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Simply create any task or subtask. Integrated with Gmail for easy collaboration
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Get more done with the Google Tasks mobile app. Manage, capture, and edit your tasks from anywhere, at anytime, with to-dos that sync across all your devices. Integrations with Gmail and Google Calendar help you get tasks done—faster.

Quickly capture tasks anywhere
• Create task lists with your most important to-dos
• View, edit, and manage tasks on the go, from any device
• Manage tasks created in Gmail or Calendar on the web from your mobile device

Add details and create subtasks
• Break down your tasks to subtasks
• Add details about the work you need to focus on
• Edit details about any task as your work progresses

View tasks created from emails
• Create a task directly from an email in Gmail
• View your tasks in the side panel of Gmail
• Trace a task back to its source email

Stay on track with due dates and notifications
• Set a due date for every task to help you achieve your goals
• Organize your tasks by date or prioritize using drag-and-drop
• Receive due date notification reminders to keep your tasks on track

Part of G Suite
• Bring Google’s suite of powerful, intelligent apps to your business
• Leverage Google’s AI to bring data insights and analysis to every employee
• Connect with your team seamlessly using one suite: Gmail, Tasks, Calendar & more

Take control of your task management and install the Google Tasks mobile app. Start easily managing your to-do list on the go with the Tasks planner app from Google.


• Updated with the latest version of Material design
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Google Tasks MODDED 2022"

  1. You have to push another button to set a due date instead of the editing menu popping up. When editing the task the button at the bottom isn’t save, it’s mark task completed. Bro, I’m editing the task, it’s not completed. There’s no search. Worst of all, it’s buggy as hell. Half the time when I put subtasks in, they don’t stay nested to the main task. If I un/reinstall, that fixes it. But it’s happened 7 times and I can’t keep uninstalling and reinstalling an app for basic functionality.

  2. Perfect in its simplicity! I was using Google Calendar to add tasks and then deleting them one by one as I finished them so I could better see everything else on my calendar. I had no idea this app existed until today and WOW it makes keeping tasks organized even easier! It’s such a simple app yet it has everything I could think or need.. sorting, starring, setting a date and time, bulk deleting old tasks. Thank you, Google!

  3. Very good reminder app. Simple, clean, no ads, no payments, ease of use, everything. I got very excited when I found out you can use a widget on your home screen, but upon setting it up I found out there was a 50/50 chance when changing between tasks that it repeatedly opens and closes the menu, effectively giving me and my phone a seizure. Still a very good app though.

  4. A very vital tool that is somewhat annoying to use sync’d to Gmail, especially on Android. The setting to add an email to a task is not intuitively located so requires searching each time. Then, I have to hit the “view” button to add a due date. Otherwise, it’s like you have a to do list hidden under a pile of paperwork, it never gets looked at. The default for adding any task should be to take you into the date/time selection feature.

  5. The only reason I use this app is its integration with other Google services; This is important for me because I use Google for literally everything. The app is fundamentally solid, with being able to create different lists and set repeated reminders. However, I wish I could give tasks different priorities like TickTick, as well as having different sections on a single list. That being said, it is a great to-do-list app that suffices for everything I do.

  6. A very helpful app for when I’m wondering if I’ve done a thing today. Especially when doing said thing twice could cause liver failure. I recently noticed subtask is a thing and now I’m wondering why they are removed when the task repeats… Can that be changed? Would help for organization. One task for eating today, one task for bed time, one task for each the exercises as opposed to the 4 different lists I need to keep my page clean. I’d be cool if I could monitor the history or link calendar.

  7. Great app but very minimal on features though. Really need the ability to set a time for a whole category rather than needing to do it for every task individually. Color coding would be greatly appreciated. And the ability to choose what lists go onto your Google calendar rather than the all or nothing.

  8. The Tasks app is essential, primarily because Google doesn’t provide a way to interact with and update tasks on the web (except within its Calendar and Gmail web interfaces). That said, the app is pretty good, and allows me to customize tasks with a variety of options (e.g., due dates/times, repeats, etc.). Again…an essential app!

  9. The app needs more ways to re-organize, not just the created tasks, but the actual lists. Also, when a task that is to be repeated, the subtask feature disappears. It should stay on. Some more filters, labels, and categories would be helpful. If possible, progression and streaks might make the app a little more enjoyable; to help people strive for a goal.

  10. It needs search. Badly. Other than that, great for having just the basics that I need – multiple lists, integration on multiple devices, due dates available but not required, and recurrence. But it needs the ability to search both individual lists and all lists. Why? Because some lists are not ToDo lists but convenient and possibly very long lists of things you might vaguely remember a week, month, or year from now. So, it’s great. But did I mention it needs search?

  11. Matt R dice:

    Would love to have sharing capabilities for the tasks. I was looking for a task list for some groups I’m in and I like this one, it’s easy and simple, but I can’t share. Not real time time anyway. I think having an option to keep completed tasks on the list instead of disappearing would be nice too. I know completed tasks are still viewable, but the order changes.

  12. Completely useless if you have recurring tasks. Recurring tasks only appear once. Once you complete it the 1st time, it doesn’t reappear on your list until the DAY IT’S DUE. You can’t plan ahead. You have to open GCalendar in order to plan ahead for recurrences. If I have to open GCalendar anyways, I might as well just make recurring reminders and not even bother with tasks. Tasks is supposed to be an easy to view “to-do” list, but completely fails with recurring tasks.

  13. This app is lacking. The fact that I can’t move a repeating task to a different list is just inexcusable. I mean, why? I really hope Google puts more time and effort into Tasks. I’m a fan of using the native apps with an OS. I’d also like to be able to drag and drop tasks in Calendar. Doesn’t work for all day tasks for some reason. I’m holding out hope! Don’t let us down, Google.

  14. I have now installed Tasks and get a big pop-up to move my Reminders from Calendar. The transfer crashed and about half moved. I found the option in Tasks to move my Reminders manually with the following results: 1) Several Reminders are listed twice. I deleted the duplicates. Annoying, but not a big deal. 2) Almost all completed Reminders are gone. Is there a way to get these back? I had important info in some and really need it back.

  15. Pretty much utterly featureless. No support for different types of tasks like shopping lists. Not even any support for recurring tasks. Updating this review a year later to say it’s no better. It’s still garbage. This has less features than just writing reminders on my arm with a sharpie. Updating this two years later to say they have still added exactly zero features. I am in awe that google can only manage to scrape together the absolute bare minimum in quality for something so simple.

  16. it’s great, but could use more features and integrations with various things such as Google Assistant and Outlook or Google calendar. also all these task apps have one problem which is it’s easy to accidentally delete a task by swiping in my opinion, this doesn’t really bring as much convenience as it does nuisance. also, I wish I could collapse subtasks as they make my task view polluted.

  17. Used to be the better tasks/canvas website. That worked reasonably well. That website is no longer alive, so am using this app now. Within the first five seconds of using the app I can tell a lot of features are missing, most notably: search… something Google is supposed to be pretty good at!! what a joke. Can’t print/select and copy all tasks in a list.

  18. They ruined this app. In the older version, I could easily drag/drop tasks to create sub-tasks and nested to-do lists. I could also set specific times that items were due and without fail, a notification would appear at that time as a reminder. This new version does none of that. It is possible to set a due date, and so far notifications have appeared maybe 50% of the time. The ones that do appear are either early or late because Google doesn’t let me specify a time. This was a very simple app with very basic features and I loved it. Somehow, Google managed to remove or complicate the most basic functionality of an app that worked perfectly.

  19. It is a great app indeed, it does have all the basic stuff like checklists and the ability to set a date for your tasks. However it lacks a bunch of features. Example: it does not have lables as all other to do apps. Also it does not allow you to set a precise time for the task, while you can set the date, you cannot set the exact time. That sucks so much. Hope they will alter these important components.

  20. I love how simple it is to use, and how it effectively syncs across my devices. I can make my grocery list on my laptop and see what I need to buy on my phone without worrying that some of the items didn’t copy over (which is an issue I’ve had with other list apps). I hope they develop a share feature so I can send the list to someone else’s phone and they can edit and use it, since sending them a screenshot doesn’t let them use it as a checklist as easily!

  21. While it has a clean and modern interface, and adding tasks is simple, that’s it’s ultimate problem: simplicity. No recurring tasks, no widgets, no standalone web app. For my needs, Google Keep is much better than tasks. If you need the barest of todo apps, this will work well for you. If you need pretty much anything else, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

  22. Very useful and reliable. It’s easy to use and there are lots of nice options for each task. I just wish it was a bit less cumbersome to use. Having to hit the plus button Everytime I want to create a task is a bit obnoxious when it comes to making a grocery list. I wish I could just tap into a dialog box and start typing then when I want it to become a task I can just hit return. That’s how Wunderlist worked and it was super quick and easy to create lists. Still a great task manager though.

  23. The good: It’s easy to use and integrates with Google calendar so you can see in sidebar. You can also set a time and repeat tasks. The less impressive: It’s too basic. It doesn’t allow categories or color coding. Notes does this, but without the ability to set time and repeat. Tasks could have been more robust yet different from Notes. Surprised and a bit disappointed this can’t do more. Google usually does better.

  24. Overall, I really like this feature and use on my desktop for work all the time. I love having the app and can add on the go when I need to. You can turn an email into a task for later on, which is nice too. The only gripe I have is that if I set a date & time reminder, the reminder pops up once and then just disappears. No audible alert sound. No lasting pop-up or something on my Gmail inbox as an alert that it’s still not completed unless I have the tasks view open. When busy you may miss it.

  25. Good visually, clutter free. I’ve noticed since I set some tasks, I tend to overlook the app and they don’t get done. It’s hard to set a specific time to do them because it’s just when I have the free time/and the mood for the tasks. I like the colors and the pin feature in keepnotes and use it for a lot of lists. I think those should be integrated into tasks. Reminders are handy but I end up dismissing them with all the Tons of random notifications I get when I wake up.

  26. Simple, easy to use, no frills task tracker. Not as sophisticated as M/S Outlook, but will do a good job of maintaining a list of things to do. I like that it will import the reminders from Google calendar automatically. So, new task entry can be accomplished from either app. The only thing I wish it had was a “nag-me” switch. A feature that would give me the option of reminding me of past due tasks.

  27. Overall this app is really useful and user friendly. I would definitely recommend it, but not if your information is super important because one major flaw is that you can accidentally delete an entire list without any way to recover it. Google Developers: please consider changing the app so that an accidentally deleted list can be recovered. One other suggestion for Google Task developers – you can make a task repeat daily, weekly, monthly, etc., which is great, but it would be helpful if you could mark the task completed for the current due date and then it would automatically reset so that it’s due for the next repeated date. Right now if I click the bubble showing that I’ve completed the task this round, it basically makes it no longer repeat. Thank you for your consideration of these changes to an otherwise really useful app.

  28. 3/14/2020: Very useful. I wish it had more flexibility to reorder lists. I wish I could search my tasks so that I don’t have to spend so much time hunting for them. The best parts are the portability between devices and integration into Google Calendar. 3/14/2021: One year later and still no reorder or search functionality although there have been several updates. I’m still using the app, so it hasn’t gotten worse. Maybe when I update this review next year I can say Google listened.

  29. I mostly really like it, except when I have things on repeat, they don’t always repeat in the app -they do in the calendar, but I want it in the list of the app. I would also really liked it if you could mark things as undone and have them go away. I was trying to use it as a Weekly Duty list, but I don’t always get things done and would like that to just be noted, not followed to the next day. That said, it’s very easy to use and well designed.

  30. The app is very helpful but there’s times when I forget something on the check list and the due date comes around and I totally miss it. Part of the reason is because there’s not a loud notification sound or even a constant reminder on the drop down notification screen, the only way that I’m able to remember is by opening the app and checking it off on my own which is not helpful with my busy life. Please fix this, I totally love the concept, I just wish that the reminders can be more ALERTING.

  31. It’s ok. It is a very basic task list. I like that I can see it in my Google calendar. You can only set up recurring tasks in the app and not on computer. I wish it would let me move lists higher or lower in line. I have multiple lists and it is annoying that all new lists are at the bottom. I wish it would let me prioritize lists. It works for what I need right now. I mostly use it for grocery list and daily tasks that need done.

  32. Bill Koch dice:

    Been using this app for years. Been frustrated with it b/c it’s too basic and there’s no support for landscape on tables. Believe it or not, Microsoft has a killer to-do app for Android. It’s elegantly designed and the cross-platform sync is immediate and 100% reliable. Who would have thought? I am actually much happier with the MS app than the Google app.

  33. I use this app all the time! It is great, the ability to have several lists, and the checked off items are not automatically deleted for those times my fingers go too fast and check off something I have not finished. I have shopping lists, to do lists, yard work lists, even a list for future hikes I want to go on. This is a great app, I fully recommend it.

  34. This app has good potential but it’s not quite there yet. I love the integration with other Google apps, but I’d like to see it work more as a standalone product. It needs more more customization, it’s own site to go to and an extension (like Google Keep has), and maybe some futher integration with Tasks and Keep, such as being able to link a note to a task. Honestly, I like Microsoft To-Do better but I use Google for everything else. So, while not as good, it’s still more convenient.

  35. Not quite what I expected but simple and easy to use and does it’s job well. There are 2 things I would like to see changed though. First it would be great that when you have a task that recurs daily and you check it off for one day that it would automatically reappear as unchecked the next day. Second, I think it would be more efficient to have a side panel or even a main screen with all of your lists in one place. You could just tap on the list you want to open it. Sortable sub – categories

  36. I’m trying hard to like Tasks. Integration with Gmail is good, and Calendar on the web, and being able to add notes and subtasks is very helpful. But it won’t integrate with Calendar for Android, or with the Assistant at all, and that really limits its usefulness for the way I work. I’d like to be able to rate it higher, but until it integrates better with other apps, I just can’t.

  37. I like it ok, but it needs improvement. I like that it allows you to sort in chronological order or to pick you own order. I also like that it is visible while you are using your Google Calendar in Chrome, so you can plan your day. I also like that it allows you to list subtasks under a larger task. The reasons that I’m giving it 3 stars are: 1) The phone widget automatically shows the tasks in the order that they were added and this can’t be changed. So, although I have my settings to show the items in chronological order, this does not transfer to the list widget. I have to open the app to see it in chronological order, which defeats the purpose of using the widget so save time; 2) The lists can’t be shared. I wanted all my lists in one place, but since they can’t be shared, my “Grocery List” is actually a link to a Google Shopping List, which takes a few more clicks to get to, again defeating the purpose of having all the lists in one place; 3) It would be nice to have the functionality of copying the list to another app, like Docs or Notes; 4) It would also be helpful to be able to add items to more than one list (using tags?). For example, add an item to a list named “To Do” while also adding it to a list named “To Do Today” or “To Do This Year”. This avoids the extra time it takes to enter a task more than once on different lists. Alternatively, maybe there could be a filter that lets you focus on the tasks due during a certain time period, like today or this week. 5) The subtasks should also allow the user to assign it a date, so that the subtask due this week shows up on my chronological list this week, the the main task due in a few months doesn’t. I hope this helps build a better app.

  38. It would be an awesome app if it had more robust functionality, like being able to set GPS location reminders like “grab milk at the supermarket” that triggers when leaving the office or something. I am happy the most recent update allows for setting specific times for tasks to take place. It is frustrating because recurring tasks don’t always show up and the app will fail to notify or alert me when something is due.

  39. Good to have integrated with my calendar. I wish it had the option to change the time of multiple items at once and also having a few preset times too can automatically select (like a morning, noon and evening option that can be adjusted). I have specific things I want to make sure I do during my free times each day and I wish I didn’t have to pick a time each time

  40. Just does lists, but does it very well. So convenient I use it every day. Just wish they would fix a few of the cons listed below. Pros: Extremely easy to use. Drag to rearrange lists or make sublists. Data in cloud, available from all devices, no backup necessary. Cons: Does not reorient display when device turned (portrait vs. landscape). Printing not supported from mobile devices. Only 1 level of sublists supported. Not easy to share lists with other users.

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