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Apowersoft Screen Recorder records whatever shown on your phone screen.
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Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a free app that enables you to record screen activities without any hassles and save as HD videos. Aside from recording screen, it can also record audio from mic and synchronize with screencast videos. Utilizing it, you can easily make video tutorials and record gameplays, live shows, video calls, etc. After recording, it gives you quick access to trim videos or even share via Email, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.

👍 Key features

➤ Record screen with audio
It supports recording screen with audio of internal sound via phone speaker which makes it easy to make instructional videos or add commentary to gameplay recording.

➤ Front camera recording
Besides recording phone screen, it can also record your front camera, which will be very useful in adding your face to game recordings.

➤ Flexible overlay icon
This free screen recorder provides you easy access to start, pause and stop recording conveniently. Simply enable overlay icon so that you can start recording in any apps at any time. Plus, you’re also capable of adjusting opacity and enabling shortcuts to control recording easily from the overlay icon.

➤ Trim videos easily
In case that you want to trim unnecessary scenes at the beginning or the end of recorded videos, you can make use of the built-in trimmer to do this trick.

➤ Share videos instantly
After recording screen, you can directly share the recorded videos via other apps on your phone with your friends or family members.


1. Cast phone screen to Computer
This screen recorder supports displaying phone screen on PC and Mac for better viewing experience on condition that you have a receiver on computer.

2. Multiple recording preferences
You can set the right quality for your videos.

Resolution: 360P, 720P, 1080P, etc.
Bit-rate: 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps.
Frame rate: 24 FPS ~ 60 FPS.

It also provides options to customize aspect ratio, size, opacity and rectangular of camera in order to create a personalize video.

3. Show touches in recording
To make videos more instructive, just enable “Show touches” in Settings before capturing and then you can see touch points clearly in recording.

4. Countdown before recording
To get a better preparation for recording, you can configure countdown based on your needs in settings. This will create a 3s or 5s countdown and then recording will begin.

5. Shake to record
This screen recorder allows you to shake your phone screen to start and stop recording.

6. Privacy Protection
To prevent from leaking the private information in apps when recording, you can enable “Privacy Protection”. In this way, the recording will pause automatically if you open the protected app and resume when you exit it.

This app supports Android 5.0 and higher.

If you have any problems of using this app, please submit them via Feedback in the app or contact us at [email protected]. We will fix them ASAP.


40 comentarios en "Apowersoft Screen Recorder MOD"

  1. I don’t understand why people are upset. I can’t hear my friends while recording, but I never really need to, and of course it uploads to the folders! I usually post it on youtube and I have no actual problems. It’s easy to use, I haven’t gotten any adds yet, and it’s been months since I downloaded it, it’s easy to put an icon on the screen, though, sometimes you have to do it again. I also just figured out that I can put my face up too! Overall, I think 4 stars.

  2. works very well. does record external audio with internal. which needs to be fixed. also screen size is fairly small. I use tablet for gameplay. needed something to replace mobizen recorder that was discontinued. also the app has to be forced stopped or it still shows up. fix theses issues n it could be a great app.

  3. it’s ok i like that it shows the recording time, I would like the option to use a different player, also I would like to be able to cut any part like if I wanted to remove 30 second from the middle of the video and when you take a screenshot it just does it, not popping up where you have to hit start now for the screen shot to do it

  4. I don’t understand why on my friends phone when the screen goes black it stops recording every time. It doesn’t do this on my my phone, could you please tell me where in the settings can I find the option to make it record 24/7 please, I’d really appreciate it! On the contrary, I love this app, I think it would be awsome if it had an option to turn off the icons on the very top of the screen when it’s recording though.

  5. Man (O) Man… Using the Samsung Note 9 with this application, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to like this application. The video playback screen is very, good, “Excellent” in fact, but I just can’t seem to hear anything back when trying to use the “DUO” application with this recorder. But it works with the Verizon video application that is on the phone. Am I doing something wrong!

  6. Itz Kat dice:

    I reccomend this app. I have only 2 reasons to not give it 5 stars. Problem #1: When you pause the video it records you pausing, so it is not super great if you want to give the effect of it all happning at once. Problem #2: The microphone isn’t great you have to talk loudly for it to record clearly

  7. waste of data…. None of the recordings would play on Google drive which is where I previously thought they were downloaded to . I have recently discovered they download to my files folder . I do wish the icons on the top did not have to be displayed. if you could make that an option in the settings I would rate this a 5 star app

  8. It will not allow u to record the audio that goes along with the video u r recording. I can record video w/ silence or video w/ audio from the mic on my device only. So when playing the recording back there is either no audio or the background sounds in my house while I was recording the video. Seems incredibly dumb.

  9. This app appears to also record audio, but actually doesn’t. Three hours of video with a loved one who is ill on Duo and no audio was saved along with the video. Even though permissions were granted. I wish I would have done homework on the app first, but can’t do anything about it now.

  10. JR FAZON dice:

    The app is actually very nice and very useful. I just want to suggest something that would somehow help the app serve better. Can you please add the option “auto upload to googledrive” so that it can save phone storage cause the file will not stay on the phone for it will be directly uploaded after recording. Another is, an option that you can start and stop recording on a specific time of the day. Thank you! Top Notification bar problem? just TURN the notification of the app OFF!

  11. Pretty much a perfect app, I use it to record my online lecturer using phone. No advertisement, easy to use 👍🏻 The only issue I have is that the App capture the “recording button” too, so there’s a button appear at the side of the recorded video. Just hope that you could give us the option to record a screen video without capture the buttons in the future version.

  12. I wonder why some people are rating this app bad? I have tested this app on my phone and its working like wow, more than I expected. With both video and audio perfect. Something the problem is from your phone and not the app; make sure u give the app all the permissions it requires. The only thing I noticed is that the videos can accumulate large memory, no problems with the performance.

  13. Was a decent app, but videos don’t save anymore. Takes ages for it to actually “stop” the recording, and when it does eventually stop, the video will either be an empty corrupted file or just simply not exist altogether. Quite disappointing tbh, shame because it was good until this became constant. (Updating and reinstalling did not fix the issue. Restarting phone doesn’t work either).

  14. 1. Android DOES support internal sound recording. 2. There is a bug that quite literally prevents your videos from saving. After you press the ‘stop recording’ button there is a significant amount of lag and then the program acts as if you’ve never recorded anything. 3. Whenever you upload landscape videos to YouTube, they become extremely small relative to the video resolution, and changing the resolution in Apowersoft’s settings doesn’t fix that.

  15. It’s good, but there’s one problem, it says the sd card isn’t a writable directory and I’m running out of space in the internal storage which is kinda prblematic. I tried changing the output directory and it doesn’t work at all to change it to SD-card.

  16. I’m not getting audio like I should considering this app is associated with my mobile phone. So, I’m disappointed. However, I will stick around to see if they clear out the bug’s . If I notice an improvement ,then I will give five stars. Also, they should automatically set the audio to record chat’s and we should be able to see and hear each other regardless length of chats. I’ve been trying to record a problem we’re having with Messenger.

  17. I start use the app from few days,but with in very less time i like the app very well,it is very helpful to recoreding my online classes n videos. But i have little suggestion for this app,whenever i record the onlineclasses then there is no shortcut key provide by this app on any corner of the display so i again back to the class n open this app to pause/resume the recordingvideo.and also this app not provide option to record video while screen is off(screen off it stop video automatically).

  18. I won’t let me record internal audio only. The app says android doesn’t allow it, which we all know that’s a big lie. I could use any other screen recorder and they would record internal audio. I only came to this app because it was the only one with unlimited recording. I’m deleting this app until you decide to do better.

  19. This is so under-rated! It is way better than any other screen recorder, it even works with kinemaster! When I used other screen recorders and add those recordings to kinemaster, it re-encodes it and it just the screen size becomes small or something like that but, this is the one I was looking for! So glad that I found this 😁 (。・ω・。)

  20. This app is amazing. I’ve been using it alot for my gaming channel. It’s also really good for beginners to use and really easy. Also screen records audio if I’m recording a video from YouTube or Instagram. I’ve been looking for this good app for days.

  21. Very nice, but there is no option to record only internal sound in zoom meeting. I wish to record zoom meeting with only internal audio not my audio. Please! Please! Have a look on this option to record zoom meeting. … In the period of lockdown, there is only online class. Many students wants to record zoom meeting to watch that online class whenever they have time. Please please, listen to my request and bring option of this feature mentioned above……

  22. I would give this five stars, but i have one problem. See, i dont record gameplays. I record tutorials for Alight Motion. This is the perfect screen recorder, but i want viewers to see where i am tapping. There is an option for it, but it says ill find it on Settings. I look but it isnt there. I reread it and it said something about that it may not vary by the kind of device i have. I have LG Rebel. Please help me and ill give it five stars🌟

  23. TBHthis is the best screen recording app. i tried a lot other including az,du but everyone of them lags and drops frames alot and heats up while gaming and recording so it was unbearable.But in this literally I’m playing pubg while recording without any framedrop,lag or heating and the output video quality is same as we see on screen after record while in other apps most of it is garins and bad quality. Great job apowersoft .This is my frist time writing a breif review like this cuz it worth it.

  24. I was longing for a mobile app that the screen recording area can be adjusted, not recording the whole screen all the time. If you can add this feature I will give it a 5-star general. Nice app. The PC version I am using gives all functionality.

  25. Its good, but the controls are not really understandable. Its confusing and some things on the app do not function correctly, even though, its still really good for recording games with your friends to keep as memory or post on youtube if you want to start a youtube channel.

  26. Great app. Honestly, the main/only function I’m using is casting, this was the most recommended. I’ve been able to cast everything so far, expect movies and shows from HBO Max and Amazon Prime. For some reason ads and trailers play from those apps, but not the movies or shows. What do I need to do in order to cast Max and Prime?

  27. Garbage app? i record for half an hour and the app gave me an incomplete video that only records first few seconds, and then suddenly jumps to minute 7 with nothing recorded in between. And suddenly jumps again to minute 11, 15, and then the video ends, without anything recorded in between.

  28. App worked fine till Fri, Oct 15 when a pop-up before recording said microphone is being used by other apps, audio won’t be recorded. Other issue is if I record something, it will skip within the first bit despite having it recorded fully. Please help

  29. This app is a complete mistake it has a lot of bugs that should be fixed! For my device it says. “Recorder not suitable with this phone” (HUAWEI pro mate) And sometimes it even kicks me out and more bugs they all need to be gone I’m gonna keep for a 1 star now. If you update the app suitable with my phone and squish all the bugs I might give you 4/5 stars.

  30. App works great. Have been recording family chats. Great to be able to have, so can watch over and over. Two of our sons live out of state, so it’s very satisfying to be able to record family members, grandsons and granddaughters,and hear their voices and see their reactions. Did find out though that I have to turn on my microphone to capture audio because of having a android OSphone. Supposedly, the developers are working on a solution that will be avaliable soon.

  31. While it seemed great and simple to use at first, once I loaded up my game and hit record, it slowed down my phone, which is bad for me since I play a time based rhythm game. I was willing to forgive that until I checked the recording, and it recorded the sounds around me instead of the song that was playing on my phone

  32. sum dice:

    Im super happy with this app its alot more better than the other screen recorders that i used. Its super simple to use if you want a good recorder for gaming this is perfect for it. You can even use it in laptops but laptops do already have recorders but if its not good or you dont have one. This is perfect

  33. Doesn’t record audio I looked up how to record a video chat online and it said this app would work for that but it doesn’t record the audio of the call. I tested it with youtube and it worked there but not with google duo. I’ll probably just delete the app and try to find something better

  34. It’s great as a screen recorder but I installed it to record video calls with my grandson and unfortunately it won’t record sound along with the video because it says the microphone is already in use. That needs to be fixed badly

  35. I Think this app is really very helpful…I loved It! As a YouTuber, I really think this is important as you can record anything whether be it information, comedy videos, suspense footage…literally everything…and you don’t even need to go to the app and then start recording…you always have an option to record on your screen every time…and trust me, this app will come handy to you…I loved this app!

  36. Hello I use your recoreder but there’s one problem. I have overlay icon enabled but I can’t see the icon. Overall this is one of the best screen recorders I have ever used, reason being my friend and I do videos and upload it on YouTube and on other screen recorders I can’t hear his voice on the video and when I used this screen recorder I could hear his voice this is my reason because of how we have to social distance.Please responde as soon as possible Best Regards YouTuber DarkSide3290YT

  37. Thanks for make this app user friendly. Easy to screen record by shake the phone. Unfortunately, audio internal cannot be recorded with Android User. If possible can you fix this. Most streamer using Android most rather than iOS. Thank you.

  38. Works like a charm. Dozens of videos captured with this app. The in-app editing is a time-saver. Even sound over the mic sounds decent.

  39. After downloading an app then trying to record my screen and at end deleted that app…..this was going on for so many days/months but Finally i find an app that actualy records your screen alongwith internal audio. So thanks a lot to the developer. 5 star

  40. axzilia dice:

    I’ve been using this for a while, and i enjoyed it, its just when i want to record a video, the screen recorder doesnt show up for me, i already did everything and i went to a game then i wanted to record then when i paused it, it like left and i didnt see where it went so i will use a diff screen recorder now 😡 so yea please fix that

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