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Remove Background, Magic Eraser, Photo Enhancer, Story Templates, Collage Maker
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Join more than 15 million Pixelcut creators! The Pixelcut photo editor and graphic designer helps you create stunning images in seconds. Pixelcut is an all-in-one editor that uses AI to help you create images with ease.

BACKGROUND REMOVER — Instantly remove the background from any photo in your camera roll. Erase the background with a perfect cutout.

MAGIC ERASER — Remove unwanted objects and cleanup pictures.

AI PHOTOSHOOT — Generate infinite product photos using AI Photo Shoot. Creating beautiful product photography for your e-commerce store has never been easier.

AI AVATARS — Create 100 unique AI Avatars to use anywhere you have a profile photo online!

MAGIC WRITER — You now have an AI Copywriter at your fingertips powered by the same technology as ChatGPT! Generate product descriptions, Instagram hashtags and captions, and much more using GPT from OpenAI!

AI ART — Generate one-of-a-kind images using AI similar to Midjourney or Dalle. Type a prompt and let the AI do its magic by creating an image from any text.

REELS MAKER – Create a video for your business with ease!

COLLAGES — Create beautiful collages from your photos. Choose from dozens of creative layouts!

WHITE & COLOR BACKGROUNDS — Place your product on a simple white background or choose from a palette of stunning colors and backdrops.

TEMPLATES — Choose from thousands of templates designed specifically for shopping.

SHADOWS — Control the shadow on your product to make it look real.

TEXT STYLES — Add text with beautiful font styles. Overlay text on images. Turn your quotes into art!

STAND OUT — Sell more and grow your presence on Instagram, Poshmark, Shopify and with your beautiful product posts and stories.

DISCOVER — Search thousands of templates created by the community for you! Whether it’s for your YouTube channel, podcast, Instagram or storefront, the community has you covered!

Download Pixelcut and grow your brand today!

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected].

The Pixelcut Pro Membership Experience

Pixelcut Pro is a monthly or yearly subscription that provides access to tools to help you sell more and grow your business. The Pixelcut Pro membership gives you unlimited and instant background removals, hundreds of templates, hundreds of fonts, overlays and backdrops, all updated monthly.

Terms and conditions: https://pixelcut.ai/terms

Privacy policy: https://pixelcut.ai/privacy


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Pixelcut AI Photo Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. I wanted to try this app by removing some unwanted objects in a photo I took. I like this app because it does one thing the others don’t, it keeps the original image rather than blurring it at the spot the unwanted item is removed from it. If your budget allows it, it’s worth the cost. As for me, my budget will not allow. But did enjoy my one-time experience.

  2. There is a free version and a subscription option. I am using the free option. So far, is pretty user friendly and when you press the ” Edit Option” to “Remove Background, you select your image and “slidethe icon to the Right” to remove the background. i really love it bc its not confusing like most apps and the image looks great. The free version DOES NOT allow you too remove the “watermark” bc this is a Paid Sub Option. But I think this is a really great app!

  3. There are tons of free options in this app. There is also a lot more for the paid subscription and well worth the amount the pro costs. But again there’s a ton for you to choose from in the free version. highly recommend!!! It really helps elevate my photos for showcasing our business products!!

  4. I would say it is definitely a good app for enhancing product photos when using your phone and want to post on social media but I wish it had better functions. It is far more tedious for the busy small business owner who doesn’t have time to play around with basic photo editing. For example when trying to layer photos and backgrounds, it sucks doing it on your phone and you end up only able to use one. Then when you try to layer photos, there are limits to that also; like selecting from my photos, I cannot just scroll through my albums and only the camera roll? Very annoying. There is no option to “save” to the portfolio, just save to phone or another app and then you press the back button and it says “if you don’t save, you’ll lose your work”. It’s pretty basic, would rather stick to Canva but at least you have the option to use on the laptop and have way more functions. The 3 stars is for being able to remove the background and leave just the object you want to use, but that also has some limits. Cancelling the subscription cause I can always crop out the “pixelcut” on the free version.

  5. I find it easy to use for someone who have some experience in photography. Anyways the precision on pixel marvels me. so clear cut differemce between the object and the background.

  6. J s dice:

    5 stars. I wrote a review explaining how much I like this app and that I use it everyday for work, but that there was a specific feature that was on IPhones and not Androids. Either by coincidence or because someone saw my review, the feature was added to the Android version of this app. It is now perfect.

  7. False, cancel anytime subscription. Hi there, Sadly on Christmas Day I’m having to write this, as its damaged our pocket this Christmas. When using your trial app, it stated £4/month cancel anytime. I opted for this until £53.00 annual fee has been deducted taking my Christmas food shop money, not £4.00 cancel any time. Outraged. I do not use the app, as this one has buffered many times and freezes mid background change, states to subscribe again. I’ve cancelled my subscription.

  8. Pixart, Canva & B612 are cheaper than this with a lot of features. I can’t use this app to crop my images in the form of a circle, triangle, diamond, etc. It doesn’t have colour picker. Filters, templates, fonts and backgrounds are limited. No animated stickers. Can’t search online for images using this app. Magic Eraser works but creates a black void. AI Features are paid even for pro members. So what’re we paying for exactly? Google photos does the same thing for free. This app’s not worth it

  9. 75 and its not even permanent? I have found apps that do the exact same processing except the magic eraser and background remover are in the same tool, for less. Its also difficult to erase around a hardlined object instead of blending and smudging. I did think the Ai generator in the same app instead of switching to an app like dawn was cool, but to save me a couple swipes hardly seems fair.

  10. I paid for this 4 days ago and I still can not used this app. I’m going to contact Google surely for 9.99 and I can’t even utilize the app service. It keeps telling me restore payment how????when I go to my subscription it’s saying payment good until Jan 29th..Fix this app or refund me for the days I’m not able to use it. I’m passed off!

  11. I have Pro but it keeps showing basic in my app but in the App store I’ve had pro since last July. It’s hard to find who to contact in the app.

  12. Scam app. Half the time doesn’t work how you want it to. Also tries to charge me a whole years subscription every month. DO NOT give them your card details

  13. works well. was skeptical but it works well and even when you go over a photo in the same spot like you didn’t remove someone’s hair all the way because you just didn’t see it or didn’t get it the first time it will erase just that and not what you’re wanting to keep even with overlap from where you select to erase.

  14. Enjoying it so far. I really like that the BG Remover is both AI and manual. I mainly take photos of animals, insects and flowers; so, a lot of apps I have used do not pick up features very well. 5 stars just for that. Fantastic job, creators. Thank you. 😊

  15. You want $60 a year for the pro version and I have free apps that has done a perfect cut out on the first try!! Yours not so much!! The colors in the second it missed were complete opposites, so it should have been a problem!!! Just saying

  16. L dice:

    Way too overpriced. I’d be willing to possibly pay a reasonable one time fee for all features. But an overpriced subscription?! No thank you.

  17. I can do this and more with canva and other free apps. I wouldn’t pay that much just to remove an app. My Samsung phone removes objects in pics for free as well.

  18. Terrible. App closes in the middle of a project and I loose all progress each time. Why would I subscribe to something that I can’t do a full project. Don’t waste your money downloading this app. Even the background removal is nothing like shown in the advertisement. Absolute rubbish.

  19. Olya G dice:

    The app is pretty good. I could see myself using it frequently for my business. It’s very quick. However, when I go to add my photos, it only gives me access two 4 albums, none of which contain the photos I need. I don’t know why it isn’t giving me access to all of my albums. Because of this the app won’t work for me

  20. My issue is not directly with the app maybe but how they wouldn’t refund me after I got a new phone and not all my settings were in place yet. My 11 yr old downloaded like a whole bunch of different picture apps without my permission. One of them being pixelcut. I noticed the charge. I then went to my google account and saw all the downloads. Pixelcut wouldn’t refund me even though I was cancelling the same day and the app not being used.

  21. Doesn’t recognize subscription. I did a monthly subscription and it keeps saying my free cuts are used up. And it keeps asking me to go pro. I already went pro. 1 star until fixed. Edit: Thank you. It was fixed. Amazing app. Love it.

  22. Only used a few times so far but I had a few photos with a lot of light exposure casting shadows and the other apps seemed to cut the light parts out completely when replacing the background. Super glad I found this so far. Will update review if need be

  23. This app is scam, I cancelled my trial on the same day (4th October) I downloaded this app, even in the Google play subscription was showing cancelled yet I still got charged 3999rs on 7th October. Now my money is stuck and not sure if I’ll get this refund or not because in Google refund list, this app is showing already cancelled. And when I emailed pixelcut for refund, they just copy pasted a mail for iPhone while I downloaded the app on Play store.

  24. The app worked well for 3 days of the trial. I paid for a full year but it continues to produce an error message if more than 3 pictures are batch edited. It also continually prompts me to signup for pro which I already paid for. Someone needs to fix these glitches ASAP

  25. All clarity in photos gone. You use the magic eraser tool on one thing and my photo goes from crisp and detailed to looking like I smeared chapstick on the lense. Sucks. I have the original and the edit side by side and it’s just awful looking.

  26. Be careful buying. My lifetime licence was removed. Support was generic and not helpful. No response since my last contact 9 days ago.

  27. Absolutely so cool and awesome I love it because this is amazing, the Pixelcut erase background look great and I’m really think I like try it.

  28. amazing app that actually does exactly what it advertises … easy to use with close to perfect results everytime

  29. It’s amazing ,it will remove background of the photo automatically with so perfection.

  30. Surprisingly effective and easy as long as you have a clear proper picture !

  31. After several install and uninstalls I finally found an easy not complicated background remover app with Pixelcut. None of the extra stuff! Simply does it’s job with minimal effort and no color, cut, crop yourself mess.

  32. limited editing functions, like it has all the basic stuff and the cut out but no color matching and so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to edit a cutout to refine it after the initial edit

  33. App works fine. But It’s giving me error and telling me to opt for Pro. But I already have a subscription. Hope they fix this glitch as soon as possible. Have already mailed the support team.

  34. Sierra b dice:

    easy enough. more so than similar apps I’ve tried. except pro version(paid) is a bit expensive and free trial is only 3 days long. At $10/month I think at least 7 days MINIMUM fee trial period would be offered but hey, some companies are only about the bottom line I guess?

  35. No stars just for the practice of charging before the trial period expires & still not received the paid avatars

  36. after using magic eraser, this app saves photo as blurred which is not acceptable at all.

  37. Awesome experience..All in one photo App for Personal and business use.

  38. Awesome! So easy to use! Layer function is useful.

  39. the app is overall average, not impressed with the Al Avatars generator at all, poor quality for the price…

  40. Easy to navigate to website. Very good graphics.

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