TypiMage – Typography Editor MODDED 2022


TypiMage turns your text into amazing typographic designs
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To create a beautiful text design, it’s not just about which fonts are used. It’s about how fonts are combined and how text is structured so that they can perfectly fit together. It’s called typography.
TypiMage is a powerful typography generator that magically turns your text into amazing typographic designs with zero design skills needed. This would normally take minutes or even hours if you were using other photo editors.

Design a greeting card — Quote famous people — Express your feelings — Promote an event — Market your real estate — Sell stuff on craigslist — Joke around — Caption your photos — Share your love — Celebrate a victory! — Encourage a friend — Inspire your fans

TypiMage automatically generates a fresh design each time you tap on a style
• Select a STYLE. Then just tap, tap and tap again on this style to find your favorite random design.
• Generated styles are stored in a list of numbers (1 – 4). You can get back to a style by simply tapping on its referenced number.
• Want to manually rearrange text position? Just open Layer mode (the button next to the number list 1-4) for detailed editing

Main features:

• 62 different text styles (more being added all the times!)
• Endless randomization for each style
• Layer Mode to manually edit text color, layout, font.
• Ability to add and remove art word

• Stunning distorted 3D text rendering
• Gold foil, watercolor, and gradient text effects
• Invert mode
• Eraser tool to gradually delete parts of the text – useful for placing the text designs behind other elements in your photo.

• Thousands of completely free stock photography from Unsplash
• High-resolution output


New feature: Tint background
Bug fixes and other improvement


4 comentarios en "TypiMage – Typography Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. Asen Asuzagawa dice:

    App is really, really good! I like it because it is very simple and easy to use. If only this app will take fonts that are saved on my phone. Also, please add an option to crop images. No ads has a pro version but can work fine without it. Very simple and easy to use. P.S. Once you have picked a font design you can tap on the same design and it will give ypu other designs for the same font style.

  2. Monsieur Katty dice:

    I own the excellent IOS version of this app, so I bought it on my Android phone without hesitation. Unfortunately on this version they’ve omitted the option to place a shadow behind the text, and when I save anything I do, it darkens the background image – ruining what I’ve just created. I wish I’d known this before I hit the ‘Pay’ button.

  3. Stephanie Rose dice:

    DO NOT PAY FOR THIS! Not updated in YEARS and doesn’t work right. Last font option freezes up the whole app&have to force quit through the app options because swipe closing the app doesn’t fix. PLUS EVEN ON HI-RES PNG, IMAGE BLURS! DO NOT BUY! Must make pieces that involve putting the image into the app several times for multiple layers of text&after it renders/saves to my device it looks PIXILATED! “PREMIUM” GOLD TEXTURE HAS WHITE STOCK IMAGE WATERMARKS ON IT FROM BEING TAKEN OFF SHUTTER STOCK!

  4. Matt Shock dice:

    I actually really enjoy this app. It makes great text designs super easily. I just wish you could save at higher resolution and that there was a transparent background. If those things were added, it would be perfect!

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