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Canva is your free photo editor and video editor in one graphic design app! Create stunning social media posts, videos, cards, flyers, photo collages & more. Stand out with one-tap animations and fun music for Insta stories and video collages.

No design experience or expertise? No problem! From photo editor to collage maker, to logo maker – we made Canva really simple & easy for anyone in the world to design.

THOUSANDS OF TEMPLATES – endless creative possibilities
• Start inspired with thousands of customizable templates
• Playful Facebook posts, Insta layouts, Instagram post maker, IG Story, & mood boards
• Professionally-designed invitations, flyers, gift certificates, etc. to boost your business or event
• Showcase your product with our logo maker
• Visualize data with sleek presentation templates and slideshow maker

PHOTO EDITOR – free to use, no ads, no watermarks
• Effortless picture apps to crop, flip, & edit photos
• Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, etc.
• Auto Focus for background blur & sharpen photo subject
• Apply your style with aesthetic filters & effects (Retro, Pixelate, Liquify, etc.)
• Top it off with text on photos and loads of stickers
• Fun photo grid & photo collage maker
• Design easily on a small screen without disruption from ads

VIDEO EDITOR – make amazing videos in just a few taps
• Produce professional videos right on your phone
• Trim, cut, & split video layout and audio tracks
• Crop, resize, and flip videos & images to any dimensions
• Make static images move with one-tap animations & page transitions
• Overlay multiple audio tracks of music, sound effects, & voiceovers
• Use the video editor as a video collage maker & slideshow maker too!

SOCIAL MEDIA – hit it big with on-trend content
• Discover thousands of templates for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.
• Queue your planned posts on Instagram with Scheduler [Canva Pro]
• Play with our photo editor for thumb-stopping Instagram layouts
• Use as a banner maker for eye-catching thumbnails & ads
• Easy collage maker & video editor to create photo grids, collages

HUGE STOCK LIBRARY – over 2M+ assets for you
• Complete package: all the elements you need are here
• 2M+ royalty-free images
• Thousands of watermark-free stock videos
• 25K+ pre-licensed audio & music tracks
• Add text on photos with 500+ fonts & effects (curved, neon, and more)
• Graphic design elements – illustrations, stickers, photo frames, etc.
• Beautifully animated charts, graphs, & tables from any data

SMART MOCKUPS – see your designs on a shirt or poster
• Look professional by visualizing your designs on products
• High-res mockups for phones, laptops, posters & other displays
• Order printed flyers, mugs, and apparel for gifts or business

REAL-TIME COLLABORATION – with anyone across any device
• Edit team projects & presentations anytime, anywhere
• Start a design on mobile & finish on your desktop seamlessly
• Work with your team in real-time, leave comments & apply changes

CANVA PRO – get more for a low monthly cost
• Access premium templates, images, videos, audio & graphic design elements
• One-click Background Remover
• Magic Resize – Instantly resize your project to any photo & video layout
• Brand Kit – Stay on brand with consistent logos, fonts, & colors
• Scheduled publishing to Instagram, Facebook & more

• Personal – Layout designs for creative & professional pursuits like Instagram templates, resume, photo collages, etc.
• Entrepreneurs – Grow your business with our logo creator, video editor, poster maker, etc.
• Students & Teachers – Engage with beautiful presentations and worksheets
• Social Media Managers & Content Creators – Use the photo editor and collage maker for consistent visuals & mood boards for your brand


• NEW templates: YouTube sets for a variety of channels, LinkedIn banners and Life Tab designs
• NEW: auto-navigation menu for Canva websites
• Fixed a bug with opening video files using Canva. Videos should now load in the editor without any issues.

Need help? Let us know at Keep on creating!


40 comentarios en "Canva: Design, Photo & Video MODDED 2022"

  1. I agree w/ Brenna Moss pertaining to the text boxes. I have tried exiting and re-entering the app several times, with no avail. I find myself not completing projects at all because it is becoming too time consuming to try to delete the extra space within the text box that the app magically created on its own. Update: Contacted the developer, & received automation saying they don’t check that inbox. So I requested refunds for Dec & Jan, pausing my subscription till the problem is solved.

  2. I was having issues with the text boxes adding new lines and the cursor jumping everywhere, but it turns out the problem on my end. In case anyone else has this issue: In my keyboard settings (Samsung) I had to disable “Suggest text corrections” and “Enhanced accuracy”. The app works well, app support was very responsive to my concerns, overall very good. I usually don’t leave reviews on apps but this is an exception.

  3. I love this app, and the subscription is relatively cheap, which is awesome. However, there’s been a few functions that seem to be a very sensitive (buggy) lately. Resizing the text boxes hasn’t been easy. They jump around and don’t allow for the box to actually fit around the text anymore. Not sure what happened, but I hope there’s an easy resolution in the near future.

  4. Used to be great, text boxes keep changing while editing. Makes it impossible to edit. Very frustrating! Don’t purchase the pro version, you can’t use it properly. UPDATE: The app creators replied telling me to close all unused apps and try again, and if that doesn’t work, reply with a screenshot to a link that doesn’t work! HA. WHAT A JOKE. A screenshot will do no justice anyway. I’d have to send a video to show how the text box increases with every letter I type, moves the cursor around, etc.!

  5. As more features are being added, the app tends to be slow, tedious and constantly crashing. Having the “pro” feature means nothing. You just pay a lot for a low quality image that is not compatible with anything. Images comes out pixeled to the point that it’s not worth it. Disappointed 👎 Gonna take my $119 and spend it on a app that’s worth the money.

  6. Edited 1/10/23: Something has happened to the app. It has been hard to work with the text boxes as they get a weird glitch and just expand so large like the enter button is “stuck”. Makes it near impossible to work with. Been using it about a year now. It’s easy to use and works great!

  7. Gen RCH dice:

    Canva has helped me since college, and I regularly use it in my career. I really love the intuitive nature of the platform, and find it easy to use. It would be helpful to have a feature where you could see and manipulate layers outside of the main workspace, because sometimes graphics get stuck behind one another and the only way to retrieve them is to alter your contents. Overall, I really enjoy this platform as a creative outlet and professional tool.

  8. ZengSha dice:

    Used to be better, but still useable for many projects. I was a fan from the start and was very happy with the templates. As the company grew, many images, templates etc are all at a premium. Recently, I noticed the export/download option for selected pages disappeared from mobile, which is super annoying bc it downloaded all my 50 pages over and over again for the one new page.

  9. Olya G dice:

    As usual, a great app (the concept of it anyway). As another reviewer mentioned, the text boxes jump around uncontrollabley. The box expands downard infinitely making it impossible to write anything and often I close the app in frustration becuase I literally cannot do anything. I have reinstalled it on both devices and the problem persists. I have the paid version, and I can’t even use it properly. And I’ve now realized that customer service is impossible to get ahold of.

  10. Jukesman dice:

    The text boxes will not let me manipulate that text. It will allow me to remove unnecessary spaces between lines but as soon as I try and move the text box itself it will put the spaces back. There is also the fact that the app slows to the point of freezing while I am trying to type in the text box. I have used Canva on a desktop browser and it has worked very nicely so I thought, looking at the ratings, that the phone app would work nicely as well, turns out I was wrong.

  11. Been using this app for years for my businesses! Loved the templates and it was super easy to use to make content. For two weeks, I’ve been trying to update my menu for the new year and having the text box issue everyone is having. I have uninstalled, tried it on my tablet, my computer and went to Nothing has helped & it deleted my menu. Since I’m starting from scratch, I’m thinking about looking for a new app. I hope this can be resolved in the near future

  12. If you want me to continue paying for this app, the text issue needs to be fixed. I cannot keep spending hours trying to edit only for the text to continuously keep moving across my screen. The text box gets bigger and bigger and it’s almost like someone is controlling the screen. It’s extremely frustrating. I love this app but I’m giving it another month before I cancel and find something else.

  13. It’s okay if you need to design something quickly there are tons of templates to use and it’s great when you have absolute designer burn out. now on the computer it works perfect if you have a mouse and keyboard. I find I have difficulties on a chrome book, tablet, mobile devices when I am on the go and need to design something quick it them becomes a massive pain. It almost feels like there are super limited selection, magically the search doesn’t seem to work right, nothing seems to down load

  14. Recently I have had trouble editing and it is so frustrating! I do most of my creating and editing on the go on my galaxy s22 ultra. When I edit text it will keep adding returns, extending the text box. When I delete the returns and bring the text and box where it needs to be, it adds it back in again. After several attempts to correct this the app locks up. Is almost like it just wants to F with me and when I am finally winning it throws a tantrum. I don’t need this in my life.

  15. I usually love this app and recommend it to everyone. But I’ve been having issues with editing text. The second I click on it, when the options to Edit, Font, Color, etc. pop up. The App is taking it upon itself to click, create spaces between lines, resize the text box. Add a bunch of space at the bottom so it’s SO long I can’t scroll to the top. Then if I try to backspace the space away, or use the undo arrow, it undoes it, but only until I click it again! It’s absolutely infuriating!

  16. V dice:

    Links in emails try to open in the app, however, the app doesn’t know what to do with it, so it just loads and loads and loads and… does nothing. Edit: I’ve done all the troubleshooting already. It’s not me. There’s not much left I can do. Specifically, it seems to be video links, if that matters. Using the link in a browser loads the page, but opening it within the app (which is default Android behavior when tapping the link in an email) does the above infinite loading.

  17. I love this app, BUT, recently I’ve been getting a glitch(that others have been getting as well) that causes the text box to repeatedly get bigger as if I’m hitting the enter button again and again. It’s very frustrating to have to hit the undo button over and over and over. PLEASE fix this issue🙏(no, restarting the app doesn’t work, and no, uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t work)

  18. We used to love the app and would give 5 stars.We’ve closed out of everything and reset things multiple times and still have the exact same issue. It turns a 30-minute project into well over a few hours, and this is no exaggeration.It’s a painstaking task to currently edit any text through the app. The text box extends past the area you’re working on, and it won’t allow you to see the text when you try to edit. The delete button and the button to duplicate things are no longer working as well.

  19. use it all the time, even the free version is very robust, was 5 stars. Update Dec 2022: Recent update has made the app completely unusable if you’re using text at all. Like other reviews have said, ANY manipulation of a text box adds space to the bottom of the box, throwing it out of shape and eventually stretching down far beyond the bounds of your project. Responses said to make sure it’s the only app open and make sure it’s up to date. Did all this and a fresh install. Problem persists.

  20. It seems easy but not really. They don’t have auto border that we could just pull and place like it would on Photoshop so it’s just hard to line up photos or text the way the Canva feature is. If you move it, and you got it lined, the second you take your fingers off screen, it moved on its own again and again and again. It would have been a decent app otherwise. Now it’s just frustrating. However, considering I need something fast, here I am. Hopefully Canva can improve the features.

  21. I love canva and have been using it for years. But the mobile app absolutely sucks. Need to type anything more than a line of text into your design? Good luck. It will freak out and crash the app. It locks my designs and crashes constantly. There is no way to really contact customer service when you’re on a dealine, which is frustrating.

  22. Canva was working perfectly fine in 2020-2022. But for some reason, I’m paying for an app monthly that is no longer working properly. Every time I go in to create a flyer, poster, etc it is taking me more than an hour because it would not allow me to edit. It moves each time I put my cursor in the box. It’s frustrating and I am now starting to search for other avenues. Please fix this bug.

  23. Great until it stopped working on my phone (Note 10+) and tablet ( S7+) I had used Canva for years with no issues at all. But now no matter if I’m on the app or browser it all freezes and the text boxes keep expanding if I’m hitting enter all the time and they will not let me type. I can’t even now do my work. From a 10/10 it went to a 1/10

  24. This app used to be fantastic. Now, it’s impossible to use text boxes. The cursor jumps around to random spots while you’re typing, paragraphs suddenly have massive spaces between them, and text boxes become horrendously long without you doing anything to it. It’s so bad, I thought someone had hacked into my account and was editing from another device.

  25. M Webbily dice:

    I like the browser site more. It’s just more fluid and much more easy to use. The mobile app works in a pinch and is fantastically fun no matter where I create my banners, thumbnails, short videos, and advertisements, and all things social media. Canva is my most favorite creative app ever! It’s so easy to get lost in my world of creating new stories and fun graphics for all occasions. I would like to see some change in the mobile app. Some of the features are difficult to maneuver. 💯

  26. I love this app. I’ve created so many beautifully designed products on this app. The graphics and digital capabilities are aligned to others in the market which is great. My major issues: the timings of animations still has a long ways to go – no matter how you adjust speeds, what animations you choose, the animations occur virtually simultaneously. There needs to be an update that allows you to stagger or schedule animations in videos so things aren’t playing right on top of each other.

  27. This is normally a great app, but recently it has been incredibly difficult to edit text in the app. Things that were once easy are now hard to complete. I am in the middle of working on an anniversary card and was adding a text box. As I was typing the text it started making a really long text box and now it is stuck where I can’t edit anything or it all goes away. This makes me not want to use the app. Please fix this issue!

  28. pretty awesome features. even the free version can be used to edit videos for an entire YouTube channel or another social media account. easy to use interface. a lot of storage space with free versions and if you run out, you can simply erase stuff and re-use the storage space. saves your work automatically. doesn’t hold it from you like kapwing does or clipchamp. keeps your files downloaded in a cloud, as well. plenty of templates for other projects, too, like calendars, banners, printables,etc

  29. Editing text is terrible in the app. Overall I’ve really enjoyed canva. But when I use the app to edit text it’s like I’m stuck on the return button. I’ll be in the middle of typing and all of a sudden it’s adding a ton of space under the text. I won’t even touch it and it does this. Edit: So I’ve discovered it doesn’t do this with new text boxes so that’s good.

  30. The app is great with really good feats, content, pics, etc. But the scheduled post feature never worked for me & I paid for a full year of pro. Kept getting an error message & I followed all of the directions in the help area to connect it. It was BEYOND frustrating & that was one of the main reasons I chose Canva. I like the saved branding option for all of my business affiliations, but it’s pricey for me to not have gotten the full benefits. Still had to wake up early to post on IG/FB.

  31. Where’s the draw/pencil feature!!!? What happened to it!!?? This used to be soo much better. Can’t work on it for 10 minutes without having to restart and refresh. Too many issues not only with the app but with the website as well. Can’t believe I’m putting my money into it. Please fix the issues people keep telling you about,we all experiencing them and still no resolutions.

  32. This app is usually great. But as other have mentioned, I have lots of trouble recently to edit my text with my cell, I have not experienced this with my desktop. When I got to edit, it create large gaps of space and the while app freezes and shuts down. This is my MAIN app for my business, I have the pro version. I can’t even get to send a report, the app freezes. My phone and app are all up to date.

  33. There is a ongoing text issue here that I am experiencing and as reported by others. When you add text it keeps enlarging the text box as if a user pressed the space button 50 times. Keep back spacing to bring it back and it keeps expanding the text box vertically. It makes it 10X bigger than the actual photo. Anytime you try to fix it keeps expanding. Totally ruins any quote bubbles you have in your photo

  34. Vee Vee dice:

    Canva gives me Options! I love the options for templates, photos fitting my content goals, the ability to add text and graphics with minimum time. Canva is my go to for all things content whether for digital content or physical flyers. Canva is awesome. But recently the app interrupts my editing and my text and designs or freezing or the app freezes and prevents me from being able to edit because it won’t save

  35. I use canva for work every single day. The past week it just stops responding and stops working all the time. I can’t move things, and when I go to type it adds so many extra line entries it won’t allow me to move my text or find the middle of it to resize it. I used to love it now It’s more frustrating than anything. I report every time it crashes but I feel like nothing it getting done to help it.

  36. I love using Canva! The only problem I have right now is that it glitches at times. It signs me in multiple times, where it looks like I’m working from another device. Also, when I am trying to do certain things, it will not do it or it will not save. Other than the glitches that happen, and are quite frustrating, I love the creative things I’ve made using this platform.

  37. I used to love creating on this app, but recently, anytime I try to type any text, the text box keeps expanding until it’s bigger than than the page itself. You can’t delete the extra space or shrink the box as it just keeps getting bigger. I’ve tried to type my text elsewhere and paste it in the text box to see if I could get around it and sometimes that works but 9 times out of 10 I spend 10 to 15 mins trying to add text to my project only to have to use another app out of frustration.

  38. I pay for the Pro version and I love the app but the text glitch has GOT TO GET FIXED! I’ll be typing and all of a sudden the cursor is at the beginning of the sentence and I have to try and make heads and tails of what’s there. You think I’d learn to write my content on notes and then transfer it but that’d even be absurd. Please make the text better I’m losing work and I don’t want to have to find a new app I love this one. I just can’t pay for an app that is costing me so much more.

  39. W. dice:

    Very limited in regard to what I was looking for. I needed a simple horizontal history timeline but most of the templates are verticle, and the ones that do go horizontal are so overdone and gaudy that it’s difficult to even get started. Not user friendly and there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch from phone to pc on a project

  40. Canva is one of the most helpful apps I have ever had. I have Pro and the extra features are worth it for how much time it saves me every month. It’s easy to use, has tons of templates, and is very easy to customize. The more I use it the more I find new features or ways to use them. I couldn’t do my job without Canva.

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