OldSchool Editor : Text Editor MODDED 2022


Let's relive the 90s and feel the experience of classic text editor on android.
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OldSchool Editor is text editor has a simple, powerful, intuitive and nostalgic interface that gives feel of working on desktop. OldSchool Editor can be used as standard editor for editing any kind of text files.

Note : It is an editor for plain text files and not designed for opening pdf, doc, docx or any other non plain text file format.

Features of OldSchool Editor :
★ Simple, small size and Ad Free.
★ Powerful and simple user interface designed for both phones and tablets.
★ Multiple interfaces available to increase productivity in both phones and tablets.
★ Create, browse and save text files with auto saving feature.
★ Change Interface, text size, font and color.
★ Print text files on Android 5 or above.
★ Support case conversion and text trim operation.
★ Open large files in parts with paging system.
★ Display line numbers.
★ Supports Undo and Redo operations.
★ Supports Read only mode, word wrap and word count.
★ Supports Find & Replace, line jumping and regular expression search.
★ Quickly open HTML files in browser or internal viewer.
★ Built-in color picker for getting color codes in different format such as RGB, HSL and HEX.
★ Supports keyboard shortcuts for many editor operations.
★ Supports different kind of Line ending styles ( n , r , rn ).
★ Supports US-ASCII, UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and IBM437 encoding standards with encoding detector.

If you find any problems feel free to give suggestions and feedback at [email protected].

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If you like this application and want to support development or appreciate developer you can buy support version of this application. Support version has exactly same features.

Permissions Required :
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Writing files in storage
INTERNET : For internal browser
WAKE_LOCK : For Firebase analytics
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : For Firebase analytics


Version 1.5.2
-Apologies for last unstable update
-Added printing support, available on Android 5 or above
-Added case conversion and Trim text options in Edit menu
-Added cut copy paste and tab shortcuts in quick toolbar
-Added cursor placement and vertical scrollbar adjustment options in settings
-Added delete page option in page bar
-Added share all text option in tools menu
-Fixed auto saving behaviour of saving saved files
-Minor bug fixes and UI tweeks


40 comentarios en "OldSchool Editor : Text Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. Jay Jones dice:

    Program quit working on Android 11 on Samsung Tab A today. I usually start the program by opening a text file in ES File Explorer Pro. It has worked for years. I choose the program each time. I have not set it as default for text files. Today I consistently get message cannot open file. I can open the file through the program. I can open the file with Samsung My Files file manager. The problem hasn’t yet occurred on my Android 4, 6, and 7 devices, only on 11. Reinstalling both pgs didn’t help.

  2. It just works. No annoying ads, no in app purchases, but it can open files that android can’t (like .md and source files). U guess you could use it to do real development, but that might be a tad difficult… But for viewing random text files with different extensions… It just works.

  3. I have enjoyed this app, first and foremost for its simplicity, but also because it handles large bodies of text very effectively. What I can’t seem to figure out, though, is whether or not the app has a previous file version restore option: it seems I accidentally deleted a portion of my txt document, and I’m panicking as I look for a solution. Either way, this app has been quite the godsend!

  4. A fun and practical text editing experience! I love using basic text editors. If jotting down a quick, temporary note, the complexity of something like Google Keep is just annoying. Sometimes I need to view a configuration file or something, so Old School Editor is good to keep around for any small task like that as well! 4 stars–It needs some polish still. For instance, the line numbers don’t line up with the text on the lines.

  5. Finally! Took me forever to find a simple Windows Notepad analog with no ads or iap. The only issue I have is that it doesn’t honor my Swyoe keyboard setting to auto-capitalize the first word in a sentence. But it sites honor the auto-space after a word setting, so I can live with that little thing. It’s missing from many apps, so I’m used to it.

  6. This has quickly become my default Android text editor, replacing three other apps I used to use. It is deceptively “simple” if you want simple, but it’s also amazingly powerful if you delve into the menu options. The menu is a powerful feature. Like the DOS editor it emulates, the menu is based on WORDS rather than pictographs, and offers much more granular control than the typical icon-based menu found in other editors. There is a reason alphabets replaced pictographs!

  7. I just started using the app. It seems to be a well thought out and designed app. It edits text without a lot of useless fluff. The only possible flaw is that I don’t think you can print the text. Of course the flaw could be in me and I simply can’t find out how to print! Assuming it doesn’t support printing, I find it to be a disappointment, not a deal breaker. Even without the print function, it’s a good editor.

  8. Aech Dee dice:

    it just… works. it’s a simple, straightforward text editor that doesn’t have banner ads, popup ads, or the ‘hey, go give us a five star rating’ popups. it’s just a classic text editor and I love it. (also you can change it from the default color scheme which is awesome too)

  9. Dale Zopf dice:

    I like the editor but don’t understand why the search option is greyed out. it’s the one feature I was lookling for in a text editor. Really disapointing. Thank you for your timely response. I did what you asked. By changing the interface the FIND feature works well. Thank you very much!

  10. This is the only text editor on play, after testing every single app listed above it, that can open a 30mb+ txt file without crapping itself. I will be buying the paid version as soon as I’m next able to harvest enough scrap cans in order to alchemize them into bank notes. However I *would* like to see a UI change. It’s 2022, we can do better. Dont break anything updating though..

  11. It’s a really great app and would rate it 5 stars but it repeatedly gets hung up and not respond during a process and I end up having to force close the app. I dont have any unnecessary apps running in the background and I have tried rebooting my phone. I’ve even reinstalled the app hoping it might solve the issue somehow but it didn’t. I’m on a new Motorola z3 so space isn’t the issue. If Im able to resolve the issue I will gladly come back and give it the stars it deserves.

  12. A decent app that does exactly what it says. A couple of observatios/suggestions. 1. Under OPEN, i can explore google drive, but not my own memory card… 2. I can search/explore videos, pictures, etc… Why? Since when these are deemed text files. 3. It would be nice if i could remove the box around the edit area.

  13. Amazing application. This works beautifully with a blutooth mouse+keyboard. I have device-switching keyboard and mouse setup, so I can just press a button on my keyboard or mouse to switch from my work computer to my phone that i keep on a little stand. So few apps have proper keyboard+mouse integration on android these days and this is one of the best. One thing I would like to see in the future would be a Notepad++ style Find and Replace option which utilizes RegEx. Thanks!

  14. Suggestions for development: 1. When I tap share in my browsers, including Chrome, I get a list of apps that includes the editor Quick Edit, among other text editing apps. Get Old-school editor onto this app list. 2. Support opening and saving files on LAN network drives. I currently do this with the ES File Explorer editor but had rather use Old-school editor.

  15. Excellent yet simple to use text editor. One question though: Is it possible to open other types of flat files for editing, such as m3u playlists? UPDATE 2020-11-08: This was my misunderstanding regarding how the file picker works (forgot I had to back out and select my phone name to access individual sub-directories). Up to 5 stars, great job!

  16. Used this for a bit, bought the pro version as soon as I saw it was available: fantastic writing experience, let’s you very specifically make a file, fill it with letters, and save it. Very good for those of us that love new technology but miss when our input devices reliably input the things we told them to

  17. Some things end up unresponsive/unworking when launched from a “File Manager” app to select a text file (and open the text file by default [extension *.txt]). Unsure if this ends up as an “OldSchool” app problem or as a “File Manager” problem at the moment. When the Android OS stops responding like Microsoft Windows 3 used to, that ends up as “ubresponsive” to any typing/tapping/or other OS actions/re-actions.

  18. I hate giving any app 1-star but wow, what a bug I found. Or rather, it found me. I have autosave on , but when I close out a file I press save anyway just to make sure. This morning I made a rather lengthy note. When I went back in later it had not saved. If I only used autosave or only pressed save there may have been a mistake, but if the entire note is gone after using both I have to cut my losses and find another app. No anger, just apprehensive. LG G7 ThinQ, Android 9.

  19. It would be extremely helpful (and consistent) to have the sorting option remain as selected instead of resetting after closing a file. Also the option to choose whether files or folders are first displayed in the file manager would be extremely helpful. And the already standard auto-save plus auto-title function in most android apps would be here the final touch. Thnx!!

  20. App is buggy. If at any point, it decides the document you’re looking at has only one page and you save, everything else is gone. It’s not clearly indicated when it decides to use more than one page, and if you decide to write stuff after the cutoff, it doesn’t tell you it didn’t save. Opening in multiwindow modes tends to break word-wrapping. But nice theme.

  21. How I have missed something like this on my phone. As a regular user of the text editor on Windows for short notes, reminders, small documents and even coding when necessary I’ve lamented the lack of a simple editor for Android. Today I found this as I shunned the too complex post-it style apps yet again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Just set it in, thanks, the blue background remind me of X-tree Gold, it had a text parsing tool, not necessary text editor, you really made it, it NEVER attacks the user with ADS, so harassment free as you made it gives you a 5, had others installed but at the moment they put ads in my way the are marked for bad, I suppose they never had “shareware” in the XXth century. If I had money to spend I give you some, for now have my thanks, great product.

  23. When monospace just isn’t… I can’t get virtical alignment on columns because spacing chrs are not mono with reular characters. System font hasn’t been changed from default, IDK if the app can use other fonts but it also is on whatever was default except that I changed the setting to mono and it’s not working properly for vertical alignment. Will change rating *if I get a helpful reply.* A link to contact devs is unecessary, it’s alread available here in the play store. I’m already on it.

  24. Would be good, but when i save the file and reopen, i see few lines were deleted at the end. I lost half of my buy-list because of this. 🙁 Update: Ok, it also happens with another text editor. Looks like the problem is OneDrive. I open the file from OneDrive app, edit it, save it, then exit from the editor. When I reopen the file, part of what I appended before is missing.

  25. I’ve tried about a dozen free apps looking for a simple text viewer/editor that will open with word-wrap (enable in settings), with no syntax highlighting, allows finding and selecting text, and edits and saves text files, all without advertising. This is the app I was looking for.

  26. I love this. All the familiar menus with large high contrast letters. No ads have yet assaulted my eyes nor have I been pestered to pay. But I think I will! It’s able to open a text file from my PC on a microSD card, edit and save.

  27. This is exactly the kind of app that I was looking for as an alternative to the terminally buggy Solid Explorer editor. Especially I like the fact that it lets you use the standard system copy/paste bar – which also gives you access to all the other things in that menu which I need. It simply WORKS!

  28. I was absolutely loving this app until I lost 40KB of a 45KB file without cause. I was able to recompile most of it from the crash dumps but I still lost days worth of work. I love the interface and the options and I relished the feel, but I can’t keep a program that risks this kind of data loss.

  29. Love the fact that there are no ads. Love the retro interface, with menus on top. Easy to open any text file, for example I use it to edit m3u playlist. Thanks for developer for quick response to my request. Any file can be opened from open file dialog – just select internal storage or sd card.

  30. i like the app, a lot. however, scrolling sideways (horizontally) is difficult. as soon as i move my finger one pixel up or down scrolling will stop, which is quite annoying if your text has long lines. the app should have a lock in feature. whenever it detects horizontal scrolling, disable the vertical scrolling

  31. I like the functionality, but I’m not a fun of terminal user interface outlook. I’d appreciate a switch to remove those lines around the text. When I change colors to black-on-white, these gray-black lines don’t fit at all. But yeah, the editor is just fine. Why did they ever stop shipping them with the OS!?

  32. Thought it was a life saver. Turns out it can’t handle more than a thousand of characters. • Can’t re-edit my initial review but anyways, I luckily found another editor and worked fine. Regarding special characters, all were just brackets and colons. • And plus stars for non-botted response.

  33. Viper dice:

    I immediately opened this app and saved text I had stored in the Android clipboard to Documents without even having to think. Not sure how well it work with the bootstrapped Linux distro I run along side Android but look forward to it testing that out soon. I was so impressed with this app that after I saved my doc I came here to give this app’s dev a five star review!

  34. Chris M dice:

    It’s a good text editor, but it needs an option to disable the unnecessary popups when you try and exit the app. The first is typically ‘do you want to save’. The second is ‘are you sure you want to exit’. The first I can somewhat understand but I’d still like an option to disable it – if I haven’t saved my changes, I lose my work, that’s on me. The second absolutely needs an option to disable it. If I’ve gone to the trouble of tapping file and then tapping exit, I want the app to exit!

  35. i quite like it. a good simple text that output *.txt , but autosave function failed randomly. since i used it as journal (for more portability), if it has auto load my last file fr last file location (after it is closed or killed) will be very good, lesser click, just fast and convinience for a quick journal making. also a few function key linked to several files make it good and speedy to make quick notes of different categories of notes or shopping list.. i use only *.txt 4 portability

  36. Salim CP dice:

    This is a useful App by which you can open txt file in any folder, edit it, rename it and save it in any other folder. Exactly like windows notepad operation. You have new,open,save,save as , cut, paste, find, replace, undo, redo operations. And it’s free and ad free as far as I know. I like this very much.

  37. A little bit ‘old school’ as you might expect from the name, but it works well and does all that I want from a text editor with no funny glitches, ads or other distractions, which is more than I can say for most other apps that I’ve tried. Not perfect, but very close

  38. Excellent – less is more. Text editor without the bloat. I do love the 90’s (and earlier) GUI. Did I pay for this app? Not sure… but if I didn’t, I would have happily paid a few bucks. No syntax highlighting, but I’m using OldSchool for markdown, so it’s perfect. EDIT: Just saw the coffee support version. Happy to support your caffeine habit. Cheers mate!

  39. Unintuitive. When opening and editing an existing text file and then trying to save, it reports that the file has already been saved. Also the Android experience doesn’t fully work – the Exit command does nothing.

  40. Rachel X. dice:

    I LOVE this app! It has a desktop feel to it. Easy to use (especially because of the menus use words instead of pictorial icons, leaving no guess work). Highly customizable. Just a very useful app. Wish I found this one sooner!!

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