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Manage all railways in this immersive train simulator game
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Do you have a refined taste for train simulator games? Railways is a simulation game where you have trains, passengers and railways. Your goal is to manage the trains strategically between the tracks, picking up the passengers and preventing crashes. Your mission is complete when you collect all the passengers.

Mind the gap and start managing your railways through this strategic journey!

To manage the trains in the simulator like a master, you have to learn how to:
– Stop a train for a limited time with a single tap;
– Drag the train to create a new track;
– Automatically pick up nearby passengers and fill the trains;
– Avoid running over passengers when changing the route;
– Prevent crashes between trains.

Railways features minimalist and artistic elements merged in an immersive experience where the perks of a train trip are emphasized: astonishing landscapes observed at slow pace. Each level will bring a new challenge to the track, more chaos and of course clever moves from your side. All aboard! This train is ready to depart!

This new game by Infinity Games is a magnificent train simulator where patience is a virtue. In order to succeed, you need to wait for the right moment and use your train management skills to drag the trains from one railway to another. You know that you will lose if the trains collide but you also know that you have all the time in the world to make a smart move. Furthermore, you can also stop the trains for a while.

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Fixed minor bugs.


40 comentarios en "Railways – Train Simulator MODDED"

  1. The game is fun and addictive HOWEVER you will be fighting the controls from time to time, which can make for a frustrating experience. I have all the levels maxed except the second to last, which I can’t even complete. Half my failures feel like they’re from the clunky controls and half my own mistakes. Because of that I can only recommend with a big asterisk.

  2. Challenging game with fast but not intense action. Great visuals. Definitely priced right for the length – 30 levels with some that are easy to beat and others that take many tries. Still haven’t beaten the last three levels and it’s been a few weeks. Recommend for those looking for something to pass the time that will frustrate you but is ultimately very beatable.

  3. This WOULD be a great game. I can see the level of challenge the game is going for. However, what SHOULD NOT be a challenge is wrangling with the controls. I couldn’t count how many times I lost a level because a train didn’t stop when I tapped on it. It’s so endlessly infuriating to lose a level because the game arbitrarily decides that it won’t register one of my taps. If that were to ever get fixed, I could recommend this game, but as it stands, it’s too unresponsive to be fun

  4. Excellent game, but terribly difficult. The levels are long, and if you make a single mistake, you start at the beginning. Trains have to avoid each other, which is usually easy because you can tell them to stop, but they also have to avoid automobiles, which is incredibly difficult because you can NOT tell them to stop.you have to gauge the train’s speed with the automobile’s speed to determine if the train can cross the road in time. There is no leeway whatsoever in the collision detection.

  5. This game has a really nice aesthetic and a good core gameloop. I can’t stand it, though. It’s so tedious restarting a level because one pixel of train touched a car, WHICH SHOULD STOP FOR TRAINS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND BTW. But seriously, it’s a huge waste of my time to restart because trains collided off screen? Why do they pause themselves off screen, but restart automatically even though you can just pause again? Just make them stay paused if they’re about to crash period

  6. Railways is a neat game where you play the role of railroad manager and try to guide various trains to pick up passengers without hitting each other or various obstacles. Graphics aren’t realistic and the game is better for it. Very clean and bright colors. Nice music. Crisp gameplay. 12 Google Play Games achievement trophies — I’ve gotten 9 so far. No cons of note. It’s a good game and I think you’ll like it.

  7. It’s so frustrating! The number of times I stopped a train and it just moved a spec of dust and I lost the phase. Tell me, what is the point of that phase where the train path just makes a GIANT curve towards the other line? Honestly, do not download if you like your sanity!!

  8. The control is terrible: the trains don’t stop immediately, but with a delay. A decision about a chosen path cannot be changed (which would be useful when the game misinterpretes my choise).

  9. YandeMC dice:

    I love the art style and the sound effects but please add an easy mode for idiots like me (I can’t pass 7 🙁 )

  10. Mallory M dice:

    I thought it was fun. I’m just sad I got through the levels so quickly and that was it.

  11. Really good game I love it and I’m a fan of trains pls pls this is a 10/10 game really good game for kids in school to be played since it’s like a puzzle game really good

  12. 5⃣ 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 ⭐ 🌟! Fun challenging game for adults! What? 🤔 Some say controls are wonky and chunky? 😬 I have no issues with the controls. Problem is… I can’t stop playing! Game is very replayable! 🚝🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚋

  13. The controls get kind of wonky which is really annoying, but what’s worse is the cars. There’s one level I’ve been trying all week to pass but the cars are black so my brain doesn’t recognize them coming and get in the way. Every. Single. Time. If they were brighter I think it’d help.

  14. Nice, simple design and addictive gameplay. Engaging enough to take my mind off the world, and challenging enough to keep me coming back for a few days to get all the stars. Fairly quickly finished though, and agree with others that more levels and even a level designer would be great. Can’t seem to get the 1000 (or 5000) passenger achievement on Google Games 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  15. This is a very nice Game, but tough. 4-5 levels are very tough, required me 50+ attempts. If you have free time, play this game, don’t become frustrated to complete it. Then it will be fine, you will be completing slowly slowly. Very polished game, very nice controls, as a paid game should be.. liked it very much. Some achievements like win continuously for 5, 10 levels are not good, as this is a tough game.

  16. Exellent game like paid category. It’s micromanaging game. I got 1-2 star with chill out mood. For 3 star, I retry that level until I got the concept and retry until I flow along it. Nice control, music and polished game. The hardest part for 3 star is low-level because the car speed is slower and complete in time. And then, CRASH because I estimate it wrong. 😝 Driving motto: Don’t rush for driving because you can’t win all the time. 🙂

  17. Jake Ryan dice:

    Starts off fun but becomes a bit too difficult a bit too quickly. I found this fun and relaxing at first but within a few hours of playing, just too difficult to be enjoyable. I’m stuck at level 15. It just seems impossible.

  18. Very good and VERY CHALLENGING. The graphical theme is very pleasant, as well songs and sounds. The game will make your brain to think many situations at once, where each train gotta have it’s own way and time to switch lanes, stop and start whenever you need. As the game goes, there will be overlapping rails, npc cars and trucks and all sort of difficulties to make it even more difficult to get the passengers. But don’t quit. Keep playing and you’ll get the hang of it. Top class puzzle !

  19. It won’t open 🙁 Crashes on open

  20. Faded dice:

    Fun but with minor issues, cars are too frequent for my taste but that’s a preference issue. Where my problems begin truly is the stopping or braking, I’ve lost most of my levels to a train not stopping in time and having no way to reverse. It goes like this, notice a car coming or a train crossing that you have to stop for, press brake and the train goes a few pixels too far forward because it doesn’t stop quick enough and lose.

  21. This game is brilliantly made! The graphics are stunning and vibrant and really make the game all that more better. There many levels with endless mode to give hours and hours of fun. The objective is simple, yet the levels difficult enough to not get boring. Overall, I love this game and can’t get enough of it. To add, I do not experience the problems others seem to be having. I did not experience crashes or impossible levels. These were most likely already fixed.

  22. KL1T1 dice:

    Love the graphics and how smooth the game runs. Still very bad implementation to the difficulty. I mean if you miss more than 1 round (becauce the dots are right at the entrance which means you’ll have to miss a round since the train will always miss at least one dot), then you’ll not get 3 stars for no fault of your own. Very frustrating.

  23. I genuinely enjoyed this game. The concept is easy, the controls are good. Often I find the controls finicky for touchscreen games, but I didn’t have problems with this game. After I’d completed all the levels at three stars I tried all the achievements too. Getting 10 levels at three stars required a whole new level of skill! Great fun, kept me entertained for hours.

  24. Danny McC dice:

    Great game, love the art style and very well made. Gameplay is challenging and sometimes frustrating but makes it more rewarding when you do complete a level. It would be better if it used google cloud saves as have a new phone and need to start again.

  25. It’s not that hard people. In fact, I wish there were more levels. I got every level three-starred in just a couple of days. Now there’s not much else to do. The Game does mess with sound/Bluetooth for other applications though. It froze up my phone a couple of times.

  26. Many hours of fun. Addictive. Easy, achievable, achievements (no grinding involved). If you keep losing, take a break and then you’ll pass it immediately. The levels are fun with increasing amounts of complexity. Incredible level design. So simple, yet so skilfully designed. A definite must try!

  27. A colorblind mode would make this game accessible to more people. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a set of symbols marked on the trains in addition to the current color coded system would suffice + for red, * for yellow or whatever. As it stands, it’s unplayable and that’s a shame.

  28. Really fun game. My only complaint is that i wish that you could disable the automatic halting of trains appearing at the side of the screen. I keep tapping them to stop them, but that just makes them go instead! Also i somehow managed to skip the tutorial and didnt get the game at first. (didnt think to drag the trains) A warning if you try to start the game without having been through the tutorial would’ve been nice.

  29. Too similar colours. At Level 4 colours are too similar making it impossible to play if slightly colour blind. Could have picked more vivid colours or ones that show more distinctive brightness to help. I hear this is being worked on – look forward to being able to play!

  30. Ansh dice:

    Coming from playing Traffix this feels very familiar yet fun. The game looks quite polished and is very simple and relaxing to play. The controls are decent but just can get difficult to use when the tracks are close to each other. Overall another great game.

  31. Great game that surprised me. I didn’t think it would impress or challenge me as much as it is. One future enhancement please… After a crash, add the number of passengers or number of remaining passengers. It would be nice to see how close I was to completing the level. Thanks again for a great game.

  32. Great fun game, a simple idea developed into a very entertaining game. It tests your focus and coordination. It’s kinda short tho. It’d be great if it had a level creator option, and that you could play other people’s levels.

  33. Fun game. Nice music. Good challenge. Colorful graphics. Easy to learn. Could use more levels. It would be nice to be able to compare endless mode scores with the other players.

  34. Reminiscent of Mini Metro, but with enough twists and mechanics to differentiate itself from it. The graphics, sound, and even UI are all beautifully rendered. And yay for the endless mode. 🙂

  35. Simple to pick up the basics, complicated to master. I’ve been jumping back to this one on breaks short and long since downloading. It’s simple interface is visually charking and the game play is great for people seeking a challenging realtime puzzle game.

  36. Really good visuals and immersive simulation. It’s annoying to lose, absolutely loved it. Would love a leaderboard feature where we can compete globally for high scores on endless globally.

  37. The game is short but has a moderate level of challenge to it. I managed to get 3 stars on all 30 levels. Some levels required several attempts. For how short the game was, it was well priced, so I’d say it’s a good buy.

  38. Overall this game is fantastic, but it lacks a 5 star review because the consistency in which trains stop either manually or automatically is all over the place, which can make some levels extremely frustrating

  39. R B dice:

    Good game but could be better, small bugs are very evident such as the little exclamation mark not leaving and the game saying I can’t place a track when I should be able to. Hopefully these get fixed, overall there’s not enough content for a game that costs money and if Google Play let me, I would refund. Hopefully more gets added and it gets better but for now, it shouldn’t cost money. Not worth it.

  40. G B dice:

    (Edited Review) after many months and heavy crashes The Devs have got this game running perfect with this update. Now it’s the game it should have been a great time waster. Great graphics, great fun connected to Google games exactly how things should be done. Well worth the install. Thanks Dev team 👌

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