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A simple tool for drawing & communicating
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Over 6 million users! A drawing and communication app that makes your daily creative activities more fun!
It includes a Draw feature that allows you to easily draw at any time, a Live feature to stream your work and view the work of others, and a community with over 7 million illustrations posted!

About pixiv Sketch
pixiv Sketch is a drawing and communication app by pixiv Inc.

・The Draw feature makes drawing feel just like sketching on paper, so you’ll have no trouble getting exactly the results you want.
・The app features the latest drawing support technology, including automatic coloring using AI.
・The Live streaming feature allows you to easily stream your drawing process with just a smartphone or tablet, and of course, you can also watch other people’s broadcasts.

About pixiv Sketch’s Draw feature
pixiv Sketch’s Draw feature is the simplest you’ll find around! Enjoy drawing digitally right away, even if it’s your first time.

● Easy-to-use pens and brushes
・The app comes with pens and brushes that are easy for anyone to use, including first-time painters.
・The variety of available brushes covers a wide range of media, including watercolor.

● Simple and intuitive interface
・The clean UI leaves room for a wider drawing canvas.
・No menus or tools getting in the way, allowing you a smooth drawing experience.

● Unique features to enhance your drawing experience
・Color your line drawings with AI! An automatic coloring feature is available for no-hassle coloring.
・The Drawing Motivator Voice feature will let you experience a new height of motivation!
・The Redraw feature allows you to add to other people’s illustrations and daily themes.

About pixiv Sketch’s Live feature
With pixiv Sketch’s Live feature, you can stream your work and watch other artists’ broadcasts all with a single app.

● Live stream all your creative activities
・Just tap the screen 3 times to start streaming! No complicated settings required.
・You can also stream the screen of other drawing apps! Use your go-to drawing software and easily broadcast your work.
・Of course, you can also use pixiv Sketch’s Draw feature!
・Stream via your phone camera to broadcast your analog drawings using pen and paper.
・Stream any kind of creative activity, from videos to music, crafts, and modeling!

● Watch other people’s Live streams
・More than 3 million monthly viewers!
・Interact with the artist and show your support via chat and by sending hearts ♥.

Find new drawing friends with the Community feature
Communicate with your drawing buddies in a community where a total of over 7 million illustrations have already been posted.

● Enjoy a constant flow of illustrations on your Timeline
・Many new illustrations are posted every day. Check them out on your very own wall!
・Interact with your favorite illustrations by leaving a heart ♥.
・Follow artists you like and connect with them.

● The Reply feature lets you respond to an illustration with another illustration
・Reply to everyone’s posts with your illustrations.
・Use the Reply feature to easily join contests or post your own interpretation of daily themes.
・Send illustrations to other artists, or even have entire conversations using only artwork; how you use the Reply feature is up to you!

● Use the Redraw feature to add to existing illustrations
・Draw on the illustrations that others have posted.
・It’s a great way to collaborate with other artists, for example by joining in on the daily theme or by coloring other people’s line art drawings.

A pixiv account is required to use some of the features.
If you have any questions or to report a problem, please contact pixiv Sketch Support.


- Bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "pixiv Sketch 2022"

  1. Great art app, for sketches, doodles you name it! I’ve been using it for 4 years and increase in number of layers and the pressure recognition is great, though the UI can be difficult due to how the touch screen works, and the sensitivity of the tools’ slider size. The new login authentication is annoying, it’s great for confidence in security but I have to do it everytime I fully reopen the app, and then it doesn’t even go back into the app after I login but to the listing on the playstore.

  2. Love this app! It helps me improve my art and let evebody else see it! The brushes are a little bit laggy but its still alright!

  3. I can’t even sign in it takes me to Google plat store its bad…seriously please don’t get it worst thing ever, used to break back ages ago but now it’s just not letting me sign up or log in

  4. Evan e dice:

    The brush isn’t laggy but its well, how do i explain it … it took some distance of stylus movement before it start to register a brush stroke which might help when using finger to paint, but with a pen it’s just annoying, also there’s no option to disable finger painting(aka.palm rejection) it seems. Oh and lastly, when scrolling the feed sometime there’s lags. Overall great art social media, but not so great drawing app.

  5. Need more brushes and canvas options. Edit: Thank u for the new pen and brush

  6. It’s a good app if you don’t mind about broken palm rejection function. Some menu/function still in Japanese language. It need to improve a lot.

  7. It’s laggy on samsung galaxy tab s6 lite. No palm rejection, makes people who draw with their palm touch the screen are difficult to draw, bcs it will make the line moooore laggy and slow. Overall good app, for people who want light app for sketch which not many tools needed. But, yeah… the most weak point is the laggy issue. Since it’s still new, i hope dev will improve the app. I’m waiting for it 🙂

  8. its a nice app I with there more brushes tho key up the good work also I had bug with the brushes.

  9. jelly dice:

    really bad delay when using wired XP-Pen drawing tablet, the cursor doesn’t start drawing till a little bit after I’ve already started moving the pen, making it impossible to draw anything

  10. x x dice:

    This is a wonderful pick-me-up when you’re all lonely and the little voice is all good, that’s amazing, etc.. well, it’s in Japanese, but same thing.

  11. This is a really super app for all different age groups and all levels of artistic ability… The critiques are very positive for the most part and constructive as far as improvement of skills. There’s at least one new sketch each day so you can participate and then display through your sensei who sets an example for the participants students. It’s very good app for people that just enjoy art like myself but also for the professional artist and the arts student that would like input from peers

  12. The app is good for sketching or painting, but the lack of color pick tool makes it a little worse. Moreover it would be good to have opportunity to create 20 and more layers.

  13. The app is great! Makes me want to buy a new smartphone with pen to use this at the fullest. Also, I know it’s still newly released but, please translate everything to English, not all but the only importants settings or notification just like pixiv. Glad i can read kanji.

  14. Thanh Lai dice:

    sometimes it’s got little problem that i can access to the app…it’s like the system was on term of renovation.

  15. The app itself is fine but the only problem I have with it is Logging into my account. Every time I try to log in it will send me back to the log in page. It even made we have to remake a new account no matter how mang times I try to sign in.

  16. I love this app to much, keep going to improve, thank you

  17. I love the app! Most of the users are Japanese, but i like posting my art there. Can i request to make the artwork gallery in Grid view also like Instagram? It’s hard to revisit old posts in single posts scrolling, also it’s hard to look quickly on other’s work. Thankyou! Great job pixiv!

  18. Despite being translated to English most of the app remains in its native language – I just wanted to use the Paintscgainer feature but no idea how to find or use it so I guess Ill stick to the browser version.

  19. DOTI dice:

    The app crashes a lot on my phone wich is weird because that’s rare to me, whenever I interact with certain drawings it suddenly crashes and also when I also when go to the section of users I follow the app also crashes

  20. I love the capability of drawing anime in this app, but I really wish that there’s more features like customizable canvas size and custom pens.

  21. The new UI is more difficult to use and the pen sensitivity is very poor making it unusable. I’ll need to stop using this app until it’s fixed.

  22. Ive used this app for months now and for some reason the cartoon pencil only does a line that is as thin as hair. Until this gets fixed i am unable to use this program.

  23. The auto color function’s real name is auto damage. “Undo” don’t work for auto color. Samsung note stylus triggers without screen touch.

  24. Joe Vern dice:

    Wonderful tools very nice design easy to use. Translation of language would be nice .otherwise I am impressed with the app .

  25. Problem with logging in. It keeps telling me to log in but when i do, it doesn’t and i can’t post or get notifications on my pixiv account. It just doesn’t do anything

  26. You cannot add more than 6 layers ibis paint and clip studio is much better its good but pls add more layers for some convinents for other peaple but i am sorry i dont realy like this i used to be happy about it now i hate bc there more other drawing apps is much better than this

  27. This game is super cool but I have I problem its didnt work and its wouldn’t login my account if you can please fix this bug and its a really good game so hats why I give it a five stars

  28. kinda clunky but do the work

  29. nice app. really simple to use

  30. dior dice:

    It’s not fair that the language is ONLY japanese and you cant even change it in the settings, japanese isn’t my language, pls make it into all the languages, it’s really not fair putting the japanese language only.

  31. need to work some of their bugs

  32. i want to copy the character colour but there is no tool given, i just want the colour copy so that i can easy paint the same colour. help!!!

  33. There is no sketching component to this app. All it does is open browser to the Pixiv Sketch site.

  34. No dropper! So unfair! Why did you changed it!? Why in apple there is no talking? The voices are the replacement of the dropper!? 🙁

  35. It’s cool, but I wish you could translate people’s post to English.

  36. Anulackk dice:

    Brush resize and opacity need to be details cause it hard to use without number icon

  37. Good app i love it pls fix some bugs but its 5 stars

  38. samsung tab S7+ too much lag, spen behaving erratically

  39. Its simple design to detect my creation

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