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Color 3D fantasy & anime minis in a relax & creative painting tool
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Relaxing, Creative, Inspiring!

Paint and Design Real Fantasy and Anime Figures. Take coloring to new dimensions with the number one 3D coloring app and tabletop minis painter tool ColorMinis. Plan your paints while it prints.

If you like character design, painting, minis, color by numbers or visual design and mandala coloring, then ColorMinis is for you.

Coloring apps are relaxing & creative, and ColorMinis brings this to a new dimension with coloring real anime and fantasy 3D models and 3D print stl with a huge color palette, real materials, 3D painting layered techniques, and advanced lighting and filters. There’s nothing else like it and it’s easy, relaxing, and fun to color real 3D models and shapes using a huge color palette and real shading and lighting only available in ColorMinis Apps.

Free 2D Coloring
ALL ColorMinis models are free to color and design, The entire collection! This gives you 100s of figures to color! Preview the most beautiful, frightening, or sexy and unique figures in the 3d print and tabletop gaming hobby. If you enjoy free coloring, get a Premium ColorMinis membership to enjoy them even more in full 3D HD detail.

ColorMinis Subscription
Unlock 3D in all ColorMinis Apps and turn figures to color all parts and see all angles.
-Unlock 3D Coloring on all figures
-Login to save coloring Across Devices
-Get Offline app & Exclusive Figures at

As a Member you get 3D color layering directly on your favorite hero figures, allowing an unprecedented level of paint layer experimentation and coloring fun on the go.

Cross-App, Cross-Device
We’re showcasing the most talented figure creators in the 3d print / tabletop gaming hobby and offering you to view them in full 3D with a Premium ColorMinis membership.
Join now to preview color layering directly on your favorite hero figures, and enjoy a realistic preview in all angles of your painting project for easy iteration and an unprecedented level of experimentation and coloring fun.

Popular Paint and Colors
The ultimate 3D paint reference: ColorMinis features a wide range of colors and palettes from popular model hobby paint brands. These colors can be assigned to a model part while automatically assigning Shade and Highlight colors, or assign custom Highlight and Shading for truly unique color combinations and styling.

A Unique Artist Tool
ColorMinis can be an invaluable tool allowing for a quick and simple way to view base colors combined with Shading and Highlight paint color combinations. In addition, realistic renders of gloss varnish and materials can be previewed in crisp HD imagery that will be useful as reference when painting the real thing.

Coloring Features
– Combine color with Realistic 3D resin, gloss, shine, metal, wood, glass, glitter and more
– Easy controls. Simply tap the part and then add color and materials. Pinch to zoom on the HD details,
– 3D Members Swipe the figure to view from different angles and study for drawing and painting reference
– Save custom name tags and fill your collection shelf

App Features
– Select parts with Top Menu or Touch model parts
– Top-Right UI tab lets you show/hide coloring tools
– Advanced painting “I” mode allows multi-part coloring and ghost preview & paint list
– Universal EMAIL login for online cross-device and cross-platform saves

For Offline Use
Go to
1) Bookmark webpage or Add to Home Screen
2) Close the Browser
3) Launch app from new icon on Desktop or Home Screen

Support 24/7
We’re working hard to make sure that ColorMinis apps run well on all devices. Please report any issue you may have at [email protected]
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We’re Social
follow us on instragram @colorminis
#colorminis your best creations for a chance to win a free 1-year subscription!


- Bug fix for Android 12 app crashing
- Bug fix for app showing black and white screen
- fixed HD image loading


4 comentarios en "ColorMinis Paint 3D Coloring MODDED"

  1. Michael Battersby dice:

    Had an issue with the app so i sent email to support. Got a response and solution the same afternoon. Excellent developer! Palletes for real miniature paints available and clicking the info button provides a list of paints used. Not sure this would be possible due to licensing, but desperately wish real miniature figures (Games Workshop, Reaper, Wizards of the Coast, etc) could be added somehow. That would make this a 10 star app. Still, great variety as is with some customizable figures as well

  2. Goosetooth dice:

    it’s alright. I’m amazed by how much content went into the coloring options and I commend them for that but I was expecting it to be like painting 3D models not just color picking and that was kind of dissapointing. they only offer one free model but unlike other coloring apps you have the option of unlocking premium models for free by watching some ads and buying it with gems.

  3. hungry Pigeon needs bread dice:

    The whole 3d thing is a lie… The whole thing is just really jankey, it tells you that if you watch an ad that you can color a 3d one, but it never works, and half of the time, if you try to settle for doing it in 2d, it bugs out and offers its other apps, all of wich work just as poorly.

  4. Leeyah Venette dice:

    Every time I try to go back to a painting I want,it does not let me.We should be able to save our painting and share.And when I go to color one of the sculptures it shows a screen and it shows me what I can buy and it does not have and x option otherwise the game is good so I gave it a 3 star.

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