Crochet app – easy row counter MODDED 2022


Crochet row counter, crochet & knitting patterns. Yarn stash manager & amigurumi
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🧶 Simple crochet app with row counter. PDF upload and stuffed amigurumi animals.

Preview and store PDF files, count rows, track progress, upload patterns from other apps or marketplaces like Etsy, ravelry app, etc. Use row counters with + and -, check timer and track your progress on DIY handcrafts

📱 Items crafted specially for mobile view

Lowers the bar on users who can craft projects. We find best amigurumi patterns to make crafts with the best crocheters.

✅ Stash manager & shopping list

Gathered best yarn collections from best manufacturers: YarnArt, Drops, Alize, Schachenmayr, DMC, etc.

Allows to control stock of items for crocheting, yarn stash, crochet hooks and other tools. Helps creators to make sure stash and yarns are always full and ready.

☁️ New standards for easy crochet life

PDF’s that are currently published by creators are not optimised for mobile devices. Our new format expands the possibilities for crocheters on what they can create. Easy crafts and amigurumi, clothes and accessories, master classes that are bought from other stores, like etsy. Shopping list & uploaded PDFs and stitches counter are synchronised with cloud and will be present on the account with premium features.

Features & Tools:

– Project preview & easy steps to follow
– Row counter
– Crafting shopping list
– Rows, project & part timer
– Modern amigurumi recipes
– Project completion time planner
– Basic Crochet & knitting tutorials
– Hook size chart
– Knitting needles size charts
– Completed projects
– Yarn and tools shopping list
– PDF import & notes
– Free multiple row counter
– Yarn marketplace

🆓 Easy to get pattern

Guarantee of a premium purchase, refund and quality assurance from the Crochetapp. There are more than 15 free crochet & knitting projects in the app already available, for the apps craft.

🔄 PDF Instructions in cloud

Many instructions are stored in different places, devices and ways. With our solution you can keep everything in one mobile application from any sources and creators, it allows to keep instructions forever.

🙋Single format for crafted projects

Every creator has their own style and format of crafted toys or items, product is built to give the best possible experience and format for the end user. It is a completely new approach to visual information, abbreviations and style of description. Explanations, tips and instructions available, as well as needed materials and knowledge database.


Added new abbreviations for crochet projects


4 comentarios en "Crochet app – easy row counter MODDED 2022"

  1. Heidi Kozlowski dice:

    It’s worked great until the last update. Now I can’t even open the app.

  2. Amanda Broadhead dice:

    While I appreciate free patterns, and the work that goes into developing an app, the lack of variety was disappointing. (Only toys) I wasn’t going to leave a review, but then I saw the responses to other one star reviews and thought the snarkiness in their tone definitely earns them that rating. Edit: a sincere apology is worth it’s weight in gold. The app itself is very user friendly and I really like the UI, you can tell the Devs put alot of thought into it.

  3. Cecilia Schwalbe dice:

    Criticisms: Only let’s you upload 5 of your own PDFs. General review: Way nicer to use than I expected. I really appreciate how the premium features are useful but not constantly harassed about. The patterns it comes with are cute! I’m excited to see how this app expands over time. I would be interested in purchasing a membership by year instead of by month, so maybe consider adding that! For now I will get the most out of the free version that I can. Wayyy better than my previous app 🤢.

  4. Monica Youngblood dice:

    Easy to use & efficient

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