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Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to managing your sensitive information across your devices.

Manage, store and share your sensitive information with mSecure. Simplify your digital world and securely access it at your convenience. Create secure notes, generate passwords, and safely backup your information to never lose your data again.

mSecure 6 is an entire redesign of the app you trust most to protect your vital and private information. New features provide the organizational flexibility you need, the convenience of auto-fill right from your web browser, and the ability to share only the data you need to share with other mSecure users. Your information is easier to use, easier to access, and always secure with industry-standard AES-encryption.

With two plans to choose from, you decide which features are important for managing your information. Regardless of which plan you choose, your data is protected with the same enhanced security.

ESSENTIALS – Here’s what’s included when you upgrade to an Essentials Plan:

● Sync all of your devices
● Backup & Restore
● Fingerprint authentication
● Customizable templates
● Security Center
● Image attachments
● Custom icons

PREMIUM – Here’s what’s included when you upgrade to a Premium Plan:

● Sharing Center (requires mSecure Cloud syncing)
● Tags
● PDF & Text attachments
● Field customization


● Complete custom fields: Now all fields on a record can be fully customized
● Change the template used for existing records
● Advanced Password Generator
● Search optimization
● Easier restore from v4 databases
● Improvements to CSV import/export for desktop mSecure apps

SECURE – Protect your sensitive information with confidence

● Encrypts your data using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption
● Password Generator creates and stores random, complex, unique passwords
● Auto-lock and Auto-backup features keeps data safe
● Fingerprint authentication allows quick, secure access

SIMPLE – Easily add, find, manage, and organize passwords and data

● Auto-fill credentials in Chrome and 3rd party apps with Android Autofill
● Find the information you need fast with powerful organizational features
● Over 20 built-in templates for quick and easy data entry with the ability to create custom templates
● Integrated search, along with intelligent sorting, filtering and grouping simplifies the process of organizing and finding your information
● Mark any item as a favorite for quick access

SEAMLESS – Sync all of your devices seamlessly

Choose to sync via mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud or Wi-Fi to access your records on all of your devices across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows).

Don’t take any chances with your passwords and private information. Keep your data safe and secure with mSecure 5!

If you have any questions or comments, please share them on our support forum: You can also email us directly at [email protected].


- Fixed Dropbox syncing issue
- Tapping on username and password fields no longer launches web browser
- Fixed biometric authentication bug
- Allow screenshots feature now works without re-launching
- Added syncing after language change
- More fixes to guard against future modifiedDate corruption
- Error handling for Credit Card photo capture issues in certain OS versions


40 comentarios en "mSecure – Password Manager 2022"

  1. Well, I’ve been a loyal customer since mSecure 4. I paid for 5 ( mobile AND desktop) because I thought it was a great app worth supporting. However, I was never given the choice to “upgrade” to 6. It was done behind the scenes, and now if I want to sync between my mobile and desktop, I have to pay a ransom (sorry, ” subscription fee”). Oh, well. Guess I’ll move over to Bitwarden. At least they’re upfront about subscriptions.

  2. I’ve been using mSecure for several years now. Really appreciate how well it works, and how secure it is. I have no problem with the very affordable subscription rate. Available on my Android phone, Apple iPad, and Mac and Windows computers without any problems. It was wonderful having access to it even in the middle of Central Asia with no problems. Love it!

  3. May 2022 UPDATE: Wouldn’t use this now. After many years of use, they’ve introduced monthly payments. I think it was mSecure 3 when I started around 2012-13 range. I upgraded to 4, then 5 and 5.5, uncluding desktop service. In March, mSecure 6 was FORCED upon me unknowingly. It caught my desktop, but I had my app not updating. I’ll use Google Sheets now. OLD REVIEW (2012-2022): Used this for about 8-10 years now. Wouldn’t use anything else. Love the desktop/mobile integration. Very fast syncing

  4. R Ramsey dice:

    I have been a paid user of Msecure for years and really like the program until now. I do not mind the paid subscription but lately I have submitted two issues I have. As a matter of fact I have submitted them three or four tmes and they have closed them everytime without sending or communicating a solution to me. I keep getting messages to update to the premium from essential. I would have done that already but I keep asking myself why Upgrade when I cannot even get answers to my questions.

  5. I bought version 4 years ago and have used it without issue. Now suddenly I’m getting a full screen ad for this “new version” every time I open the app! I don’t want to make an account, especially when I’m not going to pay for any cloud backup services that I don’t need!

  6. Update 3/24/2022: I was an early adopter of mSecure (circa . I paid for the pro version years ago. Now they sneakily have changed the app so that you have to pay a subscription for 0 added value. Im going to look for a similar product that doesn’t force a fee without benefits. Decent. I do wish the app would have done browser integration independent of the browser itself slowing you to auto generated passwords when you create a new web account as Google chrome does currently.

  7. Angel P dice:

    Been a long time customer for years. Recommended this to so many people. Gladly paid the one time fee for subscription. Now, switching to someone else because developers are being money hungry and making us pay yearly subscription. I already paid to use this app, now you want to charge on a subscription basis. Have much better options. Hope you guys read this and decide to make a change, you can see many people are upset about this. Hope you lose a lot of business from this. Thanks for nothing.

  8. Wow what a year later and we have version 6 and still it won’t load up on a reboot. So sad. Maybe your deb’s so ask other developers how to program. Like Malwarebytes, threema, Universal Copy. Just to name a few that do load up on a reboot. I don’t know how long it takes to do a simple fix but I do believe a year is unacceptable. I’m switching to bitwarden. 1. No option in settings to turn on auto load to notification tray when phone boots up.

  9. The app WAS great! The new versions are absolutely ridiculous. They are forcing you to a yearly subscription and limiting the use of the app unless you Sync to their servers. They removed groups, limit your ability to add, edit, or change ‘tags’ unless you edit every record. To use vaults, you must sync with their measure Cloud. Furthermore, customer service can only be done via email which takes days to get a response. My advice, move on to something else and save yourself a lot of grief.

  10. I have used it for more than 10 years. They have been stable, customer service has been great and it has upgraded with no monthly or yearly subscription – which means I can put all my information in it and do not have to worry about transfering it elsewhere. It goes crossplatform- apple, windows, android Highly recommend. Gifted it to my daughters and my parents.

  11. Loved MSecure 4, dislike 5. The search function is definitely better, but other changes I don’t even notice except for the to I’ll mention. I suppose it is a good things that I don’t see a change in many off the features I like, so they are just as good. I especially like the random password generator. Problem number one: default fine is smaller than my system choice and I can’t find a setting to make it larger. Problem number two: main account menu page has huge category icons so that only 8 or less menu items show on the screen. I can’t find a way to not show those icons. The scroll bar is small and difficult to use. Problem number three:. Even though a settings choice is to tap the eye icon to show passwords, there is no longer an eye icon. Only a two step menu drop down and choose reveal. It may well be more functional, but I find it more difficult to use. I am going back to msecure 4. Definitely not worth the money.

  12. WONDERFUL APP!!! I’ve had this app forever for my passwords. I only recently purchased the full version. It made things even more convenient. For instance, I had to purchase a new tablet. With the free version, you have to manually re-enter any accounts and passwords from your other device. With the paid version all you have to do is sign in with your email and password and slight further verification, then you are all set. I’ve never had any issues with mSecure.

  13. Always there when I need it. On my phone, on my pc, it doesn’t matter where I add or update, both remained synced. I like the fact that it draws icons from the URL selected and that you can bucketize by groups, and search within 3 or 4 keystrokes. Awesome tool to have on the go, and not just for logins, but for a host of other important information.

  14. It is a good app, for putting in one’s data, VERY securely. It generates a complex password, if you so choose. Or you can use your own password. However, when I signed up, I could open the app with my finger print, but now, since I don’t pay for the app and use only basic app, I have to manually putting in the password, every time to open the app. I think, they should allow fingerprints access, even for those who don’t want an updated version,with a version, wherein I don’t pay for the app, as I have just the basic app.

  15. Alan Cole dice:

    V5 is improving. I’d still like to see a way to display and select from among all Types instead of just three out of the 13 for which I have recorded. The auto-logout timer on the desktop version doesn’t respond to changes. The bouncy scrolling remains ridiculous, but has been reduced a little, I think. Core functionality appears solid overall, but the UI needs work. Thanks for keeping the app current.

  16. 1. I linked to dropbox but I have to manually create backups and those only go to internal storage. 2. The option to fill in usernames and passwords automatically doesn’t work with all websites or apps. 3. Don’t rely solely on the fingerprint sensor, if you forget your password over time you will be screwed when changing to a new phone or recovering from a backup. I can’t wait for passwords to become obsolete with something more intuitive.

  17. I have trusted mSecure with my passwords for almost 10 years now! When mSecure 5 was first released, I did not like it and kept using the old version for almost 2 years. At this point, it is the best version yet! If you are on the fence, realize that Some poor reviews may reflect some performance issues with an earlier release. This company has been doing this a long time and clearly understands data security. I believe you can trust them.

  18. I’ve been using mSecure for approximanotely 5 or more years (free & paid). It’s loaded on all my devices. No matter the device, software versions, and hardware upgrades over the years, it’s remained consistent in security, convenience, performance, customization, synching, and customer service. Thank you for an outstanding product; it’s been worth every penny.

  19. Great password vault, good organization. Recommended in an internet security class. Learning how it all works and the nuances of the different categories is a bit of a learning curve but corrections are easy to make. We are storing all information needed in case of our untimely death. Access to our complicated lives is crucial for survivors. Experience has unfortunately taught us this.

  20. Great tech support. I finally made the switch to v5 and managed to screw it all up but the tech patiently walked me through the fixes and all is well now. The app works extremely well; syncing across devices is perfect and backups happen automatically. Agree with other comments about the interface: small blue font is hard to read (clearly no one >40 works there) and the I prefer the old homepage. But these are minor quibbles…overall, it’s a great app.

  21. I finally upgraded from v4 to v5 once Wifi syncing was enabled. Transition was very smooth and the new app has a lot of features that were worth the money! Two things I’ll request to make this app perfect in my mind: (1) When returning from editing an entry, instead of reloading the entire list from the beginning, could the list just start at that entry like v4 did? I have a lot of entries and scrolling all the way back down is a bit of a pain. I also really liked the collapse all feature from v4 .(2) Can the font be optionally made a little larger? I’m not that young and the small font is rather hard to read. Thanks a lot!

  22. Long time mSecure user, and had purchased the paid version to sync across devices and computers. Everything was working fine until recently, when I upgraded phones – suddenly, Dropbox could not be linked to my Android app, and syncing across Windows apps broke, as well. When I contacted service about the issue, I was told that they had no idea what the issue was with the app, and had no plans to fix the issue with Windows until the next version (no release date). Very disappointed.

  23. Wifi is a little temperamental as expected with so many different variables with different hardware setups. Trick for me was to power down both the laptop and the phone for a few minutes, then things started talking once I turned on the laptop. A quick “restart” apparently was not long enough. Getting used to the new UI having used the old app for many years… but, it works and I feel more comfortable having the option not to use cloud backup to sync between the laptop and two phones.

  24. I’ve used the paid version of msecure for years now. However, over the last few years I’ve noticed that once a year or every other year you need to reinstall it because most of your passwords will disappear. In my case I had 375 passwords , but only 44 appeared this morning. The good news is that if you created a backup or sync’d to the cloud the data is recoverable. However, you shouldn’t expect this from a great app like this. This is my justification of 3 stars.

  25. The free trial was wonderful to use. I even paid for the pro version. However, after the pro version was purchased, the applications on my phone and desktop were not updated and have reverted back to the free versions which is useless if you use the program over multiple devices. I entered a support ticket but have not a response in 2 days. I’m extremely frustrated that i purchased something that i am unable to use.

  26. I’ve been using m secure for five years. I’m very happy with the security of my passwords and with the ability to sync with ALL my electronic devices. I frequently look up, copy and paste passwords on my laptop that I have previously created from my phone or ipad. Never once had an issue with the sync. Also, the information is encrypted, so I feel secure that no one can access my passwords. Five stars and recommended.

  27. Love the idea of being able to include pdf files. You can easily include 5 of them. It is a little tricky viewing them, it took me a little bit of finegling before I had it figured out. The auto sync is convenient and creating your own fields to accommodate what your personal entries are is great. The price is awesome and its worth every penny..I searched for a long time and am happy with this choice.

  28. I have been a long-time user of this app. I started using it I’m an older version that work perfect. I synchronised everything with my Dropbox have since switched phones several times and been able to restore all of my passwords simply. the new mSecure version 5 changes all that they want more money and I can no longer do my restore. ugh! might as well look for another app since I have to redo everything. is 2 bad, this has been the dependable app old version is excellent

  29. The old version worked much better. Now, I have to have a cloud account with them. I rather the device based system. In addition, they don’t make anything easy. I got an email with a QR code and key, but there is no option to copy and paste the key and importing the file does not work. Fact is, if I need to call support for a password app, I’m using the wrong app!

  30. Outstanding and getting better! I have been using this app for over 6 years. It is a basic app designed to keep your security information. It has become indispensable for our entire family. Do not lose your username or password for this app as they do not back it up. There is no reset of your password either. It provides security! You can backup the data to different locations if you are concerned of not being able to access access it simply on a phone or a computer.

  31. Simple yet fully functional. I don’t often pay for apps but I’m glad I paid for mSecure. I’ve used it to manage and sync my passwords, passport info,credit cards, insurance policies, and other sensitive information between my Macintosh computer and my Samsung Galaxy s7 phone. To keep that data safe and out of the “cloud” I use the manual sync option over my home wifi. On both devices it has a simple, intuitive interface and has worked well.

  32. I upgraded from Version 4 to 5 Pro but kept both versions. The Pro features are well worth it especially the time saving fingerprint authentication. However, I found myself going back to v.4 more often because of the graphic layout of the entries…low contrast blue on white with complicated passwords in a smaller font size than the title labels and too much white space… just plain bad graphic design. But you can overcome this by always right clicking on the entry and choosing edit record where everything is laid out sensibly and easy to read rather than opening the record directly. So now I give v.5 a four thumbs up!

  33. Love this app and have for a long time. My only gripe is with version 5 you can no longer collapse the list to only show the alphabet. I have over 200 entries and it’s a real P. I. T. A. to have to scroll through so many to get down to entries later in the alphabet. I know there’s a scroll bar on the right that allows for faster scrolling, but would love to have the ability to collapse the list back!

  34. Mercure 5 is superior to 4 and worth the money people, just pay them for the upgrade. The app is seamless in all my devices, they all sync correctly and the new look is awesome. Thank you developers for not doing the subscription model, I will happily pay for upgrades when due, but not on a constant basis. Biometric login is what msecure4 was totally lacking. Best password manager in my opinion.

  35. I just got a new phone because my Samsung S9+ crashed and gave me the black screen of death. Now I am using the OnePlus 6t and I am trying to sync my msecure Dropbox data with my phone and it’s not working. I tried going to Dropbox and save the file to msecure and it can’t be found in msecure. This app is starting to piss me off because it should be a more reliable app, especially for the reason we are using it. What’s the purpose of the app if you keep losing your data or can’t access it!! I’ve contacted them on November 10th and I receive an automated response saying they are out for the holiday. Thanksgiving isn’t until November 22nd. This is ridiculous for a paid app…

  36. Kuo Huang dice:

    Have been using this for years and though several phones. Just upgraded to a new phone and now can’t even start the new version without creating an online account. The whole reason this was “secure” to me was the ability to run locally with complete anonymity. Now it’s tied to an online account and information is subject to database breaches on external systems. Going to be looking for other secure info managers that don’t require an online account.

  37. Secure, great features, syncs across all my devices, no annual subscription. Just what I want. For small applications like password managers, annual subscriptions are leeches slowly sucking your blood. Don’t do it. Get mSecure. I have used it for a few years now on Mac, Android, iOS and Windows and I really like it. I have become a loyal customer.

  38. Look for other apps. This app makes it really hard to transfer your password data. I switched back and forth from phones to get one fixed and the app wouldn’t transfer data between phones and the app wouldn’t find my backup. Maybe the expensive paid version would, but why spend that money when you can find other apps that work just as good for cheaper (or free!) Feature wise the app is good which is why it gets 2 stars. I lost all my passwords recently is why it also has 2 stars.

  39. This app has been a life-saver for me. I used to organize my passwords in a spreadsheet, but the sheer number of credentials quickly outgrew the usefulness of that approach. This app is much more than a password manager, it’s a life organizer, allowing me to keep track of account/routing numbers, etc., etc. Access from multiple devices (phone/tablet/PC) makes it indispensable. How did I manage without it?

  40. Have used (and grown to like) v4 for years. It is indispensable to me daily as my job requires many different passwords changed monthly. V5 doesn’t impress me as much due to several reasons: 1) Can’t display just Personal or Business without going to settings to choose one or the other (same with Types). Put it back on the main screen. 2) Individual lines too spread out. The colors others have complained about I can live with. 3) Doesn’t seem to be as many refinements in settings as v4 4) Didn’t see a less expensive upgrade path from v4 Pro. Prior customers should get somewhat of a break. What does impress me is: 1) the fingerprint unlock. Very nice feature and seems to work fine. 2) the level of security provided – AES256. 3) the continued ability to search thru 200+ passwords. Absent a modification of these features, I’ll stick with v4 and continue typing my password. I do trust this app to keep my passwords locked down from view.

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