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Make your handwriting beautiful, even more than pen on paper.
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It’s amazing how pen and paper, two inventions dating back to thousands of years ago, have been almost irreplaceable. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from the popular Notes Plus app, now with its own automatic palm and wrist rejection, INKredible will make writing on a tablet feel as good as, or even greater than, pen on paper. You have to try it to believe it. It’s incredible!


INKredible has only ONE single mission: to create an outstanding writing experience on a tablet. It is meant to be distraction-free. In fact most of the time, you will not see any UI controls or buttons, just a blank sheet of paper to write on.


With more than 3 years of R&D in vector-graphics inking technology, we are confident INKredible – with a sophisticated manipulation of Bezier curves – will make your handwriting look more beautiful than on paper.

Even more specially, it will look good in any resolution, for printing or displaying purposes. Just zoom in and you will see why INKredible is unique among other handwriting apps.

… and, well, PERFECT!

OK, the INKredible writing experience on a tablet might not be perfect, but it is as close to perfection as you can find.

It is FREE. Try it today and see for yourself.


- Fix an issue related to "Import PDF"
- Bugs fix and improvements


40 comentarios en "INKredible-Handwriting Note MOD"

  1. Luis M dice:

    App constantly crashes when using for a while. It loses all data/writing. This happens more frequently when I’m using the templates that come with the app. Happens time to time with pdfs. Very frustrating to lose track of what you’re writing so don’t use this app for real work (I used to use it for work). INKredible used to be my favorite but its so unpredictable. The best feature is close up writing mode. If you need a good replacement app with the same close up mode, try touchnotes.

  2. There’s a VERY noticeable input lag which is, at best, annoying. It’s actually very distracting, and even causes some issues with writing longer words without making an error. And sure, errors can be fixed, but if you’re spending as much time correcting errors as you’re spending writing, it starts to feel like there’s either a better app out there, or that Samsung Notes is fine enough to use it over this app. If the input lag issue is fixed, I can’t think of any other reasons not to give it 5/5.

  3. The only reason I gave this a 2 instead of a 1 is because the writing actually looks decent on an android device with a capacitative screen. With that said, the free version has ads, which is fine until the ad starts refreshing every 5 seconds. Normally I’d just ignore this, but the app pushes you to the top of the page and zooms the page all the way out EVERY SINGLE TIME it refreshes the ad. So, what’s happening is I’m in class trying to take notes and the page keeps jumping all over the place and I’m focusing 90% of my attention trying to get the page to go back to where I was so I don’t write over or erase my previous notes. Not worth it. Deleted. I’m definitely not going to pay $6 to use something so frustrating, especially when I’m not even sure that the pro version won’t do the same thing. There are plenty of other note taking apps available, including a plethora of which who don’t charge $6 for the paid version of their app.

  4. I truly love this app and there are just very minor things that I’d like to see improved. Mostly cosmetics. The main one for me is that when I change my tablet from landscape to portrait mode, the magnified writting square moves from the bottom to the middle of the screen. It’d be nice if it could remain permanently at the bottom despite my tablet’s orientation. Also, palm rejection doesn’t seem to work reliably for me. Not a big deal as I use the magnifier writting tool. Great app otherwise.

  5. I spent all day using this app and wrote a help page to help me know what the icons are for when I use this app. it took me half a day to figure it out and write the help page showing what the icons are for and I am a very experienced computer aided drafter. I only plan on using this to write phone numbers or notes once in a while while outside in tropical weather and hot sun. I won’t have time to relearn it each time I use it. I will need it to be very simple to figure out quick under severe conditions so it should have a simple mode with just 4 or 5 icons. I enjoyed using it a lot. About an hour into it, it started getting ads and the eraser started lagging bad and a good amount or real estate on top of page taken. I am a professional watercolor artist also and very easy to make black and white impressionist drawings in it. The learning curve for occasional user will be an issue. Best writing/ drawing APP iv ever used. Needs a quick help page listing all icons.

  6. I have only had this app for a few days. Hopefully I can leave a better review, in the future. I downloaded it to take patient notes. I’ve had it app close on me stating “app has stopped working” every time I have attempted using it & have no idea how to retrieve the info. Also, it’s a little disappointing that you are unable to actually type on the lines, on the lined paper. The text boxes simply do not add up. I can not review the app further, as I never got past this issue.

  7. Well i like it and I just got it so I can doodle. I would totally recommend this app to anyone who wants a “virtual notebook 📓” on their phone. It’s pretty well organized. It’s nice sharing things to this app because you can separate things into different pages and notebooks. So not just the same page you have to constantly erase if you’re doodling for example. My only complaint is that the handwriting is not quite perfect on one of my phones, but great app either way!

  8. Sammy dice:

    Fantastic notebook! I’ve been looking for one like it for so long, especially the handwriting feature. An addition that would greatly improve user experience would be the ability to customize the toolbar. There are specific tools that I use depending on the work I’m doing, and being able to customize that (and pin to screen while writing in the zoomed bar mode) would be great.

  9. There is a lot to like with this application and when I first started working with it on my Duet I was thinking about how to work around the lack of syncing (arguably edge case need). Then I loaded it onto my HP X2 and was shocked at how badly it performs compared to the Duet. Twice the RAM, significantly more powerful CPU and the writing is very laggy. Unfortunate. There is a lot to like.

  10. I want to love this app because the handwriting is really pretty. However, while writing, it sometimes skips or delays. It consistently has dead zones on the tablet as well. An example of this is while writing, it will cut off the top portion of your word or it will be blank. And lastly the G-Drive backup does not work.

  11. The app was just updated overnight and after trying to use it with the new sidebar I at first found it nearly impossible to get it to show up. I was fine with the previous sidebar functions the way they were. I understood it. I can’t figure out how to operate this new one. UPDATE: Okay. It seems to be permanently crashed now. For some reason it no longer runs at all, even after rebooting the phone. Every time I try to enter the app it exits right back out to the home screen. I paid for a number of pens and paper styles for this thing, too. But it’s suddenly become a useless app on my phone now. What happened here, guys? Currently this app is completely nonfunctional. Using Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

  12. Really want to love this app, but I can’t really use it because palm rejection doesn’t work, even though it’s advertised as a main feature. Not sure it’s a lefty thing (in which case, that needs to be addressed), but no matter how I rest my palm as I write, because it tends to land on the screen before my capacitive stylus does, it will leave marks in the wrong places and not let me write. It happens so often and I can’t write comfortably at all. Tested on a Galaxy S10 and a Kindle Fire HD 8.

  13. I absolutely love this app. I want to give it 5 stars but it OFTEN does not sync. It’s supposted to have a feature where it autosyncs to the platform of your choice, mine is Google Drive, but it does not sync. Hey developers, could you correct this or reach out to me so that I no longer have this problem. Thank you so much.

  14. I feel this app is very good. I would actually suggest few things: **Be able to sync excel spreadsheet or documents that are not pdf **Be able to duplicate a document while in app. Becomes difficult and time consuming to go back to another area to pull back in **Would like to see documents we are exporting to have options of word, excel. I’m still going thru different areas to see what else I can do with the app. Thank you

  15. This has full functionality on my Samsung tablet and I love it. The S pen works really well with this app and has extraordinary control. Sharing/saving is no trouble at all… to Dropbox, Google drive, Gmail, your gallery, whatever. I’m not sure why people are complaining about low functionality. Maybe they didn’t bother to watch the tutorial. I also bought the calligraphy pen for a measly $.99 and it’s worth it.

  16. UPDATED: Estetically pleasing. After my previous 3 star review, someone from support promptly answered(nice!) and pointed to a feature I missed because I used the tablet rotated in landscape mode. I re-installed, S pen works well. Small issues persist, disable “hide toolbar” doesn’t work, pan/zoom in landscape mode is counterintuitive. Still, app is nice to use. Nice shapes detection. Will give it more test time.

  17. Update: Looks like the new update might have fixed some issues. I will give it a shot. Updated to 3 stars. I used to love this app before the recent update. Two BIG issues. 1) I like the old capability to pin the toolbar, this new toolbar is pretty, but for me, it only adds steps into my regular use. I would at least like to have the option to pin the toolbar to my screen. 2) It keeps freezing up and shutting down. I haven’t found a work around other than completely reinstalling. I use this as my Bullet Journal for work, so that will not work AT ALL. Until this is all fixed, I will have to stop using this app.

  18. LouTubed1 dice:

    INKredible thanks for the great app. love it, use it every day. Recently you changed the color pallet, here’s the problem I experience with that. When the solid pallet selection was available I could select a specific color and able to return to that specific color. Now, I have to find the color I was using for a particular document and record the number which takes some much time. In addition the first page of colors keep changing to the last selection. Is it possible to have the previous selection of solid colors back again – please? Thx Recent update Dec 4 2021: Followed your instructions to restore my notebooks. Needed to uninstall previous version then restart the device before reinstalling new version. Thanks for the most amazing app and great customer service. Continued success.

  19. it’s a pretty good app. the palm rejection is disappointing but I wasn’t really expecting much from that I get along just fine using the zoom box and resting my palm on my tablet edge. Love the addition shapes they added. The biggest thing I would want to see is being able to overlay pdf with the pages like graph paper. That along with being able to edit pdfs slightly would bump it into 5 stars

  20. I couldn’t do much exploring in the free version to know whether it was right for me. Continually had the pop-up asking me to upgrade & I couldn’t figure out how to close the pop-up without closing the app. There were a couple of other things that I don’t recall. I’ll reinstall & reattempt sometime to give you more data.

  21. Using this app for a few years. Landed on it after trying quite a few other apps. This one is the best I have used and have built up a lot of notes on it. The inking is extremely smooth and lot of good options to customize your notes. Combined with the phone camera my handwritten notes are the best they have ever been.

  22. Joe H dice:

    App worked great until this morning. All of my notebooks are still in the library but none of them have any pages. All of my notes from the last 6 months or so are gone. Edit; had to change to one star. I can’t even use the app anymore. It won’t allow me to make any pages in my notebooks. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing changed. The app is a brick right now.

  23. Just ok, it doesn’t work well enough to pay for. Not on my Galaxy S9, anyway. Very frustrating with this phone, in my experience. If I had a phone and/or device that was fully compatible with this app. and it worked like it says, it would be great, I imagine.

  24. Love the interface and the way it writes. Makes my crummy handwriting look pretty. Palm rejection is non-existent though on my Yoga Book. Nor does it support the eraser or side buttons on a pen like a similar app. Real bummer, and hate to go for Pro when the claim is that it’s a “perfect experience”.

  25. I really enjoy using this app! There could be some improvements added to it though. Such as more highlighter colors and either the ability to create new productivity options or add in some options for budgeting and finances. I also have no clue how to make the colors darker. So that would be another plus if it was added. I thought about buying the PROversion, but I think I will wait to see if there are any updates soon before I do that.

  26. I love the response between the men and the screen; however, changing ink color and all that- to me – is not intuitive at all. If I wanted to take the time to learn their stupid menu system I’m sure it would get easier, but I don’t spend a lot of time on my phone much less learn a convoluted menu system.

  27. I agree with others who have complained about the zoom to 90% and “fit” function being bungled, cannot see an imported pic or pdf without side being chopped off. This was a goto app. Emails back and forth with cust service were useless, whose advice was to use a thumbnail feature which reduces image to 5%. Now i have to fund an new app. Thanks for bungling the app guys.

  28. Baloo II dice:

    Bug with notebook thumbnails – show content of wrong document and leads to confusion. Palm rejection is device-dependent – there should be more of a disclaimer of that. Even with gloves on, response is temperamental at best. Was also annoyed to find I’d paid in-app for more notebooks without mention of there being a separate, pro version to consider instead. Otherwise, it’s a polished UI experience.

  29. This is the best notetaking app I’ve used! I enjoy taking handwritten notes, and this app is excellent for taking these types of notes. It picks up on strokes from the stylus very well. The magnified notetaking feature really helps with capturing handwritten strokes. The selection tool really helps me organize my notes, resize text, and change out ink styles. Tip: I have a Galaxy Tab A, and I use a laptop shutter to cover up the back button when I am writing.

  30. Good app I love the writing experience. One thing I would suggest that I would like to see is an auto straight feature after I finish writing. I’m trying to write on the line but I can’t get it on there perfectly. But with this feature DO NOT auto correct the words or change the writing style. Please keep the ink style the same that’s what makes the app unique so it won’t be like I am typing.

  31. This app is Amazing! I really love you guys and this has advanced so much of my own personal work and organized me and the notes I’ve taken for years on here and ive decided to finally share my positive experiences. HOWEVER, the color wheel, as nice of an idea as it was, can you please implement the preselected colors it had in previous updates, where they were all organized in neat order AND if need be, a color wheel option? I just find that color wheel VERY frustrating to deal with honestly.

  32. Does not work on samsung tablet. Palm reject was key feature looking for did not work. The doc would auto hide. There is a setting to turn off. But did not work. I guess the best thing is they let you try before you buy, but be prepared for annoying ads and alerts to get you to upgrade.

  33. Carl dice:

    It’s completely crashed just used after a few times. Not very user friendly. It’ even very difficult to find where the main menu is and how to launch it if I want to edit or add pages, etc. There`s another app called Master note. Very user friendly.

  34. Love the new autosync feature but its not quite working smoothly. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work on some devices, and even then I still cant see all of my notebooks. Also, I wish there were a section right in the settings where we could view/manage our cloud notebooks.

  35. I must update my 5⭐ review-this one earned another 5⭐s. No other app provides such a seemless handwriting experience. You write & a smart algorithm moves focus across the page, resumes in next line when it’s time! Tons of hard work & attn to detail resulted in such a natural writing exp, while keeping any compexities out of the way. Like the way the thumb that holds device can make pages appear, scroll, add or delete them. Pen strokes are incredibly smooth, using pace to emulate pressure, WOW!

  36. Best but some features needed. I have purchased pens and pdf packs and I can say that this app has potential to be the best note taking and pdf annotating app if they just work out some Highlighter features (don’t restrict on 30% transperancy) and favourite tools pinup (on top or somewhere on screen) so that swapping pens and highlighter should be just one touch away. Scrolling can also be improved.

  37. Great app, well done to the developers. Few Shortcomings 1. Sometimes lag a bit 2. Option for space are a bit less 3. Options for bold or italic text aren’t there yet.

  38. The more i use it the more problem it has. If your team can’t keep an eye on it and don’t have time more to fix its many bugs then tell me so that i can move to other app. I can’t buy it if i see that is still have so many bugs.

  39. Makes beautiful writing possible with modes such as fountain pen and calligraphy styles. But important missing capabilities such as ability to easily move pages between different notebooks. Moving between pages is also not easy. There does not seem to be any option for continuous scrolling between pages which is a big impediment for smooth writing. With these changes I would probably buy the pro version

  40. Please do something about the dots even with Palm Rejection on, I have never had any issue with stray dots and lines under my palm in any other app, so i guess it is safe to say that my device is not the problem. Although it does not interfere with my writing, it makes the experience frustrating. Hopefully in the next update, it will be fixed. Thank you!

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