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* Rewards is open only to individuals who are eighteen (18) and older. When you book and stay 1 night at eligible properties, you’ll get 1 stamp. Collect 10 stamps and you’ll get 1 reward night to redeem at a Rewards eligible pre-pay property (as identified on site). The maximum value of the reward night is the average daily rate of your ten (10) stamps collected excluding taxes and applicable fees. The value of your reward night doesn’t count towards any applicable taxes or fees. Excludes package bookings (where available) and bookings made using a coupon. Your reward nights and/or your collected stamps will expire if you have not collected a stamp and/or redeemed a reward night using your® Rewards account in the previous 12 months. Subject to full terms and conditions Member Prices are available to app users, Rewards members and individuals who unlock Member Prices by subscribing to by email. Available on selected hotels and selected dates only. Subject to the full terms and conditions Free cancellation on most hotels. Some hotels require you to cancel at least 24-48 hours before check-in. See property pages on our app for details.”

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In this update, we’ve reintroduced the ability to access trip information for bookings you’ve made while traveling in different countries. You now have a consolidated view of all reservation details. We’ve also re-enabled single click reservation cancellations and fixed a bug that prevented travelers from being able review properties. Thanks for using the app to find your perfect somewhere


40 comentarios en " Travel Booking MOD"

  1. Jeff C dice:

    Have been using the app for years but the recent update is terrible. There’s too much to mention in 500 words but it’s cumbersome to use in many ways. The worst part is it freezes constantly, fails to load, etc. This app is essentially one’s lifeline when traveling in foreign lands and strange places. It must be dependable and it’s gotten to a point where I just don’t trust I’ll be able to access my bookings. Really disappointed. But if you just return it to the way it was 6 months ago; perfect.

  2. When you click to filter by free breakfast it includes places where you have to pay for breakfast. Also the red “share” button isn’t clickable. I can’t share hotel links. Also the nightly price doesn’t include taxes and fees up front like it used to. Have to click “reserve” to see what the actual final price is. Liked the old version better.

  3. The absolute worst app I’ve ever used. Ever since the update it’s complete garbage. I used to love this app until the updates last year. You cannot access rewards, blank screen. It always says I’m singed out when I am not. The list goes on. I also cannot stand how I am now having to wait up to 35 days for my free room credit. I always had my credits within a couple of days, now it’s taking WEEKS! I use this app just to earn the 10th night, as I travel several times per month. Disgusted!

  4. It’s great for collecting nights to get a free stay, however there is always a catch. So far 80% of the hotels I’ve booked are under construction, I booked a hotel I was going to use for my anniversary trip and got there and was put in a vastly more terrible room because the hotel was overbooked so they just bump third party reservations it was great. And most recently I booked and confirmed a hotel to extend a stay for work and came to check in and they can’t see it. Bad App bottom line.

  5. Felix Ng dice:

    New app design was well intentioned, but poorly executed. Lack of loading animations, transitions results in perceived slowness. The older experience worked — this new one feels slow, doesn’t load, and is extremely frustrating to use. I’ve resorted to only using the website now, and even booking on other aggregate platforms due to the app performance. Please fix.

  6. This app used to be wonderful but the changes they have made are just terrible! I hate that they removed the “free parking” filter and the new layout isnt nearly as visually pleasing. The reviews are harder to read and i dont need the map taking up half the space on the page. I have no idea why companies feel the need to change things that aren’t broken! Very disappointing!

  7. Please bring back the old user-friendly app. It seems like someone made changes just for the sake of making changes. When on map view, if I zoom in and search the area, instead of narrowing the search, it zooms out and gives me a much larger list. If I click on a property, I cannot close it to look at the map again. Makes me reset the number of occupants and dates EVERY TIME. I have relied on this app for years. Maybe I need to make a change of my own to a booking service with a better app.

  8. Simply ok now. This app used to be much better. 1.Whatever setting you changed does not allow the app to display in Landscape mode on my tablet, which operates best horizontally. So, reading sideways! 2.The maps versus list view has gotten funky. If you view a hotel, you can’t close the view unless you close the map and start again. There are probably more un-user friendly tweaks, but this is the first I’ve used since you messed with it. Y’all didn’t think this one through

  9. The new UI/UX is pretty awful. I never tend to leave reviews but whatever update they did to the interface is actually a huge downgrade. Everything from logging in, to searching for properties to finding any saved hotels the whole experience is awful. Please revert back to the original interface. I have been a Gold member for years and am always booking hotels I’m considering another rewards program now.

  10. The new version of the app is extremely buggy. Half the time, it loses my bookings, saying “you have no bookings” forcing me to loging to the website, where I it shows my reservations just fine. The map feature is terrible, constantly zooming out to a overview of the city, forcing me to zoom in to see specific stays over and over and over again. Please fix, or downgrade until the new version has *actually* reached feature parity with the old.

  11. L Worthy dice:

    WHAT THE HECK! This app used to work great and now it is a real pain. I can’t access my trips unless I have the itinerary number. I have to go to my email, copy and paste it from the confirmation email, and go back to the app, paste it. Of which you would think it would bring me right to the reservation. Nope, I have one more step to finally get to it. When I click on my bookings, it says I have no upcoming bookings. I had made two. I had the confirmation emails to prove it. WORST navigation.

  12. Yikes! Traveling in Mexico and can’t access the app! Need to scour my emails looking for the name of the hotel for tonight. Keep getting too many requests message. I’ve cleared the cache and storage and I’ve deleted the app, turned off the phone and reinstalled. No dice. Seemed to happen after I asked for directions to last night’s property. Help!

  13. It’s hit & miss with this app when booking hotels. The last time I had so much trouble with a booked & paid for room that I don’t think I’ll use them again. When I got to the hotel it didn’t show my paid for room but one I canceled that was going to be paid upon arrival & I was not paying another $175 for the 1 night stay, it took more than 40 minutes to get it straight, I was late to the event & my night was basically ruined due to horrible situation!

  14. Andi dice:

    Decent interface, but the user experience kinda sucks. There should be an easy way to direction/distance map the chosen hotel to other places you intend to visit in there vicinity. Also, the app often freezes up if I click in to view more than a few hotel options, forcing me to quit and restart. If the prices weren’t better than most other hotel-booking sites, I’d be uninstalling this dud of an app immediately.

  15. Everytime I check in to a hotel, the hotel can never find the reservation. I’m considering deleting this app and going straight to the vendor. The stress I experience with every booking is just not worth a free night, or a discount. Also frustrating is that you do not have customers service available via phone.

  16. Been using this app for 1-2 years to book around 6-8 trips a year. I find it useful, easy to navigate and secure. I’ve never had a problem with their bookings. Update: 2022 New updates are harder to navigate. I don’t like new look. But still fairly easy to book. Probably just learning the ropes.

  17. Can’t get logged into the app because the keyboard keeps disappearing while I’m tapping. I’ve reset my keyboard and it’s still disappearing after 2 characters during login. The up arrow to bring the keyboard back is not present. I last used the app less than 2 weeks ago, before the 9/22/22 update. I have 3 more trips in the next 3 weeks and this is highly inconvenient. Fix the app!! 3 months since reporting and NO UPDATE as of 1/4/23

  18. Shawn dice:

    Mostly useful app. However, the app automatically logs me out when I need ut the most – upon check-in. It’s extremely frustrating because I often do not have internet access at my destination (international). Therefore, I cannot retrieve my reservation at all. Lastly, the sign-in should just be my fingerprint and not a regular password. Again, being logged out upon arrival and not remembering my password is the LAST thing I want to deal with after a long flight!

  19. This app is so buggy now! I was waiting to see if the latest update would fix the issues, but it’s still a mess. While I’m logged in, the “Trips” tab always asks me to log in. Sometimes if I refresh it my trips show up, but mostly I have to access the web version to see my bookings. I also can’t seem to do saved searches anymore. Please fix!!

  20. Anonymous dice:

    The search functionally in the map view is frustrating to use. Reservations don’t always show up under your trips. I can never find the detailed price breakdown for my bookings. They will do anything to get out of their price guarantee commitment. The chat asks you to provide your confirmation number but you can’t get to it while in the chat. The list goes on… 👎👎👎

  21. What happened? The whole layout is not user friendly. It only shows some of my upcoming hotel reservations. Why not show all of them? This app was very intuitive and easy to use and read. Not anymore! I shouldn’t have to access the virtual agent to see my reservations that I can’t even access! Not sure who redesigned this garbage, but it’s horrendous! Please fix! Update. I did as the developer suggested by ensuring that the region is set to where I made the reservation. It’s correct, USA

  22. The recent changes are not user friendly. The map functions, with zooming out every time you’re finished looking at a selected hotel, is super annoying. The map also lists all unavailable hotels as well, and you have to filter them out to get rid of them, which makes no sense. Just don’t show the hotels that are sold out. It’s dark and dim. Just hate it. I hope they consider changing!

  23. The latest redesign of the app is terrible and renders it unusable. “Search in this area” is broken. If you zoom in to an area and try to restrict the search to such area, it’ll change your location query and actually widen the search area, and it will also clear any other filters you had set. There are a few other bugs/UX issues, but that’s probably the most irritating one. It worked well before, why change it?

  24. This new app is utter garbage. The old app worked fine for years. Every time I put in a destination city, the app either crashes completely or goes back to the home page and you can’t click on anything. Way to go! I’ll be using Snap Travel now – and I book hotels way more than the average person. 2 to 3 hotel rooms nearly 3 to 4 weekends per month as I travel around the country for business.

  25. Libbye B dice:

    Really enjoyed the app until the update. Interface looks old. When searching using the map function, going into a result and then using the back button makes the map zoom all the way out instead of keeping it on the zoomed in area. This makes it difficult to see which part of the map has been checked previously without making a mental note. Also found the shortcuts to verify check out times are no longer at the top and now you have to scroll past a ton of room options to read it at the bottom.

  26. I don’t know what happened to this app but it was the wrong decision to make. The map search keeps moving my search area to another state which is incredibly frustrating. Navigation is clunky. If not for the existing content it would be a totally unusable app. Trying to use the website is just as frustrating. You should revert these changes quickly because what you had was very good.

  27. This version is AWFUL. The previous version had all the things I cared about right on the opening page. Now I have to dig through filters to find “breakfast included”. There doesn’t appear to be a “what’s around” section anymore which is huge becuase I like staying near metro stations or airports. CHANGE IT BACK! Update: I’ve discovered even more things I here about this new format. The “small print” section no longer exists, which is where some pretty important info is. This app IS TERRIBLE!

  28. I was using this app for years for almost all my hotel booking needs. It was very intuitive and convenient. With the recent update I going crazy. From being my first choice app to book hotel stays it seems to become my least favorite choice. It became frustrating to navigate to my bookings, find my favorites from the previous searches and to contact the property by sending in-app message. After completing my existing bookings, I am out of here for good, sadly.

  29. New app sucks. UI is horrible, app is constantly crashing or doesn’t load results when moving map. Gives results from all over the place instead of just the one particular area I’ve put in the location box. Wish I had the old app back. Whoever made the changes should be embarrassed. I’m considering uninstalling and using a different company altogether. It’s 2022, your app should work and should be user friendly (like it used to be!)

  30. M dice:

    Misleading search. I search for 2 bedroom. It displays a list of hotels with pricing but the price is for the cheapest room that is usually a studio or 1 bedroom. I then have to scroll to find if they have a 2 bedroom and the higher price. Sometimes there is no 2 bedroom available. This is a simple data query and apparently they cannot support it. A very poor customer experience. Waste my time and search results are misleading. I cannot sort by anything either.

  31. I don’t know what kind of upgrade you did on the app, it’s absolutely horrible. Super hard to navigate, can’t find the information from your account, keep signing me off from my rewards all the time, had to go to the website every time I needed to book or find past reservations, on top of keep getting stuck in diferent spot on the app all the time. This upgrade was a downgrade, a million times

  32. J Berg dice:

    The new update is terrible. It’s mostly unusable now. It was fantastic before. Searching for a town location should bring up that town 1st, not a bunch of specific hotels in that town. And listing by distance is pointless if it no longer says how far away it is. Its less frustrating to use multiple competitors apps than this single one. I’ll come back when you change it back to the way it was. You should fire everyone involved in design of this monstrosity.

  33. Han Lee dice:

    I don’t care for the recent updates to the app’s UI. It used to be simple and intuitive to use, but no longer. Searching locations has become a real pain in the @$$… I used to be able to just enter the name of a small town and search the vicinity. Now, instead of searching according to the location, I get landmark suggestions that don’t correspond.

  34. The new update is awful. It’s almost non usable. The interface is terrible, you have less option in the filters now. It’s just awful. Why do big corporations keep making the internet an non-usable place. Please switch it back. This new update is beyond not being user friendly. I use this app all the time as I travel a lot. But from using it just once after the update. I already want to switch hotel finding apps. Ugh. Just awful.

  35. In the past, the app was so convenient and easy to use. Since the update, I have not been able to get in, even after requesting password resets, (which I didn’t need to do before the update), although I can look up bookings one at a time by using the confirmation number. Basically the app is now useless to me, and that is very frustrating since I’ll be traveling soon, and staying in several different hotels. In this case, there was change, but that change was devoid of any progress. Huge fail.

  36. This new app is trash. As a user for over 10 years this has been worst booking experience so far. Two main reasons: 1. You can not setup laguage, currency and region separately. So for example if you speak only English and you live in Germany/Spain you can not have prices in euros and language set as English. 2. App does not cache any information for when you lose internet while booking. And this happens a lot when you travel, especially on a road trip. So you have to redo search over and over.

  37. J C dice:

    Updated layout is absolutely horrible and confusing. When looking at the map , there’s a small preview of the hotel that won’t go away. Also You can’t tell where it begins or ends the details of each room when the rooms listing is displayed. Just really poor update and a completely let down. Bring back the old app, it was clear and to the point. I’ll be using the competition until this is fixed.

  38. I used to love this app but the most recent update has ruined it completely. No longer user friendly. Harder to search. Can no longer see favorites in map view. Took forever to even find favorites. Can’t book through app because one of the boxes is not reading correctly. For a company that touts better deals through the app, they sure made it as difficult as possible to use.

  39. I’m right in the middle of my vacation and the app updates to this new UI which is totally useless. I’m having a problem with one of the hotels booking and can’t click on a few things to get resolved. Im trying to leave feedback to the hotel and the app says page not found. Total garbage. Just checked and there was an update to the update. I downloaded it and checked the app to see if things were fixed……still garbage. Can’t leave feedback on hotels, and quite a few other things not working

  40. The search functions are so bad that I have to write a review. Looking for a spot specifically in Midtown/Times Square area but the app insists on showing me everything in a 200 mile radius. Change 1 parameter & the whole thing resets aside from the 1 thing you changed. Very frustrating. Also, just tell us the frigging price up front. Seeing a hotel for $51 then shooting up to $144 after fees is crazy. They might as well just say, “please stop using our app”.

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