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Create and edit online spreadsheets with Google Sheets, part of Google Workspace
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Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Sheets app. With Sheets, you can:

– Create new spreadsheets or edit existing files
– Share spreadsheets and collaborate in the same spreadsheet at the same time.
– Work anywhere, anytime – even offline
– Add and respond to comments
– Format cells, enter or sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more
– Never worry about losing your work – everything is saved automatically as you type
– Quickly get insights, insert charts, and apply formatting with smart suggestions
– Open, edit, and save Excel files.

Google Sheets is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate.

Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Sheets features, including:
– Easily add collaborators to projects, see changes as they occur, receive notifications for edits that happen while you’re away, and chat with colleagues in the same spreadsheet. All changes are automatically saved as you make them. And with offline access, you can create, view, and edit files wherever and whenever
– Get insights fast, powered by Google AI
– Work seamlessly across Sheets and Excel
– Maintain control with enterprise-grade security
– Analyze data from other business-critical tools
– Build custom solutions

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Permissions Notice
Contacts: This is used to give suggestions of people to add to files and share with.
Storage: This is used to save and open files on USB or SD storage.


* Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Google Sheets 2022"

  1. Chris H dice:

    Love the app, but I need to be able to add background images like I would in excel. Fix this in an update, and my rating will go to a 5. Update: Still have this issue, and numerous others with things that work in excel but not here, but it’s unfair to keep it at a one because I do get a lot of use out of it, and it still makes the most sense for me with its compatability with other Google products.

  2. Basic functions are not (easily) available. Not sure if I am just completely overlooking it but I cannot find the number formatting option anywhere. I have looked it up on google and the location google says it is, I have checked, and it is not there. Also, you cannot easily switch between tabs, you have to check the blue check at the top before switching between tabs in one sheet. Another issue is that I cannot open the same sheet in two separate windows. Please advise!

  3. Evan C dice:

    Works well overall. Impressed at how well they’ve translated spreadsheets to the mobile experience. Wish it wouldn’t constantly change the order of the options in the context menus. There’s also something wrong with how it chooses the numeric vs. alphabetic keyboards for each cell, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

  4. Mike Fish dice:

    Works ok when it works. Most of the time I when I open it for some reason it switches me to view only mode but only on one of my documents. I have access on my laptop but not phone. I have to uninstall and reinstall app to make it work. Does for a time or two then back to view only mode. Yes I’m logged into the right account and no…no one has changed permissions. Very frustrating

  5. Its okay enough, but it is missing some functionality that would make editing my spreadsheets alot easier and cleaner. One such as Text Clipping, Formatting cells for just Text or Integers, etc. I have things that would overlap into other cells, if I choose wrap, its makes the cell expand to unreadble proportions. THe option for Text CLippign exists on the desktop, but not on Mobile/Tablet. Not holding my breath though that things of osuch will ever be implemented.

  6. If Google Sheets was not free, it would deserve four stars; but being as feature-rich as it is, AND it’s free? It’s pretty amazing. It’s remarkably similar to Excel, which is great. It’s compatible with Excel, which is also great. It automatically saves, which is more great. And it’s free. It’s simple to use, and has a professional look and feel to it. And the integration with other Google Apps and Extensions is very cool. Only real complaint: Chart options really suck on the mobile app.

  7. Bug-ridden. I love the Google software. For the most part, its seemless simplicity is an ingenious unique selling proposition. Google sheets for mobile, however, has an Achilles heel. When editing a textbox, if the user scrolls down, you lose all text. There is no way to retrieve it again. After having this happen to a paragraph I was trying to write for the seventh time, I gave up. Fix this and the review will be changed.

  8. Pretty good for on the go editing. Feedback: I strongly object to the removal of the “select range” option. When working on a smartphone screen, this is absolutely essential. Without it, I have to keep scrolling over and over, often picking up or losing unintended cells in my selection. Please, please restore the “Select Range” function. I also need to be able to open or import .csv files. It’s very inconvenient to use a different app for this alone.

  9. Use it for counting inventory at work. Bought a Galaxy tab a and it constantly crashes, freezes, lags and just doesn’t update. It is kept up-to-date with proper updating of the software and has great signal. App works great on anyother device but this one. Please fix it so it’s with in the compatable device list. Not this “this app may not be optimized for you device” bc that’s very very frustrating.

  10. It has its challenges compared to the original options on a desktop, laptop or chromebook. But on the fly it is super helpful. I am a teacher and travel between classrooms and I am a coach. It is great in situations where i need to edit something between classes. I use it all the time at swim meets when updating records on the fly. But as I said before I have struggled with some features, but it works fine to make quick changes and updates.

  11. It gets the job done. But it sure is a pain and lacks features I have come to view as basic. For example, formula references are difficult to update. It is easier to just manually type the references. Another example, there is no ability to refresh formulas. Instead the sheet updates on a schedule or based on changes to the sheet. Its okay and its free but it is not great and leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. With this app, there is no excuse to not keep track of your spending. Enter your balance plus or minus income or expenditures in one column, and put the date and description in the other column. Drag and highlight the two rows to get the sum or difference to know what your true money balance is. No more guesswork, surprise overdrawals, etc. If my numbers are different than what’s on my bank app, I know exactly what is still pending and what checks haven’t been acknowledged by the system yet. This is a quick yet efficient way to track your spending, and you can set it up so that it flows with your life. It’s so easy that I’m now in the habit of logging an expenditure and photographing my receipt before I leave the store parking lot because it only takes a few seconds. Use your smartphone to actually do something smart for once, and keep your finances in check with the completely free Google Sheets app.

  13. Since tge update, this app no longer works for android, constantly says can’t refresh and displays no information. It says the are bug fixes when in fact there is a new major bug. This app has been rendered useless. If you want to use this app with Android, you’ll have to uninstall and then re-install the app with every use. Update: Major bug fixed. App is running smoothly again so far. When this app works, it is so useful. I use this app on a daily basis to get work done.

  14. Decent spreadsheet with some powerful functionality (see the QUERY function!) The user interface could use a lot of improvement; some configuration settings are in the sidebar, some are in a pop-up menu and other are found in the upper-right menu. It makes it annoying to try to find an option. Also, Android implementations can’t add or edit named ranges. Why?!

  15. David dice:

    The android/chromebook app is missing the PC menu. Without this menu nearly ALL options are difficult to find, and some are outright impossible! For example, there is no way to set a custom date format (I prefer mm/dd/yy for all dates, and leading zeros are an absolute requirement!). Support is impossible to access, and the Help is less than useful.

  16. It’s ok… Gotta be honest though. The inability to zoom in and out on my spread sheets makes using the app cumbersome. I will be switching to just using the Web Browser version where I have no issues with this. Adding this “feature” would greatly improve my experience with it. Not sure why it’s not in here as that hasnt been a missing “feature” of spread sheet programs since the 90’s haha.

  17. Katie dice:

    Mostly great. However, I’m extremely frustrated by the issue where my sheets will render as view only at least once a day, sometimes more. I have to uninstall and reinstall the updates every time to be able to edit my sheets again. I can’t access my sheets without having the buggy update installed, either. This has been going on for a long time.

  18. In the last month or so it’s begun getting out of sync. And, most crucially, that results in lost or corrupted data. I open a sheet in the app and edits I’ve made in Chrome don’t show up. When I make updates in the app and I open it in Chrome, the earlier edits I made in Chrome are gone, or mixed up with the app edits. This is a critical problem that needs to be fixed.

  19. I recently kicked out WPS because every update deleted more and more features. I replaced it with Google Docs and Google Sheets. I would give a higher rating, but at present I’m still trying Google Sheets on to see what it’s capabilities are. So far I’m quite pleased except in one thing: when I modify a sheet, it saves entirely new as opposed to saving as modified. This is a waste of memory space and a constant source of aggravation; searching thru many copies to locate the most recent mod.

  20. Where do I even begin. This app had zero functionality of Google Sheets. All it can do is give you the ability to view things that you did on your computer on your phone. Attempting to do anything independent of your phone will result in a headache, shortly followed by your phone hitting the wall in a fit of rage. This app was inadequate in all regards. It was so bad that I then went and downloaded Excel hoping it would be better. It was better. -1/10 can not recommend.

  21. Aaron L. dice:

    I love the new dark mode, but please give us the option to prevent spreadsheets from going into dark mode as well. I know that I can just switch back, but I don’t want to do that every time. I want to set the original colors of my sheets as default, possibly on a per-sheet basis if possible. I have a few sheets where I picked colors for thematic relevance to the content of the cell, not just differentiating stuff.

  22. Extremely easy and not annoying to edit spreadsheets. Much much easier and more likeable than Microsoft’s Excel, which takes too long to load even when accessing already-open app through the overview. Google sheets loads quickly, even for documents containing a lot of data, and is immediately able to be edited upon switching back to all from another app, home screen, or overview. Pleased with the app, as it takes to less space than other spreadsheet apps.

  23. Love it!!!! Saves as it goes (wish you would make it auto save upon no activity or closing only though because can be difficult to undo several actions. the undo button allows you to choose down to a certain event but will clear everything up to it also. Has nearly every feature minus a few paste special calculation commands but there other ways to accomplish what I’m trying to do so no problem. love that it syncs across the devices! keep up the great work Google!! and thanks for making it FREE!

  24. I have had no problems until the latest update. Ever since then I keep getting an error (Cannot open file, please check internet connection) when I try to open one specific file. The file opens fine on my browser, but on the app it refuses to open. Out of the ones I’ve tested it’s the only one with an xlsx extension – not sure if that’s related. Please fix! Thanks.

  25. What a pain to use!!! A spreadsheet should be simple to make entries. Not Sheets. Its not just that it doesn’t respond, pop up keyboards block the view with no way to remove them. Cells can usually be selected, but entries are not always accepted. Picture yourself trying to enter data real time and real time has passed you by while your fiddling wirh Google Sheets. You can write data in a notebook and transfer it to Sheets when you have time…

  26. Doesn’t upload changes anymore. I use this to keep exercises logs. I open pre-made Excel sheets from within the Drive app and edit them as I work out. When I check my computer later, I see the file hasn’t been updated. When I open Sheets, it says “Incomplete upload” for the file in question, with the option to manually upload the changes. Today I didn’t even get that, and ended up losing a whole week of logs. My workflow is now broken because of how unreliable this software is.

  27. Less than useless. No dragging to complete equations, you have to hold, copy, hold, paste on each cell, though you can select multiple cells, which makes it easier. Furthermore, after doing that multiple times, I tried to get a sum going and my keyboard only showed but Era and there was no option to type letters at all. So I would’ve had to do c1+c2+c3+c4…. etc. This app is awful. I can’t find any info about it online as to how to work it properly, so I can only assume there is no way to do so

  28. I’m just about ready to give up on Sheets. The concept is awesome, but the fact that I keep losing access to my own documents is far too frustrating. At least once per day my own documents are put into view-only status, and I am forced to uninstall/reinstall the app to re-gain access. I have not been able to find any help on any forum.

  29. Ericka dice:

    Unlike the mobile app version of Google Docs, I find the mobile version of Google Sheets annoying to scroll through just to get where I want to edit something (if it would let me without messing something up), and the last time I used it there weren’t many options available for customization or making things easier. Unless you feel like you really need it for whatever reason, I advise sticking with the browser version.

  30. It used to be great. Suddenly it tries to sync all my files offline even though I have that feature turned off. It does not stop, it just continues trying, the notification in my drop down menu stays there with the bar constantly going until I restart my phone to make it go away. FIX IT GOOGLE, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BECAUSE IT AFFECTS BATTERY LIFE!

  31. Same problem everyone else seems to be having: since update on May 20, 2020, the app won’t let me access any Sheets at all. I can create a blank one and change settings (link sharing, the file name, location, etc.), but I can’t actually modify the Sheet itself, rendering it useless.

  32. Great little (limited) app 4 your phone. Kinda like a little notepad for numbers. Build simple daily use stuff, have to experience what it can do and then figure out what u can do/use it 4 – not the other way around. The templates (for me) were badly done and very rigid. but, they kinda show what can be done with it. NEEDS documentation and the help function sucks….Did/Can I say that!🤣

  33. this a great tool to use when data collection or processing is needed, especially when formulas are treasured to do math. it’s similar to Excel, but not too intuitive for familiar Excel users. Whatever menus are common to Excel are not all easily found, at least not yet. it’s great that it it’s in the Google set so it’s accessible from phone or other computing devices. i will continue to use it and learn.

  34. The UI is clean & logical. Operation of Sheets when opening documents is quick. Unfortunately, Sheets is ineffective for viewing documents larger than 680 MB. The first time I attempted to open a large document, Sheets gave an Unable To Open This File error. On the second attempt to open the same file, Sheets smoothly opened the document but left large swaths of blank, open areas in place of text. The third time, Sheets errored: File Too Large. I uninstalled Sheets. I expected more, Google.

  35. As stated by others, losing data. For some odd reason when I email the document to my accounting they get all different info than I’m seeing. And no matter which way I try to fix it all the data I’m lookingnat is not the same data that gets received on the other end. I’ve had to save it as a pdf in Google drive and forward it that way. It’s become very aggrivating

  36. Keeps switching to View only even though I’m the owner and editor! It does this on Android. On my desktop there’s a different issue. When I try to open Sheets it asks me download a browser. There’s a list to choose from. I download one and get the same issue when I try to log in. I have tried downloading several different ones but nothing works. I didn’t use to have this problem.

  37. Great App, have used it for a long time and have always thought it was useful and easy to use. However, recently I have been having an issue that sheets I own are coming up as “view only”. Which makes no sense as I created and own it. This comes and goes, so I have no idea why it happens. Rating would be higher without this exceedingly annoying bug.

  38. Very impressed that usability and of course functionality are just like a PC desktop. Some display and formula entry conventions are obviously going to be different but it takes no time at all to work them in and keep going. Great to be able to keep a working SS at your fingertips. Very pleased.

  39. Switched over because Quick-onset started crashing on Excel documents it had been working fine with for two years, and at the worst possible time. Though sheets does render things slightly different than I expected on my phone, everything comes up perfectly in Excel on my computer, meaning I can travel everywhere with the current data on Drive and update on the fly without having to rework formatting.

  40. There are currently memory leak issues. While inputting long strings into the formula, eventually the keyboard holds data then randomly spits out said data, slows down to a crawl, and the cursor alignment becomes inconsistent. This does not only stay in the app, but persists afterwards, with the only solution being to restart the phone. I didn’t expect a memory leak on a google app of all things. I’ll keep a 1 star review until this massive bug is fixed.

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