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Create, edit, and collaborate online with Google Docs, part of Google Workspace.
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Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Docs you can:

– Create new documents or edit existing files
– Share documents and collaborate in the same document at the same time.
– Work anywhere, anytime – even offline
– Add and respond to comments.
– Never worry about losing your work – everything is saved automatically as you type.
– Search the web and your files in Drive, right from Docs
– Open, edit, and save Word documents and PDFs.

Google Docs is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate.

Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Docs features, including:
– Working in a single document with teammates or people outside your company. See edits as others type, communicate through built-in chat, and leave feedback through comments and suggestions
– Importing your documents to make them instantly editable, including Microsoft® Word and PDF files. Export your work in .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html format
– Unlimited version history. Track changes made to your documents and undo anything you choose.
– Working across devices, with or without Internet

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40 comentarios en "Google Docs MODDED"

  1. It’s auto correction is still jumps to absurd conclusions for words with only one or two letters off (which, ironically, seem to be no problem when using Chrome for spellchecks). It is a text based app, but can’t even handle 100 pages without tapping out. It beats the user over the head with annoying pop-up notifications whenever it can/can’t do something (like grammar suggestions). I’m basically having to conduct a mass exodus of my work off this headache.

  2. Moving it down to three stars as there are a few issues I’ve had in my time using it. I’m not sure if it’s just my Google account, my phone (though I got a new phone and this issue still presists), or just an odd bug, but when I go to edit a doc I am working on sometimes I open it and don’t have the ability to edit my own doc. It’s fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but this is getting tiring. The newest update added a message about grammar checking it gets in the way of editing.

  3. It’s a pretty alright app, though nowhere near as useful as the PC counterpart. The settings shouldn’t have different options from the PC, and yet several options offered on PC are missing from the settings. The pop up error “text is too long for grammar dection” (paraphrasing of what it says) is annoying and makes trying to continue working on a doc annoyingly hard. Nearly unusable, even. If you’re going to keep the pop up—make it appear only ONCE and then don’t let it keep popping up!

  4. I love this app except for one small super annoying detail. There’s a button along the right side to aid in scrolling large documents. It gets in the way when I try to correct typos on the bottom right of my screen. When I tap to correct, it sometimes pulls me up in the document because I accidentally hit the button. It gets frustrating quickly because the button appears when I don’t need it.

  5. Like others here have noted, the hitbox on the “jump to section” button on the right edge of the screen was recently changed in size. Now if you scroll through any large document with your right hand you inevitably end up hitting this section. There is a simple fix: require a long press gesture before activating to “jump to section” button. It’s unlikely people are going to be able to jump to the correct section with a brief scroll or click gesture. I love this app. Please fix.

  6. Mae * dice:

    If I could give this a negative rating, I would. I can’t write with this app at all now because the pop up (telling me that it can’t detect grammar issues because the text is too long) stays up over the words I’m typing. The document is only 4000 words, and there are no grammatical errors to detect. This last update was terrible, and the issue has only gotten worse. The pop up used to only appear at the beginning of opening the doc. Now it’s with every single letter. Do better.

  7. Saph dice:

    I figured out a work around for the popup message and thought to put it here for others to see. Get rid of the predictive text under your settings. HOWEVER. You then have no auto correct anywhere else. So while it at least gets rid of that message it creates more issues. I’m giving it a low score because not only do you have this popup, I have to completely change my own settings if I want it to actually be useful since no one seems interested in fixing this any time soon.

  8. Brianna B dice:

    The “document is too long to detect grammar issues” pop up is popping up on documents less than 4000 words and makes the app absolutely useless. It pops up every time you type a word and makes it impossible to see what you are typing and kills your devices battery on top of it. I’m not sure why this is suddenly an issue when I have 20,000 word documents that worked perfectly two months ago. Absolutely infuriating.

  9. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one struggling with the “The document is too long to detect grammar…” pop-up I’m giving it ne star because of this it annoying and wasn’t even a problem until recently. It doesn’t just show up on long documents it shows up on my brand new ones as well even when I haven’t written a SINGLE word. Please fix this fast so I can change my rating I used to LOVE the app.

  10. Been using docs for a while and having such a love hate relationship with it… Especially when it comes to sharing and updating across devices. I use my phone and tablet more often than my laptop, but sometimes these will lag when I’m updating my folders and docs. It becames very frustrating and as a writer, opening a doc and finding that all the stuff you sat up till 4am writing out isn’t there bc your phone didn’t sync with your laptop is nothing short of a horror film premise.

  11. I used to love Docs, but the last update ruined it. I am notorious for having documents upwards of 40+ thousand words and to have the pop up that it can’t detect my errors after 4,000 words when using mobile is ridiculous. I don’t care if it can’t detect them, but I make MORE errors because I can’t see through the message that I don’t even have an option to turn off. Very frustrating.

  12. I’ve been using google docs since it was introduce to me by a friend years ago. It was nice, handy and on the go. I can type, edit and continue where I left off. The best part is I can open it in any computer or gadget, anytime, anywhere as long as it is available offline. But lately it becoming a nuisance. It doesn’t let me edit nor continue to do what I need to do with my document at all. The edit icon at bottom right corner is not available most times. Hey, Google, what’s wrong?

  13. A mobile version of a service should NOT have only half of the features that its desktop version does. Not only does the lack of page rulers make it difficult to format your words, but the severe lack of image options makes it virtually impossible to properly edit images like their size precisely. Until this is changed I will not recommend this app to other users.

  14. Since the last update, I am constantly getting the “Can’t detect more grammar errors. Text is too long.” popup that other reviews are referring to. Despite what the popup says, the app is still underlining grammar errors just fine, but the popup stays up constantly anyway & completely blocks the new line of text so that you can’t see what you’re typing. It makes the mobile app almost impossible to use. Hoping they fix this soon, as I would love to be able to use this app regularly again!

  15. You are unable to access the top-down menu bar without scrolling upwards. So, if I want to place a picture in a specific spot, I have to scroll away from that spot before I can use the menu needed to place the picture. This is a totally rookie oversight that makes me feel like the makers of the app don’t even use the app. If the option is in there to make the menu come down without scrolling, then you, as developers, NEED to display that option because IT IS NOT IN THE SETTINGS OR TUTORIALS!

  16. CM G dice:

    I use Docs more than any other App because it has much better funtions. It has many of Words options. But the best thing about it is that I can create a document that I can syn with my laptop, tablet and smartphone or share it with another if needed. Although it has it’s weakness it does things other notes or word processors don’t do. The last update shows the message ” can’t detect more grammar erroess, text too long.” This message come across my text can’t see what I’m typing. Irritating!

  17. Allen dice:

    App is having serious issues on my new phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 FE). It’s quite literally unusable. At first, I could open up a new document and the keyboard would pop up as if everything was normal. Then the keyboard would suddenly migrate off screen as if I had pressed the back button. Then it shows “Saving….Saved” at the top left of the menu and will not allow me to add or type anything else in the document. The keyboard won’t even pop up at all anymore. Won’t even open after reinstalling.

  18. AvoSmash dice:

    Good but not great. Old files that once opened dont work now and there are issues with the cursor typing randomly at intervals in different paragraphs all of a sudden. Makes writing a story incredibly tedious and hard as it often deletes whole sentences. Essentially acts like someone is pushing the “Insert Tab” key on a desktop keyboard, which causes characters to erase in front as opposed to behind the cursor, but it is without warning, at random, and doesn’t stay that way.

  19. Lori dice:

    Before writing this review, I read others’ reviews, and it seems several of us are experiencing the same problem. I, too, keep getting the pop-up saying the app can’t detect grammatical errors because the text is too long. I’m a stickler for proper grammar, so this function isn’t a must have for me. I’m now getting this pop-up whenever I edit or add text to my document. There is no way to turn off this function, but it should be optional. Please fix this!!

  20. This was the worst experience. I bet Google so rich they don’t even reply to bad reviews but this app is hot garbage. I didn’t even think it was possible for an app to take this long to load. It’s 30 seconds to open, 30 seconds to do anything! PLUS – every other app on my phone works except this one. It CRASHES constantly, it FREEZES all the time, it processes any requests so slowly. I’m moving all of my work elsewhere.!

  21. Glitchy and impossible to type properly at times. An example is when I try to delete a spelling error, instead of backspacing correctly, it will jump to a completely different sentence or paragraph and jumble the words, duplicate the mispelled word I was trying to correct, or sometimes even just add words I never typed! Super frustrating. Works fine on the browser but this app is really buggy. Edit: it got worse. So much worse. Why do I suddenly need to revert changes on all of my documents??

  22. The latest update now has smart compose set to ON when using the app. There is no way to turn it off in the app, and if turned off for the doc in the web browser, it still recommends the end to every sentence I type in the app. I cannot focus on what I intend to write while regularlly being cut off by google’s suggested endings so this has made the app unusable for me.

  23. Anoke dice:

    Have been experiencing a bug where GDocs tells me that it cannot synch my changes and will have to revert, and then when I hit the revert button or close the document, when I next try to open it it will not allow me to access it. I sent in multiple feedback messages and heard absolutely nothing from Google. Additionally, multiple issues with docs only allowing suggestions despite me being the owner or not being able to recognize my Google account and making all edits done by “anonymous”.

  24. It’s Google, so it does function well in terms of being a document manager and editor. When it stops being an editor, however, it grinds my gears bare. I have had this app fail to allow me access to a document I created on said app just that day. Then, once I have committed myself to editing the document, all methods aside from reinstalling the app fix the issue. Mind you, the entire time, other documents are available to edit and are updated in regular time.

  25. On Android 8 moto just had the following problem: When I select the file 🗃️ tsb at top, then select Google Drive, the menu has default Cancel turned on, not Open as before. So I can’t just select file, I have to select file then select open. When I found this I tried it on a moto android 10, it worked fine. Put maintenance on, now it is doing exactly the same.

  26. Overall, I love the design and features. However, I am disappointed that I cannot export a tagged PDF that is accessible. This is a feature that Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and LibreOffice all have. I am a college professor, and I need to be able to export some documents as an ADA Compliant PDF that can be used by screen readers and other accessibility software (links to shared files aren’t always feasible). This is the ONE feature that prevents me from moving exclusively to Google Docs and promoting it to my students. If I have to use Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, then it is sort of pointless to use Google Docs.

  27. I love this app. It has changed how I write, giving me the chance to scrubble down ideas throughout the day and work on them at my computer later. However, lately whenever a doc gets over a certain size, I cannot edit it without a ribbon constantly popping up and telling me the text is too long to check for grammatical errors. It’s very annoying and I hope it is fixed soon.

  28. It keeps saying my “document is too long can no longer detect grammar errors” ?? I love writing on this app, it’s a way for me to have creative freedom and that’s taken away when there’s this constant pop up. If you’re going to keep this function at least give us the option to turn it off. I’ve been wanting to continue a story of mine but I can’t with this annoying pop-up. I don’t want to have to switch apps.

  29. Zach dice:

    I love Google Docs. However, I give it 4 out of 5 stars because of an issue I am experiencing. When I try to print a google doc from my chromebook, the app freezes. In order to unfreeze the app, I have to shut down and restart my chromebook. 3/26/22 Update: With the latest update to my chromebook, the issue seems to have resolved itself. Hopefully it will continue to work!

  30. Katie La dice:

    App is great! For anyone who is irritated with the “can’t find any grammar errors” ribbon from the update, do the following on your phone: Go to Settings > General management > Samsung Keyboard settings > Suggest text corrections > under English (US) should be a manage apps > and from there you can turn off text suggestions for specific apps. When you turn it off for the app that has “text is too long” then the alert goes away. Hope this helps!

  31. I use this a lot for my creative writing. I just wish I could figure out how to change paragraph spacing from the app, rather than the computer. Edit: Dropped my star rating because I constantly am not allowed to edit my own document after sharing it with a friend. I can only fix it by turning off sharing, but that defeats the point of me using Google Docs. It’s been more than a year of this issue and it’s not fixed.

  32. Needs serious help. I use the app to co-write books with my friend since I can’t find any similar alternatives. It has really great collaborative functions, but it only works seamlessly about 50% of the time. When the doc starts to get past 100,000 words it takes too long to load and to synchronize between our separate devices, loses it’s scroll assist slider, puts your cursor in random places, and glitches A LOT. Please blow the dust off this app and give it an update!

  33. I still love this app! I use it daily for song lyrics. It is so easy to use and fast. Yes highly recommend this app for it’s simple ease of use. Never any problems till today after years of use had to update in the middle of some lyrics. Did not care for interruption, but updates are necessary I suppose.

  34. Very nice and easy to use. However, customization is lessened than on pc and feels off putting with the strange inconsistencies. Some devices crash randomly, some don’t see spelling mistakes unless reloaded, but most notabably; Samsung Galaxy A12’s cannot run docs for some reason. Mine is brand new and it makes the keyboard screech to a halt. This is the only app that does it. It straight up softlocks and then crashes the keyboard. I love using this app so a fix would be very appreciated. Thanks

  35. Overall, the app is alright, but it’s much better than the PC version. It has a lot less features, you can’t access things as easily, and it’s a little buggy. I’m added to a doc, and I can’t edit it despite having editor access to it. It’s very annoying. Also, an example of a missing feature is that you can’t edit table border colors! Why can’t we just have all the features from PC on mobile?

  36. Mr. Rin dice:

    Great app. The only thing is that on my Samsung Tab S8+ when I open the app in the menu of the documents sometimes the documents keep highlighting on random (only in startup) documents as if I was clicking on them. This is really weird. It is a different highlighting color than I would be pressing on the actual document on screen as it is a bit grayer (not as white). Please fix this! Thank you for a great experience nonetheless.

  37. Invisible line through text that erases part of the letters. “Error retriving additional items”, this means a whole doc won’t load, like, isn’t that the opposite point of the app? 2-3 hypens together autocorrects into a: “–” or “—”, this is incompatible for me, a settings menu would be nice for this type of thing, maybe somebody finds it useful, *but not me*. Even Discord tells us what they updated, if you did that, we wouldn’t have to find out the hard way what you screwed up.

  38. Ok, seriously this app is embarrassingly terrible. Here are some things: 1. Updating and loading documents takes way longer than it should. For example, I have a 12kb file I open every day. It takes about 30s to get opened. This app is SLOW for what it is. Like 1988 slow. 2. When you click edit on a document it takes you to some random location. Impossible to guess how it chooses. 3. The “AI” that google “uses” automatically generates some kind of headings when you scroll. Its impossible to determine how it is workign and it is terrible at guess what the headings should be. It would be better to not do it at all. Honestly, I can’t even believe I am writing a review of google docs. It has like 5 total features, most of which don’t work.

  39. Ashley H dice:

    I use Google docs/drive for all my writing. I loved it and used it all the time. Recently though in every doc, it constantly pops up with “Cannot detect more grammar errors. Text is too long.” It’s super annoying and I can’t figure out how to make it stop. Normally this would be a 4 or 5 star app. Please fix this issue!!!

  40. Kitzve dice:

    The app is fine but there are a lot of irritating little things, like the cursor jumping around when you try to type after deleting the bullets from a bulleted list but not the indent, a really out of the way system to ignore spelling/grammar suggestions, and I’ve started getting a persistent message that grammar check isn’t working because the doc is too big that’s making it annoying to work on.

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