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* Convert any drawing to PDF/JPG file offline, Fully compatible with AutoCAD!
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DWG FastView is a cross-platform CAD software that meets designers’ demands in all kinds of situation, and fully compatible with DWG, DXF. Various of CAD features such as: Edit, View, Measure, Dimension, Find text, etc. enables you to do real CAD work on the go and enjoy the best mobile CAD experience.
View, Edit, Create & Share all your CAD drawings, synchronize to cloud from multiple devices by one click, enjoy design anytime anywhere together with more than 70 million users around the world.

DWG FastView Highlights

(1) Accurate and fast access your drawings.
•Creating, viewing and editing with easy-to-use advanced tools.
• Supports of AutoCAD all DXF&DWG versions with no file-size limit
• View AutoCAD DWG&DXF file easily.Fully compatibility with AutoCAD.

(2) No registration & Offline drawings.
• Simply download DWG FastView and use it immediately with NO REGISTRATION needed.
• Without internet, you are able to save your masterpieces in the local workspace.
• Drawings from E-mail, Cloud Service or Network Disk like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or WebDAV can be opened, viewed, edited and shared as well with Internet.

(3) Support export to PDF, BMP, JPG and PNG, and share it to anyone freely.
• Transfer CAD drawings into PDF format and customize its paper size, orientation, color and so on.
•Convert CAD drawings to different versions.

(4) Do real CAD work on mobile.
• Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Color, Measure object, record management results, manage layers and use Layout.
• Advanced drawing and editing tools such as trim, offset, dimension and find text.
•Set precision and display formats of coordinates, distance and angle.
• Zoom in or zoom out a CAD drawing by adjusting the space between two fingers.
• Import or download the CAD drawing with its fonts and symbols to the font’s folder in order to display all uncommon fonts.

(5) Easily switch between 2D Visual mode and 3D Visual mode, 3D mode includes: 3D Wireframe, Realistic and 3D Hidden with the powerful tools of Layer, Layout, and ten different perspectives viewing.
• Rotate 3D CAD drawing by touching the drawing area and moving to view the 3D mode comprehensively in 360 degrees. Click the screen to stop rotating and locate the 3D mode at the best perspective.
• Open a magnifier by touching the drawing area to display the enlarged graph of touched area which is a convenient way for users to view details and snap objects.

(6)Precise Drawing available, e.g., user can change the number of the coordinates to move the points precisely.
• Support 2D absolute coordinates, relative coordinates and polar coordinates and 3D Spherical coordinates and Cylindrical coordinates.
• Draw Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Text, Revcloud, Rectangle, and Sketch and create Notation.

(7) Stay connected. Helpful and responsive technical support.
Click the “Feedback” button to send your tech problem to us via email.

Upgrade to DWG FastView Premium to get advanced editing and advanced tools. DWG FastView subscription plans are available in the following options:
•Premium monthly for $4.99
•Premium annual for $47.99 (save $11.89 vs. monthly subscription)

Download the FREE trial of the premium version to unlock the most advanced and easy-to-use drawing, drafting and editing tools.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DWGFastView
Email: [email protected]
Terms of use: http://www.gstarcad.net/About/Terms-of-use
Privacy policy: http://www.gstarcad.net/privacy/


- Major update: Support for converting PDF files to CAD files;
- Support editing property values of existing blocks;
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "DWG FastView-CAD Viewer&Editor MOD"

  1. Viewer only, this app is useless unless you pay for premium features. When I first tried it as an alternative to Autodesk it was great. I could easily use it in the field to pull quick dimensions for installers & GC personnel. Perfect for the needs at the time. Through updates, it now only allows a 2 point dimension on a single line, no angle or radius dimensions. I can do more w/a pdf frankly. Very disappointing. May as well use thevAutodesk product as this product no longer has an advantage.

  2. Beautifully Executed. What more can I say. THE best 2D CAD application out there. You can literally start a .dwg from start to finish. I am using the paid version, so my experience may be different then yours. There are a few features missing like “Line Type, Line Width, etc…” I am going to assume these features are being worked on. Where Autodesk dropped the ball, these guys picked it up and ran for a touchdown. I have been using ACAD since ver. 10.

  3. This is the best CAD app on the store: It can handle a lot of onscreen objects, scrolls smoothly, and is generally easy to manipulate, so I subscribed. My main complaint is the lack of a way to edit line-type. Lesser complaints include: There’s no fill tool There is no way to make a block The save button is too close to the undo button.

  4. Really like this app. It actually works better for us than the one from the makers of the .dwg format. Only thing I wish it did was provide a twist feature with two finders like the others ones do. Panning works great with two fingers, but would be nice to also be able to twist/rotate the drawing at the same time. With that addition it would be 5 stars for us!

  5. Does not open the dwg drawing files I have saved on my phone. When I select the file I want to view it looks like the app is attempting to load the file but it just stays at 0% and then freezes so I can’t cancel the load or anything else within the app. I downloaded the app to be able to view dwg files while on a jobsite for work and I can’t do that so this app is just a waste of space. I’m using a galaxy S9.

  6. Liked the program okay, but formatting line thicknesses or other characteristics, and filling in objects with a solid color was not intuitive. Other than repositioning the line or objects, I never did figure out how to edit the other characteristics of the lines and objects. The editable attributes of each object should show up when they are selected. I did like how the program worked with my smart phone’s pen.

  7. Rich Momo dice:

    Just installed this. Will have some learning, but I’ll get it. It seems like it will be fairly easy for simple layouts. I wpuld like to maybe see a point (period) in the numbers when doing stuff like offset. May provide more detail after trying it out. If it’s nice and fits my need, I will pay for the upgrade. Seems pretty good, so far.

  8. The export file hiding deep inside the android folder u will never find it unless u keep click on save as the folder and the size u wan and keep repeating the process. Very unfriendly use.

  9. ‘major update’ means much more nagging popups unfortunately, but as a free viewer it does its job well.

  10. Very good, it is very convenient to view drawings and edit pictures on mobile phones

  11. It was amazing before everything turns into premium. I loved this app and it was easy for me to use until I have to pay.

  12. GOD SON dice:

    Terrible, confusing, complicated, and can’t even start a project. How it has such a high rating must be a scam.

  13. Saves every drawing you view in a cache. Cleaning this up is all manual and there is no setting to avoid saving recent or past documents. If you’re using this as an app on mobile that’s a problem

  14. wonderful app and the member services are very prompt to help with any problems!!! Very pleased

  15. It’s Super fantastic in using. I highly recommend it to all CAD learner.

  16. The app is not able to list my dwg files, it lists only image files and pdfs

  17. Very helpful for my work,precise,accurate,stable

  18. zab torn dice:

    After last update the measurement is set to inch . And you have to make accout and pay ,so you can change the simplest option . It was one of my all time favorite apps . but now , gonna find something els

  19. D.R dice:

    Best free dwg viewer, Some issues like not able to see line type, all lines are showing as continuous line even centre line. And some text are shown overlapping, even though its not

  20. fast opening….very useful…easy application…Thanks

  21. it is great tool to view dwgs fast as compare to other dwg viewer tools.

  22. This App is great…those people who are complaining i think you are just problematic. Thumbs-up to the developer..nowadays no need to carry a laptop in the field..only my phone and everything is set. I recommend this app to All surveyors and anyone using CAD in their field of specialization.

  23. Re-review since the first magically disappeared. Poor guy trying to design something to not be poor anymore but you can’t even use an eraser without the premium version. Got a BS rota reply about features are divided… Well you bellends, even the cheapest pencil comes with an eraser. So choke on it. Inconsiderate, money grubbing, jerks.

  24. Might be okay, but the file access is screwy and can’t seem to show DXF files even when DXF or All file types selected, so couldn’t even get started

  25. Well I used to say it was the best free app but now they have gotten rid of copy and mirror functions for the free version. I used those 2 features frequently for years with a non paid account.

  26. Everything is paid.. This app is supposed to release as full paid version.. Releasing it for free is only time waste for users

  27. After the update of August 04, I can’t open any files directly neither when I use the option “open with”, and the files section in the app doesn’t allow me to search for my files through my device (local), the only option is cloud service. Before the update I’ve been using the app for a long time without any problems, solve those issues.

  28. Irfan b dice:

    Usefull to see the drawing file. Just a second.

  29. This app is FULL OF ADS now. Such apps are useless. And moreover they have added splash screen of 5 secs, that’s pretty annoying whenever you open a file, it shows splash screen, you have to wait. It is terribly annoying. Plus when you want to exit, it doesn’t exit easily, it forcefully goes to ads page. What a trash app. Unistalled!

  30. excellent to understand drawings of constructions.

  31. Very helpful for my work,precise,accurate,stable

  32. nazim ali dice:

    Not able to browse drawings folder from this app. only recent drawings it shows. Please make its folder directory available.

  33. Would like to have spent time learning to use this but the subscription only option for premium features is unacceptable & it looks like the premium features are essential. As a home user, I will only ever use this app occasionally & a $50 a year subscription cost for this rare use cannot be justified. So sorry, until you change your payment options to better accommodate casual home users, I will be looking elsewhere.

  34. very fast loading, handy while discussing on site

  35. Very useful to view a cad drawing

  36. Very useful to view a cad drawing

  37. Very Good & Useful for Site Engineer. Thank You.

  38. in Jeffry dice:

    Happy to open DWG file through this app. Great.

  39. I really enjoy having access to view 3D models on the app however the 2D wireframe being the only option to view the model needs improvements. Being able to view conceptually/hidden would be great since these models are being created for clients. Also redlining/revising the model would be great too because right now I just see it as a viewing tool and it should be a lot more than that.

  40. Best app for viewing and editing dwg files in ios.

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