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Join Mellow today and experience blissful moments and joyful calm, through inspiring art matched to your unique taste.
Mellow is designed to bring pleasure, tranquility, and inspiration through a custom-tailored selection of artworks and images delivered straight to your phone.
Not only does Mellow bring you inspiring fine art from museums around the world, but it also showcases works by up-and-coming international artists that are not readily available on other platforms.
Relax with a range of artworks, including:
* Painting
* Drawing
* Sculpture
* Ceramic
* Photography
* Graphic arts
* and much more
Exceptional artists found on Mellow include:
* Vincent van Gogh
* Claude Monet
* Pierre-Auguste Renoir
* Contemporary artists
* and emerging artists
Each day Mellow will deliver uplifting artwork based on your preferences. Mellow makes it easy to save your favorites too.
* Daily Mellows: Mellow learns your distinct taste and delivers up to 10 daily art images that refresh and delight.
* Discovery: you can now browse through and discover more artworks outside your daily Mellows
* Search and follow: search for artworks according to the artist and follow your favorite artists and enjoy their artworks anytime.
* Sharing artwork: share the artwork you like and invite your friends to join in an art escape with you!
* Support artist: support your favorite artists on the platform by donating vibes conveniently using in-app purchase.
* To be a Mellow Artist: apply within the app to be a Mellow artist and manage your profile all within one platform


Thanks for being a part of Mellow community! A few major updates that will improve your continued enjoyment of Mellow:

Introducing the Mellow Patrons program, our new subscription plan. As a Mellow Patron, you would get to enjoy a full and ad-free access to a wide-range of personalized experiences on Mellow. Proceeds from the Mellow Patrons program will also support our community of artists through initiatives such as the Mellow Art Award.


40 comentarios en "Mellow – Take a break MODDED 2022"

  1. Bland, drab, dark impressionism… go figure. Buggy / unintuitive UX in the app. Showed me 9 unsightly / uncomfortable artworks and one very slightly appreciable one that I still didn’t like. And now I’ve got to wait for the next set? I already took the preliminary “rate how I feel about 4 pieces” test and that’s the best the app could do? 9 pieces I couldn’t stand to even look at? There’s no motivation to look at the next set because the first set failed. give me bright, minimal, abstract, LIFE

  2. It’s a good concept for an app. The picture quality was not the best, but I liked being exposed to different works of art every day. Now it’s no longer free. I don’t think the app was ever quality enough to charge for it. There should be a free with ads option.

  3. Pamela dice:

    It’s a really good app concept. There are lots of different artworks and you can save your favorites. My biggest and only complaint is how buggy and laggy it is. Makes it harder and annoying to use the app

  4. FAIL! Wanted to like this app, but it missed the point, to view paintings. App only shows a small thumbnail sized display of the artwork. The MAJORITY of the screen space is taken up by the painting’s title, artist, stupid slider bar for viewer’s opinion of artwork, and scrolling down a bunch of verbage about the painting. THERE’S NO WAY TO FULLSCREEN THE PAINTING! No way to zoom in on the painting. I want to SEE the artwork, not read about it. USELESS! You should be ashamed. BTW I’m an artist.

  5. I really enjoy the artwork! Nice to learn more about art also. Very relaxing.

  6. leu se dice:

    I love the concept of the app, the design is intuitive and i’ve been enjoying the suggestions so far, however there are two points that need regarding: For one, some images have a fairly low resolution and there is no option to view the image in fullscreen, this would be a good feature to have And lastly, each time i enter the app, even for a second, the app shows the ‘crafting some moments’ loading screen, which is quite frustrating If it weren’t for these points, i’d give 5 stars

  7. Like all apps on playstore it ask for a rating before I actually have used the app enough to form an opion.So far no complaints but it doesn’t appear to be a very intuitive or easy to navigate app and I don’t know why it ask for some of the permissions it request.Why does an art app need permission for my contacts or my camera?

  8. This is wonderful! Fantastic pictures, I’m moving to a house with a perfect room for painting again. I love to get ideas from real artists. Art always makes me feel calm.

  9. Art is an expression of another person. The things we see and express in art are a glimpse into interpretation, whether emotional or experience. The mediums of choice are as individual as imagination.

  10. I love art and meditation. I feel it combines them both. I would pay to have this app. It includes artist other than the most popular academic artist which I appreciate.

  11. Love receiving my new art every day! Love learning about the art and the artists. Highly recommend this app.

  12. Jasmine J dice:

    I did not feel mellow by the unnerving art. Original art made to be mellow would be better, possibly. Consider adding instrumental music as an option, and add some movement to the photos either graphically or through some kind of slideshow type scenario of the piece. Good idea for an app though.

  13. Showed me some bland art, unappealing with dark colors-FYI Everyone: art that sucks like that is strategic! It’s purpose is to make advertising look more appealing in comparison! Seriously. Now it wants me to make an account to keep looking at bland unappealing art. Uninstalling due to account demand is invasive and excessive.

  14. Love exploring new and old art and artists!

  15. The art is very interesting but the controls are almost impossible! You can choose what you like but the graph that you have to move is almost impossible to use. How does a person appreciate art while they are fighting with the controls? Very sad!

  16. You pick out a beautiful selection every day so far. And, if that doesn’t blow your skirt up, I have seen no advertisement during the “showing”!! It truly does relax me at the end of a long day. Very refreshing.

  17. Lots of good info, educational too, just newly started. Is there a possibility to add link to pronunciation in French, etc?

  18. just a great idea. I was wanting a good way to find art and it really promotes the artists themselves

  19. Very interesting with lovely artwork to relieve the daily stress during these difficult times.

  20. Gem Bond dice:

    Really cool idea. So much more relaxing and enjoyable than mindfulness or breathing-focused meditation.

  21. Eric Benz dice:

    A very good selection of artwork, although the algorithm has failed to zero in on my favorite schools, that is European post-impressionism and American impressionism. Moving about is awkward sometimes.

  22. Consider starting the selection process with artists that represent a more diverse background. It’s not truly adaptive if you only represent European centric male artists from the initial selection process. I want to like this, but you need to make it more interesting.

  23. Beautiful art work! Some I enjoy more, however very educational and easy to use

  24. I’ve only been on the app for 15 minutes. I don’t feel comfortable giving it a higher rank right now. But I am enjoying this very much. Reading about the artist’s intent is a great enrichment, as is the notes on the artist’s life. It’s like a visual meditation and I think I’ll be recommending this to some friends.

  25. Great app for Bob ross fans who need scenery inspiration and those trying to break into canvas sketching.I love it.

  26. It sucks that you can’t join when you put your info in

  27. Couldn’t get past the “crafting some moments….” screen.

  28. S L dice:

    Very nice. Love looking at art work. Very relaxing

  29. Oki Mark dice:

    Beautiful. I like that it can be individually customized.

  30. Alamode dice:

    Not exactlh what i thoight it was. The interface was difficult to navigate and looking at famous artwork is quite fun however it can get quite boring after a while. This would be best suited for people who like art musems not me.

  31. Puna Earl dice:

    This app needs a better system to pick out artworks that you might like. So far it’s given me only a few which I’m interested in. Also applied to get art posted on the app and so far have received no word from devs or moderators or whoever about the application. It’s been a week. Y’all need workers or something? You could probably look at artists for that also, just saying.

  32. This app mellows my mind by use of art and this is something I have never thought to use to help me cope with my mental health illnesses .

  33. I am an artist and want to paint again. This app inspires me.

  34. I love learning about the artists! Beautiful paintings!

  35. Finally a way to learn about and enjoy art from home.

  36. Sorry, I cannot open the app. Please help and I will rate the app again. Thank You!!!😊

  37. I love when I get notifications and look at a huge variety of various artists around the world. Plus it let’s you rate your interest so you can be judgemental and pretend to be snooty.

  38. I love it, it is so relaxing. It also exposes me to new and upcoming artists I have never seen 😀

  39. I absolutely love this app, there is so much diversity in the artwork, something for everyone… Very relaxing and easy to navigate!

  40. I just downloaded this app and went to sign up for it. When I put in my Email it said my hotmail and Gmail were invalid. Which made no sense to me. Im sure this is a great app but it’s sad that I can’t even log in. Please fix this.

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