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Book tickets for museums and attractions, and skip culture’s long lines.
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TrustPilot: “Excellent” 9.3/10
Tiqets is the best app to plan and organize your trip. Book skip-the-line and fast-track tickets to museums, galleries, cruises, theme parks, guided tours, and many other attractions.

The Tiqets app opens the doors of culture to those who don’t want to wait in culture’s long lines! Whether you’re at home or already traveling, you can browse cultural attractions, read venue reviews, and purchase paperless tickets without leaving the app. With tickets delivered instantly to your smartphone, and many skip-the-line options, never again must you spend needless time waiting in line.

Skip-the-line tickets – no waiting at hundreds of venues
Mobile tickets – tickets right on your smartphone, be it online or offline. No printing required
Secure payments – pay for your tickets quickly and safely with a wide range of payment methods
Inspiration – insider tips and trusted reviews to help you plan your trip
Quality information – all required directions and opening hours in one place

Top Cities
Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Budapest, Las Vegas, Florence and many, many others.

Top Venues
Sagrada Familia, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, Louvre, Park Güell, Rijksmuseum, Burj Khalifa, Prado Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Heineken Experience, Van Gogh Museum, 9/11 Memorial and Museum and more, so much more.

This app may contain translations powered by Google to help make content accessible in your own language.


• We reworked our search functionality, making it simpler for you to find things to do on your next trip.
• We fixed some bugs to ensure that your Tiqets experience is seamless and more secure than ever.


40 comentarios en "Tiqets – Museums & Attractions MODDED 2022"

  1. great price was easy to navigate the place alot of different activities night and day. definitely recommend to purchase both light show and the day pass together if you have the opportunity and able to afford it of course. made the mistake to purchase both light show and day pass separately. don’t make my mistake and save $50 bucks.

  2. The app will say error, as if it’s not taking your card, I was double charged, reached out through email twice and chat. They have not responded to return the double charge!! Be careful to not re-enter your info when getting that message, or clicking back. The option to buy tickets may also pop up under the event you are trying to attend making it seem like they are partnered with the event, pay close attention! Customer service sucks

  3. Shane dice:

    For one, forced use of app to manage tours sucks. Then one tour I booked I had the worst customer service I’ve had in awhile. Some highlights:my tour accidentally cancelled, incorrect directions, and manager that was absolutely awful and rude (even took my picture without permission). It has been 1 month with no follow up from Tiqets (they said 5 days, then ignored my follow up emails). Yet they quickly replied to this review, with a complete lie that they responded or offered rebate. For shame.

  4. Issues with multiple QR codes I have 2 QR codes. One for Rome and one for the pantheon. I installed and downloaded Rome, then pantheon and then Rome disappeared. Tried the other wa, pantheon first Rome and the same thing has happened Thanks for the response. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I have both QR codes. I scanned one, which enabled me to download the audio guide. Then I downloaded the 2nd audio guide and it deleted the first. Can I not have them both!

  5. When you do the tickets on this app it does not give you the option for timing. I missed the opportunity to use the catamaran for which I paid for. And also even if the catamaran was still at the wharf te staff did not wait for me to board. That experience was just a big disappointment, I could no longer use that specific catamaran because there was no more chance for the same day. And the next day I was leaving Barcelona at 4.00pm

  6. Phil dice:

    Conditions are not very clear when making purchases and some tickets have to be used on a specified date, this is not made clear when purchasing. Safer to huy tickets at each site, at least you know what you are getting then without wasting your money. Would not use this service again.

  7. I requested a refund of a ticket due to one person in the party not being able to attend. The owners of the app and site have ignored me numerous times. Buyer beware. They will take youroney and then ignore you. Bad business.

  8. andrew dice:

    Deeply confusing, possibly misleading. Easy to buy the wrong tickets from an app that is selling tickets to venues that are free! St Peters Square? the Basilica? Also NONE of the skip the line or priority entrance actually exist. Not at the colleseum nor pompei According to our local advisor use it to check availability then just go to the venue and buy tickets.

  9. VL dice:

    Not recommend it as prices on the spot lower. We purchased National Palace Sintra tickets. We paid euro 27.90 but real price was 8 per person. Check prices before you purchase tickets through this app. Yes, convenient but prices are higher

  10. I M dice:

    Mistake in my order and no way to cancel it. Next time use the website of the attraction, is cheaper and possible more options to change or cancel your order.

  11. I was charged an extremely high fee for buying a ticket through this app. In addition the information concerning children’s tickets was incorrect and caused a scene at the venue.

  12. Not mad just disappointed. Sells tickets for companies without providing important information like the Company Name. Didn’t provide correct address, where to check in, when to check in. We couldn’t even do our own research since they didn’t provide the actual cruise name. Please provide customers basic information so we can ATLEAST do our own research.

  13. Horrible experience, don’t ever book a tourfrom Tiqets! They are scammers! I booked a bundle tour of europos park and Trakai island. The tour to Trakai is from 11am to 15pm pick up and drop off at city center. On the information it says there is an English speaking tour guide which is a lie. there was no guide. Then the europos parkas is a different venue that starts at 10am till 19:00 so the only option is to go back to town finishing Trakai and find the means to get to europos which is 30 mins

  14. Elena K dice:

    the tickets arrive to the email and to the mobile phone. there maybe a problem with downloading the self-guided tour. I had asked for help at Sagrada Familia as the email from Tiqets lacked detailed instructions. other than that, the app is great to purchase tickets. I bought a few tours from this company. Thanks.

  15. Terrible experience! DO NOT RECCOMEND! Just buy tickets on the official site and be done with, dont waste your time! Long waiting time and really unresponsive staff!

  16. Forces me to install the app to get the QR codes, I hate this. But you know what the best is? The online purchase is supposed to skip the queue, but… you have to actually exchange them for actual tickets, great! Uninstalling as soon as I’m done with that queue.

  17. I bought Amsterdam & Region Travel Tickets online and redirected to this app, because it said “Access your tickets anytime and anywhere with the free Tiqets app! No data, printer or WiFi needed” which is not true for this ticket. What I got was vouchers only and had to go somewhere far away from my hostel to redeem my tickets. If we need to redeem it, why would we simply buy from the official information desks? They fail to clarify on the website and refused to refund.

  18. Hyper DC dice:

    This app is a joke if you have an emergency purpose that popped up Or maybe even had to work or and had something important to do whatever day that you scheduled on you just gonna have to miss out and not get your money back at the same time basically scamming you. I will recommend nobody else to buy their tickets through the site instead buy it through the actual site of the attraction yourself and not through them.

  19. Tickets advertised Tickets to Ramsey. When we got there we learned that we had general admission Tickets which got us nothing. WE each had to spend another $25 to actually get ti o see the Ramsey the Great exhibition. Parking for 2 hours was another $20. The entire thing is nothing but a rip off.

  20. I had no problems when using tickets bought very easily online at a discounted price. Highly recommend.

  21. Seemed convenient enough to sign up for a 10:30 AM tour of Malaga in English. but now the directions are really unclear about whetyer or not we actually need to show up at 15:00 for the tour, which is not what we had planned for.

  22. Wah Luigi dice:

    force you to walk across the city to get a printed ticket, but you only find that out AFTER you pay for a time slot

  23. Sold me a ticket that had expired,I payed 41 euros to go up florence cathedral,it expired before I recieved it,so couldn’t do my trip!!!

  24. easy to use. and all info at your fingertips. 🙂

  25. James dice:

    It is a rip off! Just got conned out of 8 euros…! I used it to buy “Fast track – No queue” tickets for the Salvador Dali Museum. When we got there, there was no Fast Track available … everyone with prepaid tickets queued together to go through the same entrance. Tickets bought using the museum’s own App were 8 euros cheaper!!! My advice is avoid this App, use the Apps offered by the establishments themselves as the prices are much cheaper. There is no benefit using this App what so ever!

  26. You took 8 Euro more than an original museum price, even after the “discount you did”.

  27. Had a great experience in the app. The interface is really cool and easy and the. When you talk to the customer service agents, they really respect and help you. I talked to Nitesh and he was very hospitable and kind. Highly recommend to use.

  28. Majean G dice:

    Such an easy app to book tours, museums etc. Love the ease to cancel if you need to and you can book in your currency.

  29. Worst experience ever. Accidentally bought tickets twice. Found out about it after the event. Contacted them immediately. Said I was 12 hours late. No refund. Out $60.00

  30. Very easy way to book tickets to museums and attractions anywhere in one single up. Really cool!

  31. no accountability. we bought timed tickets and were kept waiting in the freezing rain in a queue for 45 minutes after the time we were supposed to enter. no service, no consideration for our age. disappointing and shocking.

  32. Great job importing my tickets. The process is very very smooth! The tickets include all of the details you need!

  33. Worst App Ever! Thanks for the experience Tiqets. Never ever had this kind of an experience in my life where I had travelled all the way to destination and came to know that the tickets has been expired. I Ordered 3 park tickets last week and selected today as the Visit date. When I went to the park and showed the tickets, the tickets are already expired. While checking with Park Authority, it seems that the ticket has already past the visit date. The issue is that there is some issue with the app and visit date was automatically selected as purchase date. While checking with the App, the tiqets team casually says that there was some API issue on their app and we will refund the money. How easy was that for them to provide such a feedback while me and my family had to face all this hassle. I request everyone to please dont book any events from this app or get ready to experience the unexpected.

  34. Trying to use on my PC, verification process doesn’t work

  35. A. Wells dice:

    Had a horrible experience i will not be purchasing any tickets from them again. It’s worth it to pay a little more

  36. Horrible experience. Bought tickets but tickets weren’t sent.

  37. Horrible app which directly makes you pay with policies not indicated. Your credit card info is automatically populated and search optimisation is superb. It is the first thing that pops out when you search for attractions in Singapore, with a big buy ticket button so prominently displayed. Will definitely delete and block this app.

  38. I booked a ticket for the Lovre Museum including an audio guide, that was an app that I could download from play store, it never worked, I sent them emails regarding this and they replied when the museum was almost closed. I asked for a refund because I even sent a picture on which I showed that the app was not working buy they didn’t care, they tried to offer a discount in new purchases. Why I will buy again in a company that doesn’t care about their customers? they didn’t even reply again.

  39. so far so good. first time using this app and I will give more feedback after my trip.

  40. The worst app I have ever experienced in my life. Will not except paypal payments for whatever reason. I have made at least 7 attempts to make payment using the paypal option and have not had any success. I’m certainly not entering my card info on here. i feel this could be some type of scam. Now Im being told that its a payment verification issue, however paypal has verified that they can see where my payment was processed. This is sounding more and more fishy. I am deleting this app.

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