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A simple small notepad app for making notes, memos, short or long text files
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Notepad is a small and fast notetaking app for making notes, memos, or just any plain text content. Features:
* simple interface that most of the users find easy to use
* no limits on note’s length or number of notes (of course there’s a limit to phone’s storage)
* creating and editing text notes
* importing notes from txt files, saving notes as txt files
* sharing notes with other apps (e.g. sending a note in Gmail)
* notes widget allowing to quickly create or edit notes, working like post it notes (stick a memo to home screen)
* backup function for saving and loading notes from a backup file (zip file)
* app password lock
* color themes (including dark theme)
* note categories
* automatic note saving
* undo/redo
* lines in background, numbered lines
* technical support
* search function that can quickly find text in notes
* unlock app with biometrics (e.g. fingerprint)

** Important **
Please remember to make a backup copy of notes before formatting a phone or buying a new phone. Since the 1.7.0 version the app will also use Google device copy, if it’s turned on in the device’s and the app’s settings.

* Why do I advise to not install the app on an SD card?
I follow Google’s advice to block installing on an SD card apps that use widgets. This app uses widgets, which are like icons for the notes, and can be placed on a phone’s home screen (for example).

* Why is the permission for writing on SD card listed on the permissions list?
It’s currently not used. It was an optional permission for cases when a backup copy was to be saved on the device. Play Store shows historical permissions, even if it’s no longer in use by the app.
Please remember that the permission can be revoked at any moment by going into the app’s settings. Also, the app will ask for the permission when needed.

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If you have any additional questions, just contact me by email: [email protected] .

Thank you.


Update 1.23.1:
+ fixed "Untitled" notes
+ small bug fixes

Please check the in-app "Help" screen or email me at [email protected] for help.


44 comentarios en "Notepad – simple notes MODDED 2022"

  1. Sarah Jo dice:

    Great app! Very user friendly and minimalistic-which I like. I wish I’d thought to look into its settings more than I did (or, at all). If I had, I would’ve seen the handy import/export feature-would’ve been super helpful in backing up notes before upgrading my phone. Instead, they weren’t exported/backed up and I lost important stuff. My own fault, but if I had known about that awesome feature, I would still have those important notes. Now you know about it and can learn from my mistake.

  2. Aia A dice:

    This notepad app is awesome! I can write whatever i need to down, and keep track of certain things (i want to keep track of). What i also think is great is how you can delete your notes, but if you need to get back to them you go to trash and find your note, and it will automatically be there for you. Or if you wanted to fully delete your note (so it doesn’t show up in the trash) you have the option to fully delete the note! Anybody who needs a great, trustworthy, easytouse notepad get this!!

  3. Brittany Williams dice:

    This app is great, never have any issues with it. They do give you the option to put the note in a certain folder category you customize. But my one suggestion is that when you first open the app ann your notes display and they won’t let you just fix it to where you want to just show the folders on the first page. So that way you can just choose what folder you want to look in instead of thumbing thru all the notes that are in different categories.

  4. Diana Minard dice:

    FINALLY, I found this simple to use, but thorough notepad, & it’s exactly what I was looking for! Many of the other notepads on the Google play store, are hideously complex. If I wanted a notepad to act like “Word,” then I would use Word! The help section explains just about any issue & instructions that anyone could think of, & tech support is the very FIRST that responds to ALL emails, & on the same day no less! There are new functions being added with every update! Thank you!

  5. Edited. Now it needs 6 stars! I would never have found that setting on my own. I’m an old lady, and sometime I’m a bit befuddled. Great app. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it works. I keep doing lists, thought and recipes on it. Nice to have a choice of lined or unlined interface. And the numbering helps, especially when there are a list of items or lists. And I can check off and even delete the entry when I’m done- either partially or fully. Love the info option as well.

  6. This app is extremely perfect for me. Not having to look for pen and paper to write things down. Putting it on note pad ensure I can understand it instead of trying to under my own handwriting I use it for some much. I put the title of what that not is for and so forth. Definitely worth downloading. The ads don’t bother me at all. I just put in a note and off. And another thing you can put a keyword in the search and it will take you to that note. I can express enough how helpful this app

  7. Stacey Dee dice:

    Love the app because it is simple to use! I am constantly jotting down things I’d like to remember and also when I find something interesting on a site but cannot take time to read it at that moment, I love the fact that I can copy and share the link to return to at a later time! Also, everything I’ve shared to the Notebook always saves without losing any of my entries.

  8. So far so good. Previous note app suddenly started displaying full page ads. Some things I liked about the other app were you did not need to save your note. It automatically saved on exit using the first line in the note as a “note name or the file name”. It always had ads in the footer which was fine. Full page ads are a deal breaker for me. One other annoyance was you couldn’t print the notes. Update: After a year and 1/2 I’m still very happy with this app.

  9. Shao J dice:

    Great for saving notes and ads decent and not stopping you because they are bar ads that only appear on the main menu. Free too worth a download. Update: I keep having to start over notes because I forget to start them in a category. I don’t mind starting over, but if you could make it so I could switch notes in and out of categories (including ones that were already made!) That would be extremely wonderful. Thank you again for this wonderful notepad! Update: I now know how to do what I needed!

  10. I love this app! I’ve used it for years to keep track of things or to jot ideas down. It’s so easy to navigate that it doesn’t even need a tutorial. I do wish it had the option to have an incognito mode when you put your password in backwards or something in case you needed to hide a gift list or something when someone questioned what was in there so that you could show them without actually showing them your true notes. But overall love the app

  11. Tray Wile dice:

    I really loved this app because I had assumed when I backed up my files they would be easily accessible if my phone were ever destroyed or lost. Sadly when that event did occur, the files which I had put into my Google drive, had mysteriously disappeared, and I lost about 40-50 poems I had written. I’m very sad about this and would like some assistance on the issue. Otherwise a wonderful app for writers, or anyone needing to write something down.

  12. Easy to use. Navigation and use are intuitive and don’t require looking up how to’s. Have tried several others this one is the best. I went back and looked at some of the critical reviews most of those people seem to be looking for something other than a simple notepad they want all kinds of features on it I hate that I want something simple and easy to use if you want something more look for a different kind of app instead of complaining about what you can’t find.

  13. I *was very pleased with this app. Very pleased. Has very nice categorization capabilities. Did not like how there is no tools for indentation, nor font editing, or bullets. However, that is not the reason for the 4stars instead of 5stars. I will not download this app again, because my computer uninstalled the app, and when I reinstalled the app, everything was lost. I’ve been taking notes for weeks for college and just lost everything! Backing up files shouldnt be a manual action! Unnacceptable

  14. I love this app, it’s great! Except that it crashes frequently, if there’s anything updating in the Playstore. It doesn’t even have to be updating itself. I had it crash and I had been writing in it for a while without hitting the save button, my Google Docs starts to update and all of a sudden the app closes and I open it back up to find an empty note. Luckily, I was copying from a voice recording but this isn’t the 1st time and it’s getting frustrating.

  15. A very useful and sleek app. Minimal ads that I honestly don’t even notice (tiny banner ads on the main menu). One walkthrough of how the app works and then you’re free to write whatever you want. I’m enjoying the lack of a limit on number of different notes, as well as the length of a specific note (I think I could write some of my essays in this app). Notepad helps me ramble out my thoughts and does so in a user-friendly, unobtrusive manner.

  16. This app is wonderful! I love how you’re able to create unlimited categories to organize your notes. I’m a writer, so I mainly use this app to write down my ideas, and I’m able to find and edit them without any hassle. The way that the ads are out of the way entirely is perfect. Also, the creator is very nice and responsive, which is lovely! They’ve helped me with the app before, which was very helpful. All with constant little updates to keep the notepad fresh! The color themes are also nice 🙂

  17. This is a very useful and fun app. It has a good design and can even let you adjust the display to your liking (e.g., light mode, dark mode, etc.). I like how the keyboard is not too big or too small. I also really like how it gives you the option to categorize and sort your notes. Also, the experience I have had with the ads is unlike any other app I have downloaded. Ads are not in your face and a constant annoyance. In fact, I rarely see ads at all. 10/10 app, would recommend it.

  18. This is a notes app that has everything I want, without the things I don’t. You can easily make backups so you don’t have to worry about losing stuff, there’s a new search function so you can search for any note that contains a certain word or phrase, you can customize the way the app sorts your notes, and the ads aren’t as in-your-face as some apps might have had them. I’m editing my review because I love how much each update has improved the app and I wanted to recognize that.

  19. It would be so much easier and more helpful if you could change 2 things on this app. #1 be able to use lined paper (like a real note pad) #2 make it so you can use different colors for different note categories. It would look more real like the post it pads that you buy. It’s a suggestion that would help me for sure. I’m a new user and maybe I just haven’t found those areas yet. (I do hope they are there) THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH THAT! GREAT APP

  20. I love this app! Have been using over a year now, and it is absolutely perfect for just writing down notes. It has definitely saved me hundreds of sticky notes, lol. It’s very easy to edit your notes, and change your preferences in the settings. It always seems to be getting updated, so the quality gets better every time. I definitely recommend this app for note keeping!

  21. Yussra dice:

    Look no further, this is the one! So many other notepad apps have a ton of features, more than needed, that get in the way of the whole point of a digital notepad. This one is perfectly simple for when you’re on the go, free of ads, and it doesn’t display the first part of your note before you click on its title, which is better for privacy. I’ve been using this app for years. Thank you! 😊

  22. Simplicity – good enough for basic stuff. But can’t edit certain files like dosbox.conf because Android doesn’t recognize it as a ‘system text editor’. And no option to change it – phone only supports setting defaults for browser, phone, and messaging (unless there’s a hidden setting elsewhere, but I haven’t found it).

  23. I couldn’t find the app that I used to use for notes when I changed devices. I started using this one, and all is mostly good. I do wish that I could have the option to make checklists with my notes. I have found that to be the most useful of the last app. It would also be nice if it saved automatically on this. I like the yellow screen. It’s not as harsh on the eyes as white.

  24. – – – Edit: Lag was being caused by a specific keyboard. Using the default Gboard fixes almost all the lag, and any further lag is likely due to the length of the note. – – – It tends to lag A LOT when typing a note that’s pretty long in landscape mode. Like, incredibly bad. I’ll start typing, and I’ll have hit all the keys for a decently long word before the first letter appears. All the tactile responses (vibration, visuals) lag, as well. Significantly.

  25. I really thought I had lost my notes! Thought they drowned with my phone. I had to open my older phone to find something. Then thought I can download the app on my newest phone. Low and behold my notes are in my newest phone. Thanks for taking your valuable time to add that feature. Love it … I just downloaded it and have no idea about the ads.

  26. James B. dice:

    Happily surprised! I got a Pixel 6 so can’t use Samsung notes, but after 3 days I think this one is better. I love the Undo button at the top of the screen and categorizing into folders seems easier. The ads at top are more noticeable, but not too annoying and ads haven’t taken over whole screen yet. So far so good

  27. Holly D. dice:

    I’ve used this app for years. Never a problem. Never any issues with it. I love it! I keep many notes in it all in different categories. It’s so handy for my list of meds when I go to the doctor. Who can remember that? My only request is more background color selections and perhaps a way to highlight words? Thank you for a great app!

  28. Excellent support APP which can be used on a daily basis with virtually no loading or data loss issues. A suggested feature update to search function would be to search all notes in list view and then only within a note when in Note view. Even more involved might be to also include a Category scan option. HTH This is already a great APP.

  29. Teresa dice:

    The app works great, and is useful to have. Personally I would rather pay a small fee for a pro version, or even just an ad free one. I dont like to watch ads, and although the programmers are extremely generous with a limited number of ads required to be ad free for days, I’d rather just pay a fee at the start. App function is great.

  30. Excellent app! I’ve been through two S21 full system crashes. Even with the help of the Verizon store I was unable to get anything off the phones. This is my third S21 in 8 months and low and behold this app with all my notes survived again!! I’d pay the price to upgrade if I could, just to express my thanks, but I can’t find the upgrade button. So, how about a sixth star!!

  31. GC Durnin dice:

    It has been perfect for me. Simple. Don’t need a manual or YT to figure it out. Thanks for the little figures on top. Sweet surprise.🙋 Update: Yrs later: still my favorite. It’s on all my devices. Works perfectly. NEVER had any problem. My hearts desire: an app that works right BEFORE it’s in the stores? This is it! Thanks for the reminder to add to ratings. It is a joy to brag on something these days.☮❤🙋

  32. Liked it before they updated it to have ads. Returning to samsung notes after i realized the issue was grammarly. Does its job. Edit: ty for your reply! i totally get it, i can tell a lot of time and effort was put into this app. 🙂 For me, the text in samsung notes was jumping around and deleting sections so I switched to here and disabled grammarly, worked like a charm Its interesting that the ads didnt show up until very recently before i switched back, maybe a bug?

  33. 3DizMeh E dice:

    Wish there was different fonts, like italics or bold. I write stories with this app, and italics would be really useful. Other than that, it’s easy to use, it gives you the option to transfer notes to another device, and the default is dark mode. It’s really useful and nice to use. Thanks for making this :]

  34. Great app. Quick and easy to use to make a note without a lot of complexity. But it needs a search function and a folder/filing system. I have many notes and it is often difficult to find a specific one. Update: Search has been added. I also like that it doesn’t synch across devices, I like some notes to be specific to a device based on how I use the device and do not need to access notes on another device. Update: New categories (folders) are great. Doubled the usefulness of the app for me.

  35. Clean and simple app. Perfect for taking either quick or detailed notes. Notes can be assigned to multiple categories for easy sorting and organization. There is basic editing (cut/copy/paste, delete) but not formatting like bold or headings. If you want those type of features you should look at word processing app. Notes can also be exported as text file or text files can be imported. While no one really likes ads, the ones in this app are small and generally don’t get in the way.

  36. Very lightweight, very stable, used for years. Biggest downside is no availability to sync with other devices. But that’s fine for what this app is for. At least you can backup everything in it. If you want a note app that syncs across all your devices and to your desktop, I recommend Standard Notes. This app here is just a fast and lightweight way to take notes on your device. It’s very fast because of its simplicity. Also, wish there was a folder system

  37. App works great! I would like to see the option to save the notes externally, but that is still being worked upon, I understand. Otherwise an excellent app. Used for almost 6 months. The adds can be turned off by watching a short video, as explained within the app options. Not a huge issue, as I went almost 2 months without realizing why the top of the app looked different! That shows how observant I am! All in all, a great app! Well done!

  38. It’s exactly as described on the tin: a notepad. It has features beyond what one would normally find, helping you to keep track of your notes when your collection of quickly jotted-down notes grows mountainous. Not to mention other useful options like being able to import/export text files, among many others. It doesn’t have any half-assed or poorly-thought-out UI elements or features that are forced on you. The only thing it lacks, I think, is a “Support the Developer” button for me to press.

  39. I’ve been searching for a “notepad” app for years. I used Microsoft notepad on the PC and wanted something similar on my android devices. I didn’t like the note taking apps that came with my Asus tablet and most of the apps at the Play store. I just wanted a simple app without a bunch of added “features” that just complicate the purpose. This is it. I just downloaded it and have only created, edited and emailed one note, but it was straightforward and easy. Love it!

  40. Really useful app, almost just like a folder with a bunch of docs stored in it. Simple and to the point. I can see how some people might be frustrated with “disorganization” but then they could pay or deal with ads for an app with those features. I like that the last edited docs move to the top, so it’s typically easy to find what I’m working on. No other issues to speak of. Being able to change the color theme would be cool, but again not necessary. It does what I need it to do.

  41. Very good note taking app. Easy to configure and use. Will update on different phones when you change anything on one phone. Note, you have to sync it after you add/edit something to update all the devices. It does automatically sync when you open the application. Makes list, information notes or even check lists. (Great for grocery shopping). You can move items on the list up or down the list. It has reminders for you too! You can customize the look of it too! Has come in handy for me.

  42. This app works fairly well for a voice to text app. However, the developers have to teach it to recognize grammatical and punctuation commands because what it does is type out the command rather than performing it. For example, instead of it putting in a period (.), it will type out the word “period”. That is not helpful at all and the user ends up having to manually edit something that should not have to be edited at all if the app were working the way it’s supposed to. 4 out of 5 stars.

  43. Everything I need – nothing I don’t (like ads). Recently used it to organize myself for a cross-country drive. I kept lists and a journal. It was of great utility and worked flawlessly. Glad to have it. Update to above about a year and a half later: still like the app a lot – just wish the cursor would stay where I save a document. That way I would be able to pick up editing later without having to scroll down to where I previously left off.

  44. I would like to be able to share the note without having to copy and paste it. I would also like to be able to attach a document or photo to the notes and, finally, I would like more optioms for sorting, including to be able to sort by date created or date modified and be able to create folders for even better organization. I am not sure why I have been usi this app without all those features. I hope you will fix that, soon. I had one that did all that on a previous device.

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