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Inspiration comes from our daily life. When you record your life with photos, how about capture it with color as well? Collect your favorite colors today!

Color Collect is a color picker for the real world. When you pick colors on your photo, manually adjust the circles for your ideal shades. As long as you can see the colors, the app captures them for you.

Hard to decide your colors on a picture? A random selection feature will explore the possibilities for you. Advanced random color features will present all possible options for you with ease.

Color palettes in the app are a suitable reference for:

■ Illustration and drawing

■ PowerPoint design

■ Social media post and ads artwork

■ User interface and web design

■ Book cover design

■ Home decor

■ Matching clothes

Color Collect Basic helps you on the following:

■ Color exploration

+ Random colors from a set of libraries like Inspiration, Chinese and Japanese colors, and more

+ Capture color palette through your camera at a real-time

+ Support four color harmony recommendations

+ Recommending palettes for you every day

■ Sharing the color happiness

+ Multiple sharing layout to memorize the color moment

+ Single color wallpaper export with color names, hex codes, and more

■ Palette management

+ Search palettes based on colors and palette titles

+ Edit an existing palette to further customize it for you

+ Write a note

To make it even better, Color Collect Pro allows you:

+ All photo color palette features

+ All libraries of beautiful color palettes with over 800 palettes

+ All palette displays

+ All palette sharing options

+ Unlimited random color inspiration

+ Palette color and name search

+ Business license for palettes in Pro

Color Collect is a freemium app with a lifetime one-time purchase available.

Refund: [](



If you have any feedback or want to say “Hi,” reach me at [email protected].

I hope you enjoy the app!


Fixed bugs, improved design details.
If you have any feedback or just want to say "Hi", reach me at [email protected]


25 comentarios en "Color Collect – Palette Studio MODDED 2022"

  1. Easy to use and makes saving palettes a breeze. You can position your phone over a magazine page, photo, fabric etc and get a palette. I use palettes for weaving projects and paintings and am always looking for inspiration but then stuck with a mess of collected materials. This app lets me save the colors without having to keep the reference material. Also like the included palettes.

  2. I love this app. It is so easy and fun to use! I have been an artist for 45 years and I appreciate apps that make nice palettes as they claim. Finding nice colors helps me imagine new works of art. This is one of those apps. And I like how the circles overlap on saving the image. I can see how they interact. It would be nice to have a slider to separate them on some palettes, but that is okay.

  3. Jayden dice:

    This app is great! I struggle to work out what colours to use and by having the gallery synced into the app itself, I’m seeing trends in the colour schemes of images I love. I wish you could add extra colours to a palette though. Sometimes you are just one (or 5) colours short of the palette you need and breaking them up into two means you double up on colours between them because you only needed to add 2. Also I can’t buy the upgrade, but I see you’re onto that issue.

  4. Simple and good enough to use for certain projects. Wished it allows to save the image along with the swatch and more than 5 colours tho. Please do consider it. Thanks!

  5. Irene Tan dice:

    Its alright.. the color combination is really handy, all i have to suggezt is trying to put in a color picker where we can point to the actual color we want

  6. Love this app. Its a great portable way to look for Hex codes and colour palettes from your favourite photos. Highly useful

  7. I love it but I’m having a bit of a problem of buying the whole package. I do not know if it’s my side, Google play or the app? I’m obsessed with this app. It’s pretty and clean

  8. Good app. Would be better if i could find photo album without scrolling the entire album.

  9. I want to save the palettes extracted from my images on my phone, because this function only works if you update the app? but how do I do that?

  10. Minimalist and simple to use. Able to download the palette you made as an image.

  11. Best color sampling app out there, if your designer/artist you most definitely need this app on your mobile.

  12. The support email address not working. App is fair, needs tweaking.

  13. App freezes in the middle and have to start all over again. Please fix it.

  14. Honestly love this app and all the color names and colors 😭😭😭❤❤❤💕💖💖💖💖💖 honestly your awesome, thank you so much for creating this app fr real 😭😭😭💕❤❤👌💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎

  15. app won’t let me save or share the palettes that i create from pictures

  16. You destroyed your competition. This is the best colour picker I’ve used

  17. Good app but a little difficult to use

  18. Works absolutely perfect.

  19. It’s only limited for 5 colors.

  20. yes my favorite color is SUS UTA KE

  21. M dice:

    terrible privacy policy they’re selling your data

  22. Izza Cost dice:

    Después de tanto buscar encontré esta app, me encanta tiene todo lo que estaba buscando.

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