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Start a great habit that stays for life, in just 5 minutes a day
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Get daily inspiration and get your creativity flowing with Sketch a Day! Join 250,000 artists in the best sketching community around!

The idea is simple: every day, we set a new subject for everyone to draw. You do your sketch or drawing, take a photo, and upload it for that day for everyone to see.

You can sketch, draw, paint, use digital art apps. Whatever you like that gets you into the habit of drawing every day.

Submit as many as you like, and see your progress over time.

And with the all-new Learn section, you will find great tutorials from our wonderful community of talented artists. Want to learn watercolours? Craving crafty ideas? Need to practise drawing people? Then the Learn section is perfect for you.

Lots of people are using Sketch a Day as a great way to start a positive habit. I have had many messages of support about the effect it has had on people’s mental health, wellness and mindfulness. Sketching is a great habit to get into, even if like so many people, you think you “can’t draw”. It’s a very peaceful, quiet and creative pastime, and receiving the help and support of others is a great way to feel good about yourself.

Sketch a Day is a wonderful, positive community with people from all over the world coming together to draw a common theme. If you need ideas for drawing, inspiration, encouragement or just want to look at amazing art, Sketch a Day is the right app for you.

If you’ve ever participated in Inktober, this app is like that – but forever – and you have a place to share your work and enjoy others.

** Sketch a Day is growing fast **

There are over 300,000 artists in the community now. It’s just growing faster and faster all the time!

If you want to learn, want to get back into drawing, or just want a quick practice or warm-up, then Sketch a Day could be perfect for you. For beginners, we have tips and tutorials each day. For the experts, you can post your images and show your skills to the world.

So…go sharpen your pencils!

Did you know?

• By drawing each day and getting likes, you can build your own private gallery of famous masterpieces.
• Parental controls make Sketch a Day a safer place. You can prevent ‘adult material’ from being seen by your children by setting a PIN on the parental controls.
• You can comment on people’s sketches so you can ask how they did it, ask for tips, give them some kudos or just be silly!
• You can also add your Instagram account name so people can follow you on Instagram quickly and easily.
• When you’ve done a drawing, you can share it on Facebook straight from the app.

We have had some really creative drawings in our first few months. We’ve had pencils, watercolours, digital drawing, pen and ink, acrylics. We’ve had kids, adults, beginners, improvers and experts!

I would like to use this space to say thank you to all the people who have messaged me to tell me how Sketch a Day has made their lives better. Drawing every day really seems to have a huge positive effect on people’s lives.


• Create and find sub-challenges using hashtags (we loved #15MinutesAugust) on the home screen. We'd love to see what you create!
• An updated look - we've got something exciting coming and we needed to make some changes so we can more easily add new features!


40 comentarios en "Sketch a Day: Daily challenges & tutorials MODDED"

  1. Athena dice:

    Pretty great app! I’ve made some good art using this. If you’re someone that draws for other people then this might inspire you. Some of the prompts are a little out there, but you can view the weeks list of prompts to see what you like. They’re not super pushy about you uploading a prompt every day. There is a wide skill range and almost everyone gets at least a few likes when they post.

  2. Like the challenges. This helping me to relax and improve on my skills. Some of the prompts are a big challenge but well worth the time and effort. Right now I’m having a problem seeing the weekly prompts. Not sure why. Got that problem figured out. I still like the challenges and some of them make me think and I have been learning some interesting stuff. Yeah!!

  3. Awesome app.. glad I downloaded this, never really drew at all until I downloaded this app. Now I draw everyday, also you can really pick up alot of skills and different ways to draw by looking at other peoples sketches. So far no problems with the app. I think it would be cool maybe on a weekend you give us 3 things to vote on to sketch so we could do a sketch like that. Just to change it up some but so far awesome work

  4. This app is awsome! The community is very sweet and supportive, they have really cool and challenging prompts that really make you want to go the extra mile to create something great! Even if your not a advanced artist, they still welcome you with open arms. Very friendly people, I am really impressed. It’s also very easy to use. They are very clear and straightforward. I was able to learn the app just in a couple of minuets. I highly recommend this app for artists looking to find a community!

  5. It was ok, but I found some of the prompts a too vague to do anything with, and you only have a few hours to work on a prompt. I feel like it should be 24 hours. Yes, I know I can watch an add and get all the prompts for the coming week, but I’d probably only finish one sketch per week that I felt was worth sharing instead of some stick figures, while other people are posting masterpieces. Plus you can’t go back and edit when you think you’ve really improved on a sketch. It just wasn’t for me.

  6. I’m loving this app so far, it’s great daily practise + inspiration for when you don’t know what to draw. I like that there are tutorials for different mediums and skill levels. I think it would be really cool if there was a way to tag your art besides the medium used so you can look at specific things. Alongside a tagging system, blacklisting would also be nice. Then people could have more freedom with what they draw while others can blacklist their triggers.

  7. This app is fantastic! Not exactly what i was expecting but i like it. An improvement could be a way to upload video digital animations because I’ve thought of ways to make the drawing an animation but then after i spent my entire day working on it; it seemed to not work, unless i missed something but i enjoy it a lot. It’s very fun and exciting to see new things pop up everyday for you to do and the creative hints are fun. I recomend to anyone who needs a push to (start) draw(ing) (again)

  8. This app absolutely rocks. I used to have such bad art block that i would go days, even weeks, without drawing a single thing. This app changed that. With just a one word prompt, it reminds me of the book “A Doodle a Day”. The layout is simple and easy to navigate. Although it is free, ads are not popping up left and right unlike other mobile apps. 10/10 100% reccomend.

  9. Good app for adding art and following prompts, not so good as a social platform. I receive notifications, but when I click on them it doesn’t take me to the comment. Rather, it drops me off on the prompt screen and I have no way to get back to the message without finding the image i commented on by scrolling through the gallery. This is far from ideal.

  10. Great prompts. I love seeing other people’s entries, too. Even browsing the sample ideas and stuff they offer is fun because it’s just looking at more art. There’s limited interaction and what is there is always supportive or helpful. The community is full of artists there for the sake of art and learning. No drama. Life’s been unexplainably bad for me and art is my escape, but it’s been so bad that I couldn’t even do that. This app has helped get a little bit of me back.

  11. Sometimes it takes forever to load from opening the app and I HATE the way it asks you to edit the photo after you take it for posting. It forces you to have a square photo and it will not let you zoom in a lot. I love the idea behind this app, and I especially love the “ideas” button that comes with every prompt. It is a 50/50 kinda thing, so I give it 3 stars.

  12. I really admire this app. I have met so many incredible people with absolutely stunning art. Some of it is downright jaw dropping. My only downvote is that you can only participate in a challenge for 24-48 hours total. Then that’s it. There also isn’t an option to just go into challenges specifically for your interest. Like I’m into fantasy&elves. But most of these challenges are random words like “flip,” or “bath.” While I adore this app, if they wanted to tweak it up, that would be my advice.

  13. I like this app. I think one of my biggest struggles is deciding what to draw and this challenges you to interpret new ideas everyday. I do get a little obsessive about seeing what people like which can be a little bit of a bummer for average-y artists like myself but that is just my fault not the app. Overall, it has been great and very motivational to practice making art!

  14. This is similar to Reddit’s /r/SketchDaily except in app form. The best thing for beginners learning to draw is simply putting a pencil down on paper and making a mark. This app can provide not only motivation, but simple prompts to answer that “I don’t know what to draw” question. The interface is simple to understand and navigate. The description says the app will provide tutorials but I haven’t seen any. Clicking the ideas button only brings up a simple Google image search for the days topic

  15. This was the best app i’ve ever had! I love to draw, but since I just haven’t had the motivation to draw anything, this app is just the thing I needed. It gives you challenges on what to draw, digital or paper! And people will comment your work and give you tips with things you are struggling with, or need help on. This app is awesome, and I would totally recommend it if you are an artist! (Or if you aren’t and want to become one!)

  16. bruh dice:

    I truly love this app and it’s sparked my love for drawing again. The app keeps track of your streak (days you’ve drawn consistently), so it makes you feel accomplished for keeping it up. I’m going on 70+ days. There is a wide variety of themes so there’s something for everyone. It’s a positive environment, espicially for younger artists who need that kind of helpfulness and compassion. The community is super supportive and are a good place to seek tips from. Overall, 100% recommend this app.

  17. The positive environment is awesome. Was always too afraid to really show any art but this makes it easy and comfortable. Also allows for easy viewing of the days artwork from other prospective artists The only thing ill say is that i wish there was a better search engine in app, for users and art as in, to look up a certain date or topic. Thats my only complaint, but its honestly not even that big of a deal. The rest of the app and its environment is totally worth it. Would certainly reccommend

  18. Great community. Great art. It’s all about learning and improving, and it has people at every skill level. I have yet to see anything but encouragement. The interface is clean and sleek. I bought Gold just to support this app (which is a one time payment btw, NOT a subscription). I don’t use this everyday, but when I need some inspiration it can be a lot of fun to explore and participate in.

  19. Good app. Helped jumpstart my artistic side. I was in a big slump, basically lost motivation for drawing because of what’s going in life. Glad I found this app and got back into drawing. Found another way of relaxing, taking a step back from a busy life and honing my skills, all the while sharing with a good community of like minded individuals of every skill level and different mediums.

  20. I like it. There is some thought put into the daily prompts or at least the algorithm used to generate them. I haven’t seen any prompts to draw something like “serendipitous”. The functionality is good. But, there is no function to share drawings I like. It’s strange that an artist can like and report their own work to the moderators. Why are those options but not the one thing that’d promote the app? It also doesn’t send notifications when artist I follow uploads an image.

  21. I’m not a great artist. I’m learning. Before using this app I found myself staring at a blank page with no idea what to draw. A lot of tutorials I found on youtube were boring. Then I found sketch a day and it completely changed my thinking about learning how to draw. I was afraid to do anything at all but this app gives me prompts that force me to practice and learn new skills and I surprise myself with the results. I am actually excited to draw each day and get ideas for new prompts.

  22. Sketch A Day is a great app! I love the simple layout of it: theme OTD, idea, and art. Most everyone I’ve come across so far on the app is so friendly and talented. The main reason why I downloaded the app is because I had artists block and many empty sketchbooks. This app has definitely helped with that, while at the same time giving me a new, very random challenge everyday. If you’re an artist, or want to be, this is an app you should consider.

  23. Great way to do some art everyday. So much more motivating than just setting the goal to draw daily because there are real artists putting up talented stuff. Makes you want to get back into doing your best and becoming better, even if you’re just using the app in a light-hearted way. Love the daily prompts and that you can look ahead and prepare. I’m not an arty person but there’s no ads so it’s cool there are ways to support the devs by purchasing art supplies or paying for features.

  24. I absolutely never leave reviews.. maybe star ratings, but that’s about it. I’ve always loved drawing, sketching, painting etc… but I haven’t done it in quite some time.. like, years. This app really helped me get back into it again. And the people are all so kind and sweet, leaving encouraging words.

  25. A great community! Everyone is so positive and it is a great way to get your art out there. The layout makes sense and it is easy to use, it is easy to filter the art you want to see, from those that use a certian median, to new artists, to most recent pieces, to most liked pieces. Everyones art gets noticed and recognized on here, from begginners to advanced artists. It is a great confidence boost and creativity stimulator and it is so fun to see everyones creative, original ideas!

  26. I’m really diggin’ this app! I’m no great artist, but getting a prompt and trying to draw something every day is helping me get through quarantine boredom. It’s really cool to see what other people come up with for their submissions, and there’s so many different levels of artists sharing their work and helping each other grow their talents. Wholesome af! I highly recommend it for any level of artist 😁

  27. READ THIS REVIEW!!! This is a really great app, it’s well laid out, looks nice, the community is pretty great, and most people are beginners so there’s that! all of the prompts are pretty good too, and it’s a great place to learn new techniques from other people. it’s simply a place to post art and see art, and that’s it. It’s honestly just awesome. I still haven’t come across an ad yet, even though they’res supposed to be some. That probably means they’re pretty uncommon, which is great!!

  28. I absolutely love this app! I only have the free version but this app has definitely been motivational for me as an artist! Having a prompt provided for me to base my piece on is encouraging! I also think that the guidelines given are great and I love the lessons provided! One suggestion that I do want to make is to have the rewards (or whatever they are called) be more appealing than what they currently are. I’d be happy to offer ideas!

  29. Everything about this app is perfect. I’m a beginner and it’s boosted my motivation and creativity. Its also had a nice store feature which helps getting the materials i need. The only thing i would change is making chat and bio option free because im to young to be able to buy things like that. Other than that, no complaints😁. Have fun sketching and buying 😘

  30. This beautiful app gives daily challenges that you can post to early, late or right on time. There are tutorials for things like water color scenes, drawing hands, basic tutorials on acrylic and so much more! People can give you feedback on your work and you can do the same for others. And there’s always a variety of leveled learners. I absolutely love this app. ❤️💕

  31. Before I gave this a total of 5 stars. Dropped to 4 because of the new update. Tbh, I miss the old look. But the white is okay I guess. But the problem I have is that when I checked to view all my artwork, i didnt see some of my very first drawings I posted! my likes and sketches count were not affected but I want my pictures! Very disappointed. But if your considering downloading this app, I recommend it.

  32. I love this app. It’s got me drawing. I get frustrated because I’m not good at drawing, but I’ll never get better unless I just do it. My art is so bad. X-D But there are lots of people on there who aren’t great artists, like me. The app itself is very nice. I wish it was easier to go to the profiles of people who upvote me so I can check out their art and upvote them. Ads aren’t too intrusive. Thinking I’ll shell out the one-time $5 payment to get gold membership and get rid of the ads.

  33. I’ve been looking for an app like this for a very long time. Most art motivating apps in the Playstore only give you “prompts” and you have to figure out the creative side on your own. With this app, I feel like there’s hand holding in the art creation process in the form of other people’s interpretation of the “Subject” that is provided in the app, which is amazing for those of us who find it hard to create art due to a lack of creativity or inspiration. Would be nice 2 see a profile like IG….

  34. I LOVE Sketch A Day! It’s great to see the awesome ideas that everyone has and to take inspiration from them. I love the design of the app as well, it makes it very easy to navigate. The only thing that I would want to see added is a “save” or “favorite(s)” button and tab so that I can go back to look at other people’s work I really liked more easily. That would be awesome, thanks!

  35. Edit- There is a digital upload button so now rating the app much higher. Because the button is placed low in the upload window it is cut off when the screen orientation is locked in landscape mode or the device has text magnified. A small UI change here would help. ———-‐ There is no function to upload digital art, only photos of physical paper. This is disappointing for an app that is connected to a tablet with pretty sophisticated digital drawing functions.

  36. This is the first app I’ve found that has a social aspect to it that is a legitimately positive space. There are some ads but not too many (Developers gotta eat too) and they tend to be longer ads further apart which is my preference. The prompts are very open ended and the skill level of the users seems to be “I’ve literally never drawn a thing ever” to “I’m a professional and even my 5 minute sketches look professional” but all are given equal space.

  37. RL dice:

    I have always wanted to draw, but never really had motivation. This app has ‘streaks’, and my competitive side took over, and I have been drawing every day! I would recommend this to anyone who likes to draw. Everyone is ecouraging and helpful, which makes it a safe place to improve artwork. I normally sit for hours trying to figure out what to put on a blank piece of paper. The daily prompts are helpful and thought evoking. There is even a little fortune cookie that gives you helpful advice.

  38. I’ve only used this a couple of days and am really enjoying it! The community is friendly and everyone is at different stages, from beginner to expert. I love seeing all the different art work people put out and am learning to relax and enjoy myself for the first time. (Important for learning to draw.) BUT they need to say @set-up when entries are due. I worked hard on a piece all day, got it in with 2 hrs to spare (I thought!) and was late?! 🙁

  39. This app is much more than I expected it would be. I downloaded it amongst several other self help apps in attempt to battle depression without medication. I find myself looking forward to the daily challenge and chatting with the extremely friendly users. Even with my basic drawing skills, I get much more positive feedback than I’d expected. Highly recommend!

  40. I have yet to experience an issue with this app. This app is convenient and motivates me to become a better artist. It has a good userbase and gives you notice for drawing topics- so if it takes you a little extra time you can get submissions started early. You can also submit them late so you aren’t punished for having a life and don’t miss out on the fun. No adsAND you get to look at people’s art! It’s great. Love this app.

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