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Create amazing content with Adobe Express - no graphic design experience needed.
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Adobe Express lets you quickly and easily create standout social graphics, flyers, logos, posters, labels, invitations, business cards and more on mobile and web with our intuitive content maker.

Download & use Adobe Express for free – no credit card required.

Spark your creativity! No graphic design skills necessary. Access tons of royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos, Adobe Fonts, and icons. Remove backgrounds, find templates, and more.

Easy-to-use templates for:
• Stories, social posts, and ads for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest
• Logos
• Posters and flyers
• Banners
• Photo collages
• Choose from millions of beautiful graphic and video templates
• Quickly become a maker & creator of top-quality content

• Effortlessly make eye-catching content like social media Stories, graphics, and ads
• Create YouTube video thumbnails
• Become an expert content maker, no graphic design experience required
• Spark your imagination & share posts that get noticed on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and more
• Create consistent social ad campaigns across platforms
• Resize or crop in seconds
• Animate video posts & share to social Stories

• One-click quick actions to remove backgrounds, convert image files, reverse & animate videos, resize or crop images for multiple platforms & more
• Convert to GIF
• Apply text effects
• Thousands of effects, filters, textures & overlays for a Photoshop-quality look

• Easily create top-quality content to market your brand or business with useful tools like our advertisement, banner, label, logo, flyer, and business card maker
• Design professional logos with the logo creator
• Apply your branding to your designs with one tap
• Produce printable business cards, event invitations, labels & advertisements with an easy, customizable content maker

The Adobe Express paid membership unlocks all templates, access to the entire royalty-free Adobe Stock photo collection*, effects, and fonts plus premium features like Apply Brand, Customize Cutout, and Resize. Your paid membership also includes the premium versions of the following applications:

• Adobe Express on web and mobile
• Adobe Premiere Rush on mobile and desktop
• Adobe Photoshop Express on mobile

*The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features within the desktop app.

Feel like you have a designer in your corner as you select or upload your own images, try different layouts, add text to photos, and apply effects & filters. Sync your content across Adobe Express (Creative Cloud Express) mobile and web. Share directly to social media platforms or save to your device.

• Instagram/Facebook: @AdobeExpress
• Twitter: @AdobeExpress
• Adobe Support:

Submit feature requests here:

Optional in-app purchases:
Payments will be charged to your Google Play account. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage auto-renew in your Google Play account settings any time after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to Adobe Express, where applicable.

Terms and conditions:
Your use of this Adobe application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use, and Adobe Privacy Policy and any successor versions thereto.

Do not sell or share my personal information:

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


All the updates this time around are behind the scenes. Bug fixes, performance improvements, you know the drill.

Make sure to tag your amazing designs with #AdobeExpress on social so we repost them!

Happy Posting!
@AdobeExpress (Instagram & Twitter)


46 comentarios en "Adobe Express: Graphic Design MOD 2022"

  1. On the Android device this app is not very easy to use at first. It is very picky about whY can be used if you without the upgrade. The colors are fun, and the manipulation features seem simple enough but the positioning especially zoom was difficult. My project still came out satisfactory and impressive. I recommend watching some tutorials or videos of it in use to become familiar, I’m sure it will be a blast with the upgrade.

  2. I personally think getting rid of their background removal would be silly of them but supposedly they are taking it away from being free. that being said, this is the best background removal tool. I used a few different tools to get the background off a snow globe which has a clear glass edge for a lot of the product. Every single one of the other apps just cut out the objects on the inside and then the stand. This is the only tool that actually cut around the glass. not much else impressive

  3. There’s always a few issues that make this app almost unusable. Particularly with fonts, every something gets fixed, a whole new set of annoyances appears. Something that was never an issue before. Constant crashes as critical moments, sometimes with the loss of what I was just working on. If it were free and by a no name company, I would feel bad for complaining. Doesn’t matter since they take a lot of the bad reviews down. Unfortunately there is no real alternative at the moment

  4. I, STILL, LOOOOOOOOVE this app more than I can explain! Not only has it completely changed the way I make flyers for bands, projects, events but I’m now able to edit, beautify & create w/ my photos on a MUCH more broad spectrum! I reaaaaally love it & can’t say enough good about it! ❤️ Do yourself a favor, use it & p.s. the tiny amount you pay for the premium features, come back 10 folds in returns!!

  5. Honestly the one feature I was hoping to find doesn’t seem to exist. I was hoping to find the ability to draw over images for manual enhancements and touching up, but that isn’t an option as far as I can tell. Actually, being able to add layers and properly, with a fully customizable selection of colours, draw over photos would be ideal. Honestly, even the ability to draw over photos as basically as Microsoft paint 3D works would be helpful.

  6. Freezes up all the time The app worked well for a couple of days. After that, it bc would freeze up every time I tried to create a flyer. The buttons for navigating the designs are not user friendly, although it’s got great potential. Lots of options on templates and fonts. Wished it works consistently because it makes it very hard to use when it continually freezes up. Tried the trial period & was ready to subscribe for the year at $99 which is steep. Wouldn’t mind paying if it actually worked

  7. Dylan dice:

    I imagine this would be good with a more stable build, but in five minutes I’ve encountered too much lag and too many bugs to bother keeping it. Also, why don’t developers allow for landscape anymore? I’m trying to use this on a tablet, and portrait mode is inconvenient on most tablets. I figured landscape support would be given on a creative photo-editing app, but this is the 3rd one I’ve tried that does not.. Am I really the only one who prefers it?

  8. I really enjoy using the app and i enjoy every new feature, but i do have complain that i cannot access the adobe font library any more. I can only access yhe fonts that come with the app. I actually always had problems with it. In the past all active font’s would always disappear and i would have to deactivate and reactivate to make them show up and adding my own fonts from the computer has never worked, but now I can’t even access them at all. And now all projects disappeared, too.

  9. I don’t know why I think they’ll change and that every time I give Adobe another shot by trying one of their products I won’t be let down. At least they’re consistent. While there are a few nice things it doesn’t outweigh the fact that using Adobe is like taking a step back in technology. I feel like I’m stuck in 1992 or pre windows with the product they provide. VistaCreate, Canva, I can name a dozen other apps that offer a lot more for a lot less. I’m sorry but step up your game or close shop!

  10. Judy B. dice:

    this is really slow to respond. I have to press remove background multiple times before it responds. Sometimes I have to choose a photo twice. It always says something went wrong, although nothing went wrong! Something went wrong, alright, I download this stupid app! Update: I changed from 3 stars to 1. When trying to contact support, it says, ‘bad error’, just like this app. BAD ERROR. That’s all you are! Also, when trying to login with Google nothing happens. I’m done. Uninstalling.

  11. Love the appm best decisions I made! But I think when it comes into picking Wallpapers, and everything in that category, it’s hard to pick and choose options because of how many options we DONT have! We don’t have a lot lol. But overall I love the app it inspires me! But when it comes into graphics we need more designs, so please Adobe, add MOREE PLEASE!! Overall, I love it and I will continue to love it!

  12. Spent 5 hours accumulatively on creating a slide show and now everytime I try to add more I get kicked out saying the app has suddenly stopped. This has been a problem for 1 hour. I’m beyond madto have spent 6 hours this far and I don’t understand why the app keeps stopping. I have restarted my tablet several times. I’m scared to uninstall and reinstall because I don’t want to lose the 5 hours of work I have already done.

  13. STILL REPEATEDLY, after saving a Project, when I open it back up and it reverts back to the last saved version. Hence, I lost ALL of the editing time and effort! There is no other way or place to back it up while editing, like in Photoshop. This app sucks!!! Doesn’t happen on desktop browser version, only phone app.

  14. Phoenix dice:

    I loved this app about 2-3 updates ago. Now many features no longer work. I cannot remove background which was excellent before. The Adobe fonts have been removed so all my created pages now have errors. And now the premium images say they are unavailable and will not load. Frustrating because it was great before. Developers please help us get back to what we loved. Response: Hi when I tap “remove background” the screen & options menu flickers so I am unable to do anything as described

  15. love this app!! *Update* well I thought I loved this app. 😞 I had or have a subscription… I don’t even know anymore. My last charge was June 30th. When I try to use premium it says I don’t have a subscription. I don’t understand! I chatted with support, even sent screen shots of my charges and was told it’s a Microsoft account and to contact them. I guess I’ll just delete all Adobe and uninstall! What a shame 😔

  16. This used to be my go-to for creating social media graphics. But lately it’s been very buggy where the app does not sync with my account therefore things I’m working on do not show up on my phone. Things have worked on in the past I’m unable to open on my phone because the download fails. Online it’s also very slow and drags. So I think it’s an issue with Express itself not just the app.

  17. Don Woods dice:

    Great app but could be better. Let me start off with this, I love Adobe Spark. I’ve used it for years. But there are things that could be improved. First off, there should be more text alignment options like a “bend” option so you can bend your text. Also there needs to be a draw option where you can draw custom designs. And everything should have an erase option so you can fit things within a specific parameter. I just think it would be the perfect graphic design app with a few improvements.

  18. It’s a really great app that’s easy to learn and work with. Many options for design and creativity. Even before the undo button was added, it was worth using it over designing with a laptop. The ONLY reason I’m rating 3 stars is because after the hard work is finished, or sometimes in the middle of it, the app will not save and either send you multiple steps back, or make your designs inaccessible. It’s REALLY frustrating. It doesn’t happen all the time, but too often not to mention in a review.

  19. Shalom dice:

    I like it, it’s a nice layout and for the most part easy to use One major issue: something that does bother me is when I have texted layered over each other, i often have difficulty selecting objects behind other objects without moving the object in front. I’ve tried changing the order, but it still doesn’t always allow me to select . If there was some sort of menu that listed your objects in a panel going by the order they were placed, i think this would help a lot

  20. Seems to be working great. Edit*** Updates have been making it less of an issue so happy about that. Frustrating. I’ve used this app for a long time and it’s always been incredibly reliable but for the last month or so it’s been sketchy. It freezes, takes forever to load or just stops. When adding text it freezes or won’t switch fonts as necessary. I’ve emailed them and nothing. I’ll be happy to update this review once it’s back up to it’s normal performance.

  21. I absolutely love Spark Post. I use it on both my phone and chromebook for all of my graphic design needs. I broke down and purchased a subscription and I have not regretted it AT ALL. Aside from having maybe too much to choose from now 😁. I will say that the app gets into a “mood” from time to time and that can be quite frustrating, but thats when I just switch over to the chromebook. Awesome program all around though, please don’t ever get rid of it, Adobe!!!!

  22. App has only crashed once on me but it didn’t lose any of my changes. This is great for people that get creative ideas while in line for coffee and don’t want to lose it. It is perfectly functional without the paid content. The only suggestion I would make at this time is the ability to isolate text animation to certain lines/words. I recommend combining this with a .gif maker app for simple loops and file compression.

  23. I’ve been along the Spark ride since the beta. Outstanding app. Outstanding program. This is one of the most necessary mobile design tools available. Adobe professionalism with great ease. The only limit here is your imagination. EDIT 10/4/19 I was excited to see the adjust tool, but you can’t touch the cell after you adjust size or it will snap back to the original size. A little frustrating. Can’t wait for the Undo feature.

  24. sooooooooooooo this app has a ton of potential but needs work. 1. I want to be able to organize my designs. otherwise you end up with a ton of mixed content in your feed 2. THE TIME I SPEND MAKING THINGS IS A WASTE OF TIME BECAUSE THE IMAGES START FAILING TO LOAD AND YOU LOSE YOUR WORK 3. I’ve lost so many time consuming images because of the failed to load situation. if it didnt lose my images so often, I’d easily give it 5 stars but this is something to look out for.

  25. Dean San dice:

    I mean… I’ve only used it for like an hour but I’ve had no problems creating a custom gamerpic so I’m giving it five stars. Everything is super accessible and I didn’t need to watch a tutorial video for anything. $9.99 is too steep a monthly subscription for a photo editing app. I would definitely pay that one time. I will have to discontinue use and cancel before my free trial ends. You can’t say I’m not fair, Adobe.

  26. This app is great! You can take the logo off without paying for anything and most features are totally available without the premium version. The only thing I don’t like is that when getting new fonts, it’s just really weird and glitchy sometimes and you have to download it more than once. Also, sometimes it doesn’t save my design. But overall it’s an awesome app and my go-to for graphic design!

  27. Maybe I’m suddenly old, but i don’t care about sharing my photos on every possible app. I used Aviary for several years and absolutely loved it… I paid for many of the filters, it was such a fun tool! I got a new phone though and couldn’t re-download it. A Google search said this app would replace it.. hard no. Not even comparable. Plus it encourages you to slap someone else’s designs over your own photos and call that art? I’m so disappointed. I thought Adobe was better than this.

  28. I have loved using this app. It allows me to create a ton of stuff for work, birthdays, etc. There is so much free content which makes the app really valuable. However, recently when saving a project and going back into it – changes haven’t been saved. The image from the collection is correct but when opened for editing it’s all gone. Super disappointing. I also wish there were more font options & stylings. I always have to create my base project here & use another app the add text designs.

  29. This app is fantastic. I use Photoshop and illustrator, but this serves me well when I don’t feel like breaking out illustrator, as I can do a graphic in minutes (if not under one). The software is somewhat intuitive, but the nuances are just something I discovered accidentally. I really love the app. Easy, intuitive, and a lot more powerful than I expected a phone app to be.

  30. Mel Godoy dice:

    Started using this on my Samsung tablet and it’s working perfectly. Was having a lot of problems with my LG phone, so I figured out that was why I was having issues with the app freezing lagging and crashing. This app has so many features. I call it a basic photoshop because it’s much easier to learn and works so well with my digital art projects. That being said CC express doesn’t disappoint. There are so many features that makes my art really stand out such as duotone, blend and enhancements.

  31. EASILY the best program I’ve ever used to make advertisements for my business. They always turn out eye-catching and professional. Program is so easy to use I can think of an idea and have it down in 10 minutes. The free version is great! Has saved me LOTS of time and done a better job than I could have done on my own programs. Great photos to choose from if you don’t have your own, and it gives you font color suggestions that always look awesome.

  32. Loved this app. Dunno what happened, went in today and all my previous work is gone. 🙁 I reuse a lot of items as templates so it’s a major bummer. Also, seems it has lost the ability of having text sideways, so now landscape signs for my business are out of the question. Since most of our signs are oriented in landscape, that’s a big loss for us. I doubt I will be using it as much as I did.

  33. This last update screwed me. Some of the fonts, including the one I use for my marketing material, has switched and now looks like the font I have my phone set to (cool jazz). Every post I have saved has for some reason switched the font to something to resembles cool jazz. UPDATE: I switched the font on my phone back to the original font and restarted my phone. That seems to have fixed the issue.

  34. This app is exactly what I was looking for to overlay text on images. Only a few complaints so far that are more to do with functionality I wish existed, not really problems with existing features. I’d love for there to be a way to highlight more than one text box and have changes to the font/size/color/shape/etc be applied to multiple at once. Choosing specific font size would be his too instead of having to guess if size is the same between posts.

  35. B Skiver dice:

    I’ve been an Adobe subscriber for some time now. I’ve stuck with the remodeling of the app, all the changes and the many, many, issues (deleted fonts). But today, the icons feature were removed and replaced with a “shape” option which is really just a drastic decrease in the icons. I’m really upset about this decision and I really hope they bring it back. Of all the issues, this one hurt the most for me.

  36. Now they’re charging to resize Images that used to be free, are not free anymore. When you download, sometimes the formatting gets messed up, and also happens on the website. It constantally logs me out. It is missing some features that are in the iOS app. Like the style function, the secondary style function, renaming folders. Can’t name the file.when I create a duplicate. App have no folder navigation, like their site. Can’t rename projects in the app.

  37. I love this app, but it can be very buggy. And when I have a deadline to put out a flier or whatever, having to restart/reinstall the app just to have certain features work, it’s a huge hindrance on my work/time. Ie. Cannot search for templates through app. Searching through browser works, but I can’t transfer any of them to the app. Also the spacing on the boxes around lettering will change or move for no reason and won’t allow me to line things up properly until I close the app and restart

  38. Basically what I was looking for. The resize feature is especially nice as its extremely rare in a free editor, and i need it and have no money. one thing though, is that settings are a bit wily. You can’t type in numbers, only set sliders. And some settings automatically change– for instance, when changing the line arrangement of a text, the font size will change randomly. Not great? If they fixed that and added a capability to the speech bubble style to change the position of the tail… 100%

  39. It’s a different experience from editing on the computer – faster, too. Honestly, I love that there is some prescripted animations you can add in that the PC version does not offer (to my knowledge). For now, I am frustrated that Video and Pages are not supported on Android yet. Maybe one day.

  40. Updates often completely change functionality causing a brief period of “re-learning”. 2,000+ memes later this is still the best app I’ve found that can absolutely nail 99% of what I need. Amazing. If they could include a way to utilize a GIF animation as the image instead of just a still of the first frame I would switch from the free version to a paid subscription. So close to the best thing on the Internet!

  41. Mel Godoy dice:

    Pros: Great app with a ton of features! There are a lot of filters, adjustment tools, stock photos and more that make it easy and fun. Cons: it doesn’t download correctly (only on the app) and I tend to have to screenshot. When starting a project, the canvas shrinks to a tiny box. Stock images or gallery images can take a while to load. A few other glitches as well. Overall, it’s worth the minor inconveniences.

  42. The whole experience with Adobe Express sucks. Absolute garbage. All I wanted was to make a collage of 4 pictures on each of 30 pages. But there is no way to move pictures from one page to another?! How stupid is that? Continually showing a white screen instead of the page I just created. Then, when I try to download it, the web site tells me “failed to fetch” and the app keeps crashing. I’m forced to download each page separately, and even then it keeps crashing. I would NEVER pay for this.

  43. Extremely basic functions like changing font size or changing border width are not available. App does not work in landscape mode on my Samsung tablet. It forces you into portrait view, which I don’t use. User interface is not very intuitive. You have to click on the done button every time you want to confirm a small change. I have no idea who would actually enjoy using this app. Also I don’t have the option to move this app to my microSD card, like most apps do.

  44. i was not happy with this adobe express app I really don’t know why they have a background removal option they should have a text removal option also and I was just trying to figure out how to put my own texts on the templates and I really don’t know right now if I could use different templates for one blog or website creation or not. really difficult to figure out how everything works I’ve worked with similar applications for example Microsoft office PowerPoint and it was really easy to use.

  45. I installed it and it’s quite complicated. I’m sure it’s a good app, but the support at the email listed is nonexistent. I emailed 4 days ago, got some gobbledygook back, responded to it, and haven’t heard anything since. Update, developer responded to my review with online resources. If the online resources worked, i wouldn’t have tried emailing! Get a working email address for support where a person can get help if the directions aren’t working!

  46. Just Me dice:

    I’m paying for the premium option and it works well for most of the uses but the premium design assets all seemed to not be working. I keep getting, “Image unavailable. Pleaae select a different image or try again later.” If this will be fixed SOON, I would rate this higher. EDIT: Thank you for the quick fix!! 😁

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