Sync for iCloud Contacts MODDED 2022


An easy and secure way to sync your contacts between iCloud and Android.
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An intuitive, easy and secure way to sync your contacts between your iCloud account and your Android device.

Sync for iCloud Contacts is a professional syncing tool to improve integration between Apple’s iCloud ecosystem and Google’s Android ecosystem.

There are no limitations:
* 2 way synchronisation
* Supports multiple accounts
* Sync directly to your iCloud account
* Users the default contacts app
* Set sync interval for each account
* 2 step authentication guide
* Very easy to use
* Syncs in the background.
* Syncs contact images.
* Connects directly to iCloud servers. No third party servers used.

– Setup only takes 4 steps. Contacts are synced to your default contacts application on your phone / tablet. Although a 2 factor authentication password is required to log in, this can be easily generated from the app itself.

iCloud is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Our code is licensed under the GNU v3 license.


Thank you for using Sync for iCloud Contacts.

This update contains the following fixes and improvements:
- General bug fixes
- Back-end libraries updated


40 comentarios en "Sync for iCloud Contacts MODDED 2022"

  1. for a while the app was hijacking my phone with a blank screen, and I would have to turn the phone off to get it to go away. after the latest update, I don’t get the blank screen anymore, but the app keeps crashing when it syncs – and interrupting whatever I’m doing to tell me it’s crashed. there’s no way to change how often it syncs because the app opens whenever I try to crash. it’s also BS that there is no way to save the contacts to my phone – they go away as soon as I delete the app.

  2. Kept going around in circles, didn’t accept password, set up new password, didn’t accept etc. Then kept getting varification codes. Still haven’t been able to sync contacts.

  3. G S dice:

    App used to work like a charm earlier. Of late many of the contacts from icloud are not getting synchronized to android phone. To that extent I’m forced to carry my apple phone along with the android phone

  4. This could easily be a setup for some hack shenanigans. Forced third party signups right off the jump makes me suspect. Let me try the service before signing the prenuptials.

  5. Downloaded it signed in with icloud password had generated for this app awhile back and now I have my iCloud contacts on this moto g (which is JOT my fav device but ..🤷🏽). Now. Idk if it IS THIS app but I have some malware symptoms & can’t think of what else…

  6. This app stops all the time. Even worse, because it has stopped, any app that you’re using that relies on it for data either crashes or hangs. It did work at first so maybe it’s a recent update that broke it but same story with other products from the same developer. Have to uninstall to stop having the problem (and yes I’ve been reporting it in-app for weeks).

  7. Barry T dice:

    Extremely misleading. * Uninstalled * . The description not only CLAIMS the app can, quote “… sync your contacts between your iCloud account and your Android device…”, but the first bullet point states “2 way synchronization”. . It DOES NOT perform 2 way synchronization. It syncs one way and one way only, FROM iCloud To Android, it does NOT sync the other way, which means 2 way synchronization is completely incorrect. . I tried numerous times with zero Android to iCloud sync occurring.

  8. The Icloud sync is awesome. Its simple and easy to use. And if you switch to another phone, you will find it easy to pull up everyrhing you have backup, and will down load with no problems. Thank you. Sincerely, Sarah Holder

  9. Brings all Apple contacts to my phone. Doesn’t let me select which kind, like excluding those that are only email addresses. I can’t tell and can’t control if it syncs two-way, so contacts on my phone go into my Apple contacts.

  10. I have exactly the same problem as ghe previous writters. Are you already working to fix the problem. The was great before. But now is it currently not usable. Is there a workaround available? Please let me know. I still give 4 stars because it was perfect before the update. Can we install the previous version?

  11. Edit: This does not happen anymore After the most recent update the app doesn’t work properly anymore. Every time the app tries to sync it opens and shows a blank screen, forcing you out of whatever you are doing. Super frustrating.

  12. It works! It’s easy, simple, and free. The people complaining are technically incompetent. Put your 2 factor password in the “Password” section and it automatically works. That’s one step, that’s it. I can’t imagine that these people complaining can use a toaster successfully without complaining that it’s the toaster’s fault the bread is burnt.

  13. set up app specific password. does not sync. checked contacts on icloud – iphone contacts dont appear on Android device. when syncing it does not tell you status of whether it is reading or tranfering information. beware could be spyware.

  14. I try to login my icloud same use and password but its showing wrong password ,same password login in my laptop

  15. I signed into my iCloud account on Chrome. I set up 2 step authentication and followed all the promps. I then tried to sign in via this app and it would not, could not and did not sign in. I double checked my username & password. No luck and so far as I can tell no support.

  16. My iCloud been cancelled long time ago and I am trying to refresh my memory so I might need some help thank you.

  17. Absolute Garbage. You have to click “Create Account” to sign in. How intuitive. In order to sign in through this all you must use an @iCloud account. Well news flash! Apple lets you use @gmail and every other email domain. Trying to enforce such an idiotic rule renders this app completely useless to anyone who doesn’t have their email ending in @icloud.

  18. I like it because it is quite practical and find things quicker.

  19. Android /Huawei to Apple X no way Josè with this app I’ve wasted hours trying to transfer content /contacts. A marriage between the two systems will not compute. This applies to this app and all the others it’s a no go. Android via icloud useless it’s a lock out as I’ve tried it all. Probably via a USB cable and a computer might work. If you’ve a Android stick with it same applies to Apple. Never the Twain Shall Meet!

  20. It sure saved me a lot of time and effort had I been able to use the app and correct my issue sooner. Although this may have been a long time ago and I have been a stay at home mother who has few living family mmber or friends who I would trouble with a personal issue embarrassed and ashamed of the ignorance to Internet and phone.

  21. I don’t trust Asistent Samsung but my mistakes pro help fix yours problem help end no mistakes if you push baton:)

  22. Jones Ng dice:

    Not working well at first even found how to generate the Apple app password. But later found must go to android’s Account and Sync setting to let it sync with the app. At last it works!

  23. After update doesn’t work. Was workers as described before, after recent update doesnt work and freezing phone. After reading the comments I’m not the only one. Please fix because the previous version did exactly what it needed to do

  24. It used to be a spot on app to which I gave 4 stars. Now it keeps crushing and not syncing anymore. Developer contacted via email but got no answer. 🙁

  25. I have to reset to factory settings 😩so I hope I don’t lose everything. I tried to sync my phone to my tel max and it did the opposite 🙃so now I can’t see who’s calling use keypad or speaker phone! It’s a mess wish me luck!

  26. m dice:

    I’m able to login. App says “make sure to enable syncing by selecting the address book from below”. There’s no address book listed. Sync for iCloud Calendar works for me but Sync for iCloud Contacts doesn’t. I tried SmoothSync and this is what I’m currently using to sync iCloud Contacts.

  27. super easy to use. I wish I would had read the instructions sooner. thanks to this app I finally have all my contacts from icloud on my phone. thank you so much for the great app, it was a life saver. 😁

  28. Since the recent update it is crashing and freezing up the phone and every time I open any other app this opens and crashes everything again.

  29. Simply doesn’t work You cannot register an account unless your iCloud log in is based on an Apple email address. Mine is not so all I got was server doesn’t recognize. Simply pointless.

  30. G Kear dice:

    Would not log in to my account. I tested user name and password to be sure they were correct and they were. Problem is in the app.

  31. Never Worked. Just linked to another app that never worked, both apps have the same name. The other app links back to this app when ever I click to sync contacts, then this app links back to that app.

  32. wouldnt let me sign in even when password was correct. took me 3 days to figure out a way to change my apple password just to have same password error message pop up again. this app is a waste of time

  33. It was not at all what I needed, I just lost my Mother and, I wanted photos from her phone and, I downloaded this app and I’ve been trying to add more photos, but it’s saying not enough space, and to clear up space, but photos may be lost, I think this app is a headache and, I thought it was free, but even though I have space on my phone and, I also have a SD card it’s asking for money, I wouldn’t use it again now, I may lose photos of my mother and, I will never have them again and, I am devas

  34. Truly I really loves this iCloud App, and the reason why is, it gives you all the neccessary contacts and all you saved documents, this app is perfect and I am much grateful fo the company and all their workers truly you are one of the best, Thank you.

  35. Then my information is safe and secure was this is actually the first time I use this however I have the cloud and my other device and it’s been great so I found this app but synthetic my stuff together be better cuz I like all my stuff is secure

  36. how long the app take to sync contacts from iCloud. after setup I can’t see iCloud contacts in local contacts list. if I don’t get results after some time then app is useless. i will wait for a day to see sync results.

  37. Works fine. Make sure you get an app specific password from Apple. …. However can’t install on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. The Play Store says not compatible. ???

  38. contacts between iCloud and Android. An intuitive, easy and secure way to sync your contacts between your iCloud account and your Android device for free. Sync for iCloud Contacts is a professional syncing tool to improve integration between Apple’s iCloud ecosystem and Google’s Android ecosystem.

  39. Same other users. Two factor sign in was already enabled on my iPhone. App did not recognize Apple ID login even after I changed it.

  40. Useless app. Does not allow you to use your appleid. The app might be useful for some, but currently in it’s current state is totally useless to me.

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