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Kia Access makes getting your vehicle information easier than ever
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Kia Access is the official Kia America, Inc. owner’s app. Kia Access makes getting your vehicle information and services easier than ever. Gain all the benefits of the Kia Owner’s Portal, combined with many of the convenient, streamlined features of Kia Connect (formerly known as UVO link) (if equipped) [1] [2] [4] – right in the palm of your hand.

Download the app to access:

• Owner’s Manual, quick guides, videos, and warranty information
• Vehicle payment information (if financed through Kia Motors Finance)
• Information about maintenance milestones

Vehicles equipped with Kia Connect may also have access to the following features:
• Vehicle health reports [2]
• Send locations to your vehicle’s navigation system [3]
• Remotely lock/unlock doors and initiate horns & lights [2]
• Remotely find your car [3]
• Remotely set your car’s cabin temperature [4]

Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles support special features, including:
• Remotely check battery status and estimated driving range
• Locate charging stations
• Schedule charging times

Get Kia Access today!

Also available for Android Wear OS.

Kia eServices users – Please use the Kia eServices app.

Create an owner account directly from the app or go to:

[1] Kia Connect is currently unavailable for Model Year 2022 vehicles sold or purchased in Massachusetts. See Kia Connect Terms of Service for more information.
[2] Features only available for vehicles equipped with Kia Connect. Determine Kia Connect availability for your vehicle by visiting: Vehicle health reports are not a substitute for regularly scheduled maintenance. Vehicle health reports check powertrain, chassis, and airbag systems, and require initial activation. See Owner’s Manual for details and maintenance schedule.
[3] Vehicle must be equipped with Kia Connect and navigation
[4] Some vehicles with Kia Connect may not support remote climate control (e.g., 2019 Optima LX). Do not use remote climate control or remote start if vehicle is in an enclosed area (e.g., closed garage) or a partially enclosed area without ventilation. Close all doors leading from adjacent living areas to the vehicle area before executing a remote climate control or remote start command

Use of Kia Access is subject to agreement to the Kia Privacy Policy (available at and Terms of Service (available at

Kia Connect features require an active Kia Connect subscription; purchase/lease of certain new Kia vehicles with Kia Connect includes a complimentary 1-year subscription starting from new vehicle retail sale/lease date as recorded by the dealer. After the complimentary 1-year Kia Connect subscription expires, continued access to the full suite of Kia Connect services available on the vehicle will require a paid subscription at the then-current subscription rate or use of certain Kia Connect features may immediately terminate. Use of Kia Connect is subject to agreement to the Kia Connect Privacy Policy (available at and Terms of Service (available at Contact Kia at 800-333-4KIA (4542) or for questions or help with enrollment.

Only use Kia Connect when safe to do so. Message and data rates may apply. Cellular and GPS coverage is required to use most features. Kia Connect features may vary by model, model year, and trim level. Features, specifications, and fees are subject to change. For more on details and limitations, visit or your authorized Kia dealer. Kia Connect may currently be unavailable for Model Year 2022 and newer vehicles sold or purchased in Massachusetts; please see the Kia Owner’s Portal for updates on availability.


General user experience updates.


4 comentarios en "Kia Access FULL"

  1. Brenda Sharman dice:

    App was good until this last update. There’s constantly a message saying they’re experiencing issues and some functions may not work. My remote start is struggling and that’s most important. Please correct. Also, can you please add an option to run the vehicle 5-10 mins longer? It can’t be good on the engine to keep restarting during my cold winter months in NY.

  2. Vicki D dice:

    It hasn’t worked since the start of the new year. It just spins. Can’t log in or anything of the sort. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared phone memory and none of that worked. And just logged in and it has my previous car, not the current one. 🙃 Edit: Got logged into my current car and it was great for those few freezing months. But now we have to pay for the perks that were the reason why I brought the car (remote start/lock/unlock features). Why am I paying extra to remote start?

  3. Bobby DJ P-NUT Covotta dice:

    Remote start via the app is not working. Gave it a few minutes but never started the car. Now when I go into the app for anything it says “We are experiencing difficulties with our systems and some functionality might not be available. We regret the inconvenience caused”. App has latest update and the car is the K5 GT line. Any suggestions?

  4. S. Bryan dice:

    They have been “experiencing difficulties” for the last three days. My car had been stuck on valet mode for three days! This is unacceptable! I’ve updated the app, uninstalled/reinstalled, even tried disabling it through the car. Valet mode screen pops up across map blocking the directions. So inconvenient.

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