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An easy-to-use PDF editor which allows you to view, annotate, and protect PDF
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Want a PDF editor? Try Foxit PDF Editor. This is an easy-to-use PDF editor which allows you to view and annotate PDF files on Android devices while on the go. The Foxit PDF Editor also offers advanced features based on subscription, including export PDF, edit PDF, and protect PDF, etc.

Foxit PDF Editor provides you with the following capabilities:
• Reliable: 100% compliant with your current PDF ecosystem.
• Lightweight: doesn’t exhaust your device resources.
• Fast: no long waits to open PDFs.
• Secure: powerful file protection features to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access.
• Collaborative: full control of your content.
• Multi-Language: support for 12 languages.

What Foxit PDF Editor can offer to you:

View and manage PDF files
• Reflow PDF files for easy viewing
• Easy document navigation with bookmark management features
• Search for text within your PDF document
• Supports tabbed document interface (for tablet only)
• Supports to read the PDF out loud
• Rename, move, copy or delete PDF file(s)

Collaborate and share PDF files
• Add annotations and stamps to PDF files
• Share PDF files and screenshots from within the application
• Share multiple files across your desktop and Android device via Wi-Fi
• Save, synchronize and access PDF files in popular cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)

Create and convert PDFs
• Create blank PDFs from scratch*
• Create PDFs from Microsoft Office, image, text, and HTML files*
• Scan and convert paper documents to PDFs
• Convert PDFs to Microsoft Office, image, text, or HTML files*
• Combine PDFs to create a new PDF*

Edit PDF files
• Insert audios, videos, or hyperlinks to PDFs*
• Add/edit text and image objects in PDFs*
• Edit document properties*
• Optimize PDF documents*
• Reorganize PDF pages

Work on PDF forms
• Fill out and save PDF forms
• Import and export form data
• Submit PDF forms via HTTP, FTP, or Email
• Work on XFA forms*

Sign and protect PDFs
• Add handwritten signatures to PDFs
• Sign PDF documents with an existing digital certificate*
• Protect PDF files with password and Microsoft Information Protection*
• Protect PDF information with redaction*

The features marked with the asterisk (*) are advanced features based on subscription through in-app purchase. You can have a 7-day free trial for the advanced features. To activate the advanced features, you should create a Foxit account and subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor. After subscription, just sign in with your Foxit account and the advanced features will be available.

Have feedback? You can contact us at the following address:

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1. Support to enable or disable drawing with fingers in the Properties while using the Pencil, Highlighter, or Eraser tool.
2. Fixed some issues to deliver a more friendly user experience.


40 comentarios en "Foxit PDF Editor MODDED"

  1. maximum books open = 5, I’m sorry, I’m in Med school, sometimes, I need to switch between more than that. occasionally, in-app drawing sometimes does not work promptly. Also, I own the full version on PC, I’m not willing to pay for a subscription that doesnt even come close to the the PC version. Would also be nice if the highlighter could cross columns.

  2. Intuitive, easy to use. I like this better than many desktop apps I’ve used. The talk feature was a pleasant surprise. I will use it to listen to PDFs when I’m driving. I would like to subscribe to get the extra features, but $50 for a year is a little steep for me right now. If I could subscribe by the month, I would. Fortunately the free version is very useful.

  3. Great pdf reader/editor. If you just need basic reader/editor then it’s free w/this app. There are some things you have to have the subscription for to complete, but I think it’d be worth it if you use the app often. I just like how it’s mostly free & doesn’t have any ads like most of the free versions do. Thank you!!

  4. J dice:

    Foxit has a lot of impressive functionality, but it is almost impossible to use it on a phone interface. Basic things like scrolling though pages are frustrating since you will touch the poorly placed page tab, which will take you 100 pages ahead. If you touch the text, you will open other unwanted interfaces that need to be closed before you continue. To do anything precise, you end up having to zoom so far into the text that you can’t see the page or grab the text off the screen.

  5. The reflow feature is genius, and this review will focus on that one feature. I was looking for a reader that would restructure and reformat pdf’s to be readable on a phone, and this does that well. It moves blocks of text and images into a continuous stream that’s easy to read. It renders pretty slowly when it’s doing this, and there are definitely some ugly artifacts, but those negatives don’t disrupt the reading experience.

  6. I would give it 5 stars, but the app has a delay in touch interfacing. There were a couple of pdfs that I urgently needed to edit, and it worked fine for the first one. Then, I tried to edit the second one, and it was slow to respond when tapping on a line or area to input text. Also, once the text was entered and saved, it did not save anything on the document. It just saved it as a blank filled out document. Needs another update!

  7. Update: I’ve been using The May 2021 update for a while now and I’m afraid it’s destroyed the app’s utility for me. It’s more resource intensive, laggy, and occasionally unresponsive. The interface is pretty, but harder to navigate and it gets in the way of actually reading and interacting with PDFs. I hope they give us the option to roll back, make some big returns to form, or I’ll have to switch to something else.

  8. Ian Peck dice:

    Please bring back the old version now. This new interface is awful. I now have to tap the screen to get rid of the editor interface which auto pops up. PDF files are now being cut off so I can’t see the edges of my PDF images / text. I just want it to read PDF files like it did with having tabs. Now it doesn’t even read the same. I can’t even zoom out to see everything. I will be switching if the old version isn’t restored.

  9. This app looked like everything I was looking for in a pdf reader, but like many others it didn’t quite cut it. The resolution on the pdfs I opened was too low to read without zooming way in (a problem I didn’t have with other they readers) and I was super excited about the color filters but they didn’t work at all. 🙁 However, this app was SUPER easy to use, it seemed to have all the right features, every other function worled perfectly and was well designed (unlike too many other pdf readers)

  10. Good PDF reader, but rather intrusive. It will keep asking if it can record voice and access your pictures. It doesn’t seem to remember your selection from the previous session. If you don’t mind the hassle of telling it your permission preferences every time, it works well as a PDF reader; fast, stable. 2020-09-01 Edit The constant asking permission mentioned earlier seems to have been removed. Great stuff.

  11. It performs the basic function of viewing a pdf file just fine (as do dozens, if not hundreds of other apps), however with fill-in pdf’s it will only allow you to edit and save the entered info once. Any subsequent attempts at saving info to your computer are futile. It will save changes within the app and appear as “Recent” files, but it can not be saved to folders on your computer.

  12. This WAS a simply, easy-to-use app. Then came the update. Now it’s a bloated, ungodly mess. It takes forever to load. The page being viewed jumps all over the place. To scroll, you have to get to the bottom of the page, scroll to the next page, which is at the bottom, then moved up to the top. It used to be possible to scroll simply vertically and move to the next page. There used to be a settings button to control some of this. Either settings are gone or the button is well-hidden. Why developers have to take something simple that works well and turn it into a total mess is beyond me

  13. Good working app, but sometimes it freezes if i keep turning the page. Also, if I want to read something saved to my cloud a few times it takes very long. The biggest issue with that is if I have “Restore Previous Session” selected, I have to wait for the cloud book to finish loading because I can’t cancel out of it even when i reset the app. If i come back after resetting, it goes back to loading the cloud book for ages. can’t even change the settings till the book loads.

  14. Foxit PDF Reader was fine, and used to be my favorite mobile pdf app. But now, it operates horribly. It’s slow, clunky, the UI is is garish and obnoxious, opening the pdf takes way longer than before and sometimes you have to close and open it again for it to display properly, and tapping on the pdf while it’s open to hide the toolbars often is fiddly and doesn’t work, and when it does, it’s slow and stuttery. Don’t use this version of Foxit. Save yourself the headache and find one that works.

  15. It did nothing that my current default setup couldn’t do. Any of the basic features other than open a file, required a subscription. I just wanted to update a PDF and it couldn’t even save it to my computer. It did absolutely nothing for me, and worse it made me create an account that I cannot delete now that I’m done with it. If it does have a delete account button hidden somewhere in its labyrinth of menus, I sure as hell couldn’t find it and the search help system redirected me to more products. This is nothing but a hassle to me.

  16. Near Perfect 👌 I rate this over Adobe Reader, for once when I’m doing out editable PDFs the field doesn’t go blank after I’m done typing among other things. I don’t have those issues with this app, that’s why I ditched adobe and started using this. The only thing this app is missing for me is the ability to copy and paste to and from fillable/editable PDFs, and sometimes after I apply a signature to a PDF the app closes and I have to do the process over again. Otherwise to that. It’s perfect.

  17. M Deck dice:

    Latest change (I can’t bring myself to call it an update) has ruined the app — if it opens a file at all, it takes fully minutes. I don’t want a PDF editor on my phone; I just want a lightweight, unbloated PDF reader. PLEASE bring that back. Recent-ish versions of both your Windows and Android apps are gonna drive me back to Adobe, which makes me really sad, as I used to recommend your products regularly, and now they don’t do what I counted them for.

  18. Gail G dice:

    I’ll echo others regarding the new update, it’s troublesome enough to cause me to want to delete the app and forget about it. I’ve used it for years, the free and paid versions. This one is too busy but my main problem is when I type numbers in a date field the numbers don’t all show you what I choose. For example, 2021 shows as 2222. I did send a reply to your request for feedback on your update about that issue. Over the years it’s been a great tool, thank you.

  19. The reader version of this app was an acceptable replacement to my previous pdf reader. It had all the features I required, dark mode, reflow text and landscape mode. After the update to editor, darkmode made the text invisible (black on dark grey), made nearly every touch turn into some form of highlight, etc. I switched to a different reader, as well as a different file format. Not going back to this app.

  20. October Edit: Well, I’m an idiot. Since I need pdf editing, file conversion, etc on mobile, and use the desktop version, I subscribed despite all the bugs the last several months. Out of memory errors (168kb file), search, the app crashes, edit, it crashes, etc. They haven’t fixed anything. Would switch to Acrobat but too costly on mobile, but it works, so may be worth it to switch. If I do, that’s it for Foxit, mobile and desktop, too many bugs, no effective response to make their products work. June: Just tried the June 2 update, and no dice. A file that I’ve opened, searched, copied text from, etc. numerous times before on my phone just sits there with an out of memory error message. Opened it in Acrobat and then in the phone’s pdf app and both had no trouble with it. Foxit said they’re going to be responsive to their users comments, so hoping they can get this back to the lean, stable app that this used to be.

  21. been using foxit ever since I’ve started medical school. everyone recommended onenote or whatever but they didn’t compare to this app. I can write, highlight, draw, type, and even leave notes on my lectures. lots of colors to choose from, easily change size as well. lots of tools available from text highlight to area highlight to checking or squares. like I said, perfect tool for studying on lectures or types notes. I’ve also seen the developers make several changes to continuously improve.

  22. I have been using Foxit Reader for Windows for many years and have been very happy with it. But every time I try to open a PDF file in the Android app I get an error stating the file might be corrupted, even though the same file always opens fine in the default app for Google Drive, and after several months of this I’m done and unistalling the app.

  23. Lexi dice:

    I’ve never written a review regarding any app before but I feel very strongly about this. Foxit Reader was the best mobile PDF reader I have ever used by a wide margin. That being said recently they updated it and it changed into Foxit “Editor” adding edit functionality to the app and I must saw it’s awful. It broke the reader side of things, it’s incredibly slow and it crashes very often. It constantly asks for SD card permissions that it already has and crashes when I attempt to authorize it.

  24. It is intuitive and it’s free form seems to work fine for me so far. I grade apps VERY hard too.(less than 10 got 5*) I tried foxit because I wanted a real thumbnail view of my pdfs. My file manager doesnt do that for me. I think the thumbnails could be larger, and that Foxit may actually be a “more able app” than I really need…. and that is as close to complaint’s as I can can make so far. Even the premium features are placed so they arent super intrusive into the basic function. Bravo

  25. In theory, the app has everything I need. However, none of it is working as it should 😔. The biggest, deal-breaking issue is that my documents are failing to save after I’ve spent HOURS taking notes on them. The desktop app is better, but I really need an app that syncs across devices, and this isn’t it right now. Really bummed that I paid for this… Hoping they release an update ASAP! In the meantime, I’ll be going back to my old PDF reader and hoping I can get a refund for this one.

  26. The old app was a powerful and stable PDF reader which I used frequently for accessing service and parts manuals working in the field. Great time saver instead of digging out a PC to look up something briefly. This new PDF editor replaces the old reader and is quite unusable. It hogs the phone’s resources. Very slow to load. Just too much bloat for the job. A shame since other PDF readers out there do not work as well as that old app did. But apparently gone forever now.

  27. Kyle Frey dice:

    It’s ok I guess, but the auto crop algorithm is wack – – it leaves absolutely no borders and crops at the very edges of text, so words at the beginning and ends of lines run off the screen making a lot of text illegible. Just doesn’t make sense. Like, chill. Annoying to have to manually readjust the crop every time.

  28. Limyta dice:

    Really did like this app. But then the layout completely changed and it takes forever to get to load or get to my documents, which I didn’t mind too terribly much. But this morning when I try to use it at all it crashes no matter what I try to open. So basically unusable. Hopefully I can get another app that will be able to retrieve all my files so I can access them

  29. Good pdf reader and has many useful pdf editing tools. But I am giving it 4 stars because of the scanner. The focus feature is missing in the scanner and there are no filters for the scanned images. You have to keep the original image. I would request Foxit to add these features in the scanner. Then I would definitely give this app 5 stars.

  30. I was a big fan of the earlier version of paid FoxIt Reader. But the combining of the app with Editor ruined it. Since then, it has not been reliable, regularly crashes and requires restarting or inexplicably won’t allow the keyboard to appear, making search unusable. After giving it 7 months to improve, I have switched to another PDF product for my phone and tablet.

  31. When trying to edit and switch between other apps to see the information you’re going to put into the pdf, Foxit blinks and all the information you’ve been filling in thus far disappears if you don’t switch back to Foxit fast enough. Then when you go to save the app crashes every time and the auto save doesn’t work. When I tried to open the pdf again it wouldn’t allow me to edit at all; the keyboard simply wouldn’t even come up. Had to restart my phone just to be able to start editing again.

  32. This is the most flexible reading app i have ever found. I am able to use it to comfortably and enjoyably read so many texts i find online and conveniently save and retrieve from my cloud services! Being able to adjust the display extensively only makes me want to use it more. I think it’s possible to fall in love with an app!

  33. I’ve been using the Foxit PDF *Reader* for several years. It was the best PDF reader I’ve found for Android. (I also use the Windows and Ubuntu versions.) The latest update (which was installed automatically on my devices) replaces it with a PDF *Editor*. I don’t need a PDF editor, and the reading functionality of the new version is not nearly as good as the plain old Reader version. My suggestion: Fork it. Provide the plain reader and the new editor as separate applications. The sooner you do this, the more users you’re likely to win back. (I have nothing to say about the editing functionality because I haven’t tried it.)

  34. Bloated app that is one of the biggest users of internal storage on my phone, perhaps due to all the premium features I can’t use and don’t want or maybe due to bad coding. UI is nice, but even basic tasks like highlighting don’t work, with it being difficult to highlight precisely. Also still using old Android APIs so permissions can’t be managed properly. I recommend Xodo instead.

  35. Gnip Gnop dice:

    Newest version is Foxit PDF Editor (Purple Icon). While the previous version occasionally corrupted files, thus version (on my tablet, at least) corrupts every file selected. The best I was able to accomplish was open three files before file corruption. I’m sure Foxit will address this issue in short order, and I will continue using their wonderful program on other platforms, but until this major issue is corrected, I’m changing my rating to a 1/5.

  36. After using Foxit for a while, just about always as a reader, I re–read this review, and it appeared to refer to another app! Foxit is excellent! 2021 09 27 I really want a file mgr. that’s twin–pane in landscape mode, but this one’s array of icons and apparent simplicity for a screen with a 14 cm/5½” screen diag. had me hooked. Moreover, it does not label storage as an emulated SD card. It also offers access to Gdrives for both my accounts.

  37. Foxit Reader was great. Foxit PDF is supposed to be an update and foxit Reader isn’t available anymore, which is unfortunate. Foxit PDF editor is unstable, difficult to use, and clunky. I frequently have to force close the app and restart it because it gets stuck in a non-responsive state. Definitely going to look for other options for a PDF reader.

  38. Mary Rudd dice:

    Disappointed with the update. I loved this app. I would have been willing to pay for the update – if it had improved the experience at all. A simple notification that you were beginning to ask for a subscription would have been enough for me to decide it was worth it. Now it’s overly complicated and difficult to use, slow and clunky. I really only use the text box fields and signature feature. I’ll just have to find another app.

  39. Wonderful pdf Reader better than anyone else, and even the original PDF Adobe Reade even if I thought that one of the concurrent was the best. Can literally do everything for free without any adds simply IMPRESSED!! however just one importante bug i have noticed, when we highlight the notes on the highlights are deleted when we close and reopen again. Also the second highly make a display bug once we change the note, the highlights becomes sort of strange arrowed on the edges of the sentences.

  40. Used it as the primary, fast PDF reader on my phone up to version Tried the majority of other pdf readers up to that point, thought FoxIt was the best. Then, tried to open a foreign language, huge pdf, and it was too slow scrolling page to page. At that point, tried the major pdf readers again, found Xodo to be superior for complex, foreign language pdfs and faster update of the screen scrolling page to page. Using the two over the past couple of months, more power in Xodo, especially cropping, deleting, flattening textbook length documents. For complex users, Xodo. For simple pdf users, FoxIt.

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