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Anatomical 3D sculpture for the study of Artistic Anatomy InApp purchase
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Free access to the skeletal system and drawing gallery
Muscular system (in-app purchase)

Depth study of anatomy has been a critical step for any great artist.
This app allows artists to display the skeletal and muscular system through highly detailed 3D anatomical models. The shape of each bone and muscle will be clear and understandable.
An essential tool for any artist to use alongside the best artistic anatomy books.

• Skeletal System (free)
• Muscular System (in-app purchase)
• Accurate 3D modeling
• Surfaces of the skeleton with high resolution textures up to 4K

• Rotate and Zoom every model in the 3D space
• Division by regions for a clear and immediate visual of each structure
• The muscles are grouped into layers, from the superficial to the deepest
• Visualization of the muscle layers in multi or single mode
• Possibility to hide every single bone or muscle
• Filter feature to hide or display every system
• Intelligent rotation, automatically moves the centre of rotation for easier navigation
• Interactive Pin allow visualization of the term relative to every anatomical detail
• Hide / Show interface, ideal for use on smartphones
• Muscles descriptions (origin, insertion, action), in english

• The anatomical terms and the interface are available in 11 languages: Latein, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
• The language can be selected directly from the interface of the app
• The anatomical terms can be shown in two languages simultaneously

***Anatomical models are static and you can rotate them to view from any angle but it is not possible to pose them.***


Various enanchements
Minor bugs fixed


40 comentarios en "3D Anatomy for the Artist MOD"

  1. Review based on free version Being brutally honest, I don’t see the point for the pins with names. That’s more useful for medical students but this is advertised for artists. It would be nice for each set of bones to be individually poseable but it seems like you can only rotate the entire section or hide individual bones. I think that covers the downsides of the free version. I haven’t tried the paid version so I can’t compare that one yet. I can’t tell if neither version has a full skeleton.

  2. Mike Reed dice:

    Very useful tool with huge potential, but there is currently so much missing for artists: Figure not posable, everything is static so you can’t see how muscles contract and relax. Closeups are for one side only, which makes it hard to draw the other side. Full body figure is not interactive or labelled. Male only. Figure is average size, so not so useful for drawing super heros or body builders. Otherwise quite detailed and easy to use. Only useful if willing to pay, but worth the cost.

  3. This app’s awesome! I love how intuitive the supplemental features are (showing locations on anatomical structure, etc.) and how interaction is so smooth when it comes to the models! Sure, there aren’t animations of flexion/extension/etc. and the lighting could be improved upon (a static location + soft lighting reduces the potential of the models a bit), but I’d still recommend this to just about any artist who wants to understand the structure of human body anatomy.

  4. I want an app that shows me how the muscles work together and individually. This app will show you the muscles, and you can see them individually. The issue is, there is no customization. I can’t see what the pectoral does if the deltoid is raised. I can’t see the underlying workings of other muscles if they’re in a stand still position. I paid 14.99 in hopes that it would unlock some customization. There is none. Also, there is no female model. The female form differs from the male, drawing only the male will result in a bulky female attempt. There really needs to be more to the app if your price point is $14.99.

  5. The app is for free but most options are locked so I bought them for 15$, It was not worth 15$.They have one model for the references and the poses are not very creative, lighting on the model is not good too, most is very soft light that does not allow for the hard shadows and light. Most interesting thing you unlock is the drawing section, I like this section. It is a good addition. The muscle models are not helpful to artists because they are nonposeable, it would be a worth it if they were.

  6. This app is very good. I only studied the arm only and I want more. I am planning to purchase to unlock all other features. I want to know if I can also view each muscles in male and female full body 3D models, can I? Like the same features in the upper limb. Hope I receive reply. Thank you.

  7. Im very pleased with this app. I wish you could add the coloured skull to the skull section. I would be grateful for that. I already purchased the full version and im enjoying using it for my art ♡

  8. It left me truly speechless. Indescribably flawless in details, easy in daily usage, insanely accurate in information it provides. A trove of the day

  9. This is very convenient for not only just for arts but also for science, and I like how I can see the muscle and bones. I really loved it and it is very helpful. but I also hope that they can update this like I can move the whole body, or the limbs, fingers, and other body parts into different pose

  10. Quite useful, would be even better if posable, and if it had both male and female models, if it had those things I would buy even for a higher price, but if you want to learn the names of different parts this is a great app

  11. Arakami dice:

    I purchased this a long while ago, and it was excellent — however it seems I no longer have said premium features following an update which is certainly annoying, having features locked.

  12. I looked through several apps similar to this but none provided as much detail as I needed. (Specifically, this app breaks down all the muscle layers in the abdominal wall, others don’t). I use this for drawing and 3D sculpting. The only thing that stops me from giving 5 stars is that the full body 3D model does not have the textures on the muscles. Textures on the muscles of that model and this would be perfect. Still well worth the full purchase!

  13. I will give the app (paid version) a 5 stars review because of the incredible amount of features it includes, unlike any other I have ever seen. They could, however, improve somethings like including the muscle textures in the “full body” view, and, (this is maybe too much, but wth) if possible, include the option to make that full body moves. Like with “walk”, “run”, “sit”, “jump” buttons, so we can see how the body (and those particular layers) behave with movement. Eitherway I’m still happy!

  14. Jag RR dice:

    Can only give my opinion on the free version, it seems to be a great app, but a little basic on some regards, it’s great to have the skull, but it would be even better to have the choice between male and female, and even better would be to add more ethnicities, as the skull is one of the things that changes more between ethnicities and sexes. I wouldn’t doubt to pay if a feature like that was present on the app.

  15. The layered muscle feature is amazing. The lighting is pretty good but inflexible. The model quality is decent but the edges and planes are a bit too simplified and cartoonish. Performance is smooth and stable even on the full-body model. The added reference photos are a nice touch, but the heavy-handed pencil renders are blunt imitations of masterworks. As it is, this is a very good app for $16. If the devs added posing and range-of-motion, the app would be 5 stars and worth at least $30.

  16. A S dice:

    A good app for artists! It’s chock full of useful info like the obvious musculoskeletal terminology but also there points of insertion and origin. I like how you can strip off the individual body parts to expose the underlying parts. The app runs smoothly and the UI is simple and easy to use. 4/5 stars because: 1) No female model 2) The Full Body model is non interactive, non informative and needs major improvement. This app is still a goodie for artists overall.

  17. Decent but somewhat limited (paid version). Top critical comment points out the lack of organs but its anatomy for artists so really the lack of a skin layer is a bigger issue in my opinion. That doesn’t spoil it though, still useful but the inclusion of a female model and maybe some prerendered 3D poses would seriously boost its usefulness. App has been around since ’15, they could have a female model by now surely?

  18. Best application for staying plastic anatomy. The app has the most convenient interface. Thanks to everyone who made this)))

  19. Ani ta dice:

    Hi really love this app, so great the UI and all of it really helping me. But for the full body, can it be more textured and coloured like the other single parts of the muscle body, it would be great. When the full body muscle got more textured i will buy the full version. Also if the full body arms can be move around as well as other part that would be awesome. Thx

  20. I purchased this app to have a handy reference for sculpting. It’s a very nice app and serves its purpose mostly. The performance is great on android. I would give this app a higher rating as the quality of the content is excellent however it is missing some critical anatomy components for artists. Detailed eye, mouth, ear, and accurate female anatomy is altogether missing. Once those are added then this is every bit a five star app.

  21. This app is helpful. I only needed the skulls for portraiture studies. I do have feedback: (1) i hope they update with the option to CONTROL the LIGHT SOURCE because that helps to see more of the skull’s structure; (2) add a simpler version of the PLANES of the skull, like the geometric ones in sketchfab and lastly, (3) be able to isolate the bones of the skull. Overall, this app is very helpful for beginners like me but there is still a LOT of ROOM for improvement. I hope u consider my feedback

  22. Jeet Shah dice:

    Accurate, Clear and Easy to use. Just bought the pro version to have everything unlocked. As a Character artist, keeping this app open on the desk while sculpting helps to nail the subtle muscle definition that can be forgotten or ignored. Looking forward to new 3d model updates in future. Perhaps canines/felines/horses, maybe? 😉 Keep up the good work!

  23. I like it but it really seems silly that I can’t rotate the parts clockwise/anti-clockwise (like a steering wheel.) I want to see the parts as they would be in normal human positions, not only turning on two axes. That seems like a real oversight.

  24. Everything of value is locked behind a fee that you have to pay. Other than that it is a good app for studying anatomy, the extra content for money is the most valuable though.

  25. This app is very well made and simple enough to be understood by artists at any level. I would have rated 5 stars if it had the model in other flexing poses. It doesn’t have to be a poseble 3d model, just a few additional full body models in different poses, that show the muscles’ positions, that you can zoom in and rotate would make this the best artist anatomy reference app ever! I hope you guys can add them in an update soon.

  26. I absolutely love this app!! It has been very helpful for me as an artist and I recommend to everyone looking for a good anatomy app for references! The one thing I would LOVE to see in a future update is the possibility to see the fat pads of the body. It would make the app even more complete!

  27. This app is amazing and very recommended for studying and learning anatomy, being able to isolate muscles is the best thing this app has, I come back to it a lot of times. However it would be also a great idea to add an option for moving the muscles, such as flexing them. : )

  28. A very useful app for reference and learning the muscle and bone names. I am only sad that they ont have one photo refernce as free so I can see if it has more than the 1 view in the thumb nail and that I cant pose the limbs for drawing it that way. All in all it is still very useful!

  29. Some update broke this app for me. Ever since about a month ago I have not been able to load anything on this, not even the reference photos. The app is 100% broken. This really sucks, I usdes this app on all my art projects and recomended it to many friends. I’d really appreciate it if I could get a refund for the money I spent on this.

  30. This is everything that i want! I could rotate the skeleton n muscle, zoom it in and out, isolate n hide parts, and the name of each part pops out when I press them! And I’ll gladly pay for the full version which is only a few dollars. Thank you so much for whoever made this.

  31. GameProve dice:

    Amazing app easy to navigate and very optimized, if just they add some futures like anatomy in A-pose and Voice for muscles name, the app will be perfect, also they gonna need to add the Fat area in the body including the face and side cut of the face anatomy if that possible, I like the app and I really hope to see those new ideas in the future on this amazing app. (Top10/10)

  32. I am using it for studying anatomy in MBBS and it greatly helped me in understanding the layers and structures. I would definitely recommend this app if you are trying to understand muscles and bones. You need to pay a little amount for full version but it is totally worth paying.

  33. An intuitive and well designed app at reasonable cost. Beats buying loads of books to get almost the same information. I’d hope to see information on fat pads in future. If the figure was pose-able that would be great too but even if the proko app can pose the figure I definitely prefer this app. Cheers guys

  34. Amazing modeling quality and great user experience! I do have one sugestion for improvement. The screen should not rotate if screen rotation is disabled on the phone (Samsung A20e). Overall, best 3d modeling of human anatomy I’ve seen on google play.

  35. The free version isn’t exactly great but can still be pretty useful. If you pay the full version which 14.99 I believe it can pretty great. But the free version won’t work for me

  36. Rene Damm dice:

    So good. Love that you can get details (insertion points, function, etc) on each muscle and easily walk up and down the layers. Interface is super well done. Love. It.

  37. It’s a great app to use as reference for muscle and bone structure most of the app is free there is a blocked Male model but that is only a very small portion of the app. For being free it is has EXTREMELY good looking 3D models that are very detailed unlike many other apps like this one a lot of zoom features that are a HUGE HELP

  38. I find it extremely helpful 4/5. Would give full 5 if it had a mirror option to be able to see same information on models left side. Have to screensave and flip it manually. Hope next update has that as option

  39. I can’t even overemphasise how much this app has helped me grow as an artist, you guys gave me exactly what I’ve wanted and needed, the info in this app is crazy valuable , it’s awesome and every artist should have this, I’m wondering tho, are we ever going to get an update soon?, I’ve been low-key waiting to see what you might be working On or any new features

  40. Listed as a free app and then finding out it’s locked up and you can’t open all details indicating deception on the part of the developer (and yes I’m sure you’re seeing this) advertising free but deception only to find it’s locked up when its opened, what nerve, I’m uninstalling. I’m not interested in hearing replies.

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