Shark Mannequin MODDED 2022


Adjustable 3D Sharks for Drawing
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Draw a shark in any pose you want.
Learn how to draw a shark in any position.
Poseable shark for drawing.
Shark reference picture tool.

Featuring Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, and Hammerhead Shark!

– Use animations for a list of natural movements and actions that will help you get the pose you want to draw fast.

– Use skins to increase detail and realism to your drawing.

– Select individual ‘bones’ to adjust angle and position of limbs, achieve any pose.

– Adjust camera zoom, distance, field of view.

– Choose your background, and platform style.

– Adjust 4 lights including angle, color, and brightness.

– Display a grid to help you draw in proportion.

Free to try!

In-app-purchase to unlock skins and more animations.

Great for artists of any level!


1st version of Shark Mannequin, Featuring Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, and Hammerhead Shark!


40 comentarios en "Shark Mannequin MODDED 2022"

  1. Nik dice:

    It’s three stars because it’s really good but I have gotten to prank some of my friends with this but when they zoom in they see it’s fake. So I ask if you could please make the great white skin free and you don’t have to do this but make it able to put some fishy in there

  2. I do like this app alot but I gave it 3 stars because you dont get a lot of features with the free version. I just want a few more features you get for free and that’s all. Maybe add some new sharks and that’s all.

  3. By and far the most useful group of apps for my artwork, and definitely worth the money to purchase the animations.

  4. I think this is good for kids and they can change skins . They can put different types of colours on it. They can use animations also.

  5. You should have the megalodon and lots of more sharks and make all the skins free and every game the developer makes 😤 I’m disappointed 😔 but that guy was white they should have the megalodon they need to make all the skins free and a lot more sharks like the megalodon I’m just saying 🙁 but someone tell the developer to add in the megalodon seriously!!!!!!! Not joking 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 and they should add Godzilla and King Kong and lots of weather Godzilla creatures like mechagodzilla shin Godzilla

  6. my only complaint is that you can animate it what is something that you can’t even animate I was hoping I could animate sing this one I got into the game but no it doesn’t although I do like sharks that could probably count

  7. it whas ok but i got bored but the other games you made pls make a snake maniquin game the models are king cobra rattlesnake cobra black snake and some other kinds but pls make all snake skins look real cause im 9 years old im not buying full version

  8. This is fun but you guys should add the Megalodon because he is literally huge and when I say huge I mean gigantic and I wish that you should add more animations

  9. AQ 101 dice:

    INSANELY GOOD mannequin app! 4 stars because i wish the normal colored skin (the one that makes it look like a real shark) was free! Like, why is it not?

  10. Its very terrible i just want a shark skin but its not free shark movement also not free its just too terrible👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  11. I like it..cuz you get 3 free skins the normal,clay, and sketch my favorite skin but please make a rabbit mannequin!

  12. Shark Mannequin is a great game. You get to make your one and only shark you can name it you can collor it and more. I made my shark look like jaws. With your idea’s you can make inthing

  13. This is not good at all. The skins for it are barely good. Oh, and to all of you guys who want the creator to add stuff, it’s never gonna happen

  14. Mya Davis dice:

    Ok alot of people hate this bc the skins and animatoins arent free like who cares for the skins or animatoins its cool on its own make more and also u should make a godzilla one and a fnaf one cus i like both of the franchise also keep up the good work😁

  15. I like the app but I can’t move the shark I can only do idle, swim forward with the shark

  16. It sucks I can’t do a thing I can’t get skins or do cool animations without the full version do not play this game

  17. It is cool to play i have so much fun with this game so 5 stars for it love the skin love the sharks and all of it

  18. I Love Shark’s and this app is awesome but I’m not paying 7.99 for the full thing

  19. This game is quite good but can you make more skins free ? I recommend it the game Thank you for reading .

  20. The great white shark skin is free on 3D mannequins so go download it all skin’s are free so DO IT nik and all animal skin’s are free 😀

  21. Cez :p dice:

    Definetly worth the skins and animation love this game hope you make a godzilla one if you can that would be amazing 🙏pls

  22. Good app excellent but please give free skins

  23. I like it soooooo much I only hate that the tiger- shark has 1 Animation 😊 still love it

  24. You get barely any options without paying. I deleted this within 10 minutes.

  25. App is great and please make a shark game survival with this shark that must be amazing😁

  26. It’s pretty good and all but I don’t know how to animate it

  27. DeatherYT dice:

    Very good, just…… Why are skins not free?


  29. Jhen Khin dice:

    Since I love sharks,I love using shark mannequin.Thanks for paying for your attention!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Continue using 3D mannequins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. You cannot get the shark skins for free this sucks and also add a mega mouth shark and a whale shark So I can give 5 stars

  31. Hate it when i press “free” it says “error sorry” like ‘BrEh’

  32. I like it because you can choose the pose’s

  33. Ok so far so good. but I don’t get why it would literally have me literally pay money for something that I don’t have!THAT JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!!!!!

  34. Yang Vue dice:

    I give this ONLY one star . Just add people in this game for the attack Animaetion

  35. I did great white bull shark and hammerhead it was awesome cool and nicely enjoyable

  36. i love art and the exciting bit is that I AM THE BEST ARTIST IN THE WORLD

  37. It is boring because all you do custom I wish you could play as your shark 🦈😒

  38. I give it one stars becase it made get rid of memories I cared for 1 ☆

  39. Whenever I click on the name it won’t let me play it

  40. Do a megalodon but it is the coolest game ive ever seen

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