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Organize daily tasks, To-Do List, notes, checklist, events, projects in Timeline
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Taskito is a personal task manager and daily organizer app built to meet your needs in 2022. With simple & efficient design, we are making productivity apps more accessible.

Tired of seeing ads or paying expensive subscriptions? We are building an ad free to-do list app which is economical. No ads 🙅‍♀️. Download now! Over 300,000 people already have.

A to do list app can be simple or complicated, but we have found the balance of simplicity & features.

Core features:

❇️ Timeline View to see all your to-do tasks, checklists, notes, calendar events, reminders in one place.
❇️ Easy to access calendar with busy or overdue indicators.
❇️ Manage daily to-do lists with Day Mode.
❇️ Add reminder to keep check on your agenda.
❇️ Kanban board to manage projects.
❇️ Import Google Calendar events to see daily schedule.
❇️ Recurring tasks or habit tracking.
❇️ Get daily reminders. Weekly or Monthly reminders to keep track of your important tasks.
❇️ Full Screen reminder notifications with snooze & reschedule options.
❇️ Task widget to see daily tasks to do on your home screen.
❇️ Sync tasks and projects instantly with multiple Android devices.

Based on suggestions from people, we keep improving Taskito to make it the best task manager app.

Popular features:

⭐ Sort timeline tasks based on priority or time.
⭐ Sort project tasks based on priority, due date, or manual drag and drop.
⭐ Crate color coded tags and labels. Categorize Todo Tasks with tags.
⭐ Templates to automate your day. Create grocery checklist template, workout routine templates, daily routine template.
⭐ Assign color to projects, manually change to do task order by simple drag/drop.
⭐ Powerful to-do list widget. Switch between Timeline, Unplanned task & Notes, select theme & background opacity.
⭐ 15 themes including dark, light & AMOLED Dark.
⭐ Bulk actions: Reschedule tasks, convert to notes, make duplicates, etc.
⭐ Snooze task reminders and reschedule tasks from notification.

Taskito is versatile and configurable. Import Google Calendar to see meetings and tasks side-by-side. Organize your board with color coded projects to accomplish hobbies, school work or side projects.

A lot of students find it easy to manage their schedule, assignments and curriculum with Taskito. You can create to do list for each subject, add task with checklist for each chapter. Get Taskito to increase your productivity!

Professionals can schedule daily agenda based on how many meetings they have. Scheduling can also help you with time blocking. With Taskito, you can import calendar events and merge your tasks and meetings in one view!

How people use Taskito:

✅ Make a digital planner and timeline diary.
✅ Make a Bullet Journal (BuJo) using Timeline & projects.
✅ Habit tracker with recurring tasks and reminders.
✅ To-Do list & Task Manager.
✅ Grocery list, shopping checklist template.
✅ Daily reminder to track work and plan meetings.
✅ Keep a health log with notes and tags.
✅ Make comprehensive work log.
✅ Always stay informed with to-do widget.
✅ Daily diary and notes.
✅ Import calendars to keep track of holiday events, meeting events, time blocking and much more.

Taskito will assist you to improve your productivity. Download now and join hundreds of thousands of other people who found Taskito helpful.

• • •

Taskito is available in 10+ languages. Help us bring the app in your language as well – https://taskito.io/translations

If you have feedback or suggestions, feel free to send us an email: [email protected]

Website: https://taskito.io/


We have heard your feedback and we have some exciting new features for you.

- 🔁 Repeating tasks: Adding time is now optional. More features coming in the next version.
- 📋 Projects: Added a flow to duplicate your projects.
- 📅 Fixed some bugs related to calendar events.

Download the update now. And don't forget to leave a review to support Taskito.


4 comentarios en "Taskito: To-Do List, Planner MOD"

  1. a A dice:

    Update:Would like to be able to use features such as bold, italic, and different colors. Would really help to customize tasks further and help them to stand out in any mode. – – – – – – – – Have tried so many task apps but this one helps me to actually get things done. A lot of flexibility when creating/adjusting tasks. Non invasive with alarms. Able to create tags which are really helpful. Overall lots of features and I am currently only using the free version. Definitely recommend!!! 👍 👍 👍

  2. Evan Ingalls dice:

    This app is changing my life. Incredibly well organized and easy to use, with a huge range of features. Love the ability to organize by “tags” and “projects”, and the ability to make lists within list items. The UI is beautiful and streamlined. I’ve tried many to-do apps, and this blows all the rest of them out of the water!!

  3. Mark Amann dice:

    BEST TO-DO LIST, PLANNER APP! I Like many others are always looking for that perfect app to keep track of to do lists planning and tasks. This app does it all AND it syncs to other devices. I am using it on three devices! Beautiful lay out.. Easy to use.. Many options and colors schemes. Tags, templates notes.. Everything you need and even reminders and widgets I can’t say enough about this app. Thank you!

  4. Mountain Gulf dice:

    I have used this for under a day, but really like it! It’s very user friendly. The timeline view is great! There are 2 things that would make it better for me. I can’t view the tutorial/instructions for long without Reddit insisting I use it’s app. I’d prefer being able to view it in a browser. I’d also like an option to customize sounds using my own collection – like I can on ringtones. Neither of those things subtracts from the functionality of the app and it’s a 5 star experience!

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