Cyber Watch Face MODDED 2022

Futuristic and digital watch face for Wear OS 2.0
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★ Cyber Watch Face Watch Face is fully Wear OS 2.0 supported

NEW! Cyber Watch Face for Wear OS is full of digital interactive functions.
WatchFace contains a huge number and user-friendly settings on the watch and the phone companion app.
The watch face contains 3 tap targets on the screen and you can customize them to be more informative which includes various numbers of data such as battery level status, FIT data, weather information, etc..
The Wear OS 2.0 comes with external complication which this watch face supports completely.

The watch face contains free and premium features. Premium features should be unlocked to use them.

★  How to select shortcuts in the position (complication) ★

– Long tap on the watch face
– System shows icon “gear” for the watch face settings. Tap on it
– Select “Customize” option
– Select “Complications” option
– Select desired position
– Select “External Complication”
– Find “General” from list and select it
– Select “App shortcut” and choose desired app
You are ready to go.

★ WEAR OS 2.0 integration
• Fully standalone! (iPhone and Android compatible)
• External complication data for the indicators

★ Compatible with all Android Wear watches
• External complications
• Change color (Free)
• 24 hour format (Free)
• Leading zero (Free)
• Screen time (Free)
• Forecast (Premium)
• Full ambient mode option (Free)
• Change a color preset (Free)
• Tap indicator (Free)
• Google FIT integration (Premium)
• Weather settings (location, providers, frequency update, units) (Premium)

★ NEW ★
• Vibrate on every hour

★ Built-in complications:
• Weather (Free)
• Forecast (Premium)
• Watch battery (Free)
• Phone battery (Free)
• Steps (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Distance (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Walking (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Running (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Biking (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Calories (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Fit statistics (Google Fit) (Premium)
• HeartRate detector (Google Fit) (Premium)
• Water counter (Free)
• Coffee counter (Free)
• Steps counter from wear device (built-in steps) (Free)

!! Please contact us if you have any trouble with the app !!
[email protected]

How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 2.0?
1. Install it from Google Play Wear Store on your watch.
2. Install the companion app for fully customization (Android phone devices).

Why I can not see steps or activity data in a built-in complication?
To see steps and other fit data, you need to connect the app with Google Fit.
There is an option:
1. Connect to Google Fit via settings located on the phone companion app (only for Android phone devices)

The watch face CANNOT be installed on smartwatches with TizenOS (Samsung Gear 2, 3, Galaxy Watch, …) or any other OS except WearOS



Improved Y.R. weather provider


4 comentarios en "Cyber Watch Face MODDED 2022"

  1. Alexander Wright dice:

    Overall I’m disappointed. Since upgrading to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 I’ve struggled to find a good watch face. I thought this one would be worth it. Since downloading and paying for the premium options I’m disappointed. The font is too small to read on everything customizable. Seems like its not optimized for the 46mm display at all.

  2. Beats By Ray dice:

    I’m very disappointed with this face. It doesn’t accurately show my steps. If I use a native face, it shows for example 12,000 steps. This one shows 4100. I gave two stars because the face itself is beautiful. But the functionality is TRASH! Also as other users have said, the font is entirely too small. Hopefully I can get a refund.

  3. John Perrone dice:

    I like the watch face, but some options don’t work (Doesn’t count steps or distance). Not sure how many others don’t since I don’t use them. There’s no option for complications since I switched to a new phone even though I purchased it.

  4. Nolan Runciman dice:

    Disappointing! I love the look of this watch face but it’s as if the designer couldn’t be bothered with functionality. It has two shortcuts but both are non programmable, one switches face colour, the other is stopwatch. I didn’t want either if these & the designer says it’s not possible to make them programmable….really?! There are 3 complications, 2 only have preset options, 1 has external complication option but doesn’t launch the app, only displays limited app data. Refund requested.

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