LifeUp: Gamify To-Do & Habit MODDED 2022


Custom your own gamify list with attribute, exp, coin, reward to stay productive
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Gamify Your Life

Want a gamified, unique, and fun to-do & habit-tracking app to stay motivated, organized, and focused?

– Record and complete tasks to gain exp and coins, just like turning your life into an RPG and productivity game.

– Exp can improve your attributes and skill levels. And it will reflect your self-improvement.

– Use coins to buy the item you want to reward yourself. This can balance your work and rewards and improve your focus.

– Set up achievements to auto-track your task progress and goals.

– More! Pomodoro, Feelings, custom loot boxes, and a crafting feature!

This is the gamification of your life!
You can customize your gamified list and reward/penalty system with your loving elements for optimal motivation, which may be helpful for ADHD.


🎨 Attribute or skills
Instead of build-in attributes such as strength, knowledge, etc.,
You can also create your skills, such as fishing and writing.
Try adding tasks to your skills and leveling them up!
Track your level with achievements to unlock attractive rewards when you reach the goal.
The growth of attributes and skills is also equivalent to digitally reflecting your growth, prompting you to stay more motivated and powerful.

🎁 Shop
Abstract your task reward into the app as a shop item, whether it is an in-kind reward, a reward for rest and entertainment time, or a stat reward in the app, such as taking a 30 mins-break, watching a movie, or getting a random coin reward.

🏆 Achievements
In addition to dozens of built-in achievements waiting for you to unlock, you can create your own to track your progress: such as auto-tracking the number of task completions, levels, and item usage times.
Or create your realistic milestones like arriving in a city!

⏰ Pomodoro
Use the Pomodoro to stay connected and stay motivated.
As a Pomodoro timer is completed, you can receive a virtual 🍅 reward.
Decide whether to eat or sell 🍅? Or exchange 🍅 for other item rewards?

🎲 Loot boxes
You can set the Loot boxes effect for the shop item to receive a random reward.
Are you wondering if the reward for completing a task is 🍔 or 🥗 ?

⚗️ Crafting
Create your custom crafting recipe.
In addition to being able to make sticks out of wood, you can try “a key+locked chests” = “reward chests” or create your currency with this feature.

🎉 One-time payment, No IAPs related to features, No Ads

🔒️ Offline first, but supports multiple backup methods
We value your privacy!
The data is primarily stored locally on your phone and will not be transmitted to our server. And there is an offline mode.
You can use Google Drive/Dropbox/WebDAV to sync your data or export data locally for backup.

📎 Complete to-do basic functions
Repeats, reminders, notes, deadlines, history, checklists, attachments, and more.
Write down your to-dos, and LifeUp will help you keep track of them.

🤝 World module
You can browse or join task teams created by others.
Complete tasks together and post your updates!
Or browse and import various shop item rewards settings and random tasks.

🚧 More features!
# App widgets
# Dozens of theme colors
# Night mode(dark theme)
# Lots of statistics
# Feelings
# Keep updating…


– 7 days free trial:

– Email: [email protected]. It is difficult to follow up on issues through Review. If you need help, please contact our mailbox.

– Language: The language of the app is translated by community contributions. You can check

– Refund: Google Play may auto refund if you uninstall a paid app. And you can contact us by email for a refund or assistance. Please consider giving it a try!

– App Privacy Terms & Policy:


We are still working on the next feature release (calendar integration).

This release fixed some issues and update the translations.

We have developed an open source small app that allows you to call LifeUp's APIs from your computer.
If you are interested, you can check out the Labs page.

If you like our app and want our app to get better, please recommend LifeUp to your friends!


40 comentarios en "LifeUp: Gamify To-Do & Habit MODDED 2022"

  1. This is a really excellent app and one of the few I’ve been able to stick with for tracking tasks and achieving goals. I like how customizable the settings are and how much you can make your tasks and attributes specific to your needs. My only complaint is there doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere in the app for if you go on vacation or are away from home and can’t complete tasks normally. I don’t want to get EXP when I’m not actually doing the tasks!

  2. Ari M dice:

    The UI is a bit difficult to master. I appreciate the breadth of options available to customize tasks and rewards, but the option are almost too much. The effort needed to set all the tasks and rewards up in itself can be demoralizing when trying to muster the motivation to get other things done which is a little ironic. Some improvements I recommend are in-app rewards to earn rather than self-created rewards. Maybe the option for an avatar with the chance of getting new accessories or armor.

  3. PoofyPieX dice:

    Bought this for a friend too! May I request some features? I think many people would love these. What if we had “Quest Mode?” It plays through a task list. Each task has its own timer, and its own song (files / URL) or playlist (+option to shuffle). Has skip and instant complete. New menu to create the song playlists. Some tasks pause the player when done; tap to continue. Also “Pets?” They’re like items, but they have stats, needs, evolutions, and abilities (like “idly finds items”). Thanks!

  4. I’ve been using it for over a year now and this app has made me so much more productive and accountable. While there are plenty of gamified goal apps, I found LifeUp to strike a nice balance between functionality and the gamify aspect. Other apps leaned a bit too much on the gaming aspect of things for my taste. It has everything from goal tracking to habit tracking, to a pomodoro timer and so much more. I can say with utmost confidence that this has been a top 5 purchase from the app store!

  5. I was skeptical using this at first, but I’ve turned this into little reminders throughout the day and it’s been such a help. The biggest pro is they refresh. Only thing I wish they could add is a better way to have tasks repeat on certain cycles. For me, every 2nd and 4th Monday and Tuesday to remind me to move the car to not get ticketed haha. Other than that, one of the best apps I’ve stumbled upon.

  6. Brandon dice:

    Overall, I am liking the app so far. Please add: ability to view penalties per task easier, ability to adjust rewards for recurring tasks (e.g I want to give more coins for spending more time on a specific daily task), search for completed tasks, hide/filter lists when viewing calendar days, and coloring days in calendar with unique tasks. Emoji icon support and recently used colors for tasks would be nice. Will update review later. Thank you! Update: thanks for the reply, deadline time works!

  7. LifeUp is phenomenal. Many intuitive features and a very functional, easy to use interface. One of the features I like best is the ability to complete tasks without completing sub-tasks. This allows the user to set up sub-tasks as “extra credit” For instance, you might have a task to exercise 30 min 4xweekly. You could set up sub-tasks for 45 min or an hour with accompanied rewards, without cluttering the task list with additional options. Overall a fantastic app with room to grow

  8. For a small app, has a lot of options that I wish more mainstream to-do-list apps like Todoist would incorporate. More complex repeat frequencies; start times for tasks that allow them to be shown on today’s to-do list regardless when they’re due; a huge variety of sort methods; and more. But I especially love the unique aspects, like the shop and coins (plus “tomatoes” from Pomodoro timers), which give you a system of concrete rewards that you can tie to literally any rewards you want.

  9. The only task gamification app that’s actually helped me get organized and motivated. I’ve tried other ones, but they never stuck. This app is perfect: it is super customizable, so you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. You can also tailor the rewards and the “gameplay loops” to match the sorts of things that actually interest you.

  10. This app is really good. I like that you can get a shop reward on completion of a certain task without having to buy it. I also like the pomodoro feature. I wish we could edit the attribute section though. Edit: I was experimenting with the synthesis feature which is also unique to this app and it’s very well done. You can choose to buy something from the store with another store item or many other items like xp, coins etc

  11. Downloaded earlier and so far I like it a lot. Nice clean design, yet detailed enough to be pretty and fun. Thoughtful use of color, and intuitive general organization of the app. Plus being able to set my own rewards makes a lot of sense. If I earn 300 points from getting my tasks completed, then I can have an hour of entertainment. It’s like a visual way of managing my time and priorities to make sure I get the important stuff done first. Great for overwhelmed procrastinators like me👍☑️

  12. Dylan Cox dice:

    Love the app! My favorite feature is the synthesizer for sure. One thing I would absolutely love to see is if you could mix multiple different items to make something new, instead of only being able to mix multiple of the same item. It would be cool to have different tasks give you different rewards, or shop items, and then be able to mix all those different items into a new item. I have no complaints, I just think that would add another level that is very videogame-like.

  13. Embry R. dice:

    Amazing app, really helps me keep on track. I use the coin rewards in the app as a way to curb my impulse spending and it’s doing wonders. Plus the features and level of customization are great, more than I could ask for. I only paid a few bucks for this thing and it’s worth at least 5x more for what I’ve gotten out of it. Plus, no ads and no extra incentives to pay more money in the app (which honestly just makes me want to support them more)

  14. I love the customization of this app, and that I can set my own rewards with the coins. I only have one tiny critique. I would love to have the ability to customize the notification sound. At the moment, it blends too easy with the rest of my app notifications and does not stand out. As a result, I find myself not noticing task reminders. I would love it if you could enable this in the future.

  15. Le Hoang dice:

    Quite a step up from Habitca. However, there are two main complaints that I have. Unable to sync across devices and no desktop equivalent to use on the browser. If there was, it’d be phenomenal. Right now, it has a lot of power that’s held back by the device it’s used on. But God, I’m praying it takes off and we get some sort of account syncing.

  16. This application is great. The customizability is awesome. If they added more customizability for the user interface, maybe even user-made themes which can be shared commutatively amongst its user base, this app would probably be nearly perfect. Everything else is great too though, because you could just change what attributes level up and all that stuff. Anyway, great app. If there was a subscription option so I could contribute every month, I would have done it.

  17. Lex Meos dice:

    This is one of the best gamification apps I’ve come across. The customizability is amazing! I’d love for the ability to be able to lock shop items behind player stats, which would open up a huge amount of possibilities, and for the ability to have equipment slots you can equip items to, but beyond that, the app is pretty great.

  18. Matt G dice:

    Very impressed with this app. The customization and shop create a great experience working on goals. One bug I ran into was the pomodoro timer stopped giving audio notifications and now only vibrates when the timer ends. It only occurred after I changed the notification to a custom sound. I checked the obvious things like my phone’s current sound profile and made sure OS battery optimization was off for this app.

  19. So far it looks good, but my biggest gripe with it is that I cannot import my Google or Microsoft calendar. It would be nice if we can choose to synchronize our calendars from the biggest names such as Microsoft and Google. A lot of work and college tasks and appointments are automatically scheduled on Google, so it would be a chore to constantly move it over to this app manually. Making it more convenient would near perfect this app. I will update review with time.

  20. I think this app has a lot of potential but the UI depends on the user to input all their information and do all the goal building. It has a global tab where you can import goals from others but it is not heavily utilized, sorted poorly, rewards are decided by the individual (“9000000 coins for drinking a glass of water”/ “build intelligence by eating chocolate cake!”), and just not refined well. Lots of potential, needs a lot more work before it’s worth purchasing.

  21. This is the only task management app I’ve ever actually used, and I’ve downloaded dozens of them. It’s the holy grail of being both simple AND highly customizable. I feel motivated to complete tasks, but not discouraged when I can’t. And most of all, I feel like I’m in complete control of my tasks, not constrained by the method in which I track them. Updates only enhance the experience instead of breaking things that work. Overall great app 👌

  22. Phenomenal! Customization alone is amazing. No ads, no performance issues and tons of ways to personalize. This has helped me immensely! 3 suggestions: 1) Option to increase XP needed to lvlup. Right now, it requires the same level of XP to reach lvl 10 of an attribute as it does to reach lvl 20. Would love the option to make it increase level by level — it requires more xp to level up the higher you go. 2) More community engagement options would be nice. 3) G-calendar integration.

  23. Chris H. dice:

    This is an amazing app for people who want to constantly move forward in their life and like to customize and track everything. I love being able to create my own lists (categories) of tasks and habits, and incentivizing myself to complete them to improve my attributes and earn custom rewards. It’s highly effective for tracking work/study productivity, exercise regimen, diet, budgeting, and it does so with positive conditioning. The Pro version is totally worth it. No ads. Kudos to the creator.

  24. Sophie D dice:

    I like the app so far, especially how customizable it is. Some suggestions and feedback that would make the app more helpful: – Google and Outlook Calendar integration – this is my biggest qualm. Inability to integrate my tasks with Calendar makes using the app prohibitive – Allow the text to be color coded in Compact Mode – Fix “achievement unlocked” pop-ups overshadowing the Undo button

  25. Vanessa D dice:

    I rarely write reviews but when I do that’s because I feel strongly about something. I’ve tried so many other apps (Gamify, Habitica, etc) but something always feels missing. This app has almost everything I wanted from a gamified chores/habit app. Lots of options and pretty interface. The only thing I’d wish for is to be able to add attributes in the future. But overall, I’m very happy with this app! Keep up the good work and looking forward to more updates.

  26. Highly customizable. Great stability (doesn’t crash). The pomodoro timer is a nice touch. The app takes a “your life is the rpg” approach rather than the “what you do in your life impacts some fictional character” approach. I personally prefer this strategy. Overall, for the price I would say it’s great. Highly recommend if gamification kind of stuff easily motivates you.

  27. Interesting idea, too much work to use. I wanted to add a task to mail a package to my parents…. It took longer to setup the task (difficulty, level, attribute, etc) than it did to get the package ready for shipping. Then I was going to add a task about cleaning the fish tank and decided it wasn’t worth it. Having some preset task type to get started would have made things easier.

  28. I absolutely love this app so far. It is still in the works as the app is still being developed, but it is clear that it is receiving love and that effort is being put in. There are little issues here and there (that I’ve submitted through their in-app feedback) but nothing that stops a feature from being useful. I personally don’t enjoy the world feature, maybe if you could form clubs/clans I would consider it, but it’s still perfectly usable as a single player calendar.

  29. Really love this. I have dissociative amnesia and a few cognitive problems, so it can be difficult for me to remember basic tasks! This app is simple, customizable AND there are no microtransactions. Just pay $0.99 and the app is yours. Super helpful. Not distracting at all. Thank you for the great app!

  30. I think this app is great! It is very clean and fun! I do have a couple recommendations: 1. Show item rewards on the task cards 2. Make synthesis more prominent, it’s a great feature! For example, if an item has a synthesis recipe, show a “synthesize” button next to “buy” in the shop 3. A toggle or filter option for purchaseable items

  31. Alex E. dice:

    I usually don’t pay for apps but have gotten so desperate for a specific style of task management app to work with my weirdly wired brain and first day of use – my jaw is literally on the floor!! The organization, color coordination, feelings tracker after each task, customizable settings, list management, status and reminders, simple xp and shop-based rewards, tHE TOMATO TIMER?? It’s all so SO well done and I’m super excited to use this! It feels like a possibly perfect solution for me! Ty!! 😭

  32. I’ve tried apps like this before but this is the only one that felt like it had everything I wanted plus some. I have ADHD and Autism, and it’s really hard for me to stay organized in a way that makes sense to my brain but I always process things by “gamefying” them anyway. There are a couple small UI things I have trouble with but overall I definitely plan to use this every day, major game changer especially with a job that has a checklist of tasks already. Thank you creators!

  33. Great app, please never change the offline experience focus. The amount of customization you can do is crazy. I’ve used synthesis to make my own custom boss fights, manage my weekly budget, and more. The main additions I would add are more usage effects(things like “Increase coin income from tasks for a certain amount of time or number of tasks”) and customizable default coin/exp reward for specific importance and difficulty levels. This is by far the best app of its kind and worth every cent.

  34. J Mays dice:

    Absolutely incredible app. Helpful, easy to use, intuitive, and full of good features. Creating your rewards in the Shop and assigning tasks a random number of gold coins is SUPER easy. Pomodoro timer is handy too! I hope in the future there is more development on team goals. Great work!

  35. Archer dice:

    Great app. I love the concept of gaining experience and coins for tasks that I do. The customization is great and the reward system is awesome. My only complaint is that auto backup doesn’t work. The option is greyed out on the app and reinstalling the app did not fix this.

  36. So, there’s so much I like about this app. So far, it’s got just about everything I want. The big draw-back is that I don’t have the patience to set things up on the phone itself. Data-entry of all the various tasks I want to configure would be so much easier on a computer. Adding a web-app to synchronize it would be great! Integration with calendars like Google Calendar would be even better!

  37. I like the simplicity. I would like the ability to set start and end times more easily and be able to make block times like “this activity should take 2 hours” and be able to move them to naturally order themselves in time. Private groups would be nice. Would also like to be able to color code my daily activities. So if I can track things like balancing personal goals yellow for friends, blue for exercise etc. I love having experience and currency. Dark mode and widget are cool.

  38. Seems cool but it’s way too complicated for me. I don’t like having to set up stats and coins, I wish there were a simple default version for the low level nerds instead of everything being customizable for the ultra nerds. Very cool concept though, just not for me. Setting all that up is a level 99 task in and of itself! I need a LifeUp Pro for dummies version lol.

  39. Awesome life gamification app. Plenty of customizability. Missing a few features. For example, being able to add tasks that increase two or more stats a different exp values. Items that can only be used after reaching a certain attribute values. And the ability the customize/ add attributes Overall just more rpg mechanics revolving around attributes. All things considered great app, clean customizable interface, and regular improvements keeps me excited for whats to come!

  40. Zoe dice:

    Really like this app so far. Much more customizable and easy to use than other apps I’ve tried out like it. Having access to other people’s rewards and teams is great. Only docking a star because though they made a nightmode for the app, they did not make a nightmode version of the home screen widget. Such a shame because I’d really like to have my to-dos on my phone’s homepage. Unfortunately the bright white widget is too much for my dainty eyes.

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