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Smart PDF scanner with OCR by Google
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Get rid of paper clutter with Stack. Stack is a PDF scanner, document organizer, and detail finder. All in one.

Scan with your phone
Stack can be used as a bill scanner, receipt scanner, invoice scanner and more.

High-quality PDFs
Stack transforms your scanned documents into high-quality PDFs.
Easily edit with crop, rotation, color enhancement, and correction.

Make organizing easy
Stack automatically names and organizes your documents into useful categories.

Never miss a detail
Stack finds and displays key details from your document (like “total amount due”). Copying information has never been easier.

Private and secure
Stack uses Google’s world-class security to protect your data. You can turn on fingerprint or face lock for extra peace of mind.

Automatic Back Up
Stack backs up all your documents to the Cloud. You can save a copy of your documents also to Google Drive.

Import existing PDFs
Import from camera, gallery or files. Your documents have a new home.

Stack has no ads or in-app purchases. And no watermarks.

Share PDF documents
Share your scanned documents via email.

Document search
Stack’s OCR scanner allows you to search for text within your documents. You can always find what you need.

Made by Google
Built by Google’s in-house incubator “Area 120 by Google”, this app will show you why this is the best PDF scanner. Learn more at


We're regularly updating Stack to improve functionality, add features and fix bugs.


4 comentarios en "Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120 MOD 2022"

  1. Chris Kennedy dice:

    1. If you use it for your camera to take a PDF “photo” it cuts the outside off of your document no matter how far away you get from the document. 2. The option to trim and crop does not allow sides to be moved. It only allows the edge points to be moved. 3. If you at Google tell me a secret way to request a change, it’s better for everyone if it’s secret to you, and not a public critique?

  2. lisa xadea dice:

    I am a Google loyalist, but they really do keep letting us down. I am another Pixel user having trouble accessing stack because of fingerprint scanner issues. Currently locked out… Another problem I have with this app is document sharing. Either the recipient can’t open it when I share directly from the app or when I go to attach a file to an email stack is not an option. This really kills the app’s usefulness. As a document scanner/labeler/organizer it’s so close to being great! Please fix!

  3. Douglas Byers Sr dice:

    I was looking for an app like this that was easy to snap a picture real quick when I have a pile of receipts at the end of the day. And, Wow…. I found the exact one I was looking for. It has AI integration that works pretty good! The app does enough on the go that I don’t need to add many details to the data it records on it’s own. I looked into all the details and found it to be a legit app that is backed by Google. Would highly recommend it!! I’m sure the developers are working to make it even better as I am typing this. Thank you. *update* 3/2022 Some mentioned unable to use outside mobile. (workaround): Share Stack documents to cloud.

  4. Michael Lamberson dice:

    Add this to the list of recent half-baked software from Google. This is a good idea, but the execution is terrible. Taking photos of documents usually ends up with bad cropping and blurry text. You can fix the cropping, but it’s time consuming, the blurry text, you just need to try again. Complete trash when compared with Camscanner. The Stack listing on Google Play should just redirect you to the superior Camscanner page.

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