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Fraksl - An Interactive Fractal Art Generator
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Create mesmerizing fractal art with Fraksl

Epilepsy Warning – This app may produce flashing images

– Navigate through fraksl space using touch gestures.
– Choose from a variety of filters and mirrors for unique effects.
– Use your phone’s camera to interact with your fraksls.
– Share your fraksls with friends.
– Record in app videos and capture those moving patterns.
– Export high resolution uncompressed images for use in your own artwork.
– Save your fraksls for later use.

If you like the app and want to support the creators, please consider buying the pro version as an in-app purchase and unlock extra features.


- Support for "notched" displays


4 comentarios en "Fraksl MOD"

  1. Tatnall Kennedy dice:

    Damn that’s good math. You may need a decent device though it’s possible to downscale the resolution and still get pretty incredible images. At 4K actually at extreme or above it’s truly mind-blowing !!! Would be nice if it included a couple more starting algorithms but not a deal breaker. Free version includes a bunch of customizable settings and the extremely inexpensive pay version $1.99 03/2022 could easily demand double or triple. Ads, there are not any. Thank you Thank you thank you!

  2. Gilli dice:

    Visually stunning. You’ll want to download this app at least once just to see the dizzying effects it can create. It’s really very beautiful. Of course, the controls are a bit awkward and it’s hard to do anything on purpose. You can rotate (diffracting the image) and zoom in/out. It’s very kaleidoscopic (except when you accidentally fold all the colors in on themselves and are left w/ one, but there’s a reset button.) I only wish you had options to construct your own or view different fractals.

  3. Sam Z dice:

    I use a variety of different programs/apps to create and explore fractal figures. This is probably my favorite of the apps I’ve found for Android. Was glad to support the dev by purchasing the pro license. It is a steal for $2. There are a few things I would love to see added in the future. 1) alternative controls for rotating. I often times use this with an android emulator on PC since my computer has more power than my phone. However, without multi-touch emulation, the controls are limited. 2) Would also love to see an audio-reactive modulation, so it changes in time with music. Keep it up, this is freaking awesome

  4. It's Watson dice:

    Literally the best psychedelic visuals app that exists, full stop. I would do genuinely anything to get a PC version of this in full color so I could enjoy it at higher framerates and resolutions, every method I’ve found to cast to a larger screen has resulted in choppy quality so it’s just not the same. Regardless tho, genuinely incredible app and the developer is a king.

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