks, that were no doubt the result of user feedback. You can move the address bar to the top now, and the menu icon now has a visual indicator if there is a special action available for a page (reader mode, open in app, etc). It’s been my daily phone browser for a while, and it gets better every update!

  31. Eric dice:

    Seems to be getting there. Lots of nice improvements since last year. Think the only thing missing for me would be having the ability to pull up back history like before by holding the back arrow or forward arrows as well as the ability to reopen closed tabs from the history list. Also the ability to keep the address bar always visible would be nice.

  32. This feels a more modern and snappier than normal Firefox. There are still a few rough edges. With the bottom nav bar, when you click into the 3 dots menu there is no easy way to click out compared to a top nav bar. Bookmarks are hard to access behind multiple layers of menus. It still implements its own share menu instead of the Android menu. The biggest issue is extension support isn’t implemented yet, which is what sets Firefox apart. Overall, I’m excited to see continued development.

  33. Hands down the best Android browsing experience. Smooth as silk and I love, love, love that the address bar and tab buttons are on the bottom and set to always show. The slide up menu is super slick too. Only complaint is addons seem to not be baked in at the moment. Keep it up Mozilla! You guys are on the right track to making browsing on mobile what it should be.

  34. you can tell this app is much faster than the current Firefox Android app, also looks much cleaner and modern. I’m not a fan of adding collections on the same screen as the currently open tabs, collections should be on a different screen, you should only have to deal with the current tabs in the tab screen. also the best thing about chrome Android app is that you can move between currently open tabs fluidly by doing a swiping gesture on the address bar, Firefox also needs a quick gesture.

  35. Practically perfect. It could use the add-ons in the regular Firefox mobile, as well as the the features such as cleaning history/cookies. Also would be nice to hide the search bar when scrolling down for more space. Besides that, I much prefer this new UI and even in its preview stage, it’s become my daily browser. I see this only getting better with time.

  36. So far this is a great browser with a few bugs. Love the design & layout (search bar on the bottom is NICE) and Collections is setup perfectly. Also, it plays well with Disqus, which not all browsers do. Had some issues with websites loading (other than that its been pretty fast) & the app was unresponsive once (reported all). Keep up the great work, I plan to keep using!!

  37. Overall I like the minimalist design. And the collections is a nice touch to organize tabs. (i use chrome and i always have a bunch of tabs open and it gets confusing) I’m not a fan of the url bar being on the bottom, but im sure I could get used to it. My most major complaint is that when I search it asks me if I want to search with Google which I already had selected in the settings as the default search engine. Its pointless to keep asking me this.

  38. I just wanted to say I’ve been having a spectacular time using this. It’s butter smooth, like, surprisingly faster than Chrome on my Pixel which is wild. Smooth scrolling looks nice, and the U.I. is really great. I never realized how much I wanted the address bar at the bottom of the screen until now. Great stuff! As someone who likes a solid, simple app for browsing, this is perfect. Excited to see it finally released.

  39. Not too bad for a first try. Fast. Not sure about the address bar on the bottom – seems like it would be relatively easy to have a setting for top or bottom. The tab support is like regular Firefox so eventually it’s necessary to clean up a zillion tabs. Would be nice to have some plugins too. But the fast loading makes up for it for some uses.

  40. This is going to be the best browser (hopefully, if you don’t screw it up!) I came from chrome>brave>4 others>and ended up here. The issues I have been having is mainly broken websites sometimes its the browser causing it other times the extensions-all on default settings. Swipe tabs should be a feature. Need pull down to refresh. I’m not sure if the browser is compatible with hardware keys. Only Chrome supports it. Keep up the great work!

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