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Sketchers United was created to offer a replacement app for the discontinued Sony Sketch app, and is developed by core members of the former Sony Sketch team.

This app starts out modestly with ambitious plans to expand to become a platform for young people and amateur artists who wish to grow and learn and collaborate with peers.


This is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in the previous version, most importantly some problems with notifications.


40 comentarios en "Sketchers United MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the opportunity that this app has! It really does have the chance to allow amazing artists to flourish and express themselves…there’s just a few issues. I recently got the app and the very first problem that I noticed was the lack of likes/interaction that people had(most likely due to the setup; making it more like instagram’s setup would really help I think). Adding more features and making it a bit less generic would help so much also. That’s it for now…it has a chance though!!!

  2. This app is pretty cool! We can share art, talk to other artists, collab together, and there is no ads! But I have a few things that seem to bug me: Sometimes the app will say “Service not available, please try again later” or “Sign in with Google” when I’ve already done it. Sometimes I can get into the app but it just loads tho my internet connection is very good. It’s only these problems that bug me, otherwise the app is fine and you don’t have to fix anything.

  3. While I did enjoy Sketch, it was always in need for improvement. The same goes for this app. I believe that it shouldn’t just be a copy of Sketch, and instead, it should have more of its own traits. There’s lots of room for improvement. For example: the chats. We should be able to make our own, and send videos and images. That is something that Sketch lacked. I also believe that the chats should have been based off of something better than Sketch, such as Discord. This would better the app.

  4. Miranda N dice:

    Very nice! The design! The features! I look forward to the unique possibilities of the collab feature that sounds like it’s coming soon! Having an app about art that didn’t have a place to draw was weird at first but I don’t mind. It would be nice if I could scroll through posts, sort of like Instagram… That’s all! 🙂

  5. It’s over all a really good app! It reminds me so much of the old sketch app, and I’m glad you managed to create this one. The only thing I miss is the ability to create the drawings on this app, like the old sketch and I also miss the collaboration tab, when we could repost something and it would show up on the collab bits. I don’t exactly know the names.

  6. Senkyuu ! dice:

    I absolutely love this app! A lot of the bad reviews are mostly people that miss the older Sketch. There have been a lot of cool updates, some that haven’t even been in the original Sketch. The only thing I wish they’d change is the color scheme, so instead of blue, they’d use their signature orange color scheme!

  7. To the developers of Sketchers United and the old Sony Sketch, thank you so much for creating this app. It’s wonderful how you make the setup to look a lot like the current app, although the original still stays the best on the chart. Sony Sketch may have been discontinued, but that doesn’t mean it should be removed from play store right? People can still draw freely on it without any more updates. I still have the app on my phone and I shared it to those who wants to try it. Thx 4 reading ❤

  8. Amazing app! I love it, I can finally post pictures and see other artists. You’ve done an amazing job making it seem like sketch, I do have some suggestions but these don’t change the game play and my overall opinion on the app: scroll through posts instead of going back to click on another post, and a popular section so that we can see what’s trending. Overall, really nice app!

  9. There’s not much in here. Yes, artists from the original Sketch can ‘reunite’ here, but it is hardly like the original one. It is missing it’s most important component, the drawing tool. I know it is talked about so often, but if you are looking for a drawing app, this aint it. I really hope that the drawing feature will be the same as the old one, as it is easier to use than other drawing apps. But I hope it won’t take as much space.

  10. Amazing app! Makes me really happy that we can talk to other artists, post our art and such, you know, average art community stuff, though I have this one suggestion that when your posting something, you can put more than one picture, for example if your doing some kind of comic and stuff, I think it would be really great if you did, then again this app IS still a WIP I’m guessing, with that out of the way, amazing app!

  11. Thx for made this app. I can meet a new friends in there. Also, I can’t wait for the “my sketches” and “collaboration” part 😁 ^^ Edit: I have more suggestions for this app 1. Add trending, new comers, and popular page like sketch 2. The collab option should be like sketch (like we can edit the pic in the app) 3. Add my sketches and drawing option (There’s so many people needs it) 4. Add 3 rows pic Anyway keep it up and I’m still waiting for more features 🙂

  12. Gxld R dice:

    Very good app! I hope to see more updates in the future, and it has no ads! It linger and it meets my expectations positively and I definitely recommend, One idea is that there can be a setting to have the aptitude to be equipped to draw on the app. Very VERY good app, hope it stays with the future.

  13. Really cool, and fun. The updates are pretty frequent for this type of app, alot of people to make friends with. Like, alot. Chat is always active which is a good opportunity to talk with others, overall pretty nice community too. Also it looks really cool ngl although I’m sad SonySketch shut down, this was a really good replacement! The app can be a bit laggy, I can’t really log in so I prefer the website. Sometimes chat glitches and shows the message then disappeared then shows and stays, so beware of that it happens less now though, so that’s good.

  14. Love this app so far!! I just wish we could actually draw instead of drawing in another app and just uploading it to Sketchers Uniter and also when you are looking at posts to have a function where you can swipe to see the next instead of getting out and having to scroll and find the next one…

  15. This app is awesome! Although, I wish there was a more serious or less restricted version of Sketch, for adults who want to advertise thier art on a larger demographic. I also want to know how to help Sketch (like donating money) so that it is possible for Sketch make more advanced updates in the future and keep running.

  16. Textrixa dice:

    (I havent tried this app yet so Ill update my review at a later date) Ive been using Sony Sketch for around 1.5 years now, Ive became quite experienced with it recently. My one issue is that I was never able to connecr with other artists as they shut down their service. Im just hoping this app runs as well as sony sketch, and offers great features. 🙂

  17. I love it! The only problem is that whenever I try to edit my profile, and save it, it says ‘failed to update profile’ I’ve tried several times.. I thought my image was too large, so I cropped it. Still no improvement! Please fix this ಠ︵ಠ

  18. This app is amazing! You can share your art with people, chat, use tags, it’s great! But.. it sucks that you can’t draw on it, and you can’t put multiple images to create one post with a story, but otherwise it’s pretty decent and I’ve been having lots of fun.

  19. It’s a great app and I love the artist on there, but for some reason I can’t change my profile picture or add any info on my profile or change the background. Everytime I try to save changes to my profile is says “failed to update profile”. Please help!

  20. Despite not being exactly similar to Sketch, I quite enjoy the app and crowd of users sharing their art and others. To be honest, I’d like to see a update of a section where you can create a drawing like back on Sketch. Only if possible though

  21. This is a very well-designed app but I have one problem. Every time when I like about ten artworks, it always says ‘reaction failed’ and it’s soooo annoying! I like to like a lot of people’s artworks to get likes back and positive comments. If you could fix this, I will change my rating to five stars.

  22. Wow, when I checked the app after I made this review(the old one), It worked! I can see stuff now. Thank you ! (old) ↦ [I’m sorry but the app, kind of isn’t working? I don’t know why, I have a perfectly fine internet connection but the app isn’t showing me anything (any of the art I mean). Please fix it or show me how I can fix it. I will update my rating when it’s fixed.]

  23. poptato dice:

    Tired of all the one star reviews. This app is still in development and does not include any drawing features. The social platform was the starting focus and it works wonderfully, I love still being able to have the sketch community 🙂

  24. I downloaded this app for a replacement to Sony’s Sketch. Does it not “sketch”? I have explored all the options available, and no where do I see the possibility of sketching. Fail. EDIT: The developers told me there will be drawing tools later this year. I will check back and revise my comment then.

  25. It’s a great app! It gets a lot of bad reviews bc either “it’s not as good as Sony sketch”, even though they can’t bring the old Sony sketch back and they’re still working on this app. If all of you would have a bit of patience, the app would get new updates and you’d finally be satisfied.

  26. Pluto dice:

    I’m going to be completely honest, This is a bad app. Isn’t this supposed to be basically Sony Sketch the 2nd? Well, I could not for the life of me find the image creator because it seems like the higher priority for this app is recreating the community section that literally nobody used. I miss Sony Sketch.

  27. Too good app! Cos it has many art channels, Where you can post your drawing that’s why people can easily see ur drawing related to their choices, one thing that i really liked in this app I.e. you can directly ask your queries to admins. The unique feature of collab with other artists that thing is osm! su team is doing very good job! I’m waiting for drawing tool 🙂

  28. This app is good, but I miss everyone from the old sketch.. Im just so sad. I WISH everyone I knew was still here and were we would have fun. It’s just not the same 🙁 I just want to see everyone but I know I can’t cause you guys shut It down forever ago and now it’s back. Now its harder to make friends cause everyone is so judgmental now. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can agree but overall I’m greatful for this, but I just cannot use this app anymore.

  29. u w dice:

    Honestly? I love it. The small community is so chaotic, literal bunch of troubled preteens, which is exactly the demographic the past Sketch had, so props for the nostalgia. It’s extremely easy to use, and whenever you feel like talking but don’t know anyone you’ve got the public chats to mess with other people.

  30. Okay so l download this app when pago was shutting down. First l didn’t liked it but now I love it!!! l mean it was so hard to understand how to use it, it’s because l habit to pago sooooo yea. And now pago has come back and l won’t download it because this a is better than pago.also can you like add some games to play online with friends l would be glad if you add it 😊 ? Also l think it’s been a 1 year since l download and l’m so happy to use it ^^ ,and that’s why l gave it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  31. koalqtea dice:

    Yea its good but I miss the old sketch, yea sure there was stuff that people posted but why couldnt you just add the little explicit content thing to the old one? I mean at least add the part where you could draw on the app 🙁 Apart from that ig its good tho the old one was definitely better

  32. Hello! I am an old Member of this App, and today I decided to come back and install it again. It’s been 2 years since I left.. I could tell many things have changed, after finished downloading I saw no other option than Sign Up, why is there no Log in? Well then I continued with the Sign up option. I was super excited to check out my old Account~ I couldn’t find it though. The user I remember was something like @RainbowFennecFox, I still have some amount of the Art I made, but please help me.

  33. I love that this is giving me vibes within the old Sony sketch app but I just have one problem you see, I’ve been trying to access the dark mode feature on my app but everytime I go to settings, I don’t see it. My friends told me to update the app so I went to the app but I got no updates.Could you explain why this is happening I’d appreciate the feedback!

  34. IT’S SKETCH ALL OVER AGAIN! I love it, I found all my old friends too! There’s no bugs at the moment, I just wish you could swipe to go to the next picture! If anyone is seeing this, please download it, it’s amazing!

  35. I love this community a bunch, it’s a bummer Sony Sketch is gone I miss it a bunch but this is a much more organized version I like it! But please make a tutorial on it I’m still have long term troubles understanding how you use it.. Also when are you adding drawing tool? And the collab tool? I would you this app 24/7 if those were back.

  36. I miss Sony Sketch. But this app gives us everything that Sony Sketch could have become, and more. A growing art community, of artists, people, and sketchers. We must unite to make a community. To make another drawing app. To make the best drawing app. And this is where it all happens.

  37. i remember back when i used the other app.. this app clearly isnt like the old app, but it gives me so many happy memories. i made so many friends, and i only talk to very few of these people today. it still hurts how quickly that app left my life and that is the app that made me the artist i am today. this app its very different but i still think its pretty amazing.

  38. PM dice:

    This app is really good.However the thing that I am not pleased is the security.People can easily screenshot and just steal other people arts and maybe post them somewhere else without giving credits/asking for permission.If you could 𝗡𝗢𝗧 Allow Recording&Screenshots or any kind of way they could steal the art. I will change my review when I think the security is really good,until then you get 3 stars from me.

  39. Dia Dia dice:

    This app is okay but I want options for draw and collaboration options so it’s can really like Sony sketch app. And there is no privacy anyone can steal art by screenshot and we can’t report them please update it as soon as possible.ok, I can’t wait to see it.

  40. I was really hoping for something like the old app, as Sony’s app was always the one I’d return to for quick silly drawings or whatever. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

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